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  1. How do you manage updating reports that already have subscriptions?
  2. Solution Repository - RDBMS or File-Based or Both?
  3. Improve javascript performance on xaction
  4. Users & Passwords
  5. BI Newbe - Simple Solution Example
  6. Role based contraint
  7. Secutiry in report ad-hoc
  8. Session parameter - username
  9. IE browser report output problem in BI Server 3.5.2
  10. Date Issue - AdHoc - Mysql
  11. JFreeRepoort Stop working at the second step!!!!
  12. Pentaho Security & Permission
  13. User can change his password?
  14. SubAction Fail when scheduled
  15. Prevent brute force password attacks?
  16. Example of how to query Metadata through Java PlugIn
  17. Manual deployment on JBoss 4.3
  18. HELP Security - UserRoleListService Interface
  19. Xul toolbar button problem
  20. Replace Email "Process output" message
  21. Refresh the solution repository automaticcaly
  22. Preprodution and production environment
  23. Compile Pentaho Trunk to a working Pentaho-Platform
  24. Error creating a user from admin console
  25. Accessing roles from an xaction
  26. WAQR oddities
  27. PUC and CDF error
  28. UTF-8 bug in Mantle.jsp
  29. Regarding PEC usage in PDI4.0
  30. Default Output Type Help
  31. Mobile BI (iPhone, BB, Android, etc.)
  32. Environment variables of Pentaho
  33. Problems with public scheduling of reports
  34. Workflows
  35. set filename
  36. HOWTO disable access of new users
  37. Missing sub-menus in user console
  38. Dynamic reports and dashboard
  39. Apache as frontend for Tomcat
  40. Liferay + Pentaho
  41. defining row-level security
  42. How can I manage role permissions?
  43. [SQL Server] Bi Server 3.5.2
  44. Unable to deploy custom plugin
  45. Regarding PEC Monitoring once a job transformation is started
  46. send email -how to?!
  47. Clear Session
  48. Null Pointer Exception on running email xaction
  49. Resource not found exception
  50. Java API to pass parameters from JSP to xaction?
  51. Mixing versions?
  52. Passing result-set as xaction parameter
  53. integrate a module in java to Pentaho
  54. How to send emails in Groups
  55. Error with IE7
  56. metadata editor does not start
  57. Execute a .KJB in an xaction
  58. Adding parameters in design studio.
  59. Error : This page cannot be accessed directly. It must be linked to from other pages
  60. login automatic
  61. Liferay + Pentaho
  62. Salesforce as a Datasource in BI Platform?
  63. Pentaho 3.5 Work Flow
  64. Adhoc reporting interface broken in BI Server - gives QueryInterface javascript error
  65. quartz jndi errors for bi server linux/postgresql
  66. Alerts and KPI's in Pentaho
  67. Tomcat closes with PCI "Could not fetch parameters"
  68. time dimension order
  69. hibernate error
  70. Admin console as Service
  71. Date in the Filename (xaction , mail, report)
  72. Redeploying Pentaho & solutions to another server
  73. The Bi Server ask me all the time my user and password
  74. Display xaction list for a user
  75. Navigate.jsp alternatives
  76. Trouble displaying charts
  77. Portal Integration
  78. hibernate.cfg.xml
  79. Can't login to User Console
  80. Unable to view files on Workspace
  81. Importing analysis view in cdf Designer
  82. Release Candidate of latest BI Suite applications available on SourceForge
  83. run xaction asks for login again
  84. Design Studio - SQL Commands
  85. xaction file not running
  86. Pentaho Scheduler
  87. Drilldown chart is not working.....
  88. Using HTTP Basic Authentication and mod_jk
  89. Calling a PRPT with a space in the filename from Xaction
  90. Repository cache refresh failed
  91. Out of Memory error .BI Server
  92. Defining two reports in the same xaction?
  93. Could not generate chart image
  94. BI Server log configuration
  95. Report fails when Parameter Date Picker selected
  96. Deleting system/tmp files
  97. HTTP 404, can't find /pentaho
  98. Is pentaho support JSF
  99. Problem loading users and roles using JDBC option
  100. BI server in local network
  101. How to avoid an empty report to be sent by email in an xaction?
  102. BI server - multiple versions of a plugin?
  103. HSQLDB : out of memory
  104. Pentaho GUI
  105. Enterprise Repository
  106. Custom Dashboard as start page
  107. Logging & Enterprise Repository
  108. PDI API not backword Compatible
  109. Problem while embedding report using an iframe
  110. Default Administration Username and Password not working
  111. Need feedback from FreeBSD + Pentaho
  112. Moving from Hypersonic to MySQL
  113. public schedule
  114. user console new report
  115. CDF dashboards in 3.6: <select> no more have IDs
  116. Having error when publish schema
  117. KTR files
  118. Disign studio download and installation
  119. Pentaho Bi Integration with Liferay
  120. BI Server 3.5.2 on HPUX
  121. Error: Pentaho Platform Engine Core 3.5.2.stable.41050
  122. Pentaho dashboard editor and cdf
  123. HowTo retrieve the IPlatformPlugin when LifeCycle.Init() is called
  124. Exec a kettle job (archived in a zip file with other transformations)
  125. Which components works with Stable 3.6.0 Reporting Components
  126. Widget.ERROR_0001 - Could not create widget display
  127. Pentaho - WAS6.1
  128. Solutions
  129. Managing users
  130. Cannot stop pentaho server
  131. using PAC from remote machine
  132. PDI XAction Step with Customized Look
  133. Multiple Analytics web apps on single Tomcat
  134. Administration console cannot loggin
  135. SubscriptionAdmin page, webpage does not arise
  136. Problems with c3p0-0.9.2-pre1.jar
  137. Actionsequence messy code
  138. Pentaho Admin Console Errors
  139. Outside users can't access reports.
  140. Hibernate Connection
  141. printing to printer using xaction.
