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  1. Pentaho Rollout on multiple user side
  2. Nested LDAP Configuration on BA Server 6.0 - Service won't start.
  3. BA Platform 6.0 (Community Edition): Sample reports
  4. CART / Oblique Trees implementation?
  5. Measure in Pentaho Schema Workbench from table other than fact table
  6. Pentaho does not start after setting environmental variables
  7. Pentaho 6 startup Error (Mysql DB)
  8. Pentaho Reporting
  9. Firebird connection datasource : ko (Pentaho.BA.6.0-CE)
  10. Cannot see measures dimensions in Saiku using dynamic schema processor
  11. Pentaho Initialization Exception - Error 0014
  12. where are the examples for Server biserver-ce-
  13. calling Pentaho Report from java
  14. Pentaho installation and documentation
  15. Manual installation Pentaho 5.4 with existing tomcat/mysql
  16. Fields not showing Field Name Pentaho in Output
  17. Error 0014
  18. Adding users to memory authentication
  19. Using JDBC Origin Data (from pentaho platform) in Pentaho Report
  20. New to supporting our Pentaho products... How do I find version information?
  21. move a Folder in Pentaho
  22. Perspectives and XUL Overlays on 6.0
  23. Persistence Unit Not Found
  24. Failed to registred AAAR and Saiku plugins
  25. MS Sql connection problem
  26. ETL results are different on BI server (from Spoon)
  27. CE 6.0 with PostgreSQL as repository - 404 error
  28. IUserRoleListService get all users never called
  29. How to extract Xaction Varaible inside Pentaho CDE
  30. No driver class name is available
  31. API returns wrong roles
  32. BI Server - performance, uptime and such...
  33. output log erroneus in procces action pentaho data integration job (xaction)
  34. Starting with Pentaho Source Code
  35. Using the username for rights within a report
  36. Issue with Import / Export and File Repository API
  37. Sdr
  38. Pentaho 6.0 CE with xampp tomcat 7.0.56
  39. Trouble logging in with MySQL
  40. Grounded in "Prevew your Dashboard" ...
  41. NullPointerException upon login to BI Server 5.4
  42. how i run query in CDA with ktr?
  43. Installation of Pentaho on a 32 bit OS
  44. Support (paid) request for community edition
  45. Help me understand community edition
  46. Overview of Pentaho architecture and components
  47. [Users connected] Pentaho 4.1 and more
  48. Authentication using JAAS on BI Server
  49. parameterized database connection in pentaho CDE
  50. tomcat service on windows gives Error while trying to execute startup sequence
