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  1. BI Suite 4.1 stable posted to SourceForge
  2. Report bursting
  3. refresh of data
  4. Moving sample data from hsqldb to oracle
  5. Palo OLAP Server
  6. tricky sql query in a xaction
  7. Repository files not inserted in the database
  8. Browser error during execute report in user console
  9. Members disabled by default
  10. Trouble with CBF
  11. bi-server solution not loading when rebooting on Linux
  12. Scheduling a legacy analysis report.
  13. Pentaho 3.10. - XACTIONS and XML report definitions
  14. Pentaho Server User Console - Change language
  15. Error while running kettle job(has a step 'put a file to FTP') through BI server.
  16. scheduling and sending reports
  17. Solution files data not inserted in PRO_FILES table
  18. Pentaho Authentication (Bi server CE 3.9.0)
  19. Full Pentaho documentation set is here
  20. getting analyzer output with wget
  21. PacService.ERROR_0023
  22. Design Studio xaction database connection dropdown list empty
  23. SQL Server connection not available using Windows 2008 R2 Server
  24. install pentaho - blank window with frame (ubuntu 10.04.2)
  25. How to display the value of each bar at the top of the bar in bar chart.
  26. too many idle connections and then some more
  27. Subscribe to scheduled reports which execute based on triggers
  28. Admin Console not working
  29. Report Bursting
  30. xaction for send email
  31. using Check List in xaction SecureFilterComponent
  32. how does distribution works if there are no specific user subscription?
