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  1. API for pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-0.8.9-rc8
  2. XQuery for getting data
  3. Drag and Drop Fields into Design
  4. DB2 Mainframe Connection
  5. Custom Fonction in report
  6. Relative URLs
  7. grouping problem
  8. maximum bar with in bar charts
  9. Where to find samples
  10. SubReports for multiple report tables?
  11. BSHExpression not working
  12. Stacked bars
  13. ElementVisibilityFunction | property missing | report-design-wizard-src-1.6.0.GA-667
  14. NamedStaticDataFactory with parameter is not printing values
  15. Arguments for running report design wizard source code
  16. Trouble with result set cursor when connected to Microsoft Access
  17. parameters passed in but cant display values
  18. Save Report in CSV format
  19. currency symbol trouble
  20. how to generate a report in a new window
  21. Dynamic property problem
  22. Width Problems
  23. Excel Report creation problems
  24. Report Design Wizard needs internet for using templates
  25. points and pixels in html report
  26. Simple Report Definition
  27. dinamic images
  28. Formula expression
  29. Negative Number Formatting
  30. [ask]how to use pentaho...
  31. Transmit Data from App to jFreeReport
  32. I wanna to how to migrate my project from JFreereport 0.8.7 to Pentaho Reporting 0.9
  33. Let me repeat it: This engine is ALPHA grade
  34. View WAQR generated SQL
  35. How to create Custom Functions in Report Designer
  36. Failed at class org.jfree.report.modules.factories.report.base.JFr eeReportXmlResource
  37. Problem:Connecting to Oracle10g SampleData
  38. JfreeReport / Pentaho Report(int Wizard)
  39. CustomDataSet does not work
  40. PDF export
  41. Difference and purpose between some files
  42. Charting Feature Removed from 1.6 GA Wizard?
  43. chartdemo returns blank preview
  44. Comparison of v 0.8 and 0.9
  45. Reports in Pdf,CSV and Excel
  46. A suggestion
  47. SavePDF() isn't a PDFSaveDialog method?
  48. Diplaying dynamic Images based on values of a field.
  49. Bug into Query Designer
  50. access to property-ref through report designer?
  51. Hyperlink Listener/Drill down support will be part of 0.8.9.x or 1.0?
  52. Hide element doesn't work
  53. Unicode in WAQR report
  54. ReportDesigner 1.60 GA (348) can't open file
  55. Pie Chart and XQuery Problem
  56. Documentation
  57. How to parametrize a chart title
  58. SubReports In Group Header
  59. XMI as a Source...
  60. How to provide a query timeout and query cancellation feature for Pentaho Reprting
  61. WAQR in beta?
  62. Multi Selection List Access?
  63. Why did the Pentaho Design Wizard require a change to work with DB2
  64. Excel Specific Functionalitys
  65. Report Designer + PostgreSQL
  66. Step Size for Charts
  67. How to create a subreport???
  68. Items element height
  69. mdb file!
  70. style expressions ignored
  71. using PORTRAIT instead of LANDSCAPE causes IndexOutOfBoundsException
  72. Split: No Such Method Error in LibXml
  73. jfree report rendering
  74. Group footer fixed-position
  75. Making progress but still have a few questions
  76. How to change display colum name by Unicode string name?
  77. Can Pagination be done in Pentaho Reports
  78. upgraded to 0.8.9 and got RTF broken
  79. openformula error 522
  80. WAQR refuses to generate reports
  81. jdbc generic connection
  82. Reporting against an MDX Cube
  83. HTTP Request Timeout
  84. Generate a report from a Command Line
  85. Failed To Process The Report - Error
  86. Run a .report file directly in pdf
  87. Problems with Large Reports
  88. MDX- Two MySql Server - Sampledata
  89. Package resourceloader NOT included in reporting engine :s
  90. Metadata Editor and Postgres problem
  91. Fixed-position problem.
  92. Problem::Source code modifcation for Report Design Wizard
  93. Dataset Properties - cant grab field
  94. Output to Excel
  95. Visibility Element/Changing Cell Format
  96. defining a conditional meta-data field
  97. use report engine in web
  98. XQuery Questions/Problems
  99. Short-Term Road-Map for the Classic-Engine
  100. Javascript issue while using ReportSpec object
  101. Observation: No XQuery; only XPath
  102. How to create watermark backgroud in Java
  103. Justify text
  104. Sparklines
  105. Traffic lighting with parameters
  106. Reports in designer not seeing date values
  107. HTML output data rendering
  108. Is this possible?
  109. Report Designer Suggestions
  110. Numberformats in Excel-Output
  111. How do I pass a param to a SQLLookupRule?
  112. draw line
  113. Removal of grids from Excel Output format
  114. Alternate row's colours
  115. Customizing menubar in 0.8.9
  116. how do I open JFreeReport xml?