  51. A newbie question
  52. Could not initialize class org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart
  53. Pentaho Repositories
  54. Customizing Pentaho Homepage
  55. Export/import the Data sources and Database connection
  56. Date range input component in CDE
  57. Pentaho 5 Schedule report with multiple mail address
  58. Content Restriction Based on Login Person
  59. Unable to load Kettle-Transformation
  60. Customizing PUC the right way
  61. conditional ETL based on data that is already there
  62. Email (gmail) configuration in Server - gmail/yahoo/hotmail
  63. Bi - Error Oracle New Data Source
  64. What version of Mondrian is installed with BI Server 6.0 CE ?
  65. Problem with the installaion of pentaho:Pentaho Initialization Exception
  66. installe fusion charts on pentaho 5 :: not loading fusion sample
  67. Pentaho Passwords
  68. BI Server Services Status Checking on Linux
  69. Fix the colors in Treemap chart
  70. Vitual Cubes in saiku analytics
  71. User Interface
  72. Trying to use custom authentication Manager
  73. Pentaho 6 + Saiku?
  74. Pentaho CE 6.0 Donut Chart
  75. Integration between lifreray 6.2 and pentaho 6
  76. BA CE 6 Interactive Reports Creation
  77. Did Anyone try to install Pentaho BI server on windows with MYSQL DB
  78. Can't access to remote pentaho bi-server
  79. Two java folders up
  80. Using JNDI connections for the solution repository
  81. How to Secure Passwords
  82. Multi Instance of BI-Server 6.0
  83. Is the sum of the latest PDI wrong? (MD5 and SHA1 of biserver-ce-
  84. Can't make BI Server CE work on Mac OS X 10.11
  85. Exportar consulta en archivo de texto
  86. Biserver 6.0 - High CPU Load
  87. Pentaho BA CE and 508 Compliance
  88. Low performance in JCR (Jackrabbit) with large number of users
  89. Outgoing email server configuration
  90. Invalid database URL syntax:
  91. Unable to access 'Mail Server' and 'Settings' in Pentaho Admin Console
  92. MAC OSX Intallation
  93. Custom authentication on BI Platform
  94. debuging ORA-00942 table or view does no exist
  95. New to Pentaho - Looking for Community Edition Version
  96. Install issues - Linux with PostgreSQL
  97. uploading items to Pentaho6 biserver
  98. Saiku reporting CE plugin for Pentaho
  99. Nginx as reverse proxy to implement SSL
  100. Save and Save as, show and hide based on the report opened
  101. Connect BI Server 6 with VPN
  102. Error processing component in CDE while creating parameter for chart
  103. Problems with Pentaho environment in eclipse
  104. Changing Interactive report layout
  105. Reporting in BIServer-CE
  106. Starting User Console on a Specific Folder
  107. Issue with installing/configuring BI Server 6
  108. Problem switching jackrabbit, hibernate, quartz to MSSQL in Pentaho 6
  109. Complete path of dashboard files
  110. automatic clear cache in pentaho community bi server
  111. pentoho crosstab
  112. Problem with encoding and Report Web Viewer
  113. Reports slow in BI Server
  114. Save As Report with Parameters
  115. Browse JackRabbit Repository in Pentaho 6
  116. New MySQL data type
  117. License for latest Saiku CE version.
  118. Problem with add Database source
  119. datasource permissions
  120. How to embed reports and dashboards using basic authentication?
  121. Pentaho Platform User-Console Code Build
  122. Absolute Newbie question! How do I get started???
  123. Configure JAVA_HOME environment variale correct
  124. Refresh Action and OLAP datasource
  125. Repositories with two pentaho instances
  126. Getting own Cube to work in pentaho 6.1 CE
  127. How to manage user sessions?
  128. BI Server and internal repository server?
  129. Error getting plugins from server
  130. Pentaho BI Enterprise Edition Prices
  131. How to configure an H2 datasource?
  132. How to move the user in Pentaho Community 6.0 to mysql?
  133. Pentaho Marketplace Install Saiku Chart Plus Plugin Failed
  134. Google Maps with Data
  135. This forum is for post question only?
  136. BA Server and Amazon Redshift Driver
  137. Hibernate holds data that is related to audit logging
  138. where is the user and role?
