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  1. Report schedule with dinamic file name and conditional sending
  2. Hiding Section Header cell when table is empty
  3. Hiding Section Header cell when table is empty
  4. dual axis chart
  5. bi 4.8
  6. Database connections in Enterprise Console vs. User Console?
  7. Drill down not working after publishing in server
  8. Publishing reports that use Transformation as a data source
  9. What file to customize login message?
  10. Connecting CDA with report designer
  11. Ejecutar archivo KTR desde CDE.
  12. Wrong SQL in biserver-ce
  13. How to remove Web Ad Hoc Query and Reporting has ... warning?
  14. Which file holds the Admin and dev roles.
  15. How to remove background from the home page
  16. Deploy biserver-ce 4.5 on JBoss and Oracle
  17. Open dashboard on startup
  18. Job Opportunity - Melbourne, Australia - Senior Business Intelligence Architect
  19. Business Objects 4.0 SP4 - Backups
  20. How to delete a report posted on bi server?
  21. Converting cda format from JSON to XML
  22. Admin Console: Connection Refused
  23. Change color of needle in Pentaho Dashboard Editor dial chart
  24. Benefits of BI server CE vs Paid version vs Not suing it at all?
  25. How to change the alignment of the parameters in a report
  26. hi iam vijaya
  27. hi iam vijaya
  28. Control of file version in pentaho
  29. Why,reason for thaht: Publishing reports that use Transformation as a data source
  30. datasource aggregates the results of my query
  31. Run Pentaho servcer as a service on Windows 7
  32. About BI-server 4.8 tree directory automatic update
  33. NetSuite
  34. Statement is unsupported while there is a cursor open on a Vectorwise table.
  35. http://localhost:8080 accepts request but never responds
  36. Access problem to my database *.frm files
  37. Excel writer error with bi-server
  38. Pentaho BI Server and MS SQL Server 2012
  39. Pentaho Report in iFrame
  40. Porblem with excel writer on Bi-server 4.5.0
  41. Configure Saiku pluin with SSAS
  42. Anyone knows release date of 5.0?
  43. How i can install Hive on Windows , and connect with my Pentaho.
  44. Integration Questions, SSO with JAAS and customized filtering possibilities
  45. how to write xaction file
  46. Could any one help me with my install problem (WIN XP+4.8.0)
  47. Error: Creating Adhoc report with Sql Serverconnection
  48. Schedule ETL transformation using BI server
  49. PAD - Is there any way to place aggregation tables to different schema?
  50. Connect Cloudera CDH4 in Pentaho BI Server 4
  51. Login Error Pentaho User Console
  52. Ajax report using xaction
  53. file based triggering in design studio
  54. Parameter parsing error while opening a report
  55. Error parsing parameter information error when I run a report
  56. Admin Console (Community) import username password roles from oracle db to hibernate
  57. DEsgion studio 4.0:Xaction Get Data from OLAP cientific expresion
  58. Scheduler error
  59. Scheduled reports randomly stop working
  60. Xaction with TreeView
  61. Birt and export excel Pentaho (xaction)
  62. MDX question
  63. Report Data From Hive
  64. How to recalculate measure based on filtered values
  65. Xaction (Export to xls)
  66. Error loading database connection in admin user console.
  67. continue customize mantle folder pentaho
  68. PacService.ERROR_0025 - Connection attempt failed...
  69. Penatho Enterprise Edition
  70. runing pentaho in liferay
  71. Installing BI Server CE on an existing Windows and Tomcat 7 server
  72. Set domain name to pentaho system
  73. Cascading Parameters Error
  74. Source code location
  75. Pentaho BI platform x64
  76. Close window in Log out
  77. Pentaho User Console
  78. config c3p0 which create to many connection
  79. Penataho Dashboard design
