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  1. Help connecting to DB2 on Mainframe
  2. Info Needed
  3. HOw to create Cros tab report in pentaho reporting using report designer
  4. Help Needed For Sub Report
  5. remove or hide item band from final output
  6. calculate growth rate
  7. Localize Parameter Template
  8. Publish failed on WAQR Save Report
  9. How to automatically choose the default printer in the report preview Dialog?
  10. metadata constraints
  11. newbie - ReportDesigner 1.0.7 throws NPE
  12. Connecting Cube Designer to PRD
  13. Publishing report to Server
  14. Using Style Expressions To Open a Link in a New Window
  15. adding constraints with unicode characters
  16. Add hyperlink in report
  17. dynamic header
  18. Multiple subreports stick together
  19. Ad Hoc Reporting Translation
  20. How to Interchange columns to rows and rows to columns in pentaho?
  21. user input to generate report
  22. Problems exporting reports to MSWord
  23. Function for to calculate the difference of a column in two rows?
  24. How to use createhyperlinksfunction in report designer
  25. SQLeonardo in Report Designer doesn't support subquery?
  26. Problem with Report Designer
  27. Conditional formatting on data markers
  28. Ad hoc Reporting in Struts
  29. Ad Hoc Reports only working "sometimes"
  30. compatibility of pentaho Report Designer and pentaho report engine
  31. iText, question for developers
  32. compatability of reporting engine jars?
  33. template?
  34. E-Mail Alerts in Pentaho
  35. SingleValueQueryFunction
  36. Differing number of groups
  37. Adhoc doesn't group
  38. preview shows data but pentaho reports is not displaying data
  39. Problem with chart scale
  40. Excel Report issue
  41. Memory usage in Report Designer (report preview)
  42. Sub Report not working in Group footer- Help needed Please
  43. Error with newer iText lib
  44. how to install
  45. Ms Access Error
  46. newbie install questions
  47. Passing a datasource to JFree report engine.
  48. How To Create A Chart??
  49. Problem with encoding in Excel
  50. HELP: Report Wizard
  51. mysql monthname() doesn't give month name
  52. Pentaho errors on large report
  53. Problem to view reports in HTML format
  54. Documentation and Report for flow engine creation questions
  55. Problem with trim-text-content in XLS ouput
  56. Performance: first time loading waqr.html is very slow
  57. [ask] how to "keep groups together"
  58. [ask] how to "keep groups together"
  59. JNDI Oracle Connection Error
  60. print parameters on a report
  61. Question about handling optional input fields
  62. Error In Publishing
  63. Include Parameters in report
  64. Problems with Reporting Examples
  65. repeating values
  66. message-field, formula
  67. Schema Selection in Query Designer
  68. problem with jfreereport
  69. How Can we make DrillDown report in Pentaho Report Designer
  70. start report designer with report on command line
  71. formatting 1.6.1
  72. Pentaho report horizontal layout?
  73. Possible bug : report content moves to bottom of the page at second page
  74. Pentaho Server and Report designer expect different queries (parameter related)
  75. how to colour cells in pivot viewer
  76. Padding in new format .prpt
  77. Problem: Oracle RAC driver & Report Designer
  78. No datasource for Nested Subreport (3 levels)
  79. 3D Barchart Graph Labels
  80. SingleValueQueryFunction usage
  81. Parameterized Report from DB
  82. is there a Datasource interface in pentaho reporing?
  83. Meter charts available in report designer
  84. IE & Firefox
  85. javascript process action
  86. Publishing report on server
  87. How to summarize the data?
  88. Get argument from hyperlink
  89. Transparency images in HTML
  90. errors with load testing
  91. Difference Between Dates Function
  92. Pentahoc Adhoc report format
  93. Need help with the average function
  94. fields truncated when exported to Excel.
  95. Reports with resources with relative path: howto?
  96. Reusing style expressions
  97. Can't open or save
  98. SingleValueQueryFunction usage
  99. Is it possible to get the page header only during print?
  100. Issues in Reporting from Cubes
  101. can i print to excel cell full text without reserved literal
  102. Classic-Engine released
  103. jfree report wizard board with no 'ok' and 'cancel' button'
  104. Can integrate petaho with netbeans
  105. how can i trim the decimal part of a number.
  106. Illegal hour value
  107. Background-color Style Expressions
  108. Basis system requirements
  109. PHP integration
  110. Format X Axis Label in bar charts
  111. summary at group header its possible?
  112. Report Virtualizer for large reports
  113. how to run Report Samples
  114. xreportspec and waqr question
  115. plain-parameter in .prpt-format
  116. Dynamic reports hints
  117. java.lang.out of memory heap error
  118. HTML output again. I do not get it.
  119. pagebreak-before style expression fixed?