  142. bypass security in Pentaho Report
  143. Command LIne Execution of xActions via php and cURL
  144. Pentaho Solutions Book - Anyone going/gone through it?
  145. GWT JPivot (Analysis View)
  146. Time for the Date Picker Parameter not showing
  147. start-pentaho.bat not working anymore
  148. Using 3.2.0 OR 3.2.5
  149. error when BI server(community edition) is connect oracle 10g
  150. call Jsp through pentaho
  151. Base.ERROR_0002 - Component execution failed
  152. Saving Transformation using PDI 3.2.2 API
  153. User Console visual glitch with Google Chrome?
  154. Really Basic xaction question
  155. Problems mapping Physical dimension table in Schema Work Bench
  156. Error in Area chart
  157. What operation in the platform causes REVISION to increase in PRO_SUBSCRIBE?
  158. Alphabetic characters with accents in BI platform
  159. ERROR_0029 getting when running my xaction
  160. Xaction: query_result vanishes if there's something after it?
  161. Pentaho and Oracle 9i
  162. Tomcat 6?
  163. [xaction] Running a Kettle transformation which uses a plugin?
  164. DialComponent
  165. Databse Connection
  166. Is it possible to stop a report?
  167. Accept-Language request-header field in xaction
  168. help--- connection to hibernate problem
  169. could not retrieve chart type from xml i/o error
  170. hoe to get xaction result in jsp pentaho 3.5
  171. Few questions
  172. PAC trouble: Unable to refresh...
  173. With sql server
  174. Not able to see .xanalxer reports in the BI Server after publishing
  175. Pentaho BI-Server CE-3.5.0.RC2 and DB2 9.7 db2jcc4 drivers
  176. Performance bottle neck: DbBasedSolutionRepository
  177. Failed to Parse Formula
  178. Trace sql
  179. Cannot add/view Data Sources/Solutions to PUC
  180. Thoughts about BI metadata reporting
  181. Design Studio doesn't love charts
  182. Customizing Parameter Display on Pentaho Platform
  183. Plug In to the Web at India's Largest Adobe Conference
  184. Empty data source list for non Admin users in BI Server 3.6
  185. Schedules using wrong version of report?
  186. Running 2 instances of BI Server on one server
  187. Unable to access the application using two IPs(public and local) simultaneously
  188. [2.0.0 & 3.5.2] User/Role rights for the default schema
  189. Stable Builds of BI Server and suite clients 3.6.0 and PRD 3.6.1 available
  190. scheduling
  191. BI-server how to edit access rights using sql
  192. xaction schema
  193. calling an pdf file from xaction
  194. Accessing HSQLDB
  195. How to create chart using only xaction file
  196. Permissions editor doesn´t save changes
  197. Error: CouldNotFetchParams
  198. Liferay Pentaho
  199. Hide browser frame
  200. Background mode
  201. pentaho 3.5.2 build
  202. bi-server not starting after changing from hsql to mysql
  203. Error getting while starting the liferay server with pentaho.war
  204. add new functions
  205. Error after installing the trial version
  206. Shape Your Enterprise for New Business Realities
  207. Running Java Packages using java script pentaho design studio and action sequences
  208. muti series bar chart xml
  209. Customize error message in amchart response
  210. 32 bit v 64 bit ?
  211. row-level security in BI Server CE
  212. stepLoader.init() creates problem for custom plugin
  213. Create/Change schedule without executing xaction
  214. Hurry! Call for Proposals to India's Annual Summit for Business Technologies
  215. Send traces to log from XAction
  216. Xaction rename
  217. Cube permissions
  218. NTLM Authentication
  219. Problem opening an Ad-Hoc Report
  220. How to rename folder and file from PUC in v3.5.2
  221. How I can access the HSQLDB database?
  222. xaction csv export
  223. Repository search
  224. Call xaction file through doChart()
  225. How to install sample data Pentaho?
  226. Pentaho on Google App Engine
  227. problem with entreprise console
  228. Problem with AJAX xaction
  229. How to remove a report subscription without deleting the schedule itself
  230. Building a HA cluster for BI suite
  231. Email Component Fails - Any ideas?
  232. Drill down in Pentaho Bar line chart
  233. Grouping in Bar Line Charts
  234. BI-server Start problem
  235. Error BI server: "Report validation failed"
  236. calling cached report via xaction
  237. Pentaho problem authenticate using LDAP in windows xp
  238. Reporting data with Monthly Calendar View
  239. Pass color palette as a parameter
  240. Adding multiple constraints in Pentaho User Console
  241. Email report in HTML and PDF
  242. Publish a finished Birt Report on Pentaho BI Server?
  243. Can't install Pentaho onto existing Tomcat5
  244. Ad Hoc Querying and Metadata
  245. SOA In a Day at India's Most Influential Business Technology Conference
  246. Problems with installation of BI Server on Windows 2003 64 Bit and Oracle 10g
  247. Best practice Scheduled job export to directory
  248. How to add a fourth, fifth button to the Launch page...?
  249. Running a pentaho report from a subaction component
  250. Ad hoc reporting bug when using looking glass functionality