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  1. Getting out Internal Panes
  2. PAC - where is store a datasource which I make
  3. Problem wit opening Multiple BI Instances run on same server using firefox
  4. Customize PUC - menu item for Pentaho EE
  5. Using javascript to access relational values in design studio
  6. Pentaho Admin Console get Unauthorized error
  7. PDI Enterprise Repository from the BI Server
  8. pentaho GenericServlet error
  9. Doubt about web services
  10. MicroStrategy BI Reporting Suite
  11. PentahoUSer Console Login get error
  12. Loading Folder - PUC
  13. Can not acces CDF samples
  14. subreport having problem in report designer tool (prd-ce-3.6.1-stable)
  15. What is this PAC error?
  16. Action Sequences Multiple outputs
  17. Steel Wheels exmaple report SALES SUMMARY
  18. After installing Pentaho I get in browser at starting: HTTP Status 404 -. Don't start
  19. Unable to load multiple excel files to one excel file
  20. Action Sequences , methods
  21. Sybase ASA 9
  22. Customizing Pentaho User Console
  23. new user in pentaho: pac and a file to modify
  24. Using Bi-Server user, reports prpt
  25. Problem with starting PAC
  26. Mysql could not be started on Pentaho 3.7/linux
  27. CE - Ad hoc Report Interface won't start "XML10_VERSION_INFO is not defined"
  28. Pentaho 3.7 porlets updated
  29. "Reply To" addr in scheduled emailed reports
  30. How can I install BI 3.8 in place?
  31. Flash Auto Reload Problem When Switching Tab
  32. Table level secuirty
  33. Problem with Scheduling Report using Add Job Component
  34. Importing an Oracle Database with over 1,000 tables
  35. Simple report returns "No Data Available" message
  36. Stable builds of BI Server and Suite Clients 3.8 posted to SourceForge.net
  37. MS SQL Server & JTDS - Empty Password Validation
  38. Failed to get a Data Source
  39. Please Participate in the Wisdom of Crowds
  40. Please Participate in the Wisdom of Crowds
  41. Permissions and roles
  42. Where can I find tutorials about Pentaho BI community edition (version > 3.5)?
  43. What are the new features about Pentaho 3.8.0 BI server community edition?
  44. Mozilla Firefox 4: error message after login
  45. Help on migration database repository
  46. Adding registration form in Pentaho User Console
  47. How can I embed a pentaho report or a dashboard into a rails or php application.
  48. Xanalyzer files not showing in user console
  49. make pentaho event driven
  50. Pentaho-solutions from 3.6 in 3.8
  51. Is it possible to use "wget" to get a result of a report / xaction?
  52. Charts are not displayed in pentaho bi-server
  53. Installation of pentaho on a ubuntu server
  54. Cannot Connect to Oracle database??
  55. ODBC connection under LINUX
  56. User access log
  57. Cannot Create Datasource in bi-server-3.8.0
  58. action sequence progress bar - processing image
  59. Oracle JDBC SSL Connection
  60. how to disable hsql db in ver. 3.7 CE
  61. Default permissions on reports
  62. Firefox 4 doesn't work with action sequence prompts
  63. Refresh the biserver 3.5.2
  64. 3.8 CE: Cannot create Data Source in Pentaho User Console
  65. How can I change user password directly by SQL
  66. PRPT report filename with asian characters is broken when exported through HTTP.
  67. CBF (Community Build Framework) can do...
  68. Where to put custom PDI JobEntries?
  69. Pentaho not finding Roles with MSAD/LDAP
  70. Design Studio - how to email an attachment
  71. Calling Multiple Action Sequence Files And Email Them To Different User
  72. Dashboard's Data Table Export Option?
  73. Question regarding Pentaho Solutions
  74. Home vs. Navigate
  75. Roles in the User Console
  76. Xaction Example for Emailing Multiple Reports To List Of Users From Database
  77. No fonts found exception when displaying a graph in PUC
  78. Quartz JNDI MySQL configuration: HELP PLEASE
  79. Changing HSQL DB Port
  80. Manual deployment on Jboss fails..
