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  1. Total with ItemSumFunction
  2. Text field that shows a column name
  3. Multiplying a column by a constant.
  4. DATE vs. DATE (SQL)
  5. Problem wit chart in the report
  6. Can PRD publish to a remote server?
  7. For W.Gorman / T.Morgner - Using the PivotCategorySetCollector
  8. pdf chart chinese not show
  9. invoices with transports to next page
  10. Report and paramters: free-text search
  11. Linking reports throught URL link
  12. Shouldn't this PRPT display Yesterday's date on the BI Server?
  13. Multiplying a double by a double
  14. Open Flash Charts - xaction -onclick
  15. customizing prompt (adhoc reporting)
  16. Problem with parameters in Report (PRD 3.6) - need help
  17. publish report with report designer
  18. Calling PDI from PRD
  19. Average problem
  20. Can the result of a formula be used as a parameter in a subreport?
  21. Pass Javascript from xaction to output
  22. Building OLAP queries
  23. Tables Not Populating in SQL Query Designer
  24. Bar chart on MDX query results in numerous duplicate pages
  25. IndexOutOfBoundsException - when exporting to Excel
  26. chart no data
  27. Text wrap not trimming space 3.5
  28. Multiple Queries from same Datasource - Data not populating
  29. "number-field" - how to make it empty if value is 0 ?
  30. I published a report and I just see a blank page
  31. Count Summary Report
  32. PRD 3.6.0 - Problem passign Parameters to Subreport
  33. Page breaks in RTF
  34. Sort results in Report Designer using parameter
  35. Converting numbers into wording
  36. Not able to add crosstab group in PRD3.5
  37. some problem about the report and the chart
  38. How to change database name and URL
  39. sub-reports and different excelsheets
  40. send html reports by mail
  41. look-ahead aggregates?
  42. Row Banding in Group Footer
  43. Facing issues with report designer 3.5
  44. can HTML data be displayed formatted within a PDF?
  45. Using JNDI with classic reporting engine
  46. How to specify fetch data in transformation xml
  47. Using Variables for table name
  48. In adhoc report apply where condition on data based on logged in user
  49. JFreeChart Engine Upgrade?
  50. Parameter -> Default value formula: Howto use data from a query?
  51. Multi-value list parameter is not working in hyperlink
  52. Issues with java.sql.date object
  53. How to currency format SUM() from Open Formula
  54. Error with env var in report
  55. Hide Y axis from a line chart
  56. multiple categories for barline chart
  57. sub report + group
  58. DRILLDOWN() function
  59. parameters display pdr 3.5-6
  60. Reports not accessible from other PCs
  61. Conditional formating on wizard aggregation value
  62. Passing =CSVTEXT([TestParameter];1;",";"'")
  63. Report Publish Issue.
  64. Using functions Open Formula in JDBC Query
  65. formula
  66. bug?
  67. Multiselect parameter and CSVText to use it in SQL IN clause
  68. [PDF] One data next to a other data
  69. URL Parameter Problem
  70. Hide pagination buttons in report
  71. PRD, MDX queries, grouping, totals
  72. Pentaho report designer 3.6.0 subreports
  73. Access value of previous row and next row in
  74. Passing table data to PRPT from xaction
  75. Embedding XPath
  76. PRD 3.6 - Preview when using datasource with JNDI
  77. PRD 3.6 Rich text type html
  78. Publish to the server
  79. Accessing query data in Xaction from PRPT
  80. JFreeRepoort Stops working at the second step!!!!Urgent!!!!!!
  81. Accessing Queried fields in pentho report designer
  82. PRPT Deployment Issue
  83. Passing a multiple-value parameter from xaction to report
  84. Changing Cell color using a formula
  85. dynamic sql / formula in sql
  86. append-body pdf support
  87. Passing multi value parameter to a drilled report
  88. How to do this chart?
  89. Two field comparison in Ad hoc reporting
  90. Input parameter issues
  91. Chart with chinese characters
  92. Report Designer not working after DB upgrade
  93. Connecting to different Servers in a same report
  94. Using Report Designer with JNDI
  95. PDF Error
  96. classic reporting engine problem with java 1.4
  97. Problems with MSSQL connection (jtds 1.2.5)
  98. Can't save report after removing subreport
  99. Best way to have an optional part of the where clause in a query in PRD 3.6?
  100. How to display a report on a custom JSP web page? [Report Designer 3.6]
  101. Multiple issues while testing Embedded Pentaho Reporting
  102. Server
  103. Pentaho Report Integration
  104. Build date function using report parameters
  105. Dynamic Report Name for PDF out
  106. Simple OpenFormula support questions.
  107. Report Integration
  108. Image format in the Report
  109. Report Output Issue in BI Server 3.5.2
  110. PRD 3.6 - xml report output-type
  111. How do I define the field type dynamically?
  112. Chart format
  113. Is it possible to change chart parameters via runtime parameters?
  114. Report Output Image issue
  115. Support of PDI Repository in KETTLE data source
  116. report page span problem
  117. Bar chart with lots of categories
  118. report veeeeeeeery slow
  119. Show metadata business column changes in PRD reports
  120. Report with 2 SQLLookupRule
  121. Group Counts Include non null fields
  122. Bar Chart Help
  123. dynamic height in PRD question
  124. Number format does not work
  125. How to set links in charts and reports
  126. BCG Matrix / 4 Axis Bubblechart
  127. 3 Related reports. Can I to pass the parameter?
