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  1. Pentaho Design Studio Not Working on Mac OS
  2. Integration/Embedding of Pentaho BI Reporting
  3. Pentaho war installation+Tomcat 6.0+PostgreSQL
  4. Issue in passing a parameter from xaction to kjb
  5. Thoroughly embarrassed noob.
  6. two different time zones are shown up on PEC and PUC
  7. ERROR_0004 - [it_260] The repository specified was not found (x)
  8. Interactive Reports: way to filter a field based on a parameter name?
  9. Pentaho BI Server 4.8 on Postgres 9.x and Apache Tomcat
  10. Can I send parameters to Interactive Report ?
  11. Pentaho Interactive Reporting : Filtering Programatically
  12. Snowflake schema dimension
  13. Deadlock error while running single transformation...Pentaho issue ???
  14. problem in Mailing the report in pentaho BI server 4.5 CE
  15. FTP report output
  16. The requested resource (/pentaho/Home) is not available.
  17. triggering transformations from report results in BI server
  18. How do you count rows in report that match a certain criteria
  19. Issues while email reports in HTML with images & CSS
  20. Pentaho Dashboard Reporting with BI Server
  21. LDAP/JDBC Hybrid mode question
  22. Error deploying in JBoss AS 7
  23. Problem on Ubuntu 12.04: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-mozilla-gtk-3346
  24. How can I change size of layout panel in Pentaho Analyzer Report?
  25. Cannot print Pentaho cube view into MS Excel
  26. Jboss AS 7 error starting pentaho-solution due to UserTransaction
  27. Columns getting clipped in Chrome in Pentaho User Console
  28. How to refresh Data source model in the pentaho BI server console
  29. Pentaho Change Control
  30. Scalable and fast BI server topologies
  31. Petnaho Mobile App
  32. Pentaho Server installation problem - solutions are not showing in browser panel
  33. Release date for 5.0?
  34. Maintoolbar permission button
  35. Dynamic Report Name for PDF out
  36. Hive connection error in Pentaho BI server 4.5
  37. Unable to log in to the PUC with Joe user
  38. Unable to generate report in Pdf Format
  39. biserver-ce not working inside frame
  40. Pentaho BI Server CE support
  41. Unable to Connect to BI Server. Confirm user credentials and web setting XML config
  42. BI Server CE 5.0 date?
  43. Pentaho v5 : How to migrate old datas from Pentaho v4.8.0 to Pentaho v5.0
  44. System xaction: Create for portlet or servlet?
  45. Slow xls generating with the prpt
  46. Aurgent Help Required
  47. Create a datasource for MS Access
  48. CTOOLS/CDA/DataSource Defintion for NEWBIE
  49. Removing security, following wiki, failed...
  50. Customizing the default drillthrough behaviour of Pentaho EE Analyzer
  51. All users name in Role search function for LDAP implementation in Pentaho Authenticat
  52. Database Connections in Administration of pentaho 5.0
  53. How to integrate SAML 2.0 with Pentaho BI
  54. BI Server CE 4.8 stable - how to install?
  55. BI Suite 4.8 CE - tutorial
  56. Error about Action Sequence
  57. Deleting multiple files in Pentaho 5.0
  58. Pentaho Administration Consolle log
  59. Pentaho BA Server 4.8.2 - installing repository to a PostGres Schema
  60. Analyzer error in puc
  61. Restricting particular user to particular report in Pentaho BI 4.5 CE
  62. Need information on publishing the report and maintaining it
  63. Error when execute by PUC a cube or a report based on cube
  64. CBF with BI Server 4.8.0-stable missing dependencies
  65. how execut an xAction by pentaho Admninistration console scheduler
  66. Penatho CE 4.8:User and Roles/rights management
  67. Pentaho 5 (data integration server) and admin console
  68. Publishing the report to the remote Bi Server, Need Help.
  69. Drill-down In CCC2
  70. Pentaho BI Server on Windows 8
  71. About the Path of the Files that are uploaded to BA Server
  72. Persistent | A login error occurred. Please try again.
  73. ACLs Lost after upgrading Pentaho BIServer. Anyway to migrate them?
  74. Pentaho Sytem Error_0014
  75. Error Initializing Pac Service when opening admin panel
  76. BI Platform 5.0 and PostgreSQL 9.2
  77. Problem in Xaction sending email conatining prpt files with sub reports
  78. QlikView behaviour with Pentaho? Has anyone seen it?
