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  1. Not able to generate content report in XML - Regression ?
  2. Only one query per report?
  3. User can't access charts through the User Console.
  4. How do I draw a basic line chart with just 2 values?
  5. How to maximise the report size
  6. Y-axis values get scaled by a factor of 4 for no reason and with no formula applied.
  7. Images Not Displayed In HTML output
  8. Parameter - Reports Designer (Oracle DB)
  9. Report Designer 3.5 + Function REPLACE
  10. Report drill down with swedish character
  11. report parameters: validate start date is before end date
  12. Julian Date Convertion
  13. Crosstab with empty cells
  14. How to read parameters from URL?
  15. Is there any ability to change default values for the 'base' template?
  16. parameters with sub reports?
  17. Running group count?
  18. a problem about the speed
  19. non-ASCII characters in PDF reports
  20. control visibility of report items
  21. 'All' Parameter
  22. Columns excel report fully extended
  23. Date format in CSV
  24. Data Validation and Verification
  25. HTML output not rendering properly
  26. How to use .prpt files in dashboard.
  27. CSVTEXT with Dates and In Clause
  28. Can't get page-break before or after working
  29. Group by based on user input parameter
  30. DOCUMENTMETADATA function documentation
  31. horizontal & vertical line objects
  32. Break pages avoiding headers isolated
  33. Parameters/BI
  34. hover action in each bar of a bar graph
  35. how to call setDataFactory of a subReport
  36. How to use Export parameters
  37. Data Render Direction
  38. Error Occured during Image retrival from database query
  39. Random inability to embed images?
  40. problem about the JFreeChart
  41. Custum Legend
  42. No changes available while using Report Wizard
  43. Report Designer Linux Deployment Problem
  44. Displaying Trend in sparkline
  45. Specify datasource as parameter
  46. add an 'ALL' parameter when datasource is metadata.xmi
  47. Stable Builds of Pentaho Reporting 3.6.1 Available for Download
  48. Expanded all cells of the columns in excel
  49. Reporting Bug
  50. Convertin Dates
  51. Suggestion for improvement of sparkline usability
  52. Page footer showing up on last page even when display-on-lastpage is set to false
  53. Paged HTML output causes PDI transform data source to re-run?
  54. Sparklines and row banding
  55. Details fixed positioning
  56. Export data to CSV
  57. Solved: Using Session variables in PRD 3.6-GA PRPT reports.
  58. Syntax for multi-value parameters
  59. Controlling visibility of PRPT files in PUC
  60. Calculated columns with adhoc reporting
  61. Problem while accessing the published reports
  62. Is it a bug ?
  63. SQL in filter and MDX in query selection
  64. Suggestions needed on how to develop a report - automated series of charts by store
  65. WAQR - just a status check
  66. Breaking lines in dynamic label
  67. Whitespace-collapse expression
  68. Excel Formula
  69. Really big charts format question
  70. problem about the static image
  71. Start Pentaho reporting 3.5
  72. Problem with bold True Type fonts in all Versions of Report Designer and BI Server
  73. Append-body on subreports and bands
  74. PHP Application Integration
  75. Calculated columns - summatory
  76. Horizontal display of columns value
  77. using IN function in query filter in PRD
  78. Embedded Reporting with Ver 1.6
  79. Showing different behaviour on Windows and Linux
  80. Pentaho Bar Line Chart Drill down
  81. report validation failed
  82. Dynamic Height When Included SubReport Contents
  83. packages
  84. Pass parameters from one report to another
  85. Reporting data with Monthly Calendar View
  86. Username in the report
  87. problem about the cross report
  88. Multiple Dynamic Columns
  89. Delete a band in pentaho report designer 3.6
  90. Reports are slower in Excel or HTML format
  91. problem about the hide value
  92. Can we merge cells vertically in Details?
  93. Call procedure with report designer 3.6
  94. New TOC-feature and pdf-bookmark
  95. Error upgrading to iText 1.2.7
  96. problem about hide
  97. Webservice as the Data Source
  98. Single Value Query
  99. Default save directory in Report Designer
  100. HTTP 500 Error on Published reports
  101. Default Date Parameter PRD 3.5
  102. Using formula to change background colour of a rectangle
  103. Using column-names from MDX query in formula
  104. Using parameters in MDX queries
  105. Change x axis label color in bar chart ?
  106. import report
  107. Pentaho BI Server 1.7 xls
  108. Can't display HTML reports in 3.6 - "PentahoNameGenerator" has not been configured
  109. PageOfPagesFunction Resetting
  110. text in arabic
  111. Republishing Pentaho Reports
  112. Connecting to oracle xe database
  113. IE Issue W Parameters on Drill Down.
  114. Formatting Issue with PRD 3.6.1 GA
  115. Dynamic Aggregation
  116. Oracle Text error on contains operator
  117. Cassandra Database
  118. problem with PDF output
  119. Select from dynamic database using single value query
  120. Can you use the result of a Function in a Sub-Report?
  121. ERROR Give me a real type.
  122. Sum with two fields
  123. Cross tab report with more than one column group
