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  1. Problems with apache tomcat service on windows 2003 sp2 64 bit.
  2. Active Directory Subtree
  3. Can't Add Data Sources in Pentaho BI 4 RC1
  4. xaction modify report definition
  5. Password Security policy in Pentaho
  6. Drill down to data in a table
  7. How to get developers to revisit a bug?
  8. Pentaho 4.0 30-day eval license?
  9. "Failed to write element to disk" on BI server (jboss)
  10. Using DATEMATH function with a constraint
  11. Swing Component
  12. replace "NaN" values
  13. OLAP: Going down the correct path?
  14. Report Generation Failed when i updated the db2 version to 9.7
  15. upload file from pentaho user console & process it in PDI
  16. BI 3.8.0-stable
  17. Export to Excel Number Format issues.
  18. Pentaho CE 3.8 and Liferay
  19. hide based on extension?
  20. BI Suite 4.0 Release Candidate posted to SourceForge
  21. Possible BUG in CDA MDX drill down queries
  22. Problem running Pentaho BI as a service under win2k8r2
  23. Pentaho Design Studio - sourceforge download issues?
  24. Error try conecting to SQL Server 2008
  25. BI platform on mac
  26. Database JNDI
  27. PUC - Documentation on the export of some types of files
  28. encrypted passwords in LDAP
  29. Datasource EHCache queries
  30. ObjectAlreadyExistsException
  31. New Analysis View - PIVOT Error
  32. xaction parameters with radio button - HOW TO?
