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  1. Zoom function on New Map Component
  2. Error loading a kettle file through dashboard, path is repeated twice
  3. Error: "Table is inavlid" while creating schema workbench
  4. folder
  5. Questions about new installations
  6. Starting Pentaho bi-ce 5.2 as service using systemd
  7. Migrate Data Sources
  8. Any Embedded BI Platform for Online Users?
  9. Where can I find v5.2 REST client libraries or WADL?
  10. Pentaho BI server 5.2 with mysql EmbeddedQuartzSystemListener.ERROR_0007_SQLERROR
  11. Re:Scheduling Reports
  12. Adminsitrator user in LDAP
  13. How Many CPUs/Cores Pentaho Can Use?
  14. Loading schema through REST
  15. CDE Dashboard, HTML problem.
  16. Create folders to organize Attributes/Measures in Analyzer?
  17. Getting Started Section not loading in 5.1 and Language/Path errors
  18. Display Error in drop down menu
  19. Hitachi Data System and Pentaho Corporation
  20. Security Roles
  21. Priming Mondrian Cache on Pentaho 5.2 using Action Sequence (xaction)
  22. Best way to export/import repository from development server to production?
  23. Strange Error...
  24. How to call a PDI Job in an xaction when file is in different server
  25. Writing to user home directories
  26. Navigating through hierarchies in Saiku Analytics.
  27. Using a stored procedure in transformation
  28. File and Directory structure in Pentaho BI server ce-5.2
  29. Role-Playing dimensions result in "Duplicate Joins detected" error
  30. Pentaho 5.3 CE - Remove Security by Allowing Anonymous Access
  31. CDE with MS SQL server geometry data type
  32. Close a tab in javascript
  33. Concurrent Sessions localhost
  34. How to manage Oracle users by the PUC pentaho 5.0.1
  35. How to refresh Mondrian schema cache in CE 5.2
  36. 'Run in Background' option to provide CSV output in Pentaho 5 for .prpti reports
  37. Install BI server 5 in windows
  38. Problem table container object
  39. Pentaho BI 5.3 as XMLA provider
  40. Pentaho 5.2 users table
  41. Heads Up . . . Onyx Theme in BI 5.2 CE Breaks Data Source Management Functionality
  42. Retrieve folder/file from Repository
  43. D3 component
  44. Problems Installation PENTAHO CE V5/CentOS 6.4_X64/MySQL V5.6
  45. MySQL works in Metadata Editor but not in console
  46. Isolation level never seems to be working.
  47. missing buttons after copied instance
  48. Problem with geographic (lat/long) type creation
  49. Can I buy the pentaho BI EE in China?
  50. multitenancy in Pentaho
  51. Open report/dashboard in User Console via direct link
  52. 404 Not found with dynamic client no-ip BI SERVER..
  53. PENTAHO CE 5.3: Pentaho Initialization Exception
  54. Pentaho User Console A login error occured
  55. retrieve 2 dimensioons arrays
  56. Pentaho BI CE 5.2 Fusion Charts Plugin installed through Marketplace Breaks Pentaho
  57. Tomcat 6 or Tomcat 7 ? (BI Server CE)
  58. How to Read File and set fields dynamically
  59. Adding functionality to Pentaho BI Server
  60. [Help] Pentaho Installation 5.0.1 on Win7
  61. Installation Problem Error listenerStart
  62. Migration from version 4.8 to 5.0.1
  63. Pentaho 4.8 PRO_SUBSCRIBE Table Question..
  64. Multi-tenant support for prompts in Dashboard
  65. biserver-ce- on Ubuntu: Installation / Spring configuration problem?