  79. Using session variable in enterprise dashboard
  80. Pentaho Repository Refresh taking too much time
  81. Hadoop as a data source (Hive, HBase, HDFS)
  82. ERROR Parsing Parameter Information
  83. ACL on Datasources?
  84. installing License file in pentaho 5.0
  85. Unable to see formatting set in metadata on Dashboard
  86. Pentaho 5.0 CE
  87. Pentaho BI Server suddenly stopped working
  88. User error
  89. Pentaho session variables
  90. Pentaho BI server and Saiku Weirdness
  91. Connecting Matisse database to Pentaho
  92. Xaction and dependent parameters
  93. Cannot publish a schema in CE
  94. 404 error in administration console (4.8.0)
  95. Install of Pentaho generates windows service error 0 and service start error 4.
  96. PRPT report publish details
  97. Data source wizard not finish the load
  98. pentaho business analytics 4.8 (unavle to get remaing products except pdi)
  99. Change user password
  100. BI plateforme installation on MSSQL instead of Hsql
  101. Error after migration from pentaho 4.5 to 4.8
  102. Customize pdf report from analysis in pentaho user console
  103. Startup - HSQL error: User not found: HIBUSER
  104. Best Java
  105. How do you add MongoDB Datasource to Pentaho 5.0?
  106. 4.8.2 Enterprise Console Errors: Unable to refresh database connection list:
  107. Automatically download Published reports in BI 4.5 CE
  108. Pentaho EE Cross domain issue using IFRAME in html
  109. xaction, date picker and parameters page template
  110. How to limit access on saiku analytics cubes ?
  111. Where is located the File-Based Audit Logging in pentaho ?
  112. How to make pentaho server never goes down in AWS ec2 instance ?
  113. Relase notes for pentaho5.0
  114. HTTP Status 404 , please help
  115. Error exporing to xmi
  116. Schedule Report on a Specific folder on Pentaho server
  117. Job Monitoring in Kettle spoon using open source
  118. User Console Customization on Pentaho Mobile (Ipad, Iphones etc.)
  119. BI-Server CE 5 + Kettle 5: JNDI Name Not Bound
  120. xaction : use variables in output filename
  121. How to use the existing cubes without publish it in Pentaho Bi Server ?
  122. If Null than other field content
  123. How does one split an array and show in graph
  124. Problem getting LDAP roles to show in bi admin screens
  125. ERROR_0020 - The job metadata could not be found
  126. Universe Comparison - Existing Methods and or Tools?
  127. Authenticating against an external data source
  128. Looking for a Consultant
  129. Pentaho Clients
  130. Hositng Kettle app? Amazon, Heroku etc?
  131. What is included in BI?
  132. Report Scheduling: Dynamic Report name
  133. Marketplace doesn't like to work
  134. Purpose of Admin Console
  135. Saiku reports not updating data
  136. xaction in pentaho 5.0
  137. Error on BI-SERVER CE MySQL issue
  138. Analyzer Chart - Change line colors?
  139. Fix for reporting data loss
  140. pentaho 5-project folder visible in user console
  141. Pentaho 4.8 and C-Tools Migration Issues
  142. /Pentaho Giving me 404 Error. HELP PLEASE!
  143. Inherits folder permissions
  144. Can't access report on BI Server With Post, but can with GET
  145. image folder-pentaho style (pentaho 5)
  146. REST API to generate report and send Email
  147. pentaho 5-style folder
  148. change pentaho user console toolbar background color
  149. Trying To Embed PUC In My App Via Iframe, Only Get WhiteSpace
  150. Pentaho Administration Console "404 Error - Page Not found"
  151. Cannot find my datasource on PUC
  152. How to save Current .xaction file for later generating the report
  153. Unicode characters in the .xaction filename
  154. grant data source permission for simple user
  155. Connection of pentaho with paradox database
  156. How can I refresh solutions repository from a URL, command line or else
  157. How to "wget" the Business Analytics code for Linux?
  158. Files on Pentaho CE 5.0.1
  159. Howto create a new schedule in Pentaho 5.0?
  160. How to set permissions to enable SQL List Prompts in Dashboard Designer 5.0
  161. The question about pentaho BI server performance
  162. LDAP configuration migration to Pentaho 5.0.1 CE
  163. bi-server 5.0.1 error!!!
