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  1. Pentaho at university
  2. User consol repository browser loading error
  3. Impossible to Create schedules from PAC using BIServer-3.7.0-RC1
  4. Unable to see Steel Wheels Order Status.prpt example on Pentaho platform 3.5.2
  5. Change Timeout for the session of clients in the Pentaho User Console
  6. Customize default users in Pentaho Login page
  7. Hide the default user list in Pentaho login page
  8. Change the admin console password in Pentaho Admin
  9. There is the possibility of providing PDF files with the PCU
  10. Pentaho Apps in Mobile
  11. Problem in change solution-path parameter in BI Server 3.7 RC1 CE
  12. Error generating XUL: Failed to parse: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  13. Error 505 when publishing schema
  14. Strange situation at the start of the BI Server 3.7 RC1 CE
  15. from one dashboard (jsp) open new dashboard (jsp) in new Mantle TAB
  16. Licence for BI Trial Version
  17. Adhoc report: Query validation failed: null
  18. Aggregation Designer: NullPointerException when I click "Publish"
  19. Security
  20. Logged In Restart Session
  21. dashboards in rotating reporting app
  22. Pentaho in charity
  23. Calling a report (prpt) from xaction -- extremely simple test case
  24. Saving bursting output to a directory
  25. Some basic question
  26. deb of bi server
  27. Data values printing on Charts
  28. collapse solutions
  29. Hiding PUC folders by user login
  30. get file rows count error
  31. NamingException despite same JNDI name as defined in Administration Console
  32. Taking Pentaho BI Server 3.6 CE to Production
  33. PUC Login "please wait" with IE8 (and no login)
  34. IPentahoConnection without session object
  35. Pentaho BI Server 3.6 - JDBC Security
  36. Manual Deployments going away - feedback requested
  37. Problem with jFreeCharts 3.7.0RC1
  38. Change pentaho logo url to send you to other web page
  39. Modify the view in the user console
  40. How to Set Up Pentaho Community Build Framework - Tutorial available
  41. Pentaho + LDAP not working
  42. Unable to load Adhoc Reporting Interface: Access is denied
  43. Pentaho 3.7 RC1 and existing Tomcat 6
  44. Action sequence execution failed
  45. Creating a folder when connecting to the PUC
  46. LDAP properties - whitespaces
  47. Manual Deployment of BI Server to WebLogic on Windows
  48. Repository set up
  49. starting tomcat server - hibuser access problem
  50. Xaction message template ( design studio 3.6 ) is not working on bi server 3.6 ?
  51. Set multiple instance in one server box
  52. Experience with Web Services
  53. Could not load transformation job-file from resource
  54. Pentaho 3.6 on JBoss
  55. DBlink not working
  56. Stable builds of BI Server and Suite Clients 3.7.0 have been posted to SourceForge
  57. Current logged user
  58. Anyone Deploy the Pentaho BI Server to Weblogic
  59. how to do with the Message Template components in design studio???
