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  1. Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8 and PDI 4.4 are ready
  2. Big Data Speeds Across the Chasm
  3. Pentaho Data Integration: Remote execution with Carte
  4. Big Data Bucks the Big Data Global Economic Trend
  5. Getting session variables when using the PRD scriptable data source
  6. CDE Dashboard (Datasources Kettle -MDX OLAP Components Dashboard)
  7. Pentaho BI Server 4.5.0 – MySQL installation guide
  8. Leading venture funds back Pentaho’s big data strategy
  9. Hadoop beginners tutorial on Ubuntu
  10. Big Data Panelmania
  11. What’s your favorite chart? (New features in Pentaho)
  12. Pentaho 4.8 /4.5 CE running on iPad / iPhone / Android bug fixed
  13. How to create an individual log file for Saiku Adhoc on Pentaho BI Server
  14. Solving Error Quartz and Pentaho BI Server CE 4.8.0
  15. Book Review: Mondrian in action by William D. Back, Nicholas Goodman & Julian Hyde
  16. BARC BI Survey 13
  17. Pentaho Community Meeting 13 (Sintra – Portugal)
  18. Calculate the difference between two dates in hours/minutes on PDI
  19. AdventureWorks DW on Pentaho, part 3: Geo Mapping AdventureWorks
  20. Convert SSAS Snowflake Schemas to Pentaho Mondrian
  21. Oracle tips (Display sessions by user,application and Tablespace info)
  22. Pentaho 5 Restful Web Services
  23. Weka goes BIG
  24. Book Review: Pentaho 5.0 Reporting by Example: Beginner’s Guide
  25. Getting creative with holidays in dimensions
  26. Pentaho BI Server 5.0.1CE MySQL installation guide
  27. Packt has announced the $5 eBook Bonanza
  28. Book Review: Pentaho Data Integration Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition
  29. Analyze 10 years of Chicago Crime with Pentaho, Cloudera Search and Impala
  30. Book Review: Pentaho Data Integration Cookbook – Second Edition
  31. How to quit “Web Ad Hoc Query and Reporting has been replace by the new Interactive
  32. How to quit “JPivot is a community plug-in that has been provided for your convenien
  33. Easy way to pass down all parameters to Pentaho subreports
  34. Parallelization jobs in Kettle – Pentaho Data Integration
  35. Tips for Editing Pentaho Auto-Generated OLAP Models
  36. Book Review: Pentaho for Big Data Analytics (November 2013)
  37. Increase MySQL output to 80K rows/second in Pentaho Data Integration
  38. Removing Special Characters from a string field in Oracle
  39. Pentaho’s embedded analytics helps prepare German companies for ‘Industry 4.0’
  40. Packt Publishing celebrate their 2000th title with an exclusive offer #Packt2k
  41. #Pentaho Data Integration new feature: Data sets #Kettle
  42. Pentaho Report Designer Tips Collection
  43. Pentaho and MongoDB Rendezvous in SF
  44. Day against DRM Promotion
  45. Pentaho Reporting Video Course
  46. Book Review: Pentaho Analytics for MongoDB (February 2014)
  47. Packt’s celebrates 10 years with a special $10 offer
  48. Spark on Fire! Integrating Pentaho and Spark
  49. Edit Pentaho Mondrian Models Inline in your Browser
  50. 10 Great Reasons to Attend PentahoWorld
  51. World Cup Dashboard 2014 – in 15 minutes
  52. What’s new at Pentaho – Q2 2014 review
  53. Oracle convert a string field with a list of elements in a set of rows
  54. How to create custom reports using data from MongoDB
  55. Creating a connection to SAP HANA using Pentaho PDI
  56. Pentaho Data Integration scheduling with Jenkins
  57. Access Pentaho Report Designer metadata
  58. MDX Solve Order, SCOPE_ISOLATION and the Aggregate() function
  59. Pivotal Greenplum useful DBA SQL queries
  60. Working with Big (lots) Data and Pentaho – Extreme Performance
  61. ETL From Excel – an update
  62. Free Learning Campaign #Packt
  63. Pentaho Mondrian: Custom Formatting with Cell Formatter
  64. [Update] Sparkl error on Pentaho with multiple modules
  65. Setting up Amazon Redshift Cluster and accessing using Pentaho Kettle
  66. Pentaho 6.0.x Install
  67. Filter data by user on Pentaho CDE
  68. Error : Can’t connect to X11 window server using ‘localhost:10.0’
  69. Pentaho 7 New Features