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  1. Can't implement corporate CAS
  2. Can't configure gmail settings in PUC admin
  3. What options do I have to set session variables?
  4. Any plans to leave Sourceforge
  5. Fresh install. Dozens of exceptions on startup
  6. pentaho configuration
  7. Analysis/Interactive Reports with PDI transformation as data source
  8. Pentaho-Mobile for android.
  9. Pentaho 5.x - tenant per organization
  10. how to call the "schedule creator" wizard
  11. "Error serializing joins" when creating OLAP Data Source via Wizard
  12. Optimizing dashboard and queries
  13. problems starting biserver-ce via start-pentaho.bat
  14. How to change the loading background
  15. Can not copy/paste saiku files
  16. Pentaho Analysis Reports with Hive
  17. Pentaho CE on AWS : What do I do next ?
  18. Unable to see "Repository Cache" inside Tools>Refresh
  19. Can instances of biserver-ce and biserver-ee coreside on one server?
  20. Lookup-map role mapper configuration on MONDRIAN for PENTAHO BI 5
  21. Not able to start pentaho community edition
  22. Marketplace doesn't work with proxy
  23. Access to the WIKI ?
  24. How are passwords stored in the DB?
  25. Release 5.4 vs. 5.3
  26. Scheduling in PUC
  27. How to set default logging level for Kettle transformations run on BI server?
  28. DI Help
  29. DI Error
  30. Empty Users & Roles
  31. Please Help - Data Sources
  32. error_0009 connecting to hadoop hive 2
  33. Pentaho BI Server 5.4 : missing Manage Users tab
  34. Publish Error: Repository service not found on sever
  35. FTP Get Adapter ?
  36. Is it possivle to get a user password using the RESTful api?
  37. Need transform to access file modified date
  38. BI Server - connect to MSSQL 2008R2 Express - ConnecitonImpl.ERROR_0009
  39. Restrict Data for Users
  40. Can't start BI
  41. Do measures really need to be defined??
  42. Uploading Data Sources to User Console
  43. Refresh cube automatically or via webservices.
  44. Environmental Variables - where are they stored ?
  45. Unable to start bi server (biserver-ce-
  46. Export Dashboard as Power Point Presentation
  47. ConnectionServiceimpl.ERROR_0009 Ubuntu Server
  48. Pasing parameters when scheduling a Report
  49. Excel Input Adapter - XLSX file format
  50. refresh data in cde dashboard
  51. CDE - PDI transformation as a data source for component
  52. Dashboard Designer Data Table Pagination
  53. Property Input Adapter broken - V5.3
  54. Add a JQuery Plugin for MultiSelect Checkbox Dropdown
  55. BA5.4 reports blank: jndi name SampleData
  56. CSV File Input bug ? Cannot find a file with UNC reference
  57. Send mail when login fails
  58. Pentaho Language Pack
  59. Mongodb datasource missing from database type in pentaho 5.4
  60. Mongodb database option not available in new data source in pentaho 5.4
  61. Data Analysis Reporting/Scheduling - Email Subject line needs modification
  62. Multiple Reports sent in a single email
  63. Error "HTTP 404" on localhost:8080
  64. HELP! Data Source Model Editor - Slow and Clunky? Am I doing something wrong?
  65. how to upload huge file into Pentaho User Console
  66. Where are these docs ?
  67. ERROR_0014 - Pentaho Initialization Exception
  68. If you delete a user and create it again, new pass doesn't work until you restart
  69. Red Hat patching, Pentaho won't start
  70. Report Designer - data source question....
  71. Pentaho 5.X - Clean repository jackrabit
  72. Business Analytics and DI on Docker?
  73. Saiku Audit Pentaho bi server 5.4 ce
  74. Unattended install of biserver-manual-ee-
  75. Pentaho BI : categorization of reports and research with dynamic queries
  76. Mdx query too slow for few no. of records
  77. Issue In connecting Mongodb 3.0.3 with Pentaho BI-server ce 4.8.0 PUC for ad-hoc
  78. Access logs
  79. recommended browsers
  80. How can I prime the Pentaho Report cache using PDI?
  81. How to get the most of Pentaho Forums and help from community Members
  82. LDAP Security
  83. Steps to Upgrade BI Community Edition 4.8 to 5.0
  84. Plugins Not Working
  85. BI Server scheduler page
  86. Pentaho embeed in external Application Authentication
