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  1. User personal folder
  2. [java] Get current session's user name
  3. Type mismatch error with existing reports after upgrading to 4.5
  4. Step by step Digest Authentication
  5. Implementation CAS SSO in Pentaho 4.5 CE
  6. Saiku and jpivot performance
  7. Issues With Dropdown Parameter on Report
  8. set content-type in xaction
  9. Get current solution folder
  10. How to Mysql table data transformation into psql table?
  11. Bi - Server CE 4.5.0 - How to say to Pentaho Server to use jndi propertie file?
  12. Report Validation Failed - PUC - please help
  13. Pentaho and Geo Map : need help: START POINT (please help me)
  14. How to add expressions, field values in output table?
  15. Logging fail
  16. How to make Carte work
  17. FileNotFoundException
  18. Work in Designer, not on Server
  19. Enterprise Edition
  20. DashBoard Error : Could not parse XUL: {0}
  21. ETL repository connection to Admin console
  22. Pentaho dashboard - Community version
  23. report validation error
  24. biserver-ce-3.10's PAC trying to find non-existant hsqldb connection
  25. Pentaho Configuration with Hadoop and Hive
  26. Creating a connection to Oracle Data base in Pentaho USer Console
  27. How to restore once again sample data on mysql
  28. Pentaho with Active Directory
  29. Onyx theme / CSS missing
  30. Pool Exhausted - CDA/.ktr
  31. can any tell the logic of this scenario
  32. misdirected URL at login
  33. [Newbi][Admin console] Connecting oracle data base problem
  34. Xaction, Results problem
  35. Exposing Metadata query editor to end user maybe in an action sequence
  36. Pentaho mapreduce with customized input format
  37. date in filename of emailed report
  38. Problem with Quartz in Postgres
  39. Data Source Wizard - New data source takes exceedlingy too long to create
  40. Unable to login to created repository - PDI "incorrect passsword or login"
  41. log4j output to MySQL on the bi server.
  42. Message says the chart only show first 100 data
  43. How to extend Report Loading timeout.
  44. xaction loop component - current row number
  45. Message says the chart only show first 100 data.
  46. datasource issue
  47. OWB 11g v2 ORA-01031: insufficient privileges !
  48. Where are Mondrian calculated agregation stored?
  49. how to connect jdbc in report designer i want access my oracle database
  50. Regarding the features of biserver.
  51. DatePicker in xaction..!
  52. Bi-Server: JPivot or Pentaho analysis
  53. Microsoft SQL Server connection
  54. too many marks on x-axis
  55. Star Modeler Vs Schema Workbench? One or the other or both?
  56. Implementing data level security on Pentaho's reports
  57. Limit access to my CDE dashboard
  58. Big Data Error - Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
  59. Publish .xaction to BI server
  60. How do I email reports from PUC?
  61. Dashboard creation
  62. comparison with commercial version
  63. How can i connect Pentaho enterprise edition
  64. unable to login to admin console
  65. Help on biserver-ce
  66. URL in Xaction
  67. BI Server and Mysql Kettle Repository
  68. BI-Server - e-mailing "Ghost" report
  69. How to get the Tutorials about the components used in CDE.
  70. CDE- Rows getting created when add column is clicked
  71. Regarding the Components
  72. cde icon in pentaho dashboard
  73. User Console Customization
  74. How to use the Open Flash Chart and Duplicate Components.
  75. xaction for sending email
  76. Proxy Trusting Filter - Community Editon
  77. User Console error: ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DOMAIN
  78. Best way to deal with SAS data/cube
  79. Cannot log in to PUC
  80. Using PUC to create data source date issue
  81. Pentaho4.5 Enterprise (Trial) Oracle
  82. Pentaho Mobile BI implementation
  83. Data Source Wizard shows no
  84. Overall Structure for Enterprise Level reporting
  85. PDI how to customize "Change Data Capture"
  86. Max Column width error trying to output and excel from xaction
  87. Pentaho BI 4.5 Trial Version
  88. Error generating XUL: Failed to parse: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  89. Export Dashboard as pdf
  90. Problem with a PRPT on BI-Server
  91. How connect Pentaho with Database Microsoft Access?
  92. How to call an HTTP Server from BI platform ?
  93. Mobile BI Pentaho
  94. Problem set language to Spanish
  95. BI Server Web-Fronted Problem
  96. BI Server Webinterface Problems
  97. How to send the image in email html body instead of attachment ?
  98. JPivot - Pentaho Analyzer
  99. Pentaho CDF - jFreeChart - Grouped Bar Chart - is it possible?
  100. how can i call messages .properties file in HTML
  101. Need To to localization in Html page
  102. Which Java server for production : Tomcat, Jboss or Glassfish
  103. starting carte.bat executing remotly
  104. Pentaho BI - Windows Active Directory Integration
  105. How to Export the Dashboard chart
  106. Javascript
  107. JBoss EAP 5.1.2 / biserver 3.9.0 stable not returning files
  108. pan not working
  109. Pentaho BI - add MongoDB database connection
  110. pentaho
  111. Label
  112. Spoon Plugin
  113. Running Pentaho on Solaris 9
  114. How to Call Procedure in Pentaho cde dashboards with OUT parameter..
  115. How to provide sso to pentaho from a java (spring) based application
  116. Compiling the Source Code
  117. problems with the component e-mail of xaction
  118. Interactive reporting
  119. BI Server 4.5 + MySQL + Datasource SQL syntax error
  120. date object.
  121. Orphaned JAVA Processes & Memory Leak Errors . . .
  122. An error occurred while rendering Pivot.jsp
  123. An error occurred while rendering Pivot.jsp
  124. log4j ERROR What is this?