  66. LDAP 403 error in Admin console
  67. BI server installation manual
  68. Problem Installing Pentaho CE - failed to start! no log files!
  69. Pentaho 5.3 is depending on Hypersonic to start but it shouldn't
  70. bi-ce 5.3 missing installation manual for 1. steps
  71. Bi Platform CE installed, Do I need Mondrian ?
  72. Dynamic Data Source Selection
  73. Every time When i restart Biserver Cannot be Started
  74. bi-server UI not fully working on one machine
  75. Plugin pentaho-cdf failed to properly unload
  76. Cant run pentaho : PluginManager.ERROR_0014 - Plugin pentaho-cdf
  77. How to clean workspace folder inside user
  78. Cannot start Pentaho on Win8 PentahoSystem.ERROR_0014 . How to configure correctly?
  79. CDE Dashboard Panel width for Chart and Table Component
  80. Connecting SQL Server Analysis Services to Pentaho Business Analytics CE 5.0
  81. List of active reports from the BI Server
  82. Pentaho BI server 5.3 - expand Public folder
  83. Kettle transformation/job as a new Data Source Type
  84. Admin Console Scheduler unable to update a few reports
  85. JNDI with Pentaho 5.3
  86. Install BI Server 5.3 (Windows 7) Java Path Issue
  87. want to remove negative part of scale of waterfall chart
  88. Solution consultant certification
  89. IBM DashDB
  90. tooltip problem
  91. BI Server 5.3 and Active Directory
  92. BI Server 5.3 and Active Directory
  93. BA server 1st time start failure (MySQL repository)
  94. Problem create¬°ing a data source to MySQL in Pentaho User Console
  95. Installation of BI Suite with MySQL database on Windows 7 HomePremium operating sys.
  96. Cannot use 'left join' in SQL as basis for new data source in Pentaho 5.3
  97. Export PDF with XAction
  98. where is "pentaho-business-analytics-5.0.0-x64.exe" to download
  99. Error while uploading prpt file on pentaho BI server 5.0.3
  100. Parameter in filename of scheduled report
  101. Does Pentaho has a BA Cloud version with it's own infrastructure?
  102. For User Console Login getting an ERROR - "Could not get user settings"
  103. Problem with biserver 5.3 installation
  104. Pentaho User Console - Browse Files Not Loading 5.06
  105. Kettle as source file not running in pentaho cde dashboard
  106. Read Only Permission on MetaData
  107. Pentaho BI start error about Quartz Listener
  108. Define a target value for a mesure
  109. Map Component on server without internet
  110. PentahoAuditLog.log is not logging suddenly
  111. Unable to create Database Connection: ConnectionServiceimpl.ERROR_0009
  112. Pentaho CE Installation Questions
  113. Error while running Email process in xaction
  114. Pass the value of a parameter to another
  115. Enable to Start Pentaho BI-server
  116. Pentaho CE 5.3 : Unable to add data source !
  117. How to load the line chart when the hidden part series
  118. Pentaho crashes silently after logging in
  119. Initialize PostgreSQL DI Repository Database
  120. Map visualisation on Pentaho CE
  121. Pentaho CE & GeoMap for spatial dimensions
  122. Pentaho Biserver-ce 4.8: How to Export / Import Datasources
  123. CDE Listener issue
  124. Running Pentaho as a service
  125. Using Pentaho in a Server
  126. Report creation in excel using pentaho
  127. Pentaho 5.3 how to change character encoding?
  128. Pentaho ce 5.3 : Error installing saiku analysis
  129. Can't start up BISERVER-CE 5.3
  130. Why I can't refresh repository cache?
  131. Hide .cda file Pentaho 5.3
  132. Pentaho User Console - Pull data from excel
  133. Running BI Server on MAC
  134. Integrating CAS with Pentaho
  135. Anonymous Role does not exist, how can I create it?
  136. AS400 Bulk Load
  137. CE 5.3 DatasourceServiceImpl.Error 0009 - using mssql, jre7
  138. Pentaho User Console - Changing the Default Logo
  139. Pentaho Home Page not accessible
  140. Configuring Pentaho 5.3 to work with CAS 4.0
  141. Saiku Analytics in Ivy Dashboard Designer
  142. Browse files section do not display directory tree: loading thread keeps running
  143. What's the most stable version of pentaho 5
  144. Report parameter
  145. Copy and Pasting to Hidden Directory
  146. How to remove JSESSIONID from PUC
  147. Biserver-ce5.3 Error 404 URL pentaho /Home
  148. Query Scenario Menu in saiku
  149. jTDS parameter limitation in SQL prepared statements
  150. HOW TO INSTALL PENTAHI BI CE -5.03 on Windows 2012 R2
  151. Upgrading Postgresql in Pentaho Enterprise
  152. sparkline charts not rendering in PUC 5.3, using PRD 5.3
  153. total value is not visible in waterfall chart for gpil_guldhar factory like rabale
  154. Pentaho Business Analytics Server 5 book tips wanted
  155. Change Password
  156. how to store the result of a query in variables ?