  128. Pentaho BI Server 1.7 xls output question
  129. Trouble with a correlated subquery against MySQL
  130. default null value
  131. Use parameters in MQL Formula functions
  132. JNDI and classic engine problem...
  133. [PRD 3.0] Calculate difference between two row
  134. Relative Date Range - Scriptable Data Source
  135. report.prpt + data.xml = report.pdf
  136. Min value of a group
  137. Need steps to create drill-down report using report designer 3.6
  138. Filtering Dataset rows
  139. Modifying the scale of a bar chart
  140. How ro access published reports from PHP application
  141. What are new Features of Pentaho Reporting 3.6?
  142. how to pass a parameter to a report linked?
  143. PRD 3.6 width limit
  144. MDX query returns objects and NOT strings
  145. How to create an xaction file from a prpt
  146. Style error en Iexplorer
  147. New to Pentaho - where can I find a 'how to use' for complete dummies?
  148. Report PDF View Problem
  149. Configure the image path of the report
  150. Data label cut off
  151. Report Designer, MDX queries and OpenFormula
  152. How can I get multiple queries running on the same page in report designer 3.5?
  153. Watermarks in Report Designer?
  154. How to restrict selectable output types?
  155. DropDown Parameters Problem
  156. hyperlinks in bar chart
  157. PRD parameter accepts quotations(')?
  158. page spanning
  159. Dynamic SQL - yaaq - yet another annoying question
  160. Post-processing formula for creating MDX parameter from multi-value list
  161. How to create a custom template?
  162. Report orientation
  163. Subquery depending on parameter prompted to be used in footer or header
  164. Column Size in tabular Reports
  165. Excel Export - Limit 65000 Records
  166. Different colours in each rows of a report.
  167. Dinamic quey with prd 3.6
  168. Reporting 3.6.1 Release Candidate Available on SourceForge
  169. Charts from a calculated field?
  170. [PDF] Return line?
  171. exporting to excel
  172. Report Publishing Error in BI Server 1.7.1
  173. How to change colours in Pi chart
  174. reports and grails
  175. AdHoc Reporting In Dot.Net web applications
  176. How To remove paginated output from pentaho html output
  177. PRD 3.5 Auto-Submit Problem
  178. tips to include a map (esri coords) into a report (with chart component)
  179. Can Pi Charts adjust automatically in a report
  180. How to display .prpt File Name on report?
  181. Formula For count distinct value in a coloum
  182. PDF Report OutPut is blank
  183. Problem Regarding auto styling
  184. Pentaho resource from DB
  185. Default value from query in RD
  186. PALO problem with pentaho report designer connection
  187. drill down report
  188. DatePicker Reset Value
  189. Parameter Order
  190. Date default value for parameter using
  191. a strange phenomena of the pentaho report
  192. Data is present but bars are missing from the chart
  193. Dynamic Columns RD-3.6.0
  194. to pass a field value in a hyperlink
  195. Checking the Output form
  196. Can I dynamically generate pi charts value-coloum and series-coloum
  197. pentaho reporting
  198. Out of memory error for report designer designed report for BI
  199. pentaho reporting
  200. Parameters Problem
  201. JFree Table Report Freeze Panes
  202. Crosstab With Totals
  203. Reports Bursting
  204. Are the Datasource details present in .prpt file?
  205. How to use dynamic Integer parameter for producing string
  206. Report with Multiple Parameters
  207. Difference between empty string and blank?
  208. Hyperlink problem (need help asap)
  209. DIAL CHART in report design
  210. Parsing Error
  211. Linking subreports with main reports
  212. Call Stored Procedure in Pentaho Reporting
  213. Modifing time-period-type in timeseries line chart
  214. Regarding Freeze Panes
  215. Formula editor and Cube Measures
  216. strange behaviour with Data Constraints on PME Business Models
  217. Error Occured during dynamic query
  218. dynamic output type in a link
  219. changing chart properties
  220. Reports as a service
  221. Dynamic Query in Report
  222. Vertical Text Orientation ... How?
  223. [PRD 3.0.0] Display parameters value selected by the user into the report header
  224. Classic reporting engine works fine with PDFs but blank when trying Excel/HTML format
  225. Passing Parameter to Subreports
  226. Dynamic Table Name in report query
  227. Report with various parameters AND/OR ??
  228. The date picker icon is not be seen from the pdf preview.
  229. Getting the PDF OutputStream via a http request
  230. Styles Problem
  231. Can pentaho generate a graph like this
  232. How can I add time picker
  233. Range intervals for bar line chart
  234. Y-axis tick interval in report designer 3.0 version
  235. Chaning bar colors based on conditional expression
  236. Setting UTF-8 in Report Designer 3.6.1
  237. Embedding Dynamically Generated Images Affecting Performance
  238. "View Report" to open PDF in new window
  239. Large reports pagination and performance
  240. Pentaho/PRD not processing query properly.
  241. Can't display x-axis values on line chart. Don't know how to orient them vertically.
  242. Can't display numeric days for different months on the line chart.
  243. I get weird breaks in my graph.
  244. Ubuntu and Report Designer
  245. how to show labels inside pieces of pie chart
  246. report designer 3.5
  247. Can't display labels neatly along x-axis in line charts.
  248. Can I mask part of the label name on the chart?
  249. Where did the images in the report go?
  250. Native Vs JNDI