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  1. LDAP integration with Oracle Identity Management
  2. Problems creating a adhoc reporting template
  3. filterChainProxy error
  4. Invalid schema in statement
  5. Backup Solution Repository not working (BI 3.6)
  6. Trace sql quey
  7. OpenFlashChart Error
  8. Call procedure with Design stuido ?
  9. Dependent parameters in Design studio ?
  10. Merging different Xactions into one
  11. xaction calling sql for each row in result set
  12. Trouble Running Repository Jobs Through xactions
  13. Username in xaction
  14. QuartzSystemListener.ERROR_0001
  15. Getting query from the report
  16. BI Server getting NullPointerException at startup
  17. Pentaho Analyzer
  18. Software Quality Bugzilla and newest Community Pentaho
  19. Mantle version 3.6.0-GA build broken
  20. Can't Publish Metadata or run reports
  21. help needed for SimpleReportingComponent
  22. Barline chart - how to set number of bars under a category as a dynamic one?
  23. How to group data in report created by User console
  24. HTTP Status 401 - Bad credentials
  25. Problem installing BI server into an existing Tomcat installation (real problem)
  26. Table input step argument substitution
  27. How to add a JNDI Database Connection in Admin Console?
  28. Analyzer version
  29. Passwords in HIBUSER.USERS encryption?
  30. BI reports are not connecting Oracle DB
  31. OutOfMemory when trying to decompress prpt file
  32. Excel report performance
  33. Deploy pentaho 3.6 on JBoss (Postgresql)
  34. upgrade from 3.0 to 3.5 LDAP Security issue
  35. Best Practices for Development and Production environments
  36. Acceder Esquema desde Consola Usuario Pentaho
  37. pentaho open admin console - standalone war?