  81. Mondrian Schema .xml Vs Pentaho metadata domain .xmi Vs CDA .cda
  82. CBF problems building 3.7 and 3.8
  83. Integrating reports from an external webapp
  84. Deprecated method
  85. BI Server 3.7.0 integration with JBoss 4.2.1
  86. Cannot save a dashboard
  87. slow repository cache refresh
  88. cda files empty after restart of bi-server
  89. How can I edit the examples?
  90. Pentaho with Active Directory
  91. Disable auto-submit check in Pentaho User Console
  92. How can I publish a new solution in Pentaho BI Server?
  93. ERROR_0011 - SMTP send failed . Attachment FileNotFound Exception
  94. Crosstabs in BI Server??
  95. Publishig Report & Font Issue
  96. Chart and Table data mismatch
  97. "error checking parameters" when adding a database connection
  98. Connect Excel to Pentaho (need of XMLA connection URL)
  99. .prpt reports are not shown in PUC
  100. Slow query when using Pentaho User Console
  101. Use cases pentaho, creating a general ledger?
  102. More manual install questions
  103. Refresh Repositary cache failed
  104. configuring Pentaho for ipad
  105. Startpage
  106. Exporting from PUC to Excel, incorrect representation of numbers
  107. pentaho user console question
  108. Unable to create analyzer reports or dashboards in Pentaho User Console
  109. Running a .xaction file after the login / xaction & PRPT
  110. Further native tomcat installation woes
  111. Non-ASCII PRPT filename is broken when output type is not HTML.
  112. Is Null causes Customize Selection on Console to Fail
  113. JasperReport Dependencies Directory
  114. How report Data cache is working
  115. Showing datasource modifies
  116. Want to implement CAS (Single sing on) in Pentaho BI Server 3.6.x (Community Edition)
  117. Administration console HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error.
  118. Call Mondrian with Flex
  119. BI Server 3.8 to JBoss
  120. xaction using DI data for prpt report
  121. Report Event From Bi server
  122. Update / Refresh repository from console-line
  123. how to acess pentaho Bi server from java api
  124. Jboss 4.2.3 / Pentaho 3.5.2 : Transaction is not Active
  125. Analysis view
  126. Export PUS - SQL Output to EXCEL
  127. Tools \ Languages menu access by non-administrative users?
  128. Numbers of concurrent user
  129. Project with PENTAHO
  130. Fusion Charts with Pentaho
  131. Active directory users and roles
  132. SSL for Pentaho
  133. Repository Cache Refresh Failed
  134. Activate CGI Tomcat For pentaho
  135. hibernate db
  136. JFreeReport.ERROR_0007 - No loader was able to handle the given key data
  137. Create new user for PUC -- only RUN
  138. How to Configure Pentaho for Siteminder?
  139. Create user environment within the user console
  140. It is possible an account on the user console for viewing only?
  141. Disable pentaho crendentials
  142. How to configure the Log?
  143. pentaho using mysql connection issue
  144. administration console problem
  145. documentation on PENTAHO BI SUIT
  146. loop using a query result as parameter for the actions
  147. Problem with Analysis View - Conversion failed
  148. publishing reports via https not http
  149. Removing security
  150. Looking for up to date guide using LDAP for Pentaho CE 3.8
  151. version 3.5.2 with LDAP integration
  152. Easy way to scrape web data?
  153. PentahoSystem.ERROR_0014
  154. Problems with prompt/secure in pentaho 3.6
  155. Which version should I use?
  156. pentaho installation steps in BI server
  157. Info on ldap user
  158. Adding up new datsasource in pentaho for reporting
  159. Getting reporting and analysis working with my data
  160. How to schedule a report in BIServer?
  161. Way to change the administration-console's log level
  162. Track user login into pentaho user console & reports
  163. How to change sampleapp's database??
  164. Problem on Linux with Pentaho EE
  165. seeking help to fix space issues in our BI Reports. - version 3.0 STABLE CE.