  120. Designer does not start
  121. barline chart problem
  122. data source
  123. Possible minor bug - preview window tooltip key shortcuts for zoom in/out
  124. Report output width truncating...
  125. why  
  126. No Drivers Listed for JNDI Connection
  127. Q for Function writers
  128. Another questions about truncation
  129. Creating report using xreportspec file in action sequence
  130. bar chart problem
  131. Text Conditions
  132. conditional linebreaks?
  133. DPI in PDF
  134. Multiple Data Sources for Report desgner
  135. problem with report.date in classic 0.8.10
  136. Publishing Password
  137. Another reporting - how would you do it question!
  138. Metadata editor complex joins.
  139. hi
  140. stacked percentage bar chart problem
  141. Relationships in Metadata Editor
  142. Handling Dates in Message Field
  143. Inserting Excel Page Breaks (Not Sheets)
  144. Can not Start ReportDesinger.exe
  145. Error Whle Viewing Report
  146. Problem with subreport and parameters
  147. Display image in page header of report generated thru adhoc reporting
  148. highlight some portion of the ad hoc report
  149. URL based access to a Pentaho report
  150. Is this report possible?
  151. Classic-Engine and released
  152. Inserting a graphic into a JPS
  153. separating dimansion's level while performing mdx query
  154. can't diplay chinese word
  155. Newbie Questions
  156. Report caching
  157. some pdf report problems
  158. value column lable format in bar chart
  159. Query works in SQLyog but not on designstudio or reportdesigner
  160. Number fields linked to mdx Measures dont show in Report
  161. images don't work in web start 1.6.x
  162. Database connection could not be established
  163. Database connection could not be established
  164. Multi-part Report?
  165. Drillable charts in reports
  166. bar char : remove space b/w two bar in one series
  167. Using reslt sets
  168. [ask] step by step to create a report
  169. bar line dashboard problem
  170. Newbie : Problem connecting to iSeries DB2
  171. OR in Formula: How?
  172. Sorting data using column headers
  173. How to access a particular value from a report?
  174. Grouping shows multiple occurences of same value
  175. pie charts: how to specify a set segment colors
  176. Chart label Problem
  177. avoiding authentication in pentoho report publishing
  178. Image not appearing where expected when paper is landscape
  179. Output multiple reports into different worksheets of the same Excel workbook
  180. drill through report
  181. Changing Portrait to Landscape for PDF Report
  182. creating a time series chart
  183. HTML Report formating issues
  184. Image does not display in HTML format reports
  185. how to catagorize columns using Report Design Wizard
  186. How to resize dynamic text in reports
  187. Reporting parameters
  188. time series report problem
  189. ItemHide Not Hiding Second Item On Start of Page
  190. Question on PRE-388 again - truncated cells in xls/html!
  191. encoding problem in Japanese text
  192. External Tools option.....
  193. Types of Charts.
  194. how do i format null values
  195. performance question
  196. deploy pentaho report to tomcat 5
  197. Please Help Connect to SQL server
  198. How to send SQL code (not value) using parameters ?
  199. How can I display count in footer
  200. report designer work?
  201. Combine MySQL and MS SQL data in one report
  202. build queries from JAVA
  203. Question about excel output
  204. set report with Dynamic XML
  205. SQL props to parameters
  206. Versions and formatting?
  207. pie chart with pentaho report designer
  208. RTL Support?
  209. Multiple Charts in single report
  210. Report Formatting Help
  211. Custom Report Template creation...
  212. Designer Report Saving Exception
  213. Incorporate a function into a chart title
  214. Example and steps
  215. Adhoc reporting off db views
  216. Trailing space in Text field
  217. Charts in sub report not generating
  218. LibFormula Bug (
  219. Migration from 0.8.9 to 0.8.10
  220. deploy report to resin server
  221. ColumDivisionExpression if null
  222. IE7, empty cell, no borders
  223. negative numeric values in braces
  224. Drill-down in chart
  225. Adding parameters to chart title
  226. cache XML in report
  227. borders between the reporting elements
  228. Dynamic row font based on a field/column
  229. Blank report output
  230. converting Byte[] to string
  231. blank report
  232. Possibility to generate Radar Chart
  233. Problems with fonts
  234. Display Month and Year dynamically in Page Header
  235. publisher password set, but still not able to publish
  236. XQuery String handle Path Expressions?
  237. How to use Mouse_over in Dial Chart
  238. Report Designer hangs while creating Data Source
  239. Dynamic Table Columns
  240. Multiple Row Bending in report
  241. crosstab feature embedded with the report designer
  242. white space specified in label doesnot appear in excel output?
  243. Connecting to Oracle 10g RAC using service names
  244. problem with label..plz help asap
  245. Null Pointer Exception at the time of Parser
  246. Sparklines in 0.8.9, almost there but I need a hint (taqua, this is for you :) )
  247. Select top N Records
  248. jndi for resin to run report
  249. how to print the plain text in jfree report without preview
  250. Color The Alternateive Rows