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  1. Group By - how can I aggregate a stream field (concatenate str) to only pass n vals?
  2. Create one folder for each retrieved attachment
  3. about kitchen start problem
  4. How to use a TLS-client-certificate?
  5. Add new column based on the condition
  6. Text File Input Mapped Network Drive
  7. Count files before Get file names step
  8. Pass a variable to table input script
  9. Connection Reset
  10. Spoon cannot explore SYBASE- Error getting views from schema [null]
  11. ktr tabs populate on reopen of app even though closed before
  12. Generate Multiple rows based on date
  13. what will happen if one slave go down on cluster mode
  14. How to read data from MS Access 7 db with password
  15. Modified Java Script to compare two fields
  16. Renaming Connection Affects all Transformations
  17. errors using KETTLE_EMPTY_STRING_DIFFERS_FROM_NULL with kitchen
  18. Get variable value from database.
  19. Using adaptive execution layer (AEL) headless
  20. Job Scheduling, interval from database
  21. Can't view roles and system roles radio buttons in Spoon client security window
  22. Failed to call a DB function n times from the step Input Table
  23. Adding query parameter ruins blob type
  24. ็How to read LARGE CSV file?
  25. special characters (􀂃) in JSON string
  26. Check if file is not empty
  27. export parquet file
  28. Salesforce Integrator
  29. Connection to oracle
  30. Insert/Update cursors
  31. Cannot install SlackBot from the Marketplace
  32. How to pass a variable and increment it without using User Defined Java Class
  33. Delete step or Execute SQL script
  34. Unable to connect to MongoDB
  35. Kitchen throwing multiple exceptions
  36. Ms sql db connection issue
  37. Error conversion date and/or time conversion when running transformation
  38. Split inconsistent address field
  39. Text File Input Error handling is not working
  40. Trying to read geometry field from Oracle11 by TableInput
  41. Refined soundex doesn't tolerate non latin characters
  42. Read binary data from URL and output to servlet (Carte)
  43. merge two streams
  44. Normalize CSV table with strange format
  45. Get files from remote FTP with subdirectories
  46. exported and filtered by data from csv file
  47. REST Client with Array parameter no detects parameter of it is not right defined
  48. Patially blocking step with UDJC
  49. Textfile output problem
  50. Migration of Data from Oracle/MYSQL to Cassandra
  51. Concatenation using formula issues
  52. Full outer join on string key
  53. null fields
  54. Mapping (sub transformation) by variable
  55. Error Connecting Spoon to MysQL
  56. Symmetric Cryptography with DES
  57. Recursive "Stream Value Lookup" - how to retrieve multiple rows back or array values?
  58. PDI 7.1.0 - Execute shell script for each input row - Fails if no rows passed
  59. Retrieving file from a database
  60. Connections in file repository keeps embedded in .ktr
  61. Iterate result rows between jobs and pass on result rows to next job
  62. Parse data
  63. Connection to DB from Remote Desktop Server
  64. JSON input parse different/ breaking from version 6.1 to 7.1
  65. use kitchen to launch jobs but waiting between calls
  66. how to remove break line or Enter from data in a column
  67. How to specify "-" Length?
  68. Additional fields depending on existing ones
  69. How to print in kettle console logs from jar file called from Java Class step?
  70. Shell Script, cURL, = no data returned
  71. PID of job or transformation
  72. Write To Log (job) - where this information is written?
  73. Data not loading into HIVE using SQL script in PDI
  74. Data movement - please explain.
  75. Block many steps
  76. Mobile number Validation
  77. Implementing Loops in Pentho
  78. MongoDB input with timestamp column
  79. Spoon crashes when manipulating large SQL statements in "Table Input" step on Mac
  80. How to return a parameter value from a slave server?
  81. Combining the data from two tables based on conditions
  82. Latest Community and enterprise edition stable version
  83. Including External Data From Transformation Executor
  84. Siwtch between Connection
  85. Spoon using only 3% of CPU but running slow!
  86. Compare two tables and return the column with difference
  87. Checking NULL and assigning constant
  88. Calculate field changes within a day
  89. Cannot use commit while auto commit mode is on
  90. SalesForce Input Step Performance
  91. Pentaho DI log and Apache Ignite
  92. Jersey Client Incompatibility
  93. copy data between two DBs
  94. Kettle Spoon and Encr password causes free
  95. Determining function of PDI steps
  96. Input -> Output -> Input not working
  97. Symmetric Cryptography - AES256
  98. PDI upgrade - Redshift ACM transitioning for SSL connections
  99. Table Input and Schema in SQLServer
  100. Regex in Input HBase in Filter tab
  101. Json Output
  102. Input Table of MySQL taking too much time.
  103. Kettle Run Issue
  104. Output row for each input in a column Pentaho Data Integration Spoon
  105. "The key field" in Row denormaliser step is not present in Metadata Injection step.
