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  1. Lock in excel reports
  2. Can we use the Xaction file in report designer
  3. An obsolete file format is detected
  4. Filter Business Models shown on AdHoc
  5. Drill down reports
  6. Using Stored procedure
  7. Problem using Microsoft Access dataset
  8. Date field problems are driving me mad
  9. pentaho using non-standard itext jar
  10. report won't print!
  11. How to make a report with lots of fields?
  12. Page setup dialog - orientation selection
  13. DB2 Table Importing Problem
  14. Multi select fields?
  15. Getting the Correct layout in pentaho
  16. Morph into Label would be a nice feature
  17. Custom Data Source
  18. Page Filtering
  19. Style Expressions
  20. Border Break for Groups
  21. New to Pentaho
  22. Booting Reporting Engine
  23. WARN: Unknown tag with jfreereport-0.8.7-10
  24. Weaknesses
  25. How do we create a dril down reports in Pentaho
  26. How do we over come this error
  27. How to use ElementTrafficLightFunction
  28. Report not working
  29. SubReports in GroupHeader repeated in GroupFooter
  30. timezone related problem
  31. Real formulas to Excel output
  32. Database connection
  33. thinsp, little square and ie6
  34. How do I generate reports with dynamic columns using web-ad hoc query
  35. Dynamic Report Generation
  36. Designer Err : Unsupported VM encoding MS936(has been resolved)
  37. Publishing reports doesn't works..
  38. Pentaho Reporting Demo experience
  39. Problem ODBC Connection with AS400 DB2
  40. Executing stored procedure
  41. Report xml definition stored in database
  42. configuration of Report desiger with oracle 10g
  43. Create a function which sums up all items on a single page.
  44. Text Export Spacing Problem!
  45. Design Studio help
  46. Report Designer parameter
  47. Problem in Multiple datasources in Pentaho report
  48. Error visualizing report
  49. Adhoc Report with blank report
  50. How do we embedd a image at the top a report generated
  51. Handle exceptions in Pentaho
  52. Making OLAP Report
  53. odbc help
  54. Install help
  55. How to change Publis Dialog defaults?
  56. Can Report Design Wizard import from PCI?
  57. Report Wizard does not start
  58. Example of Subreport
  59. Reusebility with pentaho
  60. Sub Report Not Visible In Report
  61. Calling Wizard from my web app
  62. SubReport Graph and Datatable
  63. Export table to pdf document
  64. dynamic headers
  65. Need Basic Info
  66. Report Error
  67. Pentaho Dashboard Builder
  68. Can you set default values for the text in report header/footer in the template?
  69. Sum up items extracted from functions
  70. Configuration of Cube designer
  71. Paging in JFree reporting
  72. java/awt/event/MouseWheelEvent
  73. DB2 tables not visible in Query Designer
  74. Group by Month - How!
  75. Which version in 1.7?
  76. How to generate Cross tab Report in Pentaho
  77. how to filter info in report
  78. Multiple decimal formats for a column, in different groups
  79. Javascript code needed to achieve select all functionality
  80. Excel number format error in MS Office 2007
  81. Auditing of ad-hoc reporting?
  82. how to represent fields with friendly name?
  83. Can you put an image into a template?
  84. Publishing Failed: For input string:
  85. Pagination for HTML reports (ive read the other posts)
  86. Error in Database connection while using workbench to view cube
  87. Oracle connects but returns no results
  88. Connecting to cubes other than mondrian
  89. Report Designer Item Band always empty?
  90. Error Parsing URI Catalog
  91. Pentaho FilterPanel Portlet bug
  92. Custome data set problem
  93. How to send a report through email?
  94. Problem in Report Creation
  95. Properties Dataset
  96. chart tooltip for help
  97. Connecting different machines using mysql query
  98. Report Designer and PREPARE statement
  99. Empty message
  100. Hyperlinks in chart plugin?
  101. WAQR report output
  102. Design studio 1.7.0.M1.814 - Error adding 'Javascript' to xaction
  103. CountDistinctFunction
  104. How to set or align different elements in subband
  105. Creating chart,crosstab and tabular reports
  106. Suppress group header/footer when no data
  107. how to submit a bug?
  108. Error in libLoader
  109. sending Report through Email
  110. Unable to publish report on server
  111. Why i can't export my pdf file
  112. Report and Burst action sequence
  113. Problem with SQLLookUp
  114. displaying values on mouse hovering .
  115. Subreport with parameters
  116. Report based on metadata dataset appears empty
  117. Report with prompts
  118. Source of the data sets used in report designer
  119. Flex in reports
  120. Problem saving Report as Excel output file
  121. two result set on one report
  122. Table of contents
  123. RDW 1.6GA sometimes does not create jboss data source
  124. Jfree reports & Reports created using Report designer
  125. Snap to Grid?
  126. I cannot export more than 100 of records to pdf in JBOSS environment.
  127. pdf differs from direct print
  128. Looking for java formatting
  129. Looking for java examples on Subreporting
  130. Custom Sorting
  131. can I have the URL generated from design stdio placed in web applicaton directly.
