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  1. Parse the Master Card XML file using the XSD
  2. Should I have PROD PDI one the same server as my PROD DB?
  3. OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  4. CDC logging for looping through different dbs
  5. Determine if any file exists in a directory?
  6. Connection to Netsuite
  7. How to Connect to Netsuite.
  8. Read file one by one and execute some steps depending if end of each file
  9. Dimension Lookup-Update - SCD 2 Problem
  10. Table Output - Just update a field if value is not null
  11. Lookup multiple date fields against date dimension
  12. PDI 7.1 and 8 issue with number adding .0
  13. Dynamically parsing complicated XML timeseries with values as attributes
  14. Microsoft Excel Writer - filename is from previous step
  15. Pentaho Connection Pooling Issue for Multiple Parameterized Connections
  16. Filter values
  17. Merge rows (Diff) and "Number of copies"
  18. Integer to date conversion does not work
  19. Redirecting output from Kettle 7.1
  20. Is there any way to use "filename from field" in Excel Writer or Excel Output?
  21. ERROR: column "id" is of type uuid but expression is of type character varying
  22. UNC in param to Kitchen
  23. s3 File output
  24. How to force 4.10 PDI to use LDAPS instead of LDAP
  25. Decode utf-8 string from XML document
  26. A ResultSet was expected but not generated
  27. RSS Input Headers
  28. Converting HTML Content From JSON to Text Field
  29. how to use jobScheduleRequest
  30. PDI Challenge
  31. Not able to access Pentaho Web Service over SSL from Java application (Salesforce)
  32. JAVA Engine is throwing error on JSONInput Step:
  33. Pentaho sort rows default sort size
  34. Empty Header row in Excel File
  35. SCP command in a execute process task
  36. How to use Kafka consumer in pentaho 8?
  37. Looping through Rows
  38. ARUBA REST API Integration with Spoon
  39. [PDI] Google Places API
  40. How to optmize Table Input?
  41. Executing Powershell Script Doesn't Proceed
  42. Is it possible configuring PDI 7.1 to consume less memory?
  43. HTTPS call failing when calling the rest API
  44. Pentaho Operations Mart
  45. Spoon erorr! when reads SAS data base
  46. Microsoft Excel Writer - terribly slow
  47. Microsoft Excel Writer - NotImplemented
  48. Using data services to find a particular row
  49. How to loop CSV file data columns
  50. Cumulative sum in java script using array
  51. Problem with “Create a copy or Field” in Kettle - Pentaho
  52. Unable to get database metadata from this database connection
  53. BigNumber does not implement this method
  54. PDI Reading mysql tinyint(1) field as boolean. I need to read as INT/NUMBER.
  55. Text file output and Metadata Injection
  56. Change tmp folder for excel writer (or PDI in general)
  57. Problem with step Add a checksum
  58. Table output gets jammed
  59. Unable to publish xml file in Schema Workbench.
  60. Error "cfgbuilder-Warning: [org] is not supported" running a job from file in linux
  61. Rework Row
  62. JSON OUTPUT very slow process
  63. Data migration sql server to mongodb
  64. How to Pass variable value from sql server ?
  65. Creating Fact Transformation In Spoon
  66. Pentaho DI (out of memory)
  67. unexpected IDENT in: "truncate"
