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  1. Action sequence with one transformation but multiple steps
  2. cross tab report
  3. pentaho core sources
  4. Report templates issues
  5. pentaho reporting
  6. Deconstructing the sample "Dynamic Dependent Parameter" Example (2.0 stable)
  7. Can we set upper trend value and lower trend value (Trends) to a Line chart?
  8. Problem whit Excel
  9. PDF Failure
  10. Drill-down Reposrt using Report Designer
  11. pentaho reporting
  12. Adhoc report format customization
  13. Report generation by command line
  14. reporting - work metodology
  15. adhoc reporting item as detail and filter
  16. default papersize for adhoc reporting
  17. Report Designer - Page Setup
  18. How to do same as Excel Web Data XML Import in Pentaho Report Designer?
  19. xaction syntax to sql like '%xx%' pattern matching
  20. Copying Elements from one report to another
  21. Printing a Report - Error
  22. User defined Functions
  23. User defined Functions in Report
  24. Get only null values when publish a report with mondrian scheme
  25. Reporting - can this be done?
  26. New to Pentaho
  27. MDX Reports display no data
  28. Publish a report
  29. Query Designer Black screen
  30. Adhoc reporting error connection database
  31. Can't connect to MS SQL Server using Pentaho
  32. SQL Query timeout
  33. Change values "0" or "null" to " false"
  34. Report Designer - Margin Setup
  35. Report using Metadata works in Report Designer; after publishing to BIServer no Data
  36. how to generate the .report file
  37. SubReport problem
  38. Break pages
  39. If I add a new band in page header part the rowbanding color is not working in HTML
  40. case study for NGo
  41. Property-Map-List
  42. report help
  43. How to remember the previous row
  44. Pentaho Reporting - Data and chart side by side
  45. How to set report default background color
  46. Automating a manual report that has data pulled from here there and everywhere!
  47. style expression/formula language
  48. Charts in Pentaho-3 Flash
  49. hyperlink question
  50. dynamic content
  51. Problem with special chars in pdf reports
  52. biserver-ce as a data source for report-designer
  53. Subreport Guidelines
  54. doubt reg parameters passing in query
  55. End users combining reports
  56. CSV delimiter
  57. Importing data into Report Designer
  58. Unable to initialize report
  59. Multiple lines in bar and line chart is thi spossible ?
  60. Pentaho Reporting - Master Report Parameter(s)
  61. mail service report or analysis
  62. Avoid page break for a whole group?
  63. Can we use Pentaho Reporting with OLAP ?(I mean with normal Database)
  64. number formating in message field
  65. date is displayed as object
  66. How to prepare MDX for use in Report Designer
  67. Pentaho Reporting advantages and Disadvantages
  68. hyperlink to charts
  69. how to read the .report file in the jfreereport
  70. Box-and-Whiskers plot
  71. Geomean and Standard deviation Calculation in PRD
  72. Dynamic linking btw diff report files in PRD using Hyperlink option for the lables
  73. Save reports as Pdf
  74. Using the username as a report parameter
  75. error on ORDER BY function on MQL QUERY BUILDER
  76. Executing or running the code from Java Source Code
  77. Charts
  78. my charts are repeated
  79. Unable to generate line in BarLine chart using citrus milestone 5
  80. Hyperlinks with parameters
  81. Citrus M5 Unified report with parameters
  82. Retrieve data from stored procedures
  83. Citrus M5 Page Header visibility
  84. make subreport with pl/sql procedure
  85. Sparkline graph
  86. Bullet graph
  87. Dependent Parameter Report
  88. dynamic resizing of reports based on page orientation
  89. Citrus M6 Error
  90. Ingres JDBC Issue - Could not obtain rowcount
  91. arabic support + dynamic reports
  92. question about reporting and versions
  93. Problem with accents in pdf format
  94. Sparkline Expression
  95. Pentaho Charts
  96. Bar Graph
  97. Custom chart & poor performnce & expression evaluation
  98. Front End GUI of Ad Hoc Reports
  99. Error while creating a report from user console
  100. Turning off Pie Chart Labels
  101. Report for joined tables from different datasources
  102. Passing parameter and use it in another xaction
  103. Selection dependancies
  104. CITRUS: Crosstabs and report-preprocessors?
  105. subreports in different pages
  106. use sql functions in query
  107. user console--ad hoc reporting count function
  108. Report Designer--Group By
  109. Sub Report in Group Header - Null pointer Exception
  110. How to render different HTML tables for the each of the Subreports ?
  111. setting page numbers.
  112. remove the space at end of cell in excel
  113. Executing report from java
  114. is subreport generate for multiple parameterised inputs?