  60. Pentaho Community BI Server 3.6.0. stable and SSO with CAS
  61. Error Messages
  62. Connection refused in administration-console
  63. BI Server Deployment Error - Help me please
  64. Unable to open Pentaho Enterprise Console Login
  65. How can we change an Xaction default stylesheet in bi server 3.6 ?
  66. quartz+postgresql error
  67. CAT card support in pentaho
  68. Shared code (report libraries) in pentaho
  69. System Alert on schedule failure
  70. Is security is extensible in pentaho
  71. Is Links are supported in pentaho
  72. Name shown for old *.prpt reports?
  73. How to Configure Path Schedule Report Output File Path
  74. help on design studio
  75. pentaho users permissions
  76. Pentaho Enterprise Console Question
  77. high level design of bi want to know
  78. Manual deployment guide
  79. Apache Tomcat Error Report 404 - requested resource pentaho is not available
  80. MDX in Analyzer
  81. Can I add some php files?
  82. Some adhoc questions
  83. start BI server in linux
  84. Error in administration Console
  85. EmailComponent RuntimeContext.ERROR_0017
  86. Send e-mail when a given condition
  87. no tomcat6.exe or service.bat in 3.7GA
  88. Report Ad-hoc: multivalue constraint
  89. NoClassDefFoundError java/util/ServiceConfigurationError in 3.7.0.GA
  90. Article about pentaho. What is the contribution to science?
  91. Deploy BI Server on JBoss 5.1 - problems with 3.7.0
  92. gecho-plugin is not working
  93. Email or Display reports in PUC using the same action sequence
  94. errors at starting Pentaho
  95. Hyperlink to a report on BI Server from within EXCEL
  96. Cannot go to "http://localhost:8080/Pentaho/Login"
  97. A big challange... adding Ontologies to pentaho
  98. Documentation Migration/Update Version Pentaho
  99. xaction: How could ppply variable default values to input parameters ?