  68. Shared Dimensions across multiple fact tables in PDI
  69. Loading any transformation or job takes 20 seconds at run time
  70. Spoon keeps opening db connections without asking
  71. Google Analytics Input Step
  72. How to use same transformation with different parameters, then append streams?
  73. Not Able to Access Pentaho User Console
  74. Deleting records from fact table and dimension table
  75. Job executor- Running jobs from SQL table
  76. Handle text file input with either comma separator or tab separator
  77. Adding a conditional column in PDI
  78. Why variables and fields are visible in the other job instance?
  79. Download CSV Email attachment
  80. inserting different columns values in same table and same column in
  81. Pentaho version that supports 2048 RSA Keys
  82. Null Pointer Exceptions in Cluster Mode
  83. Table output - Batch insert Error handling
  84. Loading fact table with dimension key that are not in stream
  85. Rest client limit Records x second?
  86. Pentaho DI server crashing while restart
  87. Getting Error while opening pentaho 8 with Java 8.
  88. Get values from properties and use variables
  89. Extract single file name using regex - Text file input
  90. Concatenate Columns from DBF
  91. Is there any way to avoid defining DB connection for each transformation?
  92. Filter Rows not working
  93. Dialog - prompt the user
  94. Retrieving data from XML file
  95. XML Premature end of file created on pdi
  96. Generic match field to column
  97. import from .xls table with people calendar
  98. Create file system repository on server
  99. How to fix number(x,y)
  100. Community Editions After 7.1?
  101. couldn't convert string [2018-1-0] to a date using format [yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss.SSS]