  87. Error while running BI server
  88. Open Source Analysis Report Solutions
  89. Pentaho BI Data Source with MSSQL
  90. User Console: Login Timeout - Config option to change this ?
  91. In BI Server (In Pentaho Community Edition) how to make REST Calls?
  92. Image in Pentaho form
  93. Graphical Dynamic With MDX
  94. Database connections reuse
  95. Is it possible to upload file type PDF to Bi-server ce 5.0.1?
  96. Embed BA into Web Applications for that i need pentaho-sdk.zip where can i find it
  97. Pentaho BI Export Import Issue
  98. One more time about anonymous access to ..8080/pentaho/Xmla (CE 5.4)
  99. Connection - Advanced
  100. Pentaho Webservie PUT call is giving (HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed) error
  101. Pentaho BI Export Import Issue with File Name
  102. Info needed on configuring Operations Mart for BA server
  103. Which solution should I try?
  104. Security issue
  105. Update Bootstrap
  106. Enterprise console and admin console in Pentaho 5.4
  107. ERROR UnifiedRepositoryException BI Server 5.4
  108. Changing/Adding Pentaho User Console Background Image
  109. java not working in javascript transform
  110. How to call a Pentaho cde dashboard with parameters list hidden using post request?
  111. Pentaho Maps Issue for Conditional colouring
  112. [Firefox 41] Problem resource not found
  113. UnifiedRepositoryException exception
  114. Can't send files to the trash in Pentaho User Console
  115. Reports with OLAP data source and SAP - so poor performance
  116. LDAP Replication
  117. Pentaho BI 4.8 with windows AD
  118. connection timeout
  119. Create Population Density Map using Latitude/Longitude
  120. Pentaho BI Certification
  121. strange characters when upgraded to 6.0
  122. Starting pentaho CE
  123. Display Member Properties in Pentaho 5.2 Analysis report
  124. Pentaho 6.0 Version
  125. Pentaho BI Export Import Issue with Chinese Character
  126. marketplace plugin for Birt
  127. Can't excute xaction files in BI server 5.4.
  128. Error when run kettle jobs in server.
  129. use-case with the Community edition of Pentaho and Cassandra.
  130. Pentaho 6.0 fails to start on my server
  131. BI Server 6 on Mac fails to start - java.net.BindException: Address already in use
  132. Installation Issues BI-Server 6.0.0 CE
  133. XML/JSON responce of dashboard print API
  134. Pentaho BA + Kerberos auth
  135. Lost schedules after reboot
  136. BI CE suite 6.0 and geomap for postgis heatmap
  137. lost admin permissions
  138. User password reset with empty automatically
  139. Run Pentaho BI-Server 6 on Port 80
  140. BI CE 6.0 and language pack
  141. Web analytics with Pentaho
  142. where is marketplace in 6.0 CE?
  143. analyzer issue
  144. PDI logging in biserver
  145. Where is Pentaho User Console Browse Files folder tree stored?
  146. How to Upgrade Pentaho -5 to pentaho -6
  147. Change Login Page in Pentaho dashboard
  148. HTTP Status 404 after installing plugins from Marketplace
  149. Pentaho 6 CE Browser Compatibility
  150. Updated user password cannot use immediately
  151. Unable to start blueprint container for bundle pentaho-requirejs-osgi-manager
  152. Pentaho User Console Issues With Horizontal Bars
  153. Sap bw
  154. Merge data of two differentes datasources
  155. Report not working on biserver 6.0
  156. How do I manually remove a plugin?
  157. Cannot find upgrade utility files
  158. Problems setting MySQL + Pentaho 4.8.0
  159. External conexion to Pentaho BI Server 6.0
  160. BI Exception Reporting
  161. Pentaho 6.0 CE - DB Error with PDI & CSV File via User Console
  162. Pentaho 6 - ERROR [Logger] misc-org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.PentahoSystem
  163. Unablle to publish my report from Report Designer
  164. Visibility of a published cube
  165. Anonymous access in LDAP/JDBC configuration?
  166. [BI Server 5.2.0] libgconf-2.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or di
  167. What is the lastest stable version of biserver-ce?
  168. User Console hang on creating reports
  169. [BI Server 5.4.0] How to send report by automatic mail?