  164. Migration Tool... where I can find it ????
  165. Old Community Page
  166. Pentaho bi platform
  167. Pentaho ce 5 Initialization Exception
  168. Dashboard-Using Xaction and html page
  169. Remove security?
  170. Xaction Report Name
  171. When Browsing Files in BI 5 - no response
  172. Install bi-server 5.0.1 on linux..need a GUIDE!
  173. CE 5.0 - repository service not found on server when using schema workbench
  174. Problems configuring Postgres manually on Pentaho 5 CE
  175. Warn " Connection refused: connect"
  176. Embedding OLAP-report on the web-page
  177. Mondrian 4 and Pentaho 5 - Validation issues?
  178. Unable to publish new reports to BI platform after upgrade report designer to v5.0
  179. Pentaho CE 5 Schedules Email Report
  180. Pentaho CE 5 | Customize Home Page
  181. 4.8, 5.0 installation issues - compatability issues
  182. Install Business Intelligence Server on Windows 7
  183. Static Files as downloads in PUC
  184. Getting started
  185. Market Place is empty on server in BI server ce 4.8
  186. How can I find biserver-ce-5.0.1-stable source code ?
  187. pentaho 4.1.0 vs pentaho 4.8.2 version
  188. Pentaho CE 5.0.1
  189. CE 5.0.1 doesn't start. Where Can I find logs??
  190. Pentaho 3.7 - Can not find location of email list for scheduled report
  191. 4.8.0 - Can't start new report from user console
  192. publishing reports to biserver-5.0.1
  193. pentaho analyzer (xanalyzer) validation
  194. JPivot export excel HTTP Status 404 how to view log?
  195. Pentaho 5 - How to unhide folder
  196. Pentaho BI Server 4.8.0 + Report Designer 3.9.1: Report validation failed
  197. Deployment path for CTools - JAR Files
  198. PEntaho 5.0.1 don't want to start
  199. Repository cache in Pentaho 5.0
  200. Path to PUC Navigation locale properties
  201. Getting sample data to work in Biserver 5.0
  202. BI 5.01 CE saiku file upload is not supported type
  203. Help in Error starting Pentaho 5.0.1 CE
  204. In version 5.0.1 /pentaho-solutions/system/olap/datasources.xml. missing
  205. Where does Pentaho BAServer 5.0.1 store users data?
  206. BI Server 5.0.1 CE - how to install manually using Postgres.
  207. Enable POST Method in pentaho 5.0
  208. Kettle Job Broken in BI Server 5.0.1
  209. Pentaho Initialization Exception
  210. What's the difference in downloads: 30 day trial Pentaho - SourceForge
  211. Pentaho BA installation
  212. pentaho 4.8.2
  213. PUC Pentaho 5 - How to delete many files in Browse Files in the same time?
  214. I cannot create a interactive report
  215. PacService.ERROR_0029
  216. BIServer 5.0.1 problem with .bat
  217. How to use IFrame of report in an external web site?
  218. Biserver 5.0 error upon login - Filestoolbar begin/Filestoolbar end
  219. Pentaho InfoCenter's DEBUG thread is incorrect?
  220. creating parameterized report name in penatho bi-5 ce
  221. Interactive report not working in pentaho 4.5
  222. post method with external html
  223. Solution repository looses existing reports randomly
  224. How to get only a pentaho chart within own Application?
  225. PUC Ad Hoc Reports
  226. Chinese not working in Chart title on BI server
  227. Pentaho 4.82 Analyzer XPathResult error
  228. repository not found on the server while publishing mondrina schema
  229. static file like pdf excel showing at Bi server
  230. how I know BI server shifted from HSQLDB to MYSQL database successfulyl ?
  231. Pentaho Flash Charts Performance
  232. PUC connection to FireBirdSQL database
  233. How to add Sub Report to Group Footer in Pentaho Report Designer
  234. Can you ByPass pentaho user console login in BI server CE 5
  235. Pentaho BI Server 5.0 + WebSphere 8.5
  236. running multiple clients on one bi server
  237. How to Limit data returned to BI server by user logged in?
  238. How to report bursting reports loaded to the BI platform
  239. BI Server 5.01 Install
  240. Dynamically send BIRT report in .pptx format via Email
  241. Security: remove timeout logoff
  242. biserver-ce-5.0.1-stable install issue
  243. SolutionEngine.ERROR_0002 when displaying xaction in iframe
  244. PRPT examples and publish reports not running on bi 4.8 CE
  245. New here, just got Pentaho CE 5.0.1 running, logged in and while looking around notic
  246. Change Default ip address of Administration Console
  247. How to add Sub Report to Group Footer in Pentaho Report Designer
  248. Embed Dashboards, Analazer Reports and Interactive Reports into Web Applications
  249. Scheduled Report Excel 2007 Email Attachment Corrupt
  250. sunbusrt plugin requiring multiple re starts