  33. Admin Console Start Script Hangs After Starting Console
  34. BI-4.1.0-GA Compatibility with Firefox 8
  35. Pentaho - Scheduling Error- Unable to create a Schedule for xaction via Admin Console
  36. Need help for customizing home page of admin console
  37. Data source not refresfing (commit)
  38. Object with name "ReportCache" has not been configured
  39. Cache report for all users
  40. LDAP / Email
  41. HOLAP or MOLAP solution
  42. Saiku cube schema cache problem
  43. Log in to pentaho using java script
  44. Help required - Pentaho SSO
  45. Compilation problem:The hierarchy of the type 'Class name' is inconsistant
  46. Mondrian Server
  47. Pentaho User Console (3.9.0) - Schedule report format
  48. PDF - Analyzer report
  49. Jetty Server Refresh
  50. Beware of Java6 update29 and MS-SQL JDBC-Driver (sqljdbc4.jar): Connection will hang
  51. Problems with Reports Scheduling
  52. Query SQL in Memory instead of DB Server
  53. Error relating to "OBJECT NOT CONFIGURED" thrown every time dashboard is viewed
  54. Error Executing Component store_chart
  55. trigger based public schedule
  56. Clear cache in Pentaho kettle 3.2 version
  57. problem dashboard data sources
  58. other file types in puc
  59. Executing report by appending user information into report url, report is not shown
  60. Unable to edit data source - error serializing joins
  61. Flash Chart component download
  62. BI Server 3.7 - 3.10 for MySQL, problems with quartz JNDI
  63. Pentaho UC - Schedule - Report outputfilename
  64. Using SSL with Report Designer and MySQL
  65. PUC - new datasource created from metadata-editor not showing
  66. Cyrillic filename problem
  67. Displaying whole numbers on y-axis in bar chart in dashboards
  68. Displaying whole numbers on y-axis in bar chart in dashboards
  69. About date parameter can not get in firefox(for Design Studio)
  70. Using Integer as input in xaction files for Dashboards
  71. How to ignore solution from being synchronized?
  72. PERM_UPDATE_PERMS - please help
  73. ERROR: "Given backend-file is not a directory"
  74. PUC Login Displays webcontext.js Code
  75. cannot view schedule in workspace pentaho
  76. Ad Hoc Reporting for Business Users for SaaS product
  77. How to add a dynamic part to the name of an xaction output result file ...
  78. User xaction to pass parameter to report - but retain the Output Type dropdown?
  79. Regarding SSO
  80. Data Warehouse
  81. Custom User Tables for Login Authentication
  82. Is there a way to do complex prompting in an xaction or other Pentaho app?
  83. Login jsp page to home page-biserver 3.8
  84. xaction with custom java class that uses hibernate
  85. Which is the Context of the JNDI Custom DataSource (BI Server)
  86. WAQR not loading - IE8 js error
  87. Share Tab doesn't show up
  88. Error when drill OLAP navigator in analysis BI Server 3.10-stable
  89. how to export Excel
  90. Message for mandatory.
  91. Can't save Analysis jpivot BI serve 3.10
  92. Update BI Platform 3.x to 4.1
  93. change color font x Axis Name fusion chart
  94. Fact and Dim Tables in Analysis Report
  95. Communications Exception
  96. Source code access of Penatho User Console
  97. Help - DB Config
  98. XAction redirects to html page
  99. error during the autentication - reset password
  100. source code for BI-server user console work space
  101. Missing Day in New Analysis View
  102. Memory Out of Error in BI-SERVER User Console
  103. Cannot Update the Solution Repository
  104. Is it possible to call stored procedure via X-action?
  105. Newanalysis View
  106. bi server 3.6/3.8 and ipad
  107. Updating from 3.5.2 to current release
  108. location of icons
  109. Deploying BI platform on JBoss
  110. Trying to set up JNDI Datasource
  111. clean the scheduled contents under the BI-Server path(biserver-ce/pentaho-
  112. clean the scheduled contents under the BI-Server path
  113. Creating a table in HSQL DB
  114. Pentaho Initialization Exception
  115. Ubuntu 11.10 and Open JDK
  116. Bypassing Pentaho Login Screen when running a report from URL
  117. BI server installation hang up
  118. move BI suite from localhost to server troubles ...
  119. Unexpected error reading repository definitions
  120. Extend object authorization to record level
  121. OLAP App exception after changing the server
  122. Can't drill cube with JPivot
  123. Pentaho Google Map Integration
  124. "The page isn't redirecting properly" issue
  125. Google Dialog Error - Strange
  126. Adding datasources to Pentaho BI Server
  127. Auto select a solution folder in browser view?
  128. Defaulting the Parameters window so that it is collapsed(Please help ASAP!)
  129. unselect all values from multi value list
  130. User console authentication issues through CAS
  131. Pentaho client restarts.
  132. error when deploying Pentaho BI Server 3.7 in production
  133. URL resources in user console
  134. Displaying multiple columns from same dimension
  135. Objects and Edit permission 30 d Trial
  136. Xaction: Accessing individual fields in a result-set, without Javascript.
  137. Why change from HSQL to MySQL/MSSQL/Postgess ?
  138. Problems with my MAC installation?
  139. How to change pdf report encoding?
  140. Saving reports from iframe
  141. Admin console running behind a web server?
  142. Define the response header Content-type attribute with SubActionComponent
  143. Error intializing
  144. Chart designer
  145. CBF again
  146. WebbApp as plugin
  147. Design Studio on Ubuntu 11.10 error
  148. CDF navigator component
  149. Bypassing Petaho's main screen to display a dashboard upon login
  150. Pentaho BI with Jetty
  151. HTTP status 404 - The requested resource () is not available
  152. analyzer report in the community edition?
  153. BI Server 3.10: How to manage the display of projects
  154. Strange behaviour on Pentaho BI Server 4.0.0 GA Start Up
  155. Creating an Oracle data source with tables from a different user schema
  156. Pentaho + openID
  157. BI Community can be used as embedded Analytics and reports
  158. Migration to version 4.1
  159. Pentaho on JBoss cluster
  160. Authentication and Data access control
  161. disable that users see datasources
  162. Error - could not get user settings
  163. BI Suite shutting down at random
  164. Cannot start pentaho administration console...
  165. Hide CDE Button depending the user Login
  166. Dropdown list & Parametrised JasperReport
  167. Call BI Server service to return report in RAW CSV
  168. Installing, configuring and starting the admin console BI Server 3.10 (4.1)
  169. Re-installing BI suite 30-day trial 4.1.0-GA fails to generate license keys
  170. Error Occurs : Activity failed to execute
  171. unifiedRepository not working out of the box ?
