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  1. LDAP Security & cache
  2. Pentaho Installation without Steel Wheels Example
  3. Unable to add user permissions from MSAD
  4. Display LoginUsersList(drop down) in biserver 4.1.0
  5. Regarding the CDE File
  6. Metadata files on User Console
  7. Flickering of reports
  8. Show logged in User FullName on the UserInterface (ex. right - top)
  9. iPhone on BI Server 4.5
  10. Need to know 'pentaho bi server enterprise edition' price?
  11. Pentaho EE BI Server 4.8 Mobile iPad Demo not working
  12. Query with parameter
  13. PAC - Unable to Connect!!
  14. Microsoft Access
  15. BI Plugin Development
  16. " unexpected error - generated SQL-query" error on Interactive report in Userconsole
  17. BA Suite 4.8 stable posted to SourceForge
  18. Can We Use Pentaho CE with Ruby on Rails and MySQL
  19. PUC not coming up...
  20. BI Server CE 4.8: PRD Dropdowns not shown
  21. Required access from java app. without passing username and pass in url.
  22. How to see the query that User Console creates
  23. Pentaho administrator consloe is stopping after closing putty
  24. Admin console gets closed after closing putty
  25. How to use custom parameter layout in my prpt
  26. Transformation of XML to XML
  27. Bulk Load
  28. Exception handling in Kettle.
  29. Pentaho Analyzer - Creating User Defined trend measures...getting error message...
  30. Pentaho 'finishes' processing but SQL still running
  31. GEO module on Pentaho Community Edition
  32. Neccessary Pentaho components for Reports on data stock
  33. Problem with Report Analyzer
  34. How to..
  35. Getting Started with Pentaho
  36. Datatype Conversion on Data Dump
  37. JTDS problem
  38. Jtds problem
  39. HSQLDB --> MySQL causes Admin console to fail
  40. Pentaho BI Suite 3.7
  41. Download Pentaho BI Suite 3.7
  42. bi server is not started properly:
  43. Licencias de la Suite de Pentaho Enterprise Edition "pentaho-bi-suite-4.1.0-GA-x64 "
  44. How to integrate and use Pentaho CE 4.5.0 with JBoss 4.2.1?
  45. How to integrate and use Pentaho CE 4.5.0 with JBoss 4.2.1?
  46. Crosstab on Pentaho User Console Interactive Report
  47. Playing with filters (Interactive Report, filtrated metrics)
  48. 2 fact tables with same attributes (Interactive Report)
  49. What is included in Biserver-ce?
  50. Problem with Pivot.jsp
  51. Create Xaction to read the server URL on which that xaction is running
  52. Can/How one do User Console utilization/reporting?
  53. Integrating Pentaho Analyzer Report with Java Frontend Screen
  54. How to display Static content(pdf,xls) files in PUC
  55. self service data export
  56. speed
  57. Start BI server
  58. BI only works with tables, not views?
  59. Pentaho Installation Woe (w/ Windows)
  60. Pentaho Reporting Engine Supports Android?
  61. How to run the samples that come with Pentahi BI Server (CE) 4.5.0?
  62. How to import existing mondrian schema?
  63. Restarting of Job Scheduled if it fails
  64. How to change password of user
  65. Call a static xls or pdf file from xaction ..?
  66. BA Server source code migration to GitHub
  67. Help with Selector queryType: 'sql' - using ID rather than deptName
  68. Help with Selector queryType: 'sql' - using ID rather than deptName
  69. Resolve "SolutionRepositoryServiceProxy.ERROR_0001" in Admin Console scheduler
  70. How to show the browser in the first login in the PUC
  71. Dimension relating to fact table with 2 fields?
  72. How to show the browser in the first login in the PUC
  73. Regarding Dashboards
  74. Data Integration ignores Schma name
  75. xactions depreciated?
