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  27. Pentaho Design Studio
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  38. Booting the SDK engine in an application server
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  41. Problem Booting 3.7.0 Engine from Eclipse Project
  42. Driil-Down report using pentaho
  43. How to impl Report Template Versioning Capability in Report Designer and PUC
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  45. Checking out PRD 3.9.0-GA and building in Eclipse Juno
  46. JNDI for classic report engine
  47. Create reports from the engine only?
  48. Publishing Report to BI Server
  49. Differences between Classic and Flow Engine
  50. Report Designer localization
  51. The report has no data after published to BI server
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  55. GeoReport in free version
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  59. Is there a feature of adding column dynamically at runtime of Pentho Reporting?
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  61. Published Report - Error parsing parameter information.
  62. PRD 4.0 release
  63. Number format, MESSAGE() and localization : setting issue or bug ?
  64. embeding report with postgres data source into J2EE code
  65. How to upgrade groovy version in PRD
  66. i got error while writing query
  67. iam new to pentaho technology ,when iam creating parametrs ,after creating parameter
  68. hi iam vijaya ,how write multiple parameters in pentaho reporting designer
  69. hi iam vijaya
  70. PRD 3878 - use locale in URL parameter
  71. hai iam vijaya ,iam new to pentaho technology .
  72. hi iam vijaya
  73. USer Interface Creation
  74. Use pentaho reporter to transform xml to PDF
  75. Not able to use prpt file in Design Studio
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  82. to get top 10 records
  83. Unable to connect to Cassandra datastore...
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  85. Separate querying (DB) from report display (presentation)?
  86. How long should a testless build take?
  87. Pehtaho PRD 5.0.1 - stable : hide null values
  88. can't download dependencies when bulding. javax.mail#mail;1.4.1: not found. see log
  89. Print directly to printer
  90. Using page numbers in subreports
  91. Tool tip on hover of Chart data points in Bar-Line chart in PRD
  92. Pentaho+eXo
  93. Is there a way to execute .prpti file from within a java application
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  95. unable to execute .xanalyzer file from within a java application
  96. How can I print white spaces into fields when export a report in csv format
  97. Problemas con los parĂ¡metros
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  101. $(Message Field)
  102. how to get value using message field
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  113. How to generate pentaho report designer's prpt file programmatically, without GUI
  114. How to generate pentaho report designers prpt file programmatically, without PRD
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  120. convert reports to pentaho
  121. Extend backward wallpage on PRD
  122. convert reports to pentaho
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  124. Cube published from Schema workbench not seen in Saiku
  125. Java App plugin for Pentaho Report Designer
  126. Pentaho Stability Issues
  127. How can run two instances of the Pentaho5.4 CE server in single machine
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  130. Soap acces in CDE
  131. isblank only checks first value
  132. Question about embedding Pentaho in a Java app
  133. Problem working with the oem samples
  134. New Reporting Platform - Suggestions, Use Cases?
  135. Build web app with Pentaho
  136. Drop Down
  137. Drop Down "ALL"
  138. Pentaho Reporting Features
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  140. classic-extensions raises null pointer exception on windows
  141. Pass dataset to MasterReport instance
  142. Dropdown parameters value change issue
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  147. Table of contents
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