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  1. Open Source MDX GUI Editor?
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  3. merging reports
  4. Cube Designer
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  20. Step 3 do nothing
  21. JNDI SQL Server Connection Issues
  22. multiples measures
  23. Compiling for OS X
  24. Cube xaction doesnt show anything on screen
  25. libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0 error on AMD 64
  26. Cube designer generated query? Where is it?
  27. Cube designer generated query? Where is it?
  28. is cube builder dead?
  29. step6
  30. cube desiger 0.7 step 3
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  32. New Version of Cube Designer
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  36. Milestone 2 of the Cube Designer is now available
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  38. Server userid
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  40. Error from generated nameColumn
  41. Cube 0.7 Query UI Preview freezes up
  42. Can't view cubes from new Cube Designer
  43. This Page cannot be accessed directly
  44. Mondrian Workbench
  45. Publish Failed
  46. Problem in preview..Quadrant actuals....
  47. drill through problem.....
  48. Workbench: Invalid Cube
  49. Mondrian Schema Design Incubation Area Now Online!
  50. Inability to run Workbench
  51. Step 5 in Pentaho Cube Designer (Publish)
  52. "New Cube Schema" menu/Cube Designer Wizard not working
  53. Mondrian Schema Workbench: No database connection
  54. Order of months and jpivot error drilling down
  55. Mondrian Schema Workbench release
  56. Updated Workbench: Not finding table
  57. Adding a JNDI Connection (Postgres)
  58. Problem ORA-01424 with Mondrian Schema Workbench
  59. problems previewing cubes
  60. Probelm in Publishing
  61. Problem with JDBC SAS
  62. Cube Design Excpetion
  63. Views not showing (type select)
  64. change cube
  65. We post messages but it takes so long for an answer...
  66. Cube Designer - How to open a saved cube?
  67. Cube
  68. MS SQL Connection Strings
  69. Probelm in Previewing
  70. Process not responding in "View XML"
  71. Bugs in Cubedesigner
  72. CubeDesigner can not publish cube
  73. CubeDesigner: Cube and Schema Questions
  74. problems in step 3: create measures + format
  75. Cube view
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  77. jdbc connection on macosx
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  79. Help: Problem with teradata connection
  80. Cube Designer Error Message: "Message returned was null"
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  83. Step 2 - Cannot see Tables
  84. Cube for exemple
  85. Run Cube Designer from its Source
  86. Unable to create Oracle connection
  87. Cube designer -> can't view xml, publish or save
  88. Multiple Measures
  89. Jndi Driver missing
  90. new Cube using microsoft access
  91. Next button is disabled
  92. Please help - publish password and server password
  93. Cube Designer and Ingres?
  94. Problem on configuring Mondrian/Jpivot
  95. reg. Cube Designer where clause
  96. problem in publishing the cube
  97. Xlib error !!!!!
  98. about drop down-list is not showing
  99. Problems Cube Designer JRE 1.6
  100. Not displaying the JPivot table , only the navigation toolbar
  101. Refresh JPivot HELP!!!
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  103. Snowflake Schema / Cube Designer??
  104. Problem running cube designer on linux debian
  105. hmm same problem in PCD and PRWD
  106. Query problem, 2 measures - same field
  107. publish
  108. MDX query with condition WHERE??
  109. No tables in Cube Designer
  110. Messages in java console
  111. Nothing happens when View XML button clicked
  112. Pentaho_Cube_Designer_User_Guide_0.7.2.pdf
  113. Publish Problem in P C Designer
  114. New to Pentaho Cube Designer : Need Help
  115. Problem to design and publish a new cube with pentaho cube designer
  116. Cube Designer's Quick Start
  117. Cube is not displayed through browser.
  118. Problem with Cube Designer and Pentaho Demo 1.6.0 RC2
  119. Starting Cube designer
  120. How to show multiple measures
  121. Adding derived measures
  122. View cube genereted on large database(200million records)
  123. Create a cube using remote database
  124. Install Cube Designer
  125. Problem with Cube Designer
  126. Cube Creation
  127. Publishing failed
  128. Basic questions after publishing cubes
  129. Date to year, quartal, month
  130. Date to year, quartal, month
  131. Problem with Map Tables
  132. Problem persists
  133. publish_config
  134. Newbie
  135. cube designer not working with oracle?
  136. Where clause generation with CubeDesigner-
  137. Problem displaying Greek in dimensions
  138. Problems with CubeDesigner-
  139. Refresher question: Where is the Query placed in CD?
  140. How to configure the graph of the Pivot View
  141. Unable to select elements in Step 2
  142. Problem opening cube
  143. Efficience
  144. Dimension Time
  145. Open existing Cube
  146. RootQuery in CubeDesigner
  147. flushing out cache of only particular cube
  148. Cube Design with SQLServer....
  149. Export Data within a Cube Report
  150. Mondrian Error:Duplicate table alias 'dim_person' in cube 'Issues'
  151. An error has occurred
  152. Data extract
  153. Unable to preview Cuibe
  154. java class path
  155. Query not working
  156. Problem with workbench
  157. Cube Designer for Hierarchical Dimensions
  158. SQL Server 2005 connection problem
  159. Problem with Postgres database
  160. Problems with oracle connection
  161. Suggestion needed for Newbies
  162. Conection problem with Teradata
  163. Not getting results in the cube
  164. Cube Designer and OSX
  165. Web pivot table needed!
  166. missing foreignkey in Dimension
  167. Problem with GUI Query Design in CD
  168. invoke Cube designer from source
  169. Not able to connect the database
  170. Problem with cube error
  171. drillthrough in cube
  172. source for pentaho-ui-common.jar
  173. Cube Designer without creating XML-File
  174. Cube / MDX - number of x having y
  175. Open a file in Pentaho Cube Designer
  176. user defined function, help...
  177. Define aggregate tables in mondrian schema
  178. Error msg: Can't create/write to file 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\#sql_340_0.MYI'
  179. Version 0.7.2 + gnome issues
  180. how to publish cube
  181. Consultas en ciertos periodos de tiempo en Cube Designer
  182. Publishing report using cube designer
  183. How can I query periods of time in Cube Designer
  184. Cube designer or metadata editor to define mondrian cubes ?
  185. How can I improve the upload performance of a report??
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  187. Coonect String
  188. Error Occurred While getting Resultset
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  191. error in the schema!
  192. can't save
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  195. Publisher Password publisher.xml
  196. Pentaho Cubes
  197. How to query multiple copies of same hierarchy in a cube?
  198. Problems with SQL Server Connection
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  200. 'Unable to access startup.jar'
  201. Choose Schema
  202. Cannot publish OracleDB cube in demo
  203. Can we pass parameters to a cube
  204. Pivot Export xls at openOffice
  205. Calculated attribute
  206. Cannot publish Cubes from Cube Designer
  207. No connectivity to DBs from Workbench
  208. Cube error
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  219. Work bench
  220. Fact Constellation in Cubes..
  221. group by clause in MDX query
  222. MDX to Filter on a Date Range
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  226. multiples measures and hierarchy
  227. Cube Designer
  228. Mysql Connection
  229. XML view and Publishing a cube
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  231. Cube Designer end-of-development