  172. Using Variable Name/Key for Drill-down in Dashboards
  173. Login automaticlly
  174. BI Version
  175. Starting with Pentaho BI
  176. Pentaho User Console(PUC) Cell Drillthrough window shows incorrect results
  177. INSTALLATION - Pentaho not available
  178. Can Pentaho do this?
  179. Pentaho BI server fails to start properly after reboot
  180. Manual Installation with no sample data
  181. Publish cube without graphical interface, is it possible?
  182. Error_1009
  183. PDI oracle repository job shedule
  184. LocaleHelper static?
  185. Schedule issue
  186. Pentaho Community BI: Write to MySQL Using a Wizard
  187. JPivot error - want to check the solution
  188. How to access HttpServlet from a html page, custom plugin
  189. Pentaho BI Server 3.10 & Pentaho Report Designer 3.8 Turkish Translation
  190. Adding database
  191. Roles into biserver-ce-3.10.0
  192. biserver-ce-3.9.0-stable
  193. Last version of Pentaho
  194. Is it possible to schedule generation & mailing of Analysis view?
  195. Community Replacements?
  196. BI Server 3.8 on Linux
  197. How to install PAT and Saiku as Ctool of pentaho community
  198. Securing reports
  199. Only able to connect from localhost. Ubunto install.
  200. Тертий Мир. Прокачать Замок. Взлом замка
  201. biserver-ce-3.8.0-stable.tar.gz extraction issue
  202. How to get started with dashboard?
  203. Problems with Cubes
  204. Unable to run reports under BI Developers
  205. Location of Pentaho Configuration Files
  206. Error in sending client credentials to pentaho from servlet through CAS server.
  207. User Authentication
  208. Automatic Authentication with Pentaho from Liferay iFrame portlet
  209. tools with which Pentaho can be integrated
  210. Facing Issues while publishing report from HADOOP HIVE Database ........HELP ME !!!!!
  211. please suggestions: two databases and two users
  212. traffic lights in OLAP Analysis View
  213. Create Folder and Properties Problem
  214. PentahoSystem.ERROR_0014 - Caused by: NoClassDefFoundError: DateFormatException
  215. Performance timings from high cardinality dimension
  216. Execution time difference between Pentaho CE 4.0 and Pentaho EE editions 4.0
  217. BI-server analysis view utf8 encoding problem
  218. ERROR [MultitableDatasourceService] org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseExcep
  219. Pentaho and JasperReports
  220. pentaho Bi-server deployment in production environment
  221. Installation and Setup
  222. User unable to schedule a report after the upgrade
  223. pentaho in ipad
  224. pentaho dashboards- calling a SubActionComponent
  225. Preventing from creating new Analyzer/Interactive Report for in Pentaho User Console
  226. adding/modifiing HTML elements in Secure Filter Component
  227. ActionValidationException - EmailComponent
  228. Help on troubleshooting EmailComponent's ERROR_0035
  229. SolutionRepositoryServiceProxy.ERROR_0001 creating schedule in Enterprise Console
  230. why not Chinese training or technology material? The Chinese market is very good!
  231. JNDI - jdbc.properties bug
  232. Is it possible to create a dashboard without the user console?
  233. Pentaho - new version - installed in linux - I have a problem with data-integration
  234. HTTP error 302
  235. PUC plugin development questions
  236. PUC login 4.1 GA - Firefox vs IE
  237. JPivot is no longer being maintained
  238. Limit the number of results in Ad-hoc report
  239. Pentaho: links between datasources. What means? Five pictures
  240. How to configure external cache like JBOSS infispan with Pentaho Community edition 4
  241. Using Pentaho administration-console within WebLogic
  242. Where are directory names mapped for saving reports?
  243. Broken Admin Console After Modifying Pentaho Demo Databases to MySQL
  244. Metadata Editor Error opening Model
  245. Metadata permission problem on BI server? (i think...)
  246. Pentaho in the cloud
  247. Using Null filters in likns between reports on dashboard???
  248. Pentaho BI Platform SDK
  249. Guided CBF
  250. Adding a jdbc driver to pentaho design studio