  157. Scheduled tasks / settings locational
  158. How to change height of bar chart , pentaho CDE ?
  159. Export of component whose Query contains a multi value parameter doesnot work
  160. What are the plans to migrate Pentaho BI to Java 8?
  161. User folder is created case sensitive, on first login
  162. How to enlarge the dashboard panel of a particular report
  163. 5.4 Release
  164. Error with design studio : Action validation failed
  165. Pentaho CDE Nested SELECT sql query
  166. Report per user role embedded on the home page of PUC
  167. Edit Schedule in Pentaho User Console
  168. Key fields don't show on data source wizard
  169. An alternative for Tableau Packaged Workbooks?
  170. BI Server scheduler - send multiple reports with one task
  171. Get the current logged in user and his role
  172. Users complaining can't view reports
  173. CDA don't show results for view querys in mysql for Pentaho 5.3
  174. IDP PINK SAML Integration with Pentaho BI Server 5.2
  175. Can't locate applicationContext-spring-security-cas.xml pentaho solutions
  176. How to get TOMCAT home page when I type http://localhost:8080
  177. Unable to deploy pentaho
  178. Having users run jobs via Business Analytics Server
  179. Pentaho : Desactivate login in User Console
  180. Unable to start biserver-ce on Windows 8.1
  181. How to install BA & DI with MySQL
  182. Repository file permissions. What do the codes mean?
  183. Where are user console connections stored?
  184. Create session cookie Bi-Server
  185. Register for the FREE Pentaho Community Meeting in London
  186. Query runs for couple of hours regardless of timeout set to 300
  187. BI Server-Admin Console-File Sharing
  188. Unable to start BI Server on OSX with latest Java system updates
  189. Set session via post
  190. How to get user id
  191. Schedule Report in Comm.Edition BI-SERVER 5.1 With E-mail Attachment of Excel Format
  192. Schedule Report in BI server 5.1 Comm.Edition not getting Email Attachment of excel
  193. Exceeded time problem
  194. MaxOpenPreparedStatements
  195. Exceeded time problem
  196. install 2 pentahos on same machine
  197. Users Writing To Directories
  198. Pentaho 5.3 session problem after cas login
  199. Concurrent users/sessions
  200. Wait with chart loading
  201. ACL for folder level access in Pentaho 5.3
  202. Startup Error
  203. BI Server User and Admin console showing blank screen
  204. Streamlined data refinery
  205. Protect my project
  206. PROCEDURE doesn't work in CDE Dashboard
  207. How to create an OLAP data source with custom XML/A provider?
  208. Load testing on pentaho - possible deadlock
  209. Pentaho Upgrade to 5.0 from 4.8
  210. JDBC Connection issue to sql server windows authentication
  211. Create HTML Upload Form in BI Server 5.0
  212. Reading Data Source with Kettle Transformation File in BI Server 5.0
  213. is it possible to update Apache POI version in Pentaho biserver 4.8 ?
  214. PRoblem creating datasource - Pentaho community 5.2
  215. Using XML as a datasource
  216. Problem about Report schedule at BI server
  217. Getting error while running jasper reports in Bi server
  218. Log rotation for Pentaho 5.3 BI server
  219. Can't manage or create datasources in User Console
  220. Mnage data sources option lost
  221. Reports intermittently not loading in user console
  222. CAS server implementation with Pentaho BI server 5.0.1
  223. Simple CGG dial error
  224. 5.4 - GRAVE: The RuntimeException could not be mapped to a response (...)
  225. after port change - login does not paint /pentaho/Home
  226. Mondrian / Impala - ORDER BY without LIMIT currently not supported
  227. Conceptual doubt
  228. BI Server 5.4 missing administration-console directory
  229. AWS PDI Issue
  230. Dynamic SQL query
  231. Installing Interbase JDBC driver
  232. Operating System for BA
  233. HTML(Single Page) Output doesn't work
  234. Creating a dashboard portal which will give a good interactive OLAP view to the user
  235. Job scheduled doesn't work, bi-server v3.7
  236. ERROR while trying to use jndi connection
  237. Why is multi-threading a problem in CDE ?
  238. Pentaho CE 5.3 User Console - Assign created User Role to new User
  239. Pentaho Aggregation Designer 5.4 Error
  240. Is it necessary to Initialize Repository for Penatho BI 5.2.0 CE server
  241. Socks proxy
  242. Not Able to view the user console in development linux server
  243. Pentaho data source integration in web application
  244. Pentaho CE 5.x schelude
  245. Uploading Images in Pentaho 5.4 User Console
  246. BI server performance in low-bandwidth environments
  247. Pentaho 5 + Saiku Plugin - Large datasets and cubes
  248. Pentaho BA 5 X Saiku EE/CE
  249. Setting a data source JNDI in BI platform.
  250. Concatenating Constants and Variables to a field in stream