  117. oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP
  118. Report Design and Java Code
  119. Blank Ad Hoc Reports
  120. What's in the name: Design Studio, Report Design wizard, Report Designer?
  121. Design Stuio: every step is fine but it refuse to generate a report
  122. Report Designer: no data in Preview
  123. Is there a way to get Pentaho to interpret HTML tags in data content?
  124. How to create Charts with Report Designer
  125. Problem with report pagination and synchronization?
  126. Bug-Fix Release: is out
  127. Hierarchies and MDX with report Designer problem
  128. to define page properties for excel ouput format
  129. Publish Pentaho Report Designer Wizard using Tomcat as server
  130. Attaching .report files works now
  131. Joining two tables (Pentaho)
  132. Connect to Oracle
  133. Report Designer is not running coz the .exe file is missing ?
  134. Seeing a report in .xaction
  135. java.sql.SQLException: [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Driver not capable
  136. Error in demo distribution,update itext
  137. resource field shows null value
  138. display report generation time along with date
  139. Problems running both Report Designer and Report Design Wizard
  140. Defining filter parameters to adhoc reports
  141. Page footers with subreports?
  142. Issue with Integrating charts in pentaho-report-design-wizard-1.6.0.GA-667
  143. Subreports, groupping
  144. role of pentaho metadata
  145. Security problems
  146. Subreport parameters
  147. Looking for 1.6.0.GA.863.zip
  148. Problem with sub reports
  149. Making ring charts work
  150. Limitation in report
  151. more than one report in one page
  152. style sheet css files: why one for each report instance?
  153. calculated field
  154. Problem in RD
  155. Display reports on an html or jsp page.
  156. Printing without "Printer Setup"-Dialog
  157. Aggregates
  158. Date problems
  159. Style-expression problem wtih null values
  160. Table border (CSS)
  161. Download Report Designer Release 1.7.0???????
  162. Sum of Group Footer Values
  163. No prompt when resizing report
  164. SubReporting and Parameters
  165. Variable in chart title
  166. Error while launching a demo in my application
  167. Creating Reports WITH CHARTS in Report Designer
  168. 2 WAQR questions: Specifying col. width (or # of cols) and prompting for user input
  169. Data access security questions
  170. learning grouping: why group doesn't work for joined SQL?
  171. confusion of File formats
  172. not possible to create chart in Report Design Wizard 1.6.0?
  173. what's the purpose of template in Report Design Wizard?
  174. register font files out of an WebStart application
  175. excel one tab per page behaviour?
  176. Subreports don't always generate
  177. Wizard 1.8 or higher
  178. Charting Axis
  179. Importing pdf forms into report designer
  180. ELF error when installing the demo
  181. Report Definition Documentation
  182. Documents on Reporting
  183. Problem on export to excel format
  184. Problem with background color in Excel
  185. Hide page header/footer in html output
  186. Problem on publish xAction file
  187. Permission
  188. I need some help in setting up my PostgreSQL in report designer
  189. Creat sheets in a Excel Report with Report Designer
  190. Problem with in Memory Solution
  191. Problems with Excel Report number fileds not shown
  192. JFreeChart Integration
  193. No data appears in report
  194. JDBC connection not closed when preview closed wiht X
  195. pentaho reporting settings error
  196. display data from multiple data sources
  197. excel export
  198. Need simple example: Action Sequence passing result set to JFreeReport!
  199. HSSFWorkbook.getSheet()
  200. Accessible HTML view / export
  201. 1st Two Rows both banded in Excel
  202. Report Designer - Wiki page
  203. Problems with JfreeReport using a servlet in neatbeans
  204. How do I print the filters above report
  205. Generate SQL from MQL
  206. Right click behaviour on Mac
  207. Using TableModels
  208. Combining Unrelated Reports into Single Report
  209. Creation of multiple Hyperlinks
  210. Error Accessing URL
  211. Charting reports to be generated in PowerPoint
  212. Help with multi-tab excel
  213. How to run reports created in Report Designer periodically?
  214. database connection error
  215. BUG: Changing chart properties does not cause report to be unsaved
  216. Instanciation of a BusinessModel
  217. Subreports & .Xaction Action-Inputs
  218. Problem when i create a new report
  219. Simple question about creating a basic report
  220. How can we give pagenation in web page while export into webpage in pantaho reports
  221. about focus report
  222. Pentaho Report Design Wizard column names when using a Metadata Query
  223. Excel sheets
  224. Report installation Errors
  225. Filters on Me asures
  226. Position with dynamic height fields
  227. Help : Default value for text field
  228. Smartlist type reporting requirement
  229. Error when i launch a report
  230. Paging in exports
  231. Error trying to preview report
  232. error cube
  233. Hierarchies in pentaho reporting
  234. Publishing report using pentaho report designer
  235. Graph is hiding the hightest value
  236. How are Hierarchies in pentaho reporting
  237. Stored Procedures
  238. Dynamic band truncated at end of page
  239. No data shown on reports with Ingres
  240. Applying report to existing XACTION
  241. Column Visibility Functions not working with
  242. Problem with i18n data for reports in Pentaho
  243. WAQR in subscription edition
  244. Create Reports
  245. Target Exception with
  246. Can I customize AdHoc pages?
  247. Query in a Cube Designer Report
  248. how to generate multiple xls workbook in pentaho cross tab reports
  249. adding multiple jfreecharts into a jfreereport
  250. How do I create a parameter?