  100. Error in BI 3.7 findAllRootSolutionFolders not found
  101. Help with creating a new Certificate
  102. Backing up data source information
  103. How to open the solution reposiroty Like we do in pentaho console
  104. Automtic publishing of mondrian schema
  105. java.io.IOException
  106. Pentaho don't start (coyote, unregister, memory leak, Address already in use 8080)
  107. start-pentaho.sh 3.7.0-stable
  108. Comptable version of xul in pentaho
  109. xul compatability with pentaho 3.6
  110. Logging Logins
  111. dashboard calling analyzer
  112. Pentahp 3.7.0: Bursting xaction don't work ?
  113. PAC - Schedular crashes
  114. BISERVER 3.7 - Could not get file properties
  115. Installation issues
  116. Apache Tomcat Minimum version requirements
  117. Is it possible to switch axes in the Analyzer Reports?
  118. Action Sequence - Output to file
  119. Not able to pass parameter into Report Specification field in xaction Pentaho Report
  120. User Console crashes after 3.7 Linux installation
  121. Biserver-ce 3.7.0 - New Data Source in PUC
  122. Single Sign-on
  123. Loading data sources problem with Pentaho User Console 3.7
  124. Paralles Pentaho BI plataform
  125. Problems with starting of PAC
  126. Performance issue with mondrian
  127. One Xaction calling Multiple Subaction dynamically.
  128. change the language by the URL toolbar jpivot
  129. change the language by the URL toolbar jpivot
  130. CSV export: Change , to ;
  131. How to receive a JMS message with xaction
  132. Cannot create Hive data source from User Console
  133. Create new User Roles with limited Admin capabilities
  134. Export an xaction to PDF or XLS using URL access
  135. Enabling Save Button
  136. Analysis Plugin
  137. Pentaho BI 3.7 CE: oracle datasource
  138. BI Server Mantle menu customization
  139. BI server 3.6.0 CE + CAS: manual deployment + Tomcat
  140. No Data Sources in User Console
  141. Export of sql query with variable number of columns
  142. schemas in datasources.xml
  143. Pentaho Cache Issue
  144. Error connecting to Oracle db from Pentaho User Console
  145. Rights on Analysis view schema in pentaho 3.7
  146. Pentaho 3.7 Ad Hoc Tool Errors
  147. Adhoc Reporting
  148. How to extend Pentaho
  149. What are the various methods to import data.
  150. Toolbar buttons/icons width
  151. Got it intstalled, got some data....now to metadata
  152. Action Sequence Help
  153. Real Time Data Transaction
  154. Require Information about Pentaho
  155. Action Sequence to E-mail Report
  156. Cannot schedule with PAC 3.7
  157. Wrong charset with Dashboard.getQueryParameter?
  158. It's hard to use BI platform 3.7
  159. Yeat another emailing problem...
  160. Custom components created by extending SimpleComponent
  161. How do i change the password of the Administration-Consule
  162. Ad-Hoc report Date Ranges and Oracle datatypes
  163. How to get New Dashboard Component
  164. Configure Data Source Model
  165. select users and roles to share report
  166. <default-roles> meaning in Admin Console console.xml
  167. LDAP Integration Failed
  168. 3.7.0. Oracle 10G. Hsqldb still starting
  169. What's the Best Practice for JSON xaction output?
  170. WebServiceExample.url
  171. Problem passing parameter to Jasper Report in Xaction
  172. SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution failed
  173. Running report from cache
  174. Where i have to put jdbc driver for sql server
  175. Error in starting the Admin Console
  176. Cannot publish on my server
  177. Some questions to "index.xml"
  178. Manage Xaction's result set in javascript
  179. Is there a Data integration server (community edition)
  180. scheduled xaction is not executed
  181. Measured data
  182. deploying 3.7 with MySQL - Mondrian listner fail???????
  183. File Upload in Xaction
  184. Issues with Adhoc Reporting
  185. How to connect design studio to kettle repository
  186. Simple Chart Xaction
  187. Adhoc Reporting - error 0012
  188. Any Way to Limit Kettle Job Memory Usage?
  189. How to Deploy Adventure Works Cube in Mondrian XMLA Service
  190. To configure Pentaho with crowd.
  191. Creation of Chart Reports
  192. Help with Report Designer
  193. Installing Pentaho on Ubuntu 10.04.
  194. Trying to connect SQL Server 2008 remotely from OpenSuse via JDBC
  195. Kettle Component Return Status
  196. BI Server crashes when it loses connection to database
  197. Report Security
  198. How to refresh solution repository?
  199. Adhoc Reportin in 3.7
  200. Data Integration in 3.7
  201. tomcat from biserver-ce-3.7.0-stable/ does not start ...?
  202. Role based reports
  203. Error Handling in xaction
  204. Dimensions Order in Analyzer
  205. Location of report generated through BI server
  206. How to calculate Percentile of value?
  207. Security Model for pentaho BI
  208. What datasources Pentaho can consume?
  209. Change BI Port in Administration Console.
  210. Pentaho on Jboss AS
  211. Adhoc Reports
  212. Pentaho User console gives me errors when clicking on New report button
  213. Hide left browse panel
  214. Different JDBC Connection behaviour between BI-Server/Reports and PDI in DB2
  215. Running JAsper report on Bi server
  216. Performance issues running banded sub reports on the BI Server
  217. dashboard designer problem ouside admin role
  218. Pentaho PAC in tomcat.
  219. Help Me :'( please
  220. BI server installation / config
  221. Trying to invoke an analyzer report via action sequence programatically
  222. Pentaho on JBoss Portal SSO without CAS
  223. Apache tomcat service restart required everyday, MySQL timeout error ?
  224. Cannot save predefined pivot views
  225. pentaho-sso CAS proxy
  226. Too connection open with Mysql
  227. Error : Repository cache refresh failed
  228. Problem with locked output type
  229. http 500 Error
  230. Processing... message
  231. Pentaho Multiple Instance Issue (Heap Space Error)
  232. Integration of Pentaho with Flex
  233. error_0004
  234. Prpt called from an xaction without CSS
  235. Pentaho Admin Console - Home
  236. Adobe 9.4.2 issue
  237. CDE CCC Bar Chart leaving tooltip behind
  238. Where can I view every datasource
  239. In which file are connections from Data Source Wizard?
  240. What means: CDATA
  241. Drill Down in Google Maps
  242. Data-Labels
  243. ModelerService error on Data Source creation
  244. Permission to Save as an Analysis View without overwrite the original
  245. Error after reorginizing roles and users
  246. PacProService.ERROR_0040 and Connection refused: connect
  247. expired product license
  248. Trying to find "com.pentaho.ui.servlet.UserService"
  249. Password management from within PUC
  250. Select Data Source dialog box...multiple instances of the data source