  166. Database Field names with trailing spaces cause problems
  167. Unstable Snow Leopard Mac OS X install
  168. Design Studio dont show process actions
  169. ACL permissions with LDAP
  170. pentaho Initialization Exception
  171. Security holes within Pentaho BI Server (CE)
  172. Error when trying to publish report
  173. Start-pentaho.bat
  174. Error while compiling report on bi-server
  175. PRO_ACLS_LIST.RECIPIENT set inconsistently
  176. Clustering and Solution Synching
  177. MySql Connection Test Success, Err Creating DB Conn, database alias does not exist
  178. Remove multiple datasources in PUC fails
  179. Using action sequence to launch report
  180. User Login Activity
  181. LDAP Integration and Activity Logging for users !
  182. Pentaho Liferay
  183. "Unable to refresh" message at PAC startup
  184. https access to pentaho via apache and valid certificate
  185. To choose Company name when create user in Pentaho adminstration module
  186. show a chart using Design Studio based on a relational query
  187. PDF locale problems
  188. slow loadding reports
  189. How to set up the chart in Pentaho Designer Studio?
  190. Where to put PDI plugin for plattform use
  191. Parameter input in MDX (pentaho design studio)
  192. Can PUC Datasources have variables?
  193. Problem: Repository Cache / Reporting Metadata
  194. Pentaho and IIS7
  195. Change of athentifiaction pentaho of DB to Radius
  196. SubscriptionAdmin shows the code
  197. Pentaho Xaction
  198. why the suite need multiple configuration of the same datasource?
  199. Unable to connect Pentaho CE with Oracle.
  200. Report from mdx query
  201. Where is the permission's store location for folder in Pentaho Solution
  202. Issue with enterprise edition user/admin console
  203. Problems Installing BI Server 3.8.0 as a service in Windows Server 2008 64bit
  204. property dialogue box for the files
  205. Best kind of data base to work with Pentaho
  206. Fiscal Year Date Job
  207. Including Stylesheet(Css File) in chartbeans
  208. Establishing connection with oracle 11g
  209. progress bar
  210. Splitting Reports
  211. Design Studio - String parameter returns "+" on space
  212. Upgrading Pentaho 3.7 to 3.8
  213. Pentaho BI Suite3.7 software
  214. Can I call an xaction or prpt report from a Unix shell prompt on a remote server?
  215. Login Error using IE
  216. Designer studio - how to: xaction returning sql query-result
  217. set up ACL to remove new analysis view and new report
  218. Error in format of aggregated data in WAQR export to excel
  219. Enable user to select output type in WAQR created saved report
  220. WAQR reports randomly drops columns from a report
  221. enterprise console questions
  222. How to edit sample reports/analysis view
  223. Read web.xml from .xaction
  224. How to edit sample data sources in BI server
  225. Pentaho BI + Oracle 11g: Database connection could not be established to: SampleData
  226. Pentaho sample - question about the embedded_report.xml
  227. Report Sharing on PUC
  228. Report Sharing on PUC
  229. BI in IPhone
  230. How to logout from pentaho suite administrator console.
  231. Clean urls
  232. Configuring pentaho with LDAP Help
  233. Ad Query Templates
  234. Retrieving solution path in xaction
  235. A parent/child hierarchy is not visible in Pentaho Analyzer tool
  236. removing 'new report' options
  237. Communication error while generating a report
  238. Open a report with HTML in Mantle Tab
  239. Inline Images in Email Instead of Attachments
  240. unable to start pacservice
  241. Pentaho Optimisation
  242. hide adhoc reporting component
  243. Using sessionStartupActions
  244. Call for Papers - International Journal of Business Intelligence Research
  245. Beginner's Question
  246. How to bipass admin console login screen
  247. Memory leak in BI server
  248. Beginner Question on v3.8
  249. How configuration Pentaho BI Server 3.7 on Oracle 9i?
  250. Trying to send mails from BI platform