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  19. Changing the way duplicate user imports are handled - what do you think?
  20. Pentaho FORUMS are getting a new home!
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  22. Forum Bugs: Image tag and sort order
  23. Set Editor-Mode to a better default
  24. What do you think of the new layout??
  25. Julian's feedback
  26. Bi-directional email access to forums
  27. Kettle Forum: Attachments, Conversion with HTML tags
  28. Feedback here or in testforum
  29. The quick reply box message invites me to type into it but it does not allow it
  30. Thread sorting preference not persistent?
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  33. The general forum description vs. use
  34. Greek letters replacing some punctuation?
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  38. Moderator status?
  39. Little field size problem in the Control Panel
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  43. Solution Exchange - Never!
  44. Feedback from Zach at BizCubed
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  48. New posts and Blogs
  49. User name as default in profile's interests field
  50. Advanced rewriting
  51. Thread Reporting and Infraction Test
  52. RSS feeds generate Error 400- Bad Request
  53. Posts lost in installation issues?
  54. Post new Thread has a too small box
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  57. Interface improvement
  58. subscribing to a thread
  59. RSS feeds dont publish answers
  60. Addition links for the forums?
  61. post still refers to old system
  62. Encoding problems are back
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  64. Move Design Tools Under Their Respective Project Categories?
  65. match options in advanced search?
  66. French Accent Test
  67. long code string test
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  70. Search 'XML' -> no results
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