  139. Where-does-Pentaho-BAServer-5-0-1-store-users-data?
  140. Problem with charts in Pentaho Anlayzer report
  141. default user account
  142. Schema published but not seen in BI Server with jpivot
  143. Pentaho 6.0 Plugin IDE
  144. Current user PUC
  145. What APIs should I call to integrate Pentaho with Magento?
  146. Path too long for jar file
  147. Error while opening a report without authenticating to Pentaho CDE User Console
  148. Real time reporting
  149. Dashboard Designer - can it be used outside of PUC ??
  150. Login issue please help
  151. Marketplace dont appear on menu in Pentaho 6.1
  152. Pentaho BI API Usage
  153. No more admin console
  154. Tracking User Activities
  155. env::username and env::roles-array
  156. Pentaho Community 6.1
  157. Pentaho Business Analytics Implementation Exam
  158. Edit users and roles without plataform, using hibernate database
  159. R script executor
  160. Pentaho CE - Version Check Error
  161. Pentaho Auto Login with admin and password
  162. Error with Pentaho 30 day trial version
  163. Pentaho bi-server 6.1 - Error with IE
  164. User console and Mongo DB
  165. Managing Mondrian Cache and Dynamic Schema Processors the right way (or any way)
  166. Installing Pentaho 6.1 CE
  167. Pentaho 6.1 CE: where is Marketplace???
  168. Add new chart type to use in Pentaho User Console
  169. Home Page has whitespace at the bottom
  170. Pentaho CE 6.1 Empty Marketplace before and after installing Marketplace
  171. How to use dynamic SQL Query in pentaho dashboard (CDE)
  172. Pentaho CE 6.1, "Would you like to email a copy when the schedule runs" broken?
  173. Give me guidelines to accomplish this task
  174. PDF Renderer Margins
  175. how to read import=" "
  176. [Pentaho 6.1 - bi server] Login/password
  177. [pentaho 6.0] Mysql connection timeout issue
  178. Is there a way to create a new user using the REST API?
  179. Usage of Pentaho Administration Console (PAC) Password
  180. Implementing a custom report element
  181. Note load report in BIServer By IE8
  182. I can't create database connexion Biserver 6.1 !!!!!!!
  183. Ivy bootstrap checkbox component duplicate onclick
  184. Pentaho JackrabbitR: ERROR [RepositoryImpl] Failed to initialize workspace 'default'
  185. Error with Jackrabbit DB while trying to configure Pentaho CE 6.1 with mysql
  186. Installation Pentaho Enterprise Version via terminal
  187. Pentaho EE User LogIn not Functionning
  188. Pentaho Portlet not Visible in Liferay
  189. urgent Suggestion required on choosing EE and CE
  190. Running Kettle to Generate Reports and Email
  191. Fail to use Kettle Data source in my CDE dashboard
  192. Pentaho Initialization Exception
  193. Kettle parameter not used during run in BI Server
  194. How to add load animation to all items
  195. Report doesn't open up in Pentaho BI Server
  196. error when i want connect localhost
  197. Manage Users list is not displaying in Administration tab of Pentaho Home
  198. Create Tenant Role Names: Best Practice?
  199. Could not connect to SMTP host
  200. How to change newline character to CRLF when export report as CSV
  201. Problem with roles and permissions in BI Server
  202. Updation of Pentaho CDE Datasource automatically when Database is updated
  203. How to insert image in dashboard
  204. Failed to configure SQL Server DB in biserver-ce
  205. How can I input a new data
  206. Mapping 'KeyExpression' and 'NameExpression' onto data column in a fact table
  207. export users and datasource with import_export utility
  208. import_export utility and cas authentication
  209. How to view errors whilst importing XML file into Analysis data source
  210. Why isn't Mondrian 4 part of the latest Pentaho BI stack?
  211. Installing Pentaho biserver-ce- error
  212. problem with csv input datasource BI server business analytics
  213. MySQL as Repository database
  214. New Jpivot view shows HTML code
  215. Authenticate from custom external login page
  216. build from source ba-server
  217. Integrate Reporting to Pentaho BI
  218. Pentaho structure, Tomcat
  219. Stuck Creating /Updating Data Source
  220. Accces Bi server with HTTPS using SSL CA - Certificate Authority
  221. Clear CDA e Mondrian Caches Automatically
  222. Error compiling the code source Pentaho in ide eclipse
  223. Administration Console
  224. Protect/Encrypt datasource password in Pentaho CE
  225. NPE when opening a report
  226. Retrieve Example data present in Jackrabbit Database
  227. Select All Option
  228. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  229. How to Change Home Path in the Browser Perspective
  230. Interactive Report- Disable Get Started Dialog & Tips
  231. Viewing Dashboard outside User console
  232. Install BA Server v. on Wildfly 10.0.0 Final
  233. A3 Page layout
  234. Marketplace at Pentaho 6
  235. Using REST Apis in Pentaho 6.0: Getting 503 Service Unavailable
  236. After Session Timeout , Pentaho authentication(Pentaho realm) prompt coming two times
  237. Manual install of biserver-ce with MySql
  238. Assign permissions to a Data Source Wizard 'SQL Query' datasource
  239. Saiku Licence
  240. dbcp defaults
  241. CDE Dashboard Error of Saiku Widget
  242. I can't find "Interactive Report" menu which is described in the Pentaho document
  243. preferred way to pass parameters for job before execution
  244. Multiple instance Tomcat
  245. CAS Infinite Redirection
  246. pentaho intialization Exception
  247. Pentaho BA 6.1 installation, MS AD security, Admin login results in blank screen
  248. Pentaho Integration With CAS.
  249. modify languages list
  250. Using CAS in Pentaho Community