  33. Hide Solution Browser Panel in PUC version 3.7
  34. OSBI Research University Stuttgart - win an Amazon.com Gift Card
  35. Mondrian memory limit exceeded
  36. Moving data sources from one server to another
  37. Hyperlink parameter
  38. xaction : use variables in output filename
  39. Currency Numeric Format
  40. Security in Pentaho Reports
  41. xaction, SimpleReportingComponent and Loop
  42. Pentaho BI Platform project
  43. BI Server 3.8 and FirebirdSQL Server
  44. Unable to start BI server
  45. Creating a New Solution
  46. New Report -Report Setting" cant "Next"
  47. Changing URL values
  48. Bypass pentaho authentication from third party apps
  49. Can change PUC UI to the previous version?
  50. How to clear Reporting Data Cache without User Console
  51. Solution Repository database choice?
  52. send email xaction error
  53. How to prevent one user to see other users' data using data source
  54. User console data source default selection
  55. HTTPS in bi-server
  56. Problem with the Schedule Creator
  57. Distinct Selections
  58. Security Service action
  59. Pentaho BI & Pentaho PDI Resource Needed
  60. Report Bursting
  61. BI Server 3.9 RC 1 - Reports x MySQL Database
  62. Measures and Dimension meaningless with Ad-Hoc Reporting ?
  63. Pentaho crashing after random sample reports
  64. Metadata Model Security
  65. Disabling "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?"
  66. xaction if condition problem
  67. Adding Logout button in main tool bar
  68. how to generate report in PDF format through BI-server.3.0
  69. Kettle Job : Deployed on BI Server?
  70. Jsp page directing cdf
  71. Pentaho Liferay Integration
  72. Create JNDI connection for Postgresql
  73. User Console Log in, Enterprise Console log in
  74. Problems trying connect with Pentaho server via http in Linux
  75. Software and Installation
  76. Pentaho install
  77. BI 3.8 with MySQL do I still load sample data into MySQL?
  78. Pentaho error handling.
  79. Have to restart Pentaho everyday after connecting with AD
  80. Tomcat 7.0.12 OutOfMemory Error
  81. Analyzer Report help
  82. Table Edit Component
  83. clear history storage in BI-server 3.0
  84. Auditing user login activity
  85. SQL Server stored as new data source
  86. Installation of my Pentaho into another pc
  87. edit/change username
  88. BISERVER 3.8 and BirtReportcomponent
  89. BI Server Permissions
  90. Assign a value to one field if another field contains a value
  91. Pentaho bi-platform Compile Error
  92. Access rules to datasources
  93. Pentaho Community Edition BI Server 3.8 Stable version in iPhone
  94. Some newbie questions
  95. How to add New Users to PUC v3.7
  96. internal server error... report is not generation on BI server
  97. Unable to publish report from Pentaho Report Designer
  98. Connecting Report Designer to PDI Transformation in Enterprise Repository
  99. Auto refresh Audit report (type of Table)
  100. Temporary tables in Design Studio.
  101. Configuring Pentaho with WebSEAL authentication
  102. Database vs file system pentaho solution repository.
  103. Automatically adding "select * from (" + tablename + ") tbl"
  104. jboss-eap-5.0.1 and Log4JLogger problem
  105. How to build the source the code for pentaho reporting plugin
  106. Integrating pentaho analyzer independently into java web application
  107. problem installing CentOS on pentaho bi release 5.6 (Final) 64bit
  108. SQL command action
  109. Error refresh repository cache - Postgres 8.1
  110. Report file ordering in BI server
  111. Pentaho Interactive Reporting
  112. Schema Workbench-Cant publish a schema!!!
  113. how to create dynamic datasource
  114. BI Server Install Questions on Mac OS X
  115. Migrated from BI Suite 2.0 to 3.8: mondrian reports getting jpivot error
  116. OR filter
  117. Dashboard Problems
  118. Performance problem in BI server when using SINGLEVALUEQUERY
  119. in pentaho,one user can only has one role?
  120. Integration with .NET
  121. main_toolbar.xul modification not visible
  122. Memcached, Pentaho and MySQL
  123. Bi Server and Spoon working together
  124. Oracle datasource jdbc oci versus thin
  125. i have a problem TO BUILD PENTAHO WITH IVY
  126. Are there known problems with PostgreSQL 9.0 (and BI Server 3.8 or under)?
  127. JNDI name
  128. connect to the pentaho server BI
  129. Experiencing a 100 row limit in xaction result-set outputs (?)
  130. Pentaho and rules
  131. Oracle driver
  132. Use of pentaho as database for a rule system
  133. Single Sign On - Pentaho [Error]
  134. Roles
  135. Enterprise console Utilities - LDAP Tab disabled
  136. OATH - How to setup one time password OTP for Pentaho
  137. Error starting Pentaho 4 Enterprise Console
  138. Back button in BI Server 3.8
  139. Issue Starting BI Server 3.7.0. quartz listeners error,
  140. Pentaho 4.0 Themes (Replaceable)
  141. 4.0 Data Access APIs - JSON?
  142. Syntax for URL passing userid and password
  143. How to configure permission to add data source in PUC
  144. Break-even point in bar chart
  145. How to access adhoc report sql query
  146. BI Server 4.0
  147. Add new data source cause slow query in Bi-server 3.9.0.RC146481
  148. Unable to configure JBoss for Pentaho BI 4 GA
  149. To download pentaho community edition dashboard
  150. Error in report viewer
  151. BI server and Active Directory problem
  152. BI Server launch or login from java servlet via olap4 xmla
  153. Is there a way to schedule an Analyzer Report to be sent by email?
  154. Pentaho CE 3.8 Backward Compatibility
  155. adHoc webservives.Error_0012
  156. New Data Source for AS/400 error
  157. Download file with xaction
  158. kill scheduled PDI jobs in biserver
  159. Get username using javascript
  160. File in BI Server 3.8
  161. Interactive Report Preview Data
  162. Error:Server instance is not congiured
  163. Refresh caches using script
  164. User input in MDX
  165. 3.9.0-stable Release Notes
  166. User console 4.0 Translate problem
  167. Active Directory on BI-3.9
  168. Can't save analysis view PUC bi-server-3.9.0-Stable
  169. Error when login through "http://localhost:8080/pentaho/ServiceAction"
  170. Session variables
  171. pass string variable into the TemplateComponent to be used as the template
  172. How to log SQL generated by ad-hoc report
  173. Scheduled Kettle job not running...
  174. Use oracle hints on sql generated by ad-hoc reports
  175. Internal Server Error because of a "bad value for type long" error.
  176. tableComponent does not work with IE 8 ?