  125. Backspace key logs user out of user console
  126. Default to multiple prompt selections
  127. Error while trying to execute startup sequence Quartz
  128. programmatically publish a report
  129. Report usage information
  130. Problem with installation.
  131. help me in installation
  132. How can I set url template to a particular column in pentaho xaction?
  133. IE issues on the dashboard
  134. This page cannot be accessed directly. It must be linked to from other pages
  135. How to calculate the values using the Calculated Column in sql over sqlJndi
  136. How to calculate the values using the Calculated Column in sql over sqlJndi
  137. How to change Multiple type of chart using an drop down
  138. Duration Time For Each Report Using pentaho audit log file
  139. Connecting to Oracle using OCI
  140. context.xml web.xml configuration
  141. Display message while loading report in Console
  142. Questions of beginner
  143. Pentaho User Console connectivity to Cassandra DB
  144. Iframe with Internet Explorer
  145. BI Server 4.5 and MySQL => Error 404 The requested resource () is not available
  146. Admin-console not working
  147. admin console: Unable to get content of solution repository. HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND
  148. Regarding the Templates that we use in Report designer
  149. Pentaho crashes several minutes after start
  150. Help in biserver
  151. Regarding the chart color changing
  152. BI serverl access
  153. biserver
  154. Design Studio - JNDI config
  155. How to change the Color of the Table Component Based on Some Condition
  156. What name should we give for Pie chart in Extension points
  157. Need to get the data's used in Pie Chart
  158. Configuring Single Sign On using the Pentaho BI Community Edition
  159. How to Set Permissions on Data Sources
  160. Regarding the color changing of the pie chart.
  161. How to change the color of the chart if i click from other chart.
  162. Administration Console cannot do any changes
  163. user wise data source/different data source for different user.
  164. Report Viewer - CSV not downloading - content-disposition:inline
  165. BI Server-CE with Metadata Performance Tuning
  166. calling a servlet from a pentaho solution
  167. Changing princialRoles
  168. Report Execution Time using pentaho audit log file (Pentaho CE BI Server)
  169. how to create two services of Bi server 3.6 on one machine
  170. New Analysis drill through
  171. Date picker rendered view is incorrect in pentaho user console BI Server 4.5.0 stable
  172. schedule cube
  173. XML characters cause error when executing Prompt/SecureFilter component
  174. How to send form data automatically ?
  175. BI Solution Security (ACLs)
  176. Modify order of files in the repository of the PUC
  177. Pentaho database location
  178. Converting IPentahoResultSet to JSON object
  179. Data Source Wizard missing
  180. Bi Server Sizing
  181. How to restore lost hibernate connection?
  182. Virtual Cube Measure Behaviour Question
  183. Rerport Designer: Problem with Count Distinct Running that counts also null values
  184. pentaho-biserver database script for mysql
  185. xaction running a Kettle Job never returns status
  186. How to loop through row using any scripting language in Pentaho?
  187. Changing the source of information for the pentaho console roles
  188. Fuzzy Match Jaro
  189. define external xmla datasource
  190. Report Designer Oracle Internal Error
  191. Copy Data Source between Similar Data Connections
  192. Run PDI jobs in different repositories?
  193. Call jobs from BI server
  194. Running Pan.bat from Batch file - ERRORLEVEL issue?
  195. Running Pan.bat from Batch File - Issue with ERRORLEVEL?
  196. Running Pan.bat from Batch file -- Issue with ERRORLEVEL
  197. Access saiku anonymous
  198. noobiie question: pentaho/hibernate/postgres
  199. Doubts about repositories and tips on pentaho.
  200. Business Intelligence is Also Know as?
  201. Repository refresh does not update modified files
  202. Regarding Chart Component
  203. Data Source Permissions in the User Console
  204. Google Map : Data Upload
  205. Pentaho 4.5.0 BA server manual deployment on Jboss and mySql
  206. Automatically Refresh Solution Repository Cache
  207. Too many connections?
  208. Why pentaho autogenerates querys with accents(`)?
  209. Recovering the Deleted Folder in Pentaho
  210. MySQL Error During Pentaho BI 4.5 Installation
  211. General Advice
  212. invalid schema name - importing cube into user-console
  213. Can not log into pentaho
  214. Can not log into pentaho
  215. General Advice
  216. Cutomise Pentaho User Console
  217. Installation BA Server
  218. Configuring drill down in pentaho analyzer for a single measure
  219. Evaluating BI Platform - Very Slow
  220. Border Table Component
  221. SQL Server 2008 connection
  222. Enable New dashboard option
  223. Pentaho 4.5 CE and iPAD (no scrolling inside mantle tabs)
  224. Refresh Period of Pentaho Admin Console
  225. Space Issue while Job Execution
  226. Regarding edit of created CDE file.
  227. Issue with Administrator Console
  228. Questions on High Availability and scalability options for both CE and Enterprise
  229. view Dashboard only after log in
  230. Regarding deleting the File in cde
  231. Build error - unresolved dependencies
  232. Problem Metadata in Report: Ubuntu 11.10 + biserver-ce 4.5
  233. Experiencing a strange bug in pentaho
  234. Remote Server Installation
  235. Customizing Drop Down box font in Prompt
  236. OLAP cube gets published successfully but no seen in the server repository
  237. PUC does not load
  238. init script for RHEL/CentOS 6
  239. Regarding Open Window in new Tab.
  240. Data not refreshing in Pentaho BI Suite
  241. Model related to Data sources doesnt get removed
  242. By passing pentaho user console login
  243. Dynamic Reporting / Charting
  244. No carga la pagina del Pentaho user controle
  245. Roles and Permission on dashboard enterprise edition
  246. Regarding the Save of the CDE File.
  247. issues in admin console
  248. issues in admin console
  249. cannot log in to bi server
  250. Configuring PUC menu on per-role basis