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  1. Email to OSI license-discuss re: Generic Attribution Provision
  2. Atlassian: A company I hold in high esteem
  3. On bad things happening to good people
  4. Command line ETL Job Execution
  5. Turn Pentaho demo into a ?server?
  6. New open source project: OWBScripts
  7. Compromise: attribution ?rider? on any OSI license?
  8. I think Exhibit B was the elephant in the room!
  9. First 100 Million Rows done in the ?cloud?
  10. Software Quality Reports for Jira 0.8.25
  11. Irony in Open Source
  12. Where is the leadership from MySQL, Redhat, IBM, Apache, Eclipse?
  13. Simple Chart from CSV File
  14. Congrats to JasperSoft!
  15. Pentaho 1.2 goes GA
  16. JFree for WaterAid
  17. Badgeware CEO to community: Buy a Commercial License
  18. Going on a long walk
  19. Back from Holiday
  20. Honest Reflection: Am I done blogging?
  21. Meet me in San Francisco: Pentaho Training
  22. Why “web 2.0″ works
  23. Why I don’t have a .sig on email
  24. MySQL Archive Tablespace for FACTs
  25. Roland Bouman on BI4DBA
  26. Kettle ETL Jobs over the Internet
  27. Kettles secret in-memory database
  28. Pet Peeve: EST != EDT
  29. Well, I noticed
  30. Using Kettle for EII
  31. Irony: Good Service to Bad Service to Good Service
  32. A company that doesn’t get “it” - ParAccel homepage
  33. bayon is back
  34. Zipcar buys Flexcar WOO WOO
  35. 2007 was a desert of Blogging
  36. Subreports Example Zip
  37. How to Generate a GUID in an XAction
  38. Pentaho goes GPL: A non-event
  39. Beautiful Flash Charts for Pentaho
  40. Pentaho Fat Clients: Breaking into Double Digits
  41. Beautiful Flash Charts: Part II
  42. Ordered Rows in Kettle
  43. Readers: Thank you for the Latte
  44. Business Intelligence: Experience vs Sexy
  45. Off Topic: meme (me)
  46. Oracle ACE: In Absentia
  47. It is FINALLY here - Manage Datasources
  48. How to Disable Drill Through on Pentaho Charts
  49. Hidden little trend arrows
  50. An arms race my customers don’t care about
  51. Happy New Year 2009!
  52. PentahoFlashChart: Basics
  53. select stream REAL_TIME_BI_METRIC from DATA_IN_FLIGHT
  54. The death of prevRow = row.clone()
  55. Self Service Data Export using Pentaho
  56. Make Mondrian Dumb
  57. Pentaho Partner Summit
  58. NYC 4/9 and 4/10
  59. MDX Humor from Portugal
  60. PDI Scale Out Whitepaper
  61. Off Topic: My First Airplane Solo
  62. CDF Tutorials
  63. Encrypted Variables in PDI
  64. Good Riddens Ecto
  65. Amazon’s Pre Ordering of books sucks!
  66. Twitter is what blogging was 4 years ago?
  67. Pentaho Solutions Book
  68. What if Hot Dog vendors sold you Power Tools?
  69. LucidDB: DynamoBI is running with it
  70. OpenSQLCamp 2009 with LucidDB
  71. DynamoBI: website? bits?
  72. Instant Relief from Slow MySQL Reporting Queries using DynamoDB
  73. Instant Relief from MySQL Reporting Queries: Incremental Updates
  74. Dreamhost Uptime Numbers are TERRIBLE!
  75. Book Review: Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers
  76. DynamoDB: Built in Time Dimension support!
  77. DynamoDB: Time Dimension table with MERGE
  78. Asking this question means you don’t get BI market
  79. Encrypt PDI passwords
  80. SaaS or On Site? Who cares with Pentaho On Demand
  81. LucidDB has a new Logo/Mascot
  82. Column Store 101
  83. Why OLAP4J 1.0 matters
  84. A different vision for the value of Big Data
  85. SQL access to CouchDB views
  86. 0.9.4 did not hit the 1 year mark!
  87. SQL access to CouchDB views : Easy Reporting
  88. Pushdown Query access to Hive/Hadoop data
  89. PDI Loading into LucidDB
  90. Splunk is NoSQL-eee and queryable via SQL
  91. NoSQL Now 2011: Review of AdHoc Analytic Architectures
  92. LucidDB has left Eigenbase moved to Apache License
  93. DynamoBI is dead, long live LucidDB!
  94. Lean Startup Method improves my showers!
  95. At first, it’s A then B testing not A/B testing
  96. It this thing still on? Bueller, Bueller