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  1. connecting to HA HDFS server fails
  2. InfiniDB 4 now GPL v2 - Includes InfiniDB for Hadoop and InfiniDB for Cloud
  3. Pentaho PDI 4.4 is compatible with CDH 4.4.3?
  4. Error while connecting to HBASE using HBASE Input step
  5. Error while delete from HBASE using UDJC
  6. working with various active.hadoop.configurations
  7. Hive DB Connection problem
  8. Need feature information by File Attach
  9. JSONPath and PDI's MongoDB Input step
  10. cassandra input: The column family does not seem to exist in the keyspace
  11. How to get data from Impala and visualize in the Pentaho Visualization
  12. Hadoop version for PDI 4.4
  13. CouchDB Integration
  14. $query does not work on mongodb input
  15. Creating OLAP Cubes on HADOOP data
  16. error while running ktr using standalone java
  17. how to save a report without executing its query in PRD..?
  18. error while connecting to hbase(mapr cluster) at hbase output step get tables
  19. pentaho with IDH 2.5 shim not available...
  20. how to store a report's output in a excel file from pentaho user console .?
  21. Unable to Import / Export data using Sqoop Command from PDI Tool
  22. Tomcat running on only one core..?
  23. row limitation in pentaho user console.
  24. wired error while launching analyzer report - Pentaho & Impala
  25. error while connectting to hive(cloudera cdh4.5)
  26. Impala with Pentaho 5.0.1 - Issue
  27. error when using kettle operate hive database(CDH4.2) ,cant explore hive tables &
  28. S3 File Output
  29. Memory issue in pentaho bi server 5.0.1
  30. Pentaho Schema Workbench 3.6.1 not getting tables from Impala/Hive
  31. Issue While connecting to Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0 From Pentaho Trial Edition 5.0.2
  32. Simple Hadoop Copy Files+Pentaho Trial Pack 5.0.2+Amazon AWS ( Elastic Map Reduce )
  33. Importing Data from a Cassandra Columnfamily to a MySQL table
  34. how to retrieve those that which have current date from cassandra
  35. Pentaho Business Analytics - Any free software available?
  36. PDI not able to connect to HDFS
  37. Pentaho CE with RedShift
  38. Running Pentaho MapReduce Jobs from eclipse on CDH42 Shim
  39. Pentaho Server -- "THE RESTART PROBLEM".
  40. Hive JDBC Query too slow: too many fetches after query execution: Kettle Xform
  41. Can pentaho reporting do bursting...?
  42. Data Visualization
  43. hadoop configuration problem while launching ./kitchen.sh and ./pan.sh
  44. PDI 5 failed to read CQL 3 table
  45. How to access hive table in pentaho kettle model
  46. EMR Variable Substition
  47. writing uuid and timeuuid values to Cassandra
  48. PDI - Hadoop Copy Files w/Kerberos
  49. Pentaho Report Bursting with KETTLE, struggling with PARAMETERS.
  50. HBase input step filter
  51. Cassandra and Schema Workbench
  52. Pentaho PDI between two Hadoop distribution???????
  53. market research help needed
  54. Does Pentaho CE 5.0 support Splunk integration?
  55. Data Integration job with composite keys
  56. Data Integration - PIG Script Executor
  57. WEBLOGS_PARSE_MR, mapper phase stops at 45%
  58. Issues connecting Cloudera CDH5 (VM) on PDI
  59. SCD implementation in HIVE
  60. Cassandra Input - Data Type
  61. Sqoop import/export step kettle
  62. Cassandra Input - response time
  63. May I Know the Answers for following Questions from Pentaho Experts
  64. Pentaho jobs in USA
  65. Copying files into hadoop error using Kettle 5.1.0
  66. Limiting the number of rows in the transformation from MongoDB input to Hadoop
  67. Question: "spoon" and mongodb
  68. Kettle - Hadoop connectivity - unable to connect to HDFS server
  69. Hadoop Input Step and SequenceFiles with binray data
  70. Heap size issues linux 64bit
  71. HDFS error load
  72. Cassandra input step error (using Cassandra 2.1.2 and CQL spec 3.2.0)
  73. problem in connecting pdi to cloudera quick start vm CDH4.7.0
  74. How to Connect PDI with SSL MongoDB Input
  75. Unable to preview data while connecting Cloudera CDH5 (EC2) on PDI 5.2
  76. Hive Issue
  77. Pentaho MapReduce job for Cloudera 5.2 (YARN2)
  78. CDH5.2 YARN (MR2) Failed without an error message in Kettle 5.2
  79. How to customise the design component in pentaho to use other custom compression type