  76. BI 4.8 CE + Tomcat + MySQL + marketplace = server suspension
  77. BI 4.8 CE + Tomcat + MySQL + marketplace = server suspension
  78. URL rewrite in servlet filter
  79. BI 4.8 CE + Tomcat + MySQL + marketplace = server suspension
  80. criacao de data source com base de dados mysql
  81. How to add caption expression in schema workbench?
  82. Physically Saving pdf file using xaction script
  83. How to save pentaho generated file in a physical location on server
  84. XACTIONS going away?
  85. Time series analysis in WEKA
  86. Arabic language support for Pentaho User Console
  87. How to create a kettle routine
  88. PentahoSystem.ERROR_0014 - [pt_71]
  89. Problems with quartz and postgresql
  90. Problem Grouping by parent Report Analyzer
  91. Enterprise Console Security Question
  92. Design Studio:Problem with query result into Template Component
  93. Problem with Pentaho behind Apache proxy
  94. BI Server 4.8/Java7/sqljdbc4.jar gives PacService.ERROR_007
  95. BI Server 4.8 Manage Data Source Error SQL Syntax (double quote?!?)
  96. Cannot load reports/Create report
  97. Cannot load reports/Create report in BA cluster
  98. Problem with Pentaho behind Apache proxy
  99. Difference between connections in bi-server and administration console?
  100. How to schedule job with quartz
  101. [ASK] How to show TrendPoint or TrendMarker angular gauge Fusion chart at pentaho?
  102. Getting problem of Java Heap Space
  103. BI 4.8 +H2 Connection problem
  104. Ba 4.8 ee + h2
  105. How to make authorization with trusted user?
  106. A question about developing custom component in action sequence
  107. A question about developing custom component for action sequence
  108. Strange Gap in PUC
  109. How to schedule reports with input parameters from Pentaho User Console
  110. Webservice
  111. Question about pentaho and hibernate, very new to this application
  112. String Manipulation in XACTION JavascriptRule
  113. Dashboard
  114. How to configure the administrator console of pentaho bi-server in ubuntu linux
  115. Will xactions be available in SUGAR ?
  116. Resolving variables on remote DI server
  117. Runtime properties resolved only if the scope is "system"
  118. Online Configuration of Pentaho
  119. Pentaho dashboard not loading in mozilla and chrome
  120. Pentaho 4.5: Problems wiht Quartz System, Mysql 5.5 on Solaris 10
  121. one report targetted to multiple database servers
  122. Result Type in Design Studio
  123. socket write error while executing an xaction
  124. Deploy JSP in plugin
  125. pentahoAction javascript
  126. PentahoAction
  127. Single Sign On with Shibboleth
  128. New Pentaho Plugin Available (Download Manager)
  129. Hibernate - how to generate user's passwords
  130. Problem when creating Dash Board
  131. how will i create dashboard (Dashboard option not avialable)
  132. ajax support for analyzer reports
  133. Refresh Solution Repository
  134. How can I use filters(current month,current day)
  135. About Time based Filters
  136. BI Setup Guidance
  137. Pentaho Initialization Exception
  138. problem on start
  139. Issue with Published PRD Reports
  140. Transfer subscription to new user
  141. Analyzer export to excel
  142. Pass parameter from design studio to report design
  143. Xaction executing a kettle job does not attach file in email any more (after updating
  144. Custom PUC start page
  145. Report Validation error for bi 4.5
  147. How to configure EmailComponent with gmail.com
  148. scheduler handling Report errors
  149. Pentaho BI Platform CE - High availability HA
  150. How get the information about successful execution of action sequence?
  151. Unable to generate model
  152. Beginner questions User Console
  153. UploadFileServletERROR_0003-File to big to upload
  154. Flag object to differentiate the Cust IDs coming from 2 different data providers
  155. I need to transform a file from Unix to Dos Format, unsolved issue?
  156. MySQL stored procedure limitation?
  157. installing pentaho bi-server on standard tomcat 6
  158. Start Pentaho Log
  159. Parameter is not visible in user console(Pentaho BI Server 4.8)
  160. How to make an xaction output stream to be another xaction ?
  161. Modify Input Variable
  162. Coding Error
  163. LDAP All User Name Subtree
  164. Problem with published report
  165. Adhoc reports - restrict user to data from a defined period of time only
  166. Import Oracle Tables in PME
  167. Report Validation Failed for any user not in the Admin group
  168. Formatting decimal number in ad hoc report
  169. Pentaho Community allows Collaboration?
  170. problem to synchronize BISERVER-CE with MySQL on UBUNTU
  171. User Security
  172. User Security
  173. Pentaho solution with Centos6
  174. XAction: Example of passing parameters from a OpenFlashChartComponent
  175. How can I use the data that I integrated by Data integrator?
  176. Report scheduling stopped as user accidently deleted
  177. Hide Actions button for non-admin user
  178. CDE Dashboard doesn't work!!!!
  179. Solution Folder Visibility + LDAP
  180. Pentaho Security Default Permissions
  181. Problem install last pentaho with last java. 4.8.0 / 1.7.0_15 on windows xp.
  182. installation problem with last java and pentaho version
  183. memory management pentaho
  184. Design Studio Java Perspective
  185. 403 forbidden error for plugin for javascript file
  186. SQL Output from Mondrian Query Use IN Clause for dimensions
  187. How to make localization/translation??
  188. Cannot create new data source by Pentaho User Console
  189. postgres view in User Console datasource
  190. how to add users to Report server in order to visualize reports
  191. Sorting by attributes of date_dimension
  192. Regarding create users/roles and What is domain object authorization ?
  193. Impossible to refresh cache with LDAP authentification
  194. Process hangs on attempt to use data connection defined under PEC with the data sourc
  195. functionality of web reporting
  196. Pentaho custom SSO webinar code example
  197. multiple clients?
  198. Process hangs on attempt to use data connection defined under PEC with the data sourc
  199. install Pentaho.
  200. Error when logging into the enterprise console.
  201. deploying BI Platform and admin console through apache using RHEL
  202. deploying BI Platform and admin console through apache using RHEL
  203. Authentication against Oracle users
  204. Dashboards disappeared from bi-server-ce 4.80
  205. Step by step to build Pentaho BI Platform
  206. Error 'OPTION SQL_SELECT_LIMIT=10' on creating report via wizard
  207. Error: connection refused: connect
  208. JSP with pentaho security
  209. How to confgure multiple organisational units for ldap configuration
  210. CDF Select Components to show options horizontally
  211. How to fetch result from job executed from Action Sequence
  212. Self Join on Pentaho Analyzer
  213. Pentaho Report Analyzer query
  214. MySQL connection timed out!
  215. How to create users and roles in pentaho in automated way
  216. BI server does not run Google Analytics step in transformation
  217. Console Scheduler Error XML??
  218. Query Builder question
  219. Get status of job execution in Action Sequence
  220. Using latitude/longitude in Analyzer Report's Geomap
  221. Data not available until I close and re-open session
  222. About 'Logging in to the Admin Console'
  223. Logging in to the Admin Console
  224. Logging in to the Admin Console
  225. theme in Pentaho BI 4.8.x
  226. Return message after successful completion of job execution.
  227. How to get bars and lines on same y-axis in BarLineChart
  228. Configuration of Pentaho BI Suite
  229. New CDE Plugin for Google Maps Overlay
  230. why I have expiration date on the products
  231. Error in PUC - java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
  232. shortcuts to existing xaction
  233. Configure MS SQL server on the BI server
  234. BI server MS Sql Configuration
  235. installing and running products of community version of Pentaho 4.5
  236. I would like to make changes in the UI
  237. I would like to make changes in the UI
  238. Pentaho4Mobile
  239. Reference Required for javax.servlet.ServletRequest
  240. Pentaho 4.8 Report Analyzer does not work in IE9
  241. Share tab not showed for Admin user
  242. The system failed to initialize
  243. Clustering with Pentaho BI server CE
  244. metadata for audit tables
  245. dropdown parameters and date selectors not behaving properly ?
  246. Mongodb driver or DB connection for BI Server
  247. Does the Community Edition support the "Use Kettle Repository" check box in XActions?
  248. publishing a xaction/.prpt file from eclipse to a local server.
  249. Report Analyzer
  250. Hibernate.nextval function