  170. Could Not remove SampleData
  171. Pentaho BI server CE license
  172. plug-in samples not visible in PUC file browser
  173. Cannot view report in different output type using pentaho ce 5.1
  174. Pivot4J not showing in Pentaho Business Analytics - Community Edition.
  175. Preventing server components from starting under Windows 8.
  176. How to access pentaho dashboards via API call ?
  177. Saiku 3.7 login
  178. Pre-existing web analytics reporting
  179. Service Hangs every day
  180. Scrollwheel breaks analyzer in IE8 iframe
  181. what the hell is pentaho-style.war file?
  182. Connect sap bw by xmla (jdbc4olap)
  183. How to get File Management API for File Resource working
  184. Perspectives are Missing in 5.3 Enterprise Edition pentaho kettle pdi
  185. How to customize Operational Permissions in Pentaho 5.0.1
  186. why does my BI server 4.8 does not has dashboard creation option?
  187. How to Export Users and Roles?
  188. How to customize Pentaho BI-Server ce 6.0.0 using eclipse
  189. how to implement Control base Queuing mechanism in BI-Server 5.x.x or latest
  190. Is Pentaho given an option to choose the mode of delivery of reports – email or FTP?
  191. CE 6 on Ubuntu 14.04 with own PostgreSQL repository
  192. BI Server Crash when DB disconnect
  193. pentaho 5.0 with postgres could not get jdbc connection
  194. SOAP 1.2 via Javascript and POST
  195. Overal BI/DI solution questions/review
  196. Execute Saiku files from kettle or any other option
  197. Pentaho 6.0 BI server with Wildfly 8.1 - osgi not loading
  198. Operational Roles definitions
  199. Outer join in saiku cubes
  200. How Pentaho integrated into a project with Eclipse and Glassfish?
  201. Integrating Pentaha Communtiy Edition 6.0 with my organization's Active Directory
  202. Pentaho BI on JBoss AS7
  203. Pentaho 6.0.0 enable sso with shibboleth
  204. Sub Query Not working in CUBE
  205. Cannot capture dates in "EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss z yyyy" format
  206. Problem Set up Pentaho to Connect to a Kerberized CDH5.4 Cluster
  207. Pentaho 6.0 Single Sign-On
  208. [Bi-server 6.0] Error mantle service not found
  209. Best Practice for Dates displayed in User Time Zone
  210. How to verify the pentaho cluster structures is correct?
  211. Redirect after session expire
  212. Pentaho 6.0 Security for a specific folder
  213. xaction: read and display session variable (or default value)
  214. Report executes once final param is entered, and UI largely freezes until it's done
  215. cas security
  216. API Outputtype for PNG includes HTML
  217. Add new fields to "user" table in hibernate DB
  218. creating tenant in pentaho 6
  219. User Console Datasource Parameter Dropped after Publishing Mondrian Schema
  220. How to customize administration console
  221. Cast a column in saiku cube
  222. Privileges from DataSources
  223. Issue with user and role management in Pentaho CDE
  224. BA SERVER Hive connection
  225. Customising The Pentaho User Console Home Page (Mantle / Home)
  226. Upgrade BI Server 5.3.x.x to 6.0
  227. Pentaho Objects Migration to Different server
  228. Saiku. Impossible to connect to www.google-analytics.com
  229. CAS integration failing with IPentahoSession
  230. Showing Values in the datBar of Table component
  231. Migration of Pentaho Authentication to JDBC database (Mysql)
  232. Analysis Schema Error
  233. Datasources not listed in Saiku Analytics -3.7 in Pentaho-6
  234. Different view between official guidelines and my installer in fact
  235. Pentaho report with data integration source ...parameter problem
  236. Display rows of the fact table in Saiku
  237. JSP error on PUC
  238. [Bi-server 6.0] Manual jdbc authentification
  239. How to connect Pentaho bi server to Databricks
  240. Pentaho issue on execute start-pentaho.bat
  241. Pentaho Business Analytics
  242. HTTP Status 404 - /pentaho/Home- Error
  243. Keycloak SSO Integration
  244. Exception while sharing the report to a jdbc role in Pentaho BI server 5.0 CE
  245. cas security and access to pentaho resources
  246. Issues publishing a cube from mondrian workbench schema to Pentaho BI Server
  247. By creating new data Source in PAC, only Postgres' schema 'public' is accessible
  248. Pentaho BA server cluster with CDC not working
  249. How to check size of generated report in .xaction file of Pentaho Design Studio
  250. Exporting data sources