  80. Passing input and output directory value in compressionOutputStream and compressionIn
  81. PDI 5.2 and Yarn integration
  82. Data type issue with Table Output step in Hadoop
  83. Sqoop Issue with PDI
  84. Pentaho MapReduce job for Apache hadoop2.2.0
  85. Hive Partition on date(from timestamp)
  86. Hitachi Data System and Pentaho Corporation
  87. The Pentaho Map Reduce job hangs indefinitely
  88. Match couples - Data mining/Texmining - Cluster
  89. Pentaho Connectivity to Hortonworks Sandbox HDP 2.2 Hive tables
  90. Big Data Produtivity (Search)
  91. Pentaho 5.1 CE - Upgrade Hadoop Plugins
  92. Dialog fails for Cassandra Input/Output
  93. Tabuleau Vs Pentaho
  94. How to Setup a BigQuery Connection in Kettle
  95. DataStreame Exception: Could not close the output stream for file
  96. UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES - pentaho-hadoop-shims-hadoop-20 + -mapred - V
  97. Pentaho to CDH 52 hadoop Distro
  98. Pentaho cassndra plugin support matrix
  99. pentaho report connecting to Hive
  100. Problems with copying files to Hadoop
  101. Copy data to Hadoop
  102. Not able to connect to hive(CDH 5.5) from Pentaho(pdi-ce-
  103. Problem using aggregations on top of impala
  104. Missing plugins while Running transformation via Java involving no-sql databases
  105. Resource Manager and Job History server not showing Map Reduce jobs
  106. Setup pig process parameter in kettle
  107. Pentaho BigData plugin CDH5, Namenode HA aware or not ?
  108. Kette - Query by date in MongoDB input
  109. Error on Pentaho Map Reduce Step connecting to Cloudera
  110. PDI - Amazon DynamoDB plugin
  111. Hadoop steps are slow
  112. Transformation works in Spoon but not in my Java Application and there are no errors!
  113. PMR failure in v6.0.1
  114. How to Use Cassandra Output
  115. Database solution for Big Data
  116. Big Data starting project
  117. PMR Failing with mssing libraries
  118. Unable to connect Emr hive(1.0.0) using pentaho kettle (6.0.1)
  119. compile the kettle from source code
  120. Server IPC version 9 cannot communicate with client version 3
  121. Error when connecting to HBase
  122. Replication of data from one MapR-DB to another MapR-DB using PDI
  123. use Mapreduce for data retreived from MongoDB
  124. Pig script executor not working
  125. Pentaho : Hadoop Copy Files JOb execution from Java
  126. Hbase connectivity Issue
  127. set up data source for hadoop 2.7 and hive 2
  128. How is pentaho-mongodb-plugin used in kettle
  129. SparkSQL in kettle
  130. Issues executing MapReduce Jobs
  131. Fteching data from HDFS using Pentaho DI Version 6
  132. Where i can download Pentaho shim to connect with Hadoop and Hive
  133. Exception when connecting with Hive: using class org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver
  134. R Graphics in pentaho
  135. PDI and Hadoop HDP2.2 Integration
  136. How to connect PENTAHO to CASSANDRA
  137. how can kettle spoon use sqoop?
  138. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  139. pentaho mapreduce error
  140. Bigdata hadoop cluster setup issue
  141. Hbase output module error on windows platform
  142. Pentaho 7.0 Integration Issue with Cloudera Quickstart 5.8
  143. Dataset File Sizes
  144. Pentaho MapReduce with Cloudera VM where DI pointing localhost as RM
  145. Using Spark with PDI
  146. Uninstall big-data plugin?
  147. Pentaho + Hadoop
  148. Unable to copy files to Hadoop cluster
  149. Pentaho 7.1 - How to specify run configuration when job executed on Carte server
  150. Problems connecting to HDFS in Cloudera from Pentaho DI
  151. How can pentaho connect to phoenix
  152. Pentaho Connect to MapR Cluster
  153. What code should be submitted to meet the requirements
  154. delete first and last characters
  155. null fields
  156. Kettle as source for Flume
  157. Error connecting Pentaho DI with Cloudera
  158. Running 'job' under Spark Adaptive Execution Layer
  159. Not able to connect Hive with Pentaho Table Input.
  160. Inserting Data into Hive Partitioned Tables
  161. Not able to insert record to Hive
  162. Drill Connection with Pentaho
  163. How to post update structure to MongoDB with output step over existing collection
  164. Merge Recursive collections
  165. Pentaho 8 and kerberos
  166. Mongo DB Connection error.
  167. "Get file names" on HDFS