  106. Help filtering rows from a list of values
  107. Limited Table Input
  108. couldn't be found in the table
  109. Pdi error
  110. Forward email? or other way to send the same attachment and email body
  111. REST Client and HTTP_AUTHORIZATION header
  112. Send a JSON file like POST
  113. Spoon: Browser is not supported.
  114. Fields are displaying incorrectly in Windows 10.
  115. Beginner Question to get flow of source code
  116. EMAIL Receive.
  117. SQL Query Formation
  118. Two excel sheets match and update
  119. Producing an Excel file based on a template, not working on PDI 7.1
  120. Install Marketplace?
  121. Run PDI from commandline (Linux)
  122. Best practices to create OLAP Cubes for historical data
  123. Spoon Not Responding
  124. Requirements for new ETL-Tool.
  125. SQL Query question on Input Table
  126. Get real file names from a folder without selecting the file
  127. Replace null timestamp fields
  128. Kettle 7.1 Encrypted passwords not properly working in named parameters
  129. Transform
  130. Can see repos drop down or open connect to repo dialog at start up
  131. How to send results from Job to transformation
  132. How to extract only on column of the "Get File Names" results?
  133. Shell Script to Extract Password Protected Zip File
  134. Setting Pentaho repository on linux machine with command line
  135. Table input failed
  136. Sending an email according some condition
  137. Is there a way to loop or while inside a job?
  138. How to return value to job parent?
  139. HTTP POST fail when URL contains Unicode characters
  140. JSON get key and value in separate columns
  141. Unable to save a job/transformation when modified in versions 7/6/5 where was able 4
  142. Timestamp fields vs date and ISBLANK()
  143. Problems while connecting to Kettle-Repository via openvpn
  144. SAS Input not reading
  145. Evaluate there are rows in a stream
  146. Losing data during Merge Join
  147. problem executing pdi job on pentaho3.1
  148. Job won't open in Solaris
  149. Pentaho Launch Issue
  150. values of date data type is getting migrated incorrectly
  151. REST Client HTTPS fail when run via Kitchen, but not through Spoon
  152. Subdirectory in KETTLE_JNDI_ROOT causes connection problems
  153. Rest Client JSON application type and PUT method returns 415-Unsupported media type
  154. Getting last row as variable
  155. Files consolidation - do you have some recommendations?
  156. How to create dynamic variable current moth for use in filename output?
  157. Converting Dates (String) to Date for age calculation
  158. Job stuck
  159. Add image from URL to result for reports (PRD)
  160. Why Pentaho continue reading file input after a switch condition?
  161. HTTP Status 500 - /pentaho-di/kettle/prepareExec/ - Internal Server Error
  162. spoon.bat don't start - windows10
  163. Carte Not showing log
  164. MongoDB Input with param of other input
  165. need help - setting pentaho as windows service - wrapper.conf options
  166. time conversion from 12 hr to 24 hour
  167. Trying to delete source file from a job - failing miserably!
  168. Filter Rows not working.
  169. Bulk Loader MS SQL pentaho 7.1
  170. AWS migration
  171. Unexpeted Data Type Conversion error javascript and sql server
  172. How to adjust a delivery date?
  173. dynamic denormalization
  174. Apply time zone information to time value
  175. processing two input files
  176. how to concatenate more than two fields in pentaho 4.2 version
  177. Get raw text from stored procedure and put into text file.
  178. Read data from XML
  179. Error conecting PDI with Cloudera
  180. IMPORTANT - we have a new forum
  181. Geography datatype
