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  1. Alfresco (Open Source CMS) Adjusts Business Model
  2. Open Source BI uptake in UK Healthcare
  3. Open source can keep a technology alive, less so a company
  4. Follow Up to ‘Open Source Business Intelligence In an Economic Down-Turn’
  5. Open Source Business Intelligence In an Economic Down-Turn
  6. Cancellation of $13m Cognos Deal Highlights Problems of Government Software Procureme
  7. The Long Tail of the Business Intelligence Market
  8. ZDNet’s Dana Blankenhorn Has it Wrong About Sun
  9. Matthew Aslett at 451 Group on the Beekeeper Model
  10. CIO’s are the weak link in the open source adoption chain
  11. Oracle Trying to Acquire Red Hat?
  12. The Importance of Plug-Ins and Configurable Architectures
  13. Reduce Software Costs with a Dual-Vendor Strategy
  14. New version of the Beekeeper Model for Commercial Open Source
  15. Beekeeper Model for Commercial Open Source (V2 draft 2)
  16. Business Intelligence You Can Embed
  17. The Way It Is: Open Source
  18. Way Off Topic: Susan Boyle makes the internet worthwhile
  19. Microsoft’s Open Source Strategy - I Think
  20. MySQL goes from ‘open source database’ to ‘database’
  21. Is the General Public License (GPL) futile or unneccessary?
  22. The media and public not ready for Obama transparency
  23. Dirk Riehle of SAP Re-Invents the Wheel
  24. White House 2.0: Usage of social media leapfrogs everyone else
  25. Nimsoft: Another proprietary company, same old story
  26. 12+ Ways To Contribute To Open Source
  27. Forking Protocol: Why, When, and How to Fork an Open Source Project
  28. Sourceforge Community Award Nominations are open - please vote (for us)
  29. Oracle to invest in Sun’s hardware, open source still TBD
  30. More Pentaho project ideas
  31. How to open source a book
  32. Sales inquiries increases x15 at MySQL
  33. Different Kinds of Open Source Forks – Salad, Dinner, and Fish
  34. SugarCRM Professional wins ‘best open source solution’ award. Huh?
  35. Open source fanatics – choose wisely
  36. Pentaho / OpenMRS student project at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  37. Government procurement and open source
  38. Is Microsoft Changing Their Open Source Strategy?
  39. I will be on BlogTalkRadio – Frugal Friday Show this Friday (May 29th)
  40. Microsoft not changing Open Source strategy with GPL drivers
  41. Pentaho V3.5 beta available
  42. Microstrategy and Panorama showing signs of stress from open source
  43. The acquisition and exit costs of open source are not ‘zero’
  44. Misunderstanding open source #1: Fixate on Linux, Firefox, Eclipse
  45. Misunderstanding open source #2: Confuse FOSS, FLOSS, Open Source and Free Software
  46. Misunderstanding open source #3: applying ‘Free Software’ religion to open source bus
  47. Misunderstanding open source #4: not knowing your own alignment
  48. No open source decision needed for Pentaho
  49. Open source narrative – growing not dying
  50. The Free Software movement limits its own future
  51. Sequoia Voting Systems to make source code available
  52. Pentaho Agile BI technical web event – Nov 6 at 10am Eastern
  53. Introduction to Agile BI presentation available online
  54. Using or thinking about agile approaches for a BI project?
  55. Microsoft snagged again by bad open source governance
  56. Adoption of open source BI is increasing
  57. International Intellectual Property Alliance targets governments mandating Open Sourc
  58. Pentaho Shines at TDWI Bake-Off
  59. Swissport swaps Hyperion for Pentaho
  60. Lean Manufacturing for BI Projects
  61. Take part in Howard Dresner’s ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ survey
  62. Confused about open source Dual-Licensing?
  63. Open Core Business Model Revisited
  64. Agile BI Webcast Tomorrow – 2pm Eastern
  65. Pentaho Agile BI Demo
  66. Watch Pentaho’s Next Generation BI Webinar
  67. The Analyst’s New Confusion
  68. The Analyst’s New Confusion II
  69. Misunderstanding open source #5: Analyst Challenges
  70. Doug Henschen review of Pentaho’s latest release
  71. Nuxeo: Open Core or Not?
  72. Open source cars?
  73. Matt Aslett on the Nuxeo vs Pentaho debate
  74. Pentaho listed as a top 10 open source business application
  75. I don’t get the Microsoft Windows 7 adverts
  76. Free/Open Source Software Global Maturity Matrix (FOSS GloMM)
  77. The ‘Hackers’ Book Gets Re-Visited
  78. 451 Group on the drivers of open source adoption in different regions
  79. Gartner and Intelligent Enterprise on the costs of open source BI systems
  80. Should Microsoft be allowed to contribute to Joomla?
  81. Excellent book – Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration : Beginner’s Guide
  82. U.S. Air Force on Social Media
  83. Web Posting Response Assessment
  84. Evaluate: Balance
  85. Evaluate: Relevance
  86. Evaluate: Concurrence
  87. Evaluate: Trolls
  88. Evaluate: Rager
  89. Evaluate – Misguided
  90. Evaluate – Unhappy Customer
  91. Respond – Monitor Only
  92. Respond – Fix The Facts
  93. Book Review: IT’s Hidden Face
  94. Pentaho Shines in Business Intelligence Market Study
  95. Pentaho and Hadoop: Big Data + Big ETL + Big BI = Big Deal
  96. What Agile BI is not…
  97. EMC’s Dan Hushon on Pentaho and Hadoop
  98. Deploying a web server on a smart card
  99. Pentaho and IBM Hadoop Announcements
  100. Apple App Store vs FSF
  101. Pentaho & Hadoop Webinar Tomorrow (June 9th)
  102. SaaS and Open Source?
  103. Improving product quality the open source way
  104. Pentaho, Hadoop, and Data Lakes
  105. SAS under pressure from Pentaho
  106. Comparing open source and proprietary software markets
  107. SalesForce needs a good CRM system
  108. Data Quality Issue Sparks Invasion of Costa Rica
  109. 150,000 installations year-to-date for Pentaho
  110. Meetups and Pentaho Summit(s) coming up in January
  111. Big Data in New York City
  112. More Hadoop in New York City
  113. olap4j V1.0 has been released.
  114. Using open source software is not a sin. We encourage it.
  115. Pentaho BI 4.0 Thin Client APIs and Theming webinar tomorrow
  116. Exporting, Reporting, and Visualizing: Get more from your data in MongoDB
  117. Pentaho’s Big Data Release
  118. Pentaho and DataStax
  119. I Never Owned Any Software To Begin With
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  121. 5 Out Of 6 Developers Are Using Open Source
  122. 12 Days of Visualizations – Sun Burst
  123. Review of Prezi presentation tool
  124. Data Lakes Revisited
  125. Extending Pentaho Analyzer and CDF
  126. AWS and Your Crown Jewels