  102. Improve table input step performance on Oracle
  103. Disable Steps in Transformation
  104. Streaming Variable Output To A Text Fiile
  105. Error Kitchen.bat (Unable Access Launcher)
  106. can't connect to Repository
  107. Can't open Spoon- JAVA SE Binary error
  108. Text File Output: LEFT pad fields
  109. Google Cloud Big Query Issue
  110. SFTP Put.0 - Source filename fieldname is missing!
  111. Produce a sigle PDF file with several pages
  112. Add Time B to Date A in Calucator step
  113. Data not syncronize, transformation running long
  114. Format String Parameter
  115. Calling variables both on Linux and Windows environments?
  116. Help needed: Getting error org.pentaho.di.trans.Trans.prepareExecution(Trans.java:932
  117. Table Input with Temporary Table
  118. ORA-01858 - Preview Table Input
  119. Unable to get value 'Integer(15)'/'String(100)' from database resultset, index 0
  120. pass variables from transformation to mail body content
  121. same Hop repeating more than 1 time between 2 steps (pdi-ce-
  122. Get Previous Step Name
  123. Carte & Clustered Jobs
  124. Anyone else running PDI aka spoon.bat on production boxes
  125. Change the location of the .kettle temporary folder
  126. i dont have login Repository Connection pass/username = Admin/password
  127. Is there a Kitchen job status page?
  128. Job Status Indications?
  129. Connecting DB outside locahost
  130. How to update data continous from mysql
  131. Integrate PDI with MIMB (www.metaintegration.net)
  132. Pentaho 7.1 or Pentaho 8.0 does not open
  133. Output files from each row
  134. Pentaho Erase tables
  135. Merge Data into one column
  136. Running Etl on database trigger
  137. Kettle sql output errors not showing in files system log file. Does show in cosole
  138. Stuck with basic variable operation
  139. Data throughput
  140. Pentaho goes idle on Vertica bulk loader
  141. Karaf errors that cause 2 minute timeout before job runs
  142. How to end transformation after a condition?
  143. Bulk Loader.0 java.lang.NullPointerException
  144. Pentaho running using jdk 9.0.4
  145. Read XML from WS Lookup
  146. Automatically create (or drop and recreate) a SQL table before exporting to SQL?
  147. CSV File Input Step (Multiple copies) drops rows
  148. Where I can find fix for bug?
  149. Using of flags/switches and storing variables
  150. Hadoop Shim related errors
  151. Transformation execution by parameter
  152. SAP Input and Parameters
  153. PDI 7.0 communication link error on specific db
  154. Error connecting Kettle to HDFS
  155. Table component throwing Unable to get list of instantiated value meta plugin classes
  156. Read and Write to same table
  157. Replace NULL value for other value of my query
  158. Pass Date Variable
  159. PDI 7.1 error running Job from batch
  160. Calculator - divide by 0 ?
  161. SSH tunneling to connect PDI to Database
  162. combining two files into a common output file
  163. Transformation runs fine from Windows command line or scheduled job, fails from GUI
  164. Development: java vs spoon
  165. Is there an upgrade process from 6.1 to 8x repository?
  166. IBM Websphere MQ Consumer
  167. Is there an upgrade process from data integration 3.2 to 7x repository?
  168. Table output no error but also no Written
  169. How to Compare pdf file and text file in 2 different folder using PDI?
  170. Replace line break from .txt
  171. metadata injection with sort
  172. Bug in pentaho data integration 8
  173. Pentaho Orinet DB Connection
  174. BulkLoad into MSSQL, import data from \\PC\folder\file.csv
  175. Best way to handle many parallel transformations in a job
  176. Unable to Update the document using mongo Output step
  177. read files from configured path
  178. Kettle as Data Processor
  179. get filename that contains substring pentaho
  180. Dynamically Removing the column name
  181. authentication issue trying to read from HDFS with Kerberos
  182. Transformation Name: ${variable}
  183. Job Executor - get job name from field
  184. User Defined Java Class : Connect to file repository
  185. Error Moving file after Decrypting
  186. Return Site Information via PDI
  187. Issue with setting up error handling
  188. How to configure logs for carte server?
  189. Merge join step messes up with left outer join?
  190. REST Client - session management
  191. Weird Output (text file) Result
  192. xpath select does not appear to exclude elements
  193. Job Mail Attachments selection
  194. Database Connections
  195. Create a Table
  196. Dynamic Table Creation
  197. Decrypt with PGP
  198. Populating a Fact Table
  199. Handle cookies in Rest Client?
  200. delete first space
  201. PDI 7.1 Sybase IQ 12.7
  202. Write email attachments to filesystem fails
  203. Replace in string Whole Word confusion
  204. How to prevent a job from running (Windows Scheduler) if it hasn't already finished?
  205. Capture hop result in job level
  206. How to modify a field or add a field to an array of rows
  207. Salesforce API 41.0
  208. PDI keeps complaining about data type conflict
  209. Parsing variables in S3 output step
  210. Is this a bug? - Text file output line split
  211. MongoDB and Date Search
  212. Convert String to Date
  213. Excel Writer export as a Excel table
  214. Common Table Expressions
  215. Is Kerberos auth Enterprise only?
  216. How to differentiate same attribute in xml ???
  217. Pentaho DI: Free?
  218. Conversion Problema - The maximum length of cell contents (text) is 32,767 characters
  219. Text File Output Performance Optimizations
  220. One input to multiples outputs
  221. Mail step: Using variable as destination address causes Invalid Address error
  222. lazy conversion
  223. Parsing XML with repeating <key><value> elements
  224. PDI Client received SOAP Fault from server
  225. Update step is not working when column is missed
  226. Launch Transformation in Remote server
  227. list filenames
  228. Amazon S3 - XMLBuilder
  229. Insert Carriage Return
  230. Auto increment data based on column
  231. Where to download SAP HANA Bulk Loader plugin?
  232. Rollback on DB2 with Delete steps
  233. Calling REST AIP with pagination
  234. Weird conversion String to Date on offset location
  235. Address already in use: JVM_Bind. Unable to list jar files in plugin folder 'plugins'
  236. Kettle jobs going zombie
  237. How to Schedule a PDI Job to be Quarterly?
  238. Abort Job without error if "Execute SQL Statements" fails
  239. Execute for every input row
  240. Is there a way to create new/select predefined database connections dynamically?
  241. Permission denied when PDI use Put a file with SFTP
  242. Export Data from Google Cloud
  243. Jobs stop for no reason
  244. How can I obtain an OAuth access token using a private key in a JSON file? (Google)
  245. Got Error after successful run
  246. Run this transformation in a clustered mode?
  247. Pentaho connection to Oracle CRM On Demand
  248. pass variable to email
  249. Sending XML job to Carte
  250. Problems running Jobs using Kitchen