  132. Issue in Report Designer
  133. Column header freeze in pentaho html reports
  134. Bug-Fix Release: Classic Engine 0.8.9-5 released
  135. Classic-Engine 0.8.10-RC has arrived
  136. Creating Formulas
  137. Using anchor fields in Report Designer
  138. Date format in Excel
  139. Please explain how to create subreport from reporting designer
  140. Y-axis label width
  141. OUTPUT prompt
  142. About "Order by" In report and "link" in the Cube
  143. Reporting Wizard : Not able to display data horizontally
  144. Unknown columns in data-set
  145. Invalid username and/or password error on publish
  146. Multiple relations to the same table not working
  147. Report versioning
  148. Insert values into Pull down box.
  149. SubQuery Syntax
  150. How do you connect to a SQLServer 2000 DB
  151. translation for key Error in Wizard
  152. Parameter passing from xaction
  153. Bug-Fix Release: Classic Engine 0.8.9-6 released
  154. We got it: Pentaho Reporting Classic 0.8.10 has gone GA
  155. Rectangle does not show in html report
  156. Items overlapping pagefooter
  157. Style Expression "Font-bold"
  158. User guide for waqr...
  159. Add date time series chart how?
  160. Hide a Subreport if No Data
  161. No suppor for XQuery?
  162. How to use a spring loaded hibernate conn as datasource?
  163. After designing a report in Designer and save as a .report, what next?
  164. Query Designer SQLLeonardo steal sql code?
  165. Report Designer style sheet problem
  166. Change CSV Separator
  167. Hints for the new dialog "publish to the server" in RD 1.7GA
  168. href-target Style Expression with null valued fields
  169. Report Designer 1.7 fails to load
  170. Problem with install Report Design Wizard on CenOS
  171. Please advice on RTF
  172. Unable to preview the report
  173. Exporting to any server
  174. Function on date in Ad Hoc Reporting
  175. help needed with number formatting (currency) in xml def file
  176. crosstab report
  177. Funtions in report footer from subreports
  178. How to embed report engine and create a simple report?
  179. problem in using imageUrl-Field
  180. Multiple Data Sets
  181. Toggling the display of report elements on display type
  182. How to create charts using pentaho reporting designer
  183. Invalid Publish Password
  184. chart feature is not their in RDW 1.6.0GA!
  185. There is no "Charting" feature in Pentaho Report Designer(1.6.0GA)
  186. Two Business Models
  187. Datasource connection problem with Eclipse
  188. how to create charts like linechart given in chart examples
  189. Label Concatenation
  190. ReportDesigner and MDX: Grouping according to levels
  191. can we create .XML files using report designer for charting (using action sequence)
  192. No data appears
  193. Graph with no data !!!!!
  194. Charts
  195. Parameter, Filter, Charts
  196. Reports in IE6: Junk characters seen
  197. XLS output and printing
  198. Style Expression with Modulus
  199. Drill in Reports?
  200. report problem over https
  201. Clarification needed about Report Designer and xaction editor
  202. Exoprt to Excel - formatting issue
  203. Multiple queries in a single report
  204. SQL Server access from Report Designer
  205. Blank pdf report on long URL's
  206. Report definition file format
  207. PDF Reports: Japanese characters get blanked out
  208. Displaying passed Parameters within the report
  209. Repository service not found on server
  210. JNDI/JDBC Sources not showing up
  211. Setting the maximum page length of Itemband
  212. SQLBaseComponent.ERROR_0006: Connection was implicitly closed due
  213. 4 quadrant- Charts
  214. how to create hyperlink that redirect to jsp application?
  215. Problem of XML datasource format
  216. Report Desinger report throws
  217. [ask]problem when deployed to server
  218. ReportDesigner & Wizard without internet
  219. Text wrapping not working properly in
  220. can i set excel cell color exactly.
  221. Unable to install Pentaho BI Suite 1.7.
  222. StackedBar Line Chart is not working
  223. Creating Sub-Report
  224. Jfreereport 9.3 do not wrap long string and cut the first part of string
  225. CSS based layouting of reports
  226. Migration problem
  227. Unable to publish to file system with more than one datasource
  228. Pentaho Reporting wizard not allowing to check the option for Publish Xaction File
  229. MSSQL Report Error : Database connection could not be established to: SQL2005
  230. how to connect postgres driver
  231. Issue with Pie Chart
  232. xml output
  233. No data in Preview / error by publishing / running
  234. Calling a report from Java: a bewildered newbie asks
  235. Calling ReportDesigner report from Java
  236. MySql Integration
  237. xmlns of report designer
  238. Scalling axes in graph?
  239. Ellipse in HTML does not show
  240. How many phrases are there in report designer / wizard?
  241. refer to last row's data
  242. Report with sub-report: calling from Java
  243. CUBEDESIGNER - Cannot find the postgres jdbc driver
  244. Result set from properties file
  245. Hyperlink not working in pentaho 1.7/IE7
  246. Multiple Data Sets
  247. Item band as columns
  248. How to start for dummies
  249. Decimals in Bar Chart Value Axis
  250. PDF EXPORT encoding problem