  177. Customizing Pentaho 4
  178. Http get service repository
  179. mySQL database connector port resets
  180. Exceptions in pentaho.log
  181. Warning BI Server Log , v
  182. how to get the report name of a report executed by an user on the bi-server
  183. MAx Value in Add Sequence result
  184. Dashboard performance
  185. ODBC connection in pentaho enterprise
  186. counter row insert - audit info in log table
  187. Parameter passing problem with Pentaho BI with Saiku
  188. Cross tab using xaction
  189. How to protect .prpt file , as we easily download prpt from BI
  190. integrate jasper report in pentaho user console
  191. How to dynamically populate a property-map-list within an xaction?
  192. Google Maps
  193. Analyzer Report Export
  194. Running DI jobs on BI Server
  195. Pentaho Admin Console not initializing
  196. BI Suite 4.0 stable posted to SourceForge
  197. [xaction] Settings default-value to -1 for a select input type does not seem to work
  198. Unable to access biserver-ce 3.9.0 when pentaho serving content
  199. Event driven scheduling - PDI job +xaction
  200. Icons in the "Files" selection window
  201. BI server 3.9 with tomcat6 installed ../logs/pentaho.log No such file or directory
  202. Easy question about output tables (Probably)
  203. hide adhoc component to users?
  204. BI Install issue
  205. [Help]I can't open BI developer example
  206. Change some PUC-Hints (here: "This parameter is mandatory") to german
  207. HTTP 500 Internal Server Error-----in bi serer 4.0
  208. Installing bi server pentaho tomcat as windows service
  209. Web browser requirements
  210. Synchronous Session Replication for Pentaho BI Server in Tomcat Clustering
  211. StaleObjectStateException when trying to create 2 csv data sources simultaneously
  212. Error "Failed in Build Parameter Panel" when opening report in BI Suite 4.0 GA
  213. how to set report parameters of report designer (vertical order basically) ,in PUC ?
  214. Deleting steel-wheels and other folders
  215. Pentaho Bi Server 3.9 - Where is the option to send the report to mail?
  216. Possible to add data source without admin console?
  217. File Browser empty in PUC
  218. Send Email using Microsoft Exchange Server or through proxy server
  219. ConsoleProperties.ERROR_0001 when starting biserver ce 3.9
  220. SSO on Enterprise Edition
  221. Web service call to clear cache (accessing the URL /pentaho/ServiceAction directly)
  222. Logout button in Launch page
  223. Pentaho Server 3.9.0 - Problem at Start
  224. RuntimeContext.ERROR_0017 - Burst Sales Report - EmailComponent error
  225. Home button in BI Server 3.8.0-stable
  226. Xaction EmailComponent and replyTo field
  227. Java-Pentaho Reporting
  228. Unable to display characters with accent on pdf view
  229. Default password for admin in pentaho bi server 4.0 enterprise edition
  230. How to modify Administration Console
  231. bi developers
  232. Two input parameters introduced automatically by SQL query (it doesn't work)
  233. Fail to load initFailure.jsp, access denied. Wrong path.
  234. any one have idea!! the Major differences between Pentaho BI Vs QlikView?
  235. Client/Server Support Matrix
  236. Authentication database
  237. User Console truncating strings with ....
  238. How Schedule Kettle Jobs .kjb on BI Server?
  239. Update jars on Bi-Server 3.8 from Kettle 4.1.4
  240. Hiding Data Sources by Role or User
  241. java footprint grows indefinitely
  242. pentaho 3.8 with IPv6
  243. XY scatter/line plot in analyzer?
  244. Installation, setup and customization
  245. Date range selection to include static times
  246. Error when trying to create a new datasource
  247. Get the list of available reports
  248. Administration Console - can't edit an existing schedule
  249. Deformed dashboard when I access Pentaho with NO localhost.
  250. pentaho bi server 3.10 and parent child hierarchies nor working