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  1. Text File processing
  2. BAM for jbpm
  3. Generate mapping against target
  4. kettle: dimension lookup/update step
  5. Kettle Support for SQLite
  6. KETTLE : Sql Bulk Loader
  7. SOA for Pentaho
  8. KETTLE : Check is a process exists or running
  9. KETTLE : add Cc and bCc field to mail entry
  10. Strict Data Validation with FileInput
  11. LDAP Authentication
  12. A different error logging feature
  13. Kettle (Chef) Job-Entry for a loop
  14. Get rid of pentaho-styles.war
  15. Timeline presentation information tool
  16. Please make the platform play nice with Kettle variables
  17. Please add more flow of control constructs to xactions
  18. Please Allow Variable Usage In...
  19. Ability to launch all kind of executables
  20. Please add alternative key binding for CTRL-SPACE
  21. Kettle support for spatial types
  22. Kettle is loading.. window
  23. Promote or offer a hosting solution.
  24. Join
  25. Single Sign on
  26. Search feature in google maps
  27. Combine the Insert/update and Update Steps
  28. Mdx Query in Kettle
  29. Pentaho Platform 1.5 Milestone 2
  30. Improve in mondrian
  31. Is it possible for us to extend the page in Pentaho
  32. Scalability and separate installation
  33. Webapp base-url parameter
  34. Data Integration Output File Content w/ Xaction BI Platform
  35. Extract from XBase File encoding option
  36. Add a Groovy script component to Spoon
  37. Download Wizard is a blocker
  38. Integrate Pentaho With Existing Web Project
  39. Kettle Project: Variables for connection sql tab
  40. Pentaho report Design Wizard in Pentaho PCI
  41. text file input - regex with deep hierarchy
  42. mondrianQuery tag fix
  43. AdHoc Reporting
  44. 'throttled' jdbc driver
  45. Control Resultset Configuration
  46. SSO between Portal and Servlets
  47. Spoon enhancement
  49. abc (activity based costing) engine and modeling tool
  50. Http authentication forward for internal HttpClient
  51. Forecasting in Pentaho
  52. Modifications to 'Merge Join' Transform
  53. Auto clear log
  54. Keyboard Shortcuts and Multiple Select capabilities
  55. Graphical enhancements in spoon
  56. Dynamic table names in output transactions in Spoon
  57. Report Designer
  58. Support for MSSQL
  59. join up, conquer the world, split the spoils
  60. MicroStrategy Features
  61. Feature Request: single pointo to change from http://localhost to...
  62. linear programming
  63. EDI Format
  64. Query Timeout and query cancellation feature for pentaho reporting
  65. CUBE DESIGNER Query Browser
  66. AdHoc Reporting is useless as html, change it do xaction
  67. Workflow and ETL Scheduling with XPDL
  68. Data Profiling / Data Quality
  69. Transformation Job Server
  70. xaction Pie Chart label manpulation
  71. hibernate and olap
  72. jboss portlet icons
  73. join datasets in Pentaho Reports
  74. Web customisation features and ADEs
  75. Multipass SQL
  76. Security filter - per request
  77. Data Integration / ETL - DTAUS / SEPA
  78. PDI/Kettle wish list
  79. XML for MDX
  80. crosstab's views
  81. Pentaho With PHP
  82. trigonometric average aggregation in spoon
  83. Proposal: Action Output Caching
  84. Expose domainPeriod in TimeSeriesCollectionChartComponent
  85. Design studio