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  2. Jasper Report
  3. BIRT RCP Designer and Pentaho
  4. Ireport2.0.2
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  7. generate SQL Query in Xaction and use it in Birt?
  8. XAction's resultsets and non-JFree engine
  9. How to set report locale for JasperReports?
  10. Where Can I find "Customizing Deployments Guide" ?
  11. Dynamic HTML, XLS and CSV reports - the easy way
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  13. Error in deploying chartEngine on webApplication
  14. Publish a Birt Report
  15. BIRT PPT and XLS output types
  16. the chart iamge not shown in pentaho
  17. Birt Chart
  18. BIRT vs JFree
  19. Publish a static BIRT report in Pentaho
  20. BIRT report in portlet
  21. Problem passing parameters
  22. Report attachement in mail
  23. BIRT - Parameters - I need the Actual Date as default
  24. BIRT report with scripted dataset
  25. Cache issue
  26. Opposite cache issue?
  27. Ireport with MDX
  28. BIRT report not displaying..
  29. BIRT Report Integration with Pentaho. Problem in Display
  30. Log4j in BIRT scripted datasources?
  31. Running JasperReports in Pentaho
  32. Error in JasperReports with MDX query
  33. [JasperRep] JavaBeans set Datasource in Pentaho
  34. JasperReport pages as a buffered image for netbeans platform based application
  35. pentaho+liferay -> pentaho work but liferay not
  36. Using the metadata as datasource for birt reports
  37. jasperreports engine in pentaho server 2.0rc1
  38. Why BIRT Reports run faster outside Pentaho?
  39. Urget help needed! Jasperreport and subreports in pentaho
  40. How to use BIRT with a metamodel?
  41. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. jasperreports
  42. Trouble using BIRT on Pentaho BI Server
  43. Error: BIRTReportComponent.ERROR_0016
  44. Save a birt Report
  45. Error: Base.ERROR_0002 - Component execution failed - java.lang.NullPointerException
  46. Not able to export report in PDF and Excel formats..
  47. Birt under Pentaho 2.0
  48. Birt under Pentaho 1.7
  49. Problems with Images in HTML
  50. Not understand example in the wiki for Birt
  51. Birt 2.3.1 And Pentaho 2.0.0
  52. BIRT, reporting designe and weka
  53. BIRT log folder
  54. iReport - pentaho2 String out of range: 55
  55. How to generate a report from an Excel file
  56. Integrating JasperReport in Pentaho
  57. Birt report in pentaho
  58. BIRT, slow queries...
  59. Birt 2.5 support
  60. Open Data Acces (Oda) Driver in Pentaho
  61. Birt 2.5 now supports 6 output formats...
  62. In Pentaho a similar possibility like the oda driver in birt?
  63. BIRT 2.5 charts
  64. Birt report open with xls (excel)
  65. BIRT JNDI & params
  66. XLS Mail Jasper Report
  67. [es_247] Could not generate the parameter page. BIRT on Pentaho Bi Server
  68. Pentaho 3.5.2 / BIRT 2.5.2
  69. Esecuting a report jasper from design-studio
  70. JasperReport.ERROR_0003 - JDBC driver not specified
  71. I can see only "Action successful"
  72. New JasperReports plugin project - Any Volunteers?
  73. Create a myaction implements IAction
  74. New BIRT plugin project: Any Volunteers?
  75. Execute JasperReports in Pentaho 3.5.2
  76. Pentaho 3.6 with Birt 2.6
  77. How can I enter a SQL query that involves very big tables in a Birt's dataset
  78. JasperReports in Pentaho BI Suite
  79. BIRT with pentaho Intregacion
  80. Error executing Jasper Action plug in using jasper.xaction
  81. iReport version for Pentaho CE 3.7
  82. BIRT in Pentaho: Error in parameter
  83. Reports and Logs configuration issue
  84. Passing username to BIRT Viewer
  85. How to use birt report in pentaho
  86. Need Help... Jasper Report in Pentaho... Please...!!!
  87. Using BIRT OUTPUT with Kettle
  88. Images of chart not shown, or display previous
  89. Can someone please help me create a count funtion i
  90. Open Data Acces (ODA) Driver in Pentaho
  91. Jasper Report 0.4.6 Bi-Server 4.5 and a lot of praying
  92. Unable to get field value in UDJC
  93. Integrating Birt 3.7 to Pentaho
  94. How to upgrade BIRT libraries in Pentaho 4.5 CE
  95. Create PDF417 barcodes in BIRT
  96. Publish BIRT .rptdesign Files
  97. Determine Currently Logged in Pentaho User from BIRT Report
  98. integration ireport with penthao
  99. Multiple BIRT Reports in Adhoc Web-Based Reporting Tool
  100. JasperReportsComponent / exporting JasperReports into .ppt or .pptx
  101. [ISSUE] JasperReport Execute Error
  102. Error putMondrianSchema MondrianCatalogHelper.ERROR_0004 pentaho error
  103. BIRTOutput Step for PDI
  104. Birt reports