  124. Prepare datepicker parameter for mdx query?
  125. Using xaction to pass multi value parameter to prpt
  126. MDXResultSet to .prpt
  127. Excel Rows Problem
  128. Report Multiple DataSources
  129. Make value in Lable vertical
  130. Parameter - Query Flow ?
  131. Real Percentage in Pie Chart
  132. Header repeat issue
  133. layout disappeared
  134. Connection string hardcoded in prpt file
  135. Data from another Dataset with param
  136. PRD MDX vs PSD MDX
  137. Reports published to BI Server - Visible Quality
  138. external reporting problem
  139. Using parameters in Report Designer with METADATA
  140. Using parameters date(date picker) in Report Designer with METADATA
  141. Conditional Summary
  142. schedule report in Jboss
  143. PDF output file name
  144. Include Report .prpt in a page jsp or HTML
  145. [Begginer] Multiple time series on chart
  146. Facing Problem
  147. Change font color for negative values
  148. Cannot create report based on metadata
  149. Need parameter display type "tree-view"
  150. background-color
  151. Inheriting fonts for sub-reports
  152. [ASK] Making Dropdown menu
  153. Wrong result with Count Distinct and PDF
  154. display arabic text
  155. Accessing env vars directly from the query
  156. Empty report.date property data was preventing old reports from opening in PRD 3.6.1
  157. open report creating in cognos reportnet
  158. nested bookmarks.
  159. How to show parameter display name not value in report header ?
  160. bookmarks folded out by default when opening pdf
  161. Report by email
  162. Coding data straight into report but still reportpreview.
  163. html-anchors not created.
  164. Can I disable one parameter prompt based on the value of another?
  165. Reports with 0 in data set
  166. Copying report files loses postgresql query fields
  167. Howto put htlm META tags into a htlm report ?
  168. [ASK] Making report with multi queries
  169. Unable to publish report on remote server
  170. How to get xaction files in pentaho 3.6
  171. Report page size
  172. Report titles when publishing to BI Server
  173. Date format
  174. Page band in BI report view, howto disable it?
  175. Shrinking variable amouts of white space
  176. How to exceute report from java code in pentaho3.6
  177. howto display preceding year in a timeseries chart
  178. Pentaho report parameter passing from presentation into mySql query
  179. Time Average on Ad Hoc
  180. Help with parameters
  181. How do I show values of a parameter in a message-field?
  182. Add table in details band
  183. Howto use the "HTLM Event" "On Double Click" to open a other page.
  184. Problem with Parameter in to_char (oracle) function
  185. Connecting to an Oracle DB - having trouble
  186. Report - setAttribute
  187. Replace Window Title with Report Name.
  188. convert the report to ms-word format
  189. Integration with Pentaho
  190. Failed to preview query
  191. This parameter value is of an invalid value
  192. Passing parameter into .prpt by command line???????
  193. How to generate Password protected reports using pentaho 3.5
  194. Help with HTLM code.
  195. Preview Properties
  196. table with background color
  197. Use Pentaho Data Integration as Data Set
  198. Passing parameters to generate dynamic queries
  199. How to eleminate login timeouts.
  200. passing Parameter in Hive Query
  201. page print problem
  202. Controling the font in labels inside the bars
  203. Report Designer 3.6 Bar and line charts display x-axis label out of proper sort order
  204. Hyper Link - I am new so, please don't ignore me if it seems too light for you
  205. page setup
  206. How do I check if a parameter list is empty?
  207. How to use MDX "columns" in Open formula?
  208. Data source Pentaho Analysis: CurrentDateMember function now working
  209. Wide Report Problem
  210. dynamic xml-id in report detail
  211. How do I show values of a Drop-Down parameter in the report?
  212. How do you subtract from a date in reporting?
  213. XY Line charts not able to display more than one series?
  214. HSQLDB 2.0 server vs. Report designer3.6.1: a pre 9.0 client attempted to connect
  215. Parameter Handling with Sub-Sub-Reports
  216. MDX-parametrization.
  217. Centralized formmater
  218. Generate Report from CLI
  219. Including prpt reports as subreports in a single master report
  220. MS SQL top N query in report designer
  221. Caching in Pentaho Reporting
  222. No schema file defined
  223. Launch reports error: Error: SQLBaseComponent.ERROR_0007
  224. Problem with Oracle JDBC connection
  225. Report loses formating when accessed form any client machine
  226. Is it possible to use Pentaho reporting on top of SAP NetWeaver BI?
  227. Cross-tab Report Functionality
  228. Trouble with waqr templates
  229. Row Delimiter or Line Feed Character for CSV files in Pentaho
  230. How to create a chart based on a Pentaho Analysis?
  231. Adding Cover Page to Report
  232. Pentaho Report Parameter Passing
  233. Unable to load the driver hive
  234. inheriting report structure to other reports
  235. MS SQL & Pentaho Report Desiger
  236. Count particular value occurrence
  237. Publishing reports from DB outer localhost
  238. Parameter set to 'all items'
  239. Mondrian User Defined Function in PRD
  240. CASE WHEN in mySQL not working