  80. [JAVA] How to get user password in administration console
  81. sql server data not loaded on report
  82. The entity "nbsp" was referenced but not declared
  83. Scheduling a dynamic xaction calling PDI Component
  84. Can't save analysis view on BI server
  85. Upgrade BI server 3.8 to 4.5
  86. unable to start BI server with jdk or jre 1.6 - but with jre 1.7 works
  87. Unauthorized Access Error installing plugins from Marketplace
  88. cda cache inconsistency
  89. Pentaho CDE Javascript
  90. Updating BI Server Kettle Version Without Completely updating the BI server???
  91. Writing a book - "Pentaho for Big Data Analytics"
  92. Admin-Console in BI Server 4.8?
  93. Data configuration in BI server
  94. Design Studio - Exception while creating an email-sender xaction
  95. Issue with Drill Down Report
  96. Report Validation failed
  97. BI Report migration from Test to Production
  98. MeasureExpressions and Calculated Members in Pentaho User Console CE
  99. Execution order of Scheduled reports
  100. Pentaho Datasource Impersonation
  101. running Pentaho from a .exe file instead of .bat files
  102. Publish xaction, cda, wcdf, wcde
  103. Accessing getSolutionRepositoryDoc Webservice using Spring Security with preAuthFilte
  104. Compiling error on pentaho-platform from github
  105. biserver-ce 4.8 does not allow us to share reports in oracle10g DB
  106. Mondrian schema translation - broken encoding
  107. CDE Dashboard
  108. design studio email
  109. Error: Cannot create JDBC driver of class 'org.postgresql.Driver'
  110. Pentaho CDF dashboards : Network error exception handling
  111. The Pentaho BI Platform reported an error while running an action sequence
  112. New datasource
  113. New User
  114. JasperReportsComponent - error opening parsed xls file
  115. Issues when adding a new datasource
  116. Create Pentaho objects (user, role, solution, datasource etc) programatically
  117. multi tenant support
  118. Single Sign Out with CAS
  119. Track IP Address of machinces accessing Pentaho application
  120. security in adhoc
  121. Check list parameter from xaction to PDI job
  122. Configurable Excel Output - Best Practice?
  123. How will make dynamic charts.
  124. IE no sign if AS is running while indeed it's running
  125. Loop in Mysql for PDI
  126. Design Studio - save results to array
  127. Pentaho Initialization Exception - PentahoSystem.ERROR_0014
  128. Execute prpt report from xaction
  129. Linking Dial Charts with Bar graphs
  130. How to install Pentaho BI Server 4.8 on Linux
  131. Invalid download link for Community Edition Pentaho BI Server
  132. I have some questions for you about roadmap.
  133. From Metadata Editor to CDE using row-level security
  134. not able add different table for each level indvidually
  135. Problem accessing published cube "This page cannot be accessed directly"
  136. Which kettle.properties file is used when scheduling Jobs and Transformations?
  137. LDAP Troubles with Retrieving List of Roles
  138. Is manual installation of CE essentially the same as EE version?
  139. Cannot login user console after authentication success?
  140. Configure Pentaho with Novell E-Directory as Authentication source
  141. Accessing Analyzer report
  142. Using Pentaho BI-Server In Closed-Source Project
  143. How to integrate pentaho 4.8 with Alfresco 4.1?
  144. Can I access/modify pentaho user session from c# .NET?
  145. Pentaho.log file on BIserver stops updation abruptly!
  146. Where is the source code of [querystring handling] in Pentaho?
  147. Need Help : trying to configure biserver-ce-4.8.0-stable with mysql
  148. Issues Parameter on Report [Error: parsing parameter information]
  149. Interface between Pentaho and Excel's?
  150. where is location source code of [org.pentaho.platform.web.http.security]?
  151. Sql server 2012 and BI server integration errors
  152. Why I cannot connet to SVN from eclipse ???
  153. IAuditEntry Logging Location
  154. How to get PUC Login Page after Tomcat's Basic Authentication..!!
  155. How do you make a connection to a SAP database with Pentaho BI?
  156. Pentaho 5 CE
  157. xaction and ssh2
  158. Error while accesing a report from PUC
  159. Role Based Security And Content Based Security implementation through User Console
  160. starting a talend jobs using pentaho bi server scheduler
  161. Default Filter Options for User Console
  162. HTTP 400 from ServiceAction Call
  163. Exception in thread "QuartzScheduler_PentahoQuartzScheduler-1_MisfireHandler"
  164. Have Petaho have IP restriction setting for user console?
  165. Saving Dashboard on other location than Steel Wheels directory
  166. Problem compiling Pentaho-ce
  167. Error on Server Startup
  168. Launch created dashboard according to user's role
  169. How to run Pentaho Community version on JBoss Application Server
  170. How ton Install Pentaho Enterprise Version on AWS(Amazon Web Services)
  171. How a admin can view all the data, while other user can only view their data.
  172. LDAP Integration-Unable to provide the privileges
  173. BI-Platform 4.8: Unable to schedule saved WAQR-Reports anymore
  174. Data Source Permissions
  175. Hire Pentaho Consultant / Hire Pentaho Developer
  176. Error Deploying at Jboss 7.0.1
  177. BI Server 4.8 much slower than 4.1
  178. Editing Report WAQR: Is Null causes Customize Selection on Console to Fail
  179. BI Platform 4.5 and password changes
  180. Modifying rotation of X axis in Pentaho Analyzer Report Column Line chart
  181. How to use reports created in OpenI Analyzer in Pentaho Community Dashboards.?
  182. Loggin as authenticated user and managing users through administration console
  183. Missing links in PUC
  184. Inserting files into PRO_FILE table, How should I generate the File IDs
  185. install pentaho 4.5 on tomcat
  186. Can't start pentaho on OS X (tomcat starts but pentaho is failing)
  187. Issue with data sources that are created through the Pentaho Admin Console
  188. Access Pentaho Marketplace through a proxy
  189. Pentaho on Linux and MySQL: Administration console is empty.
  190. http/ 1.1 400 bad request
  191. customize MY workspace in Pentaho user Console
  192. Modifying Dial chart no-data message
  193. Copying Data Sources from Dev to Prod? (CE 4.8.0)
  194. I don't get a .xaction
  195. Menu-tool bar in PUC
  196. Pentaho and Hive
  197. Meet PUMA!!
  198. Changing User Password from PUC
  199. bi server not serving up anything
  200. Pentaho Android Mobile BI - Tutorial & Guide !
  201. automatic reload of dashboard
  202. Give complete control on saiku files to an authenticated user
  203. Active users count?
  204. SSO using CAS
  205. Develop Pentaho Administartion Cosole
  206. Can't Publish Report To BI Server, Can't Find Logs
  207. Xactio callinf PDI Job with SFTP
  208. A BI system can be implemented before an ERP system?.
  209. xactions and reports
  210. design studio Workspace Info file
  211. Pentaho error
  212. TableComponent drill down
  213. Login Bug after turn off menu bar
  214. Customize PUC by specific user
  215. How to install and use BI server
  216. Teradata New Source Database tables Schemas shows only DB with Tables ... not Views
  217. fresh installation bi server 4.8 migrated old version project pie charts not dipslayi
  218. Cant able to see errors Pentaho 4.4 errors in Logging Panel
  219. Bypassing dashboard User Login Password
  220. PUC restart problem
  221. xaction - passing query-result to report
  222. book for building xactions
  223. Rest api
  224. Regarding Ability to pass principal names as parameter in filter list Dashboard
  225. Pentaho report contents not getting displayed in Pentaho user console
  226. EE dashboard to open in Community edition
  227. bi-platform 5 startup issue
  228. SQLServerException: A constant expression was encountered in the ORDER BY list
  229. SOLUTION-ENGINE preview.xaction : Action Sequence execution failed ... ERROR_0017
  230. Is There A Straight Forward Tutorial On Scheduling/Running ETL Jobs On BI Server
  231. repository
  232. Unable to access RoleBindingDaoWebservice
  233. Can the JNDI parameter on the SQLLookupRule action be a parameter ?
  234. SolutionRepositoryServiceProxy.ERROR_0001 in Administrator Console
  235. Installation of Pentaho community vesrion
  236. Report Validation Failed in Pentaho BI server 4.8 community
  237. ServiceAction Servlet
  238. UploadFileServlet.ERROR_0003 - File too big to upload
  239. The Pentaho BI Platform Workflow Issue
  240. Add Data Source Error
  241. BI Server Memory leak
  242. Penatho Analyzer reports when DB has multiple fact tables
  243. Where is pentaho.log in Pentaho CE?
  244. Using user supplied database login details to connect to the database.
  245. Looks like a bug in Analyzer reports
  246. How to Switching to LDAP with Apache Directory Studio
  247. refresh Reporting MetaData on puc
  248. Repository cache refresh failed
  249. hiding userid and password in url pointing to a published report on BI Server
  250. Error Occurred While getting Resultset