  115. Report Layout
  116. Some Questions to CITRUS
  117. again page numbers
  118. ReportGenerator deprecated... using LibLoader directly
  119. documentation of community edition
  120. formula function with parameters
  121. Display alert if no records found
  122. Data horizontal display
  123. Some Problems with Report Designer Citrus M7
  124. formula expression with if condition data not displaying while publishing
  125. problem with formula function
  126. How to disable auto-submit in CITRUS HTML output?
  127. How to increase java heap space for CITRUS Report Designer?
  128. how to dynamic parameter(not a field) parameter to formula expression or formula func
  129. is it possible to display two sub reports horizontally means side by side
  130. Passing parameters
  131. data source in subreport
  132. How to supply only JNDI name for configuring report data source
  133. Custom Datasource based report publishing needs manual editing
  134. Need jar filescomaptible to report designer2.0
  135. group columns in bar chart
  136. Charting Woes
  137. Java Webservice as Datasource in Citrus
  138. Accessing pentaho report from webservices
  139. singlevaluequeryfunction in BI server 1.6
  140. Creating PDF from *.report including subreports and data from database
  141. integrate java webapplication + pentaho reporting3.0 + tomcat6.0
  142. Easy way for Pivot report in report designer
  143. Reporting with custom UI
  144. Report Designer-Mondrian
  145. change y axis scale in bar chart
  146. Report Disigner Drill Down
  147. Subreports on steroids?
  148. pagenumbers in report
  149. SQLeonardo
  150. changing the background color of a chart for value ranges
  151. Hiding an element in a stacked band doesnt shrink the band
  152. suppress orpans and widows
  153. currency EURO € in reports
  154. publishing reports
  155. Facing problem in reporting.
  156. Adhoc Reporting Grouping not works
  157. Compare anull value, report designer
  158. Passing parameter to report
  159. How to set transparent background color to item band?
  160. page Item Count
  161. labels values based on query
  162. Another stretchy / dynamic content question
  163. How to use anchor field
  164. How to pass parameters to sub-reports from main report?
  165. Report export formats
  166. Sending emails through reports
  167. How to get a border on a sub-band to match a line?
  168. how to read the dynamic list
  169. How to pass parameters to StaticDataFactory
  170. Multiple iterations of TableModel data
  171. Invisible values in Pentaho Reports M7
  172. Facing exception for template
  173. DesignStudio / Subreport / Chart
  174. modify .xaction in design studio
  175. PDF editor?
  176. loops in reports
  177. Locale in AdHoc Reports
  178. Linking Reports Together
  179. Bug in Pentaho Report M7
  180. Unable to view Report
  181. Customised adhoc reports- is it possible
  182. Solutions missing in Ad Hoc reporting
  183. Generating Reports right from SAS
  184. Saving Adhoc Reports - BI Server 3.0RC1 CE
  185. how to generate the subreport
  186. report command line
  187. Report Web Viewer
  188. Find the sql Query and input parameter to Report while generating report using .xml
  189. Problems with templates (adhoc)
  190. Removing items after grouping?
  191. Carriage Return embebed in string.
  192. java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "run-mailcap":
  193. Pentaho Report Viewing Problem
  194. Simple connection problem - major frustration
  195. Add external parameters in Master Report Query
  196. Why when i add padding i have overlapping warnings?
  197. date picker in prd
  198. reuse parameter name & label as fields on the report
  199. Report Designer XY line chart
  200. wrap the text in message field
  201. how to generate the bias
  202. Report Output in Pdf only
  203. save as of prpt
  204. Data truncation in pdf
  205. What is repoting engine???
  206. ADD BLOB field in a Report
  207. Adhoc dynamic text excel
  208. identing on group level.
  209. why the report designer can't wrap
  210. Displaying author name in report
  211. Only displaying an item when it's the last line in the group?
  212. Performance issue with pentaho reporting
  213. Justify text.
  214. parameter as SQL
  215. record counts in group by
  216. Page Function
  217. openning reports in PRD 2.0.0
  218. passing parameters to in PDI data source
  219. Problem in CITRUS report HTML view
  220. difference visible & sub-report-active?
  221. Page x of x with subreports and Citrus?
  222. 3.5RC1 Report designer - deleting a band
  223. PRD 3.5RC1: Query doesnt show fields when I add a parameter
  224. publish a report
  225. call report from java
  226. Problem with some kind of charts
  227. how to make the auto wrap or linebreak successful
  228. problem in passing image-url
  229. Paper format adhoc
  230. reporting against a metadata model using parameters
  231. How can i write my own Action Servlet
  232. Warning about report-properties
  233. Using Multiple Custom Data Source
  234. Getting different result for same MDX query
  235. passing same parameters to multiple queries
  236. Corrupt report bundle problem
  237. pic in table header, Totals line on the top and more
  238. hide Parameters from a report
  239. design and generate report using xml datasourc
  240. Title font colour in chart?
  241. Ad-Hoc error in IE but still works fine in Firefox and Chrome
  242. what is actual report-engine version?
  243. counting records in item band
  244. Report Publishing Problem
  245. How to do a page break after a subreport to avoid charts splitting across pages?
  246. CITRUS Reporr Designer and BiServer3.5 html view showing only one page not all
  247. Last minute please someone knows whats going on....
  248. PRD 3.5RC1: Chart Editor clears Data Collector
  249. Designing Reports For Zebra Printers
  250. How to generate Xquery report using standalone java