  182. Authentication with a REST endpoint / session cookie issue
  183. How to check PDI Job Running Status in BI Server
  184. Pentaho Web Service (carte.bat) Error Handling
  185. Spoon wont launch
  186. Schedule .KTR (Pentaho-Spoon) Files through Windows Task Scheduler
  187. How to pivot the data contain dates change over week
  188. Implementing ISQLServerBulkRecord in Pentaho (User Defined Java Class)
  189. Table Input - unable to retrieve fields from hive table
  190. call stored procedure
  191. Format a string of numbers to a phone number format
  192. Scenario
  193. Move files from IN Folder to TOPROCESS folder then ARCHIVE Folder
  194. Garbage collector in User Defined Java Expression
  195. Pentaho 7.1 - Rest Client - OAuth
  196. Define which user ran which transformation via carte
  197. Shell job entry
  198. End of TNS Channel Error
  199. Error when using xslx file as template in Microsoft Excel Writer step
  200. Compare two streams and update one
  201. Fill excel with data in specific cells
  202. automatic ETL run once system is restarted.
  203. RestClient : Issue hitting the endpoint (Marketing Cloud API) from Petaho
  204. Read an unknown excel file as an email attachment
  205. Pentaho 8 kafka consumer not streaming the messages
  206. Generating Web forms for dynamic User Feedback in Kettle
  207. Integrate Kettle into my application
  208. How send email to different senders and differents results
  209. Using GIT as repository for Production
  210. How to modify a target step's row meta structure from the code of my UDJC step?
  211. How to force immediate write of log file
  212. Facing error while fetching file names from NAS storage using get file name steps
  213. Where is Marketplace in PDI 8.0?
  214. Manually firing the 'Get Fields' event
  215. Unable to export a report using prpt file in PDI
  216. Using RE in integers
  217. Pass web services parameters as Enumerate
  218. Variable substitution within kettle.properties
  219. CloseIT SAS reader - new PDI plugin
  220. Is it possible to execute a backup from PDI?
  221. Pentaho reporting tool generating a empty report from kettle
  222. JDBC SQL connection error with special character dot
  223. Strings cut issue
  224. How many CPU cores does kettle use for execution?
  225. PDI - MS SQL Server Connection Error 8.0
  226. table input metadata injection connection info
  227. Dynamic Column Names with Numbers On the End
  228. How to run jobs on carte cluster via http request(hostname:port/kettle/executeJob)?
  229. [Salesforce] Pentaho 7.1 external id is not working
  230. Downloading reports/data from AdWords?
  231. Writing to Aurora is very slow
  232. Can you generate fields for JSON Output with Modified Java Script Value for Metadata?
  233. Kettle 8.0 run sqoop import Error
  234. Unable Install Agile BI Plugin in PDI 7.0 or 7.X
  235. how to configure redshift DB Table output in pentaho kettle?
  236. Pentaho to Jedox ?
  237. Pentaho REST call to HTTPS?
  238. Table Input with Oracle and values from previous step fails
  239. Get data from several tables (execute SQL) to text file
  240. Table output problem with postgress
  241. How to dynamically use get fields option?
  242. Adding one day with calculator not behaving properly
  243. Passed the csv file name as a command line parameter.
  244. Passed the parameter to the Connection: (table input step)
  245. How to use ETL metadata Injection
  246. Pentaho Schedule Jobs in Crontab problem
  247. Problem using Copy rows to result and Parameters
  248. Invisible-consumes-space - simple example not working
  249. Understanding row flattener
  250. How to encrypt jndi password in jdbc.properties ?