  38. Error at Creating Analysis View
  39. IPhone Extension Error
  40. PUC - Adhoc report - Column width problem
  41. Installation Video BI Server CE
  42. Error initializing system listeners
  43. ERROR [SampleUsersAndRolesInitHandler] could not insert sample users and roles
  44. xactions need to be in projects for Design Studio 3.6
  45. Getting started
  46. User Console
  47. Disable "Run in background" properties in xaction
  48. B.I server goes idle and doesn't do anything
  49. Reporting parameter UTF-8 encoding problem
  50. pentaho and windows 2000
  51. problem with Pentaho BI and metadata
  52. Highlight bar in a bar line combination chart
  53. Ad Hoc Security
  54. Evaluating Pentaho
  55. Pentaho and XMLA (SAP BW)
  56. TemplateUtil not found
  57. security problem with Pentaho BI 3.5.2
  58. Catch Kettle Exceptions in JPivot
  59. Create schedule that saves pdf report to shared drive
  60. Pentaho email component error on biserver-ce-3.6.0-stable
  61. License question
  62. Design Studio remote workplace
  63. Problem deploying Pentaho in Oracle OAS with MySQL 5.0 in Windows XP
  64. How can i run the BI-Server without Hibernate??
  65. biserver-ce-3.6.0 Scheduler problem
  66. IS BI Server compatible with MySQL 4.x ?Hi
  67. cached users and roles nightmare
  68. can't connect to MySQL server over SSL with JNDI datasource - SOLVED
  69. Mondrian, Pivot.jsp and BI platform
  70. ldap + jdbc authentication fail
  71. ALL: What are you using Action Sequences for?
  72. Out of DB connections in assembled Pentaho Dashboards
  73. Report is submitted automatically even though autoSubmit is disabled on biserver 3.6
  74. How to create Dependent Parameters in Design Studio ( xaction ) ?
  75. remote mysql DB connection refused error
  76. How to easily cut and paste reports between directories in the user console?
  77. Get user name in User Console in MantleApplication
  78. Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call
  79. Step-by-Step Guide / Howto set up Single Sign On and Active Directory
  80. "This page cannot be accessed directly" message while creating analysis view
  81. Add button to the toolbar
  82. Installation problem with JAVA_Home Variable
  83. Dynamic Report
  84. Web Service to access Business models
  85. first steps with OLAP Navigator
  86. pentaho translation
  87. Edit BI platform
  88. Repository cache refresh failed - missing "all-delete-orphan"
  89. Report Export Format issue
  90. Question about Data Sources
  91. Please help on the following item. I am trying to use Informix with the Pentaho
  92. Parameters of TOMCAT
  93. Start-pac.bat as a service
  94. Problem while scheduling my report :(
  95. PAC using anonymousUser to connect to bi-server-ce
  96. Customizing Emails Sent Via Pentaho
  97. Problem in remote access of pentaho server running on Tomcat
  98. How to remove login in Bi Server portal
  99. Xaction mergin pdf's
  100. How to update PDI module from BI Suite 3.6 Enterprise to PDI 4.01?
  101. SolutionRepositoryService is throwing a NullPointerException
  102. Repository Browse
  103. I am not able to try the ad hoc query (Hard to be a newbee)
  104. The requested resource (/ pentaho / NewAnalysisView) is not available
  105. xaction returns "Repository" not found message
  106. Searching for Upgrade Documentation
  107. No schema file defined
  108. I Dont see my own schedule
  109. Mini howto to change port and proxy pentaho
  110. Problems with Echo plugin
  111. Form integration with BI Platform
  112. v3.6 scheduler security changes?
  113. Lost trial key...
  114. Is the iPhone extension usable with Pentaho 3.6?
  115. Home page for an specific user-role
  116. Pentaho Scheduler
  117. BI Server 3.6.0 GA - Action sequence JS call to get current working directory?
  118. ChartComponent Legend Position
  119. Error "One or more system listeners failed" when starting BI server
  120. Calling arbitrary java classes in xaction file
  121. MYSQL JNDI Connection SSH tunneling
  122. Property to align bar chart x-axis value
  123. return html report using ajax
  124. Which component is: http://www.pentaho.com/images/analyzer_top5.jpg ??
  125. changing pentho-solution path
  126. Pentaho Automation testing Tool???
  127. problem with the form of permission
  128. Schedule and subscription queries for hibernate
  129. assigning users to pentaho directory
  130. Problems with PAC and MySQL
  131. Problem getting a list avialable reports from Java
  132. Report Designer submits query three times simultaneously. Anyone know why?
  133. BI Server Migration from 3.0 to 3.5
  134. I don't know if I can do htis...
  135. how to send two report files in just one email?
  136. BI Platform 3.6 doesn't start up (FilterChainProxy is missing)
  137. Problem in Reports - PUC (Could not fetch parameters.)
  138. PAC - Unable to refresh database connection list: Unable to refresh hibernate
  139. Updating design studio plugin in eclipse
  140. What are the best practices for setting up pentaho ?
  141. Heap Space Error Pentaho BI server
  142. Get errors when build bi platform v3.6.0
  143. BI Server and Tomcat memory consumption
  144. Unable to connect to hive from pentaho BI server
  145. Build a new CDF component
  146. BI-Server 3.6 Vs 3.0
  147. Looking for an Xaction example for emailing a report to a list of users in a DB
  148. BI Server is not available in PAC
  149. Unknow Host Error when trying to stop PAC
  150. Repository Browse
  151. Access my new added jsp page without the necessicty to log in...?
  152. How to remove/hide users samples in the login page
  153. JBoss SPNEGO PreAuthentication
  154. Mondrian/MDX, PRPT and XAction
  155. Xaction error
  156. problem with Admin/PropertiesPannel
  157. To acheive Security Through Pentaho Enterprise console
  158. How to create a new stylesheet for xaction ?
  159. Custom error message
  160. Strange Error in the platform
  161. Error in Apache Tomcat - INFO: Failed shutdown of Apache Portable Runtime
  162. pool exhausted
  163. How to install the pentaho BI suite?
  164. Help with biserver-ce 3.6.0
  165. How to display hierachies on reports
  166. Pentaho evaluation for upcoming project.
  167. Installation error with pentahoEE
  168. JVM_Bind:8080
  169. How to change the pentaho enterprise console password?
  170. pentaho Liferay User Mapping
  171. Refreshed Platform Security Model
  172. How to adjust gap between bars in one cluster and gap between clusters (in x-axis)?
  173. Pentaho 3.6.0 stable 41852 stopped responding after reaching following memory usage
  174. Great thing
  175. Folder visibility
  176. Problem with mannual deployment of Pentaho
  177. Errors creating roles
  178. Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL: http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd
  179. Where can I see the server logs? /Publishing a cube from Schema Workbench
  180. See queries from reports
  181. Roles And Users in Pentaho Bi-Server 3.6
  182. Problem with MSAD authentication
  183. Problem with MSAD authentication
  184. Pentaho 3.0 and Birt 2.5.1
  185. No JBoss Logging in Pentaho
  186. Pentaho Page
  187. SQLExecute insert duplicate rows
  188. Access Pentaho through Webserver
  189. Spring NTLM in Pentaho problem
  190. Problem with design studio / eclipse plugin xaction.
  191. How to resolve spring dependency with Pentaho?
  192. How to resolve spring dependency with Pentaho?
  193. Concurrent Users
  194. Automatic start pentaho Linux
  195. Wrong query postgresql from mdx to sql
  196. Are procedures exposed to pause schedules?
  197. Pentaho BI and reports authentication
  198. Pentaho BI Server - Source Code Compilation Error
  199. Problem in the environment.
  200. Run in background
  201. JavascriptRule output always undefined in Message Template
  202. MS Accsses Connection
  203. Error: "There was a problem processing your CAS login"
  204. User Monitoring and Audit
  205. Help Analyzing my Schema
  206. Can't publish after SSO deployed
  207. Analyzer with CE
  208. Manually publish schema - SSO user authentication fails
  209. Scheduling
  210. Error related to CAS Integration with Pentaho
  211. DAW Project - Pentaho 3.7
  212. Pentaho on Windows 64 bit environment.
  213. Resolving Spring dependency with Legacy BI
  214. upgrading from acegi security
  215. Need adhoc reports source
  216. Administration- new users
  217. Changing Database connection configuration of a published report
  218. Where can I find the SourceCode of the BIServerPlugins...?
  219. Schedules fail ? What´s happen ?
  220. A problem with HelloWorld.xaction
  221. oracle 10g driver for pentaho enterprise edition 3.6
  222. WEB_CONTEXT_BASE undefined
  223. Integration between Pentaho and other BI platforms... It's possible?!?
  224. problem occured when Oracle 10g as backend repository to the server
  225. Error using meta data model - Failed to parse query
  226. Run Pentaho BI Server without the console windows
  227. Differents datasource for users
  228. Removing a reference to sampledata: How???
  229. Impossible to Create schedules from PUC using BIServer-3.7.0-RC1
  230. Error in Java script
  231. How to generate a report from two different table on two different database ?
  232. HelloWorld.xaction always display the same result
  233. BI Server and Suite Clients 3.7.0 RC1 have been posted to SourceForge.net
  234. Pentaho don't exit when I close CAS
  235. Is Pentaho able to implement in Window 2003 Server?
  236. Use parameter for file name in file output
  237. kettlesystemListener problem
  238. Error Initiating PAC Service
  239. Errors emailing reports from PUC
  240. timestamp is truncated in table input step
  241. Dynamic chart properties
  242. Chart Drill Through
  243. integrating pentaho security with RSA/SecurID
  244. Pentaho-3.5.2 Manual Install - ThreadSafeHttpClient.ERROR_0001
  245. Never ending loading of business views under ad_hoc query builder
  246. Problem with Admin Console
  247. how can I configure a new datasource for biserver?
  248. parameter hiding
  249. Trial - Can't add data sources
  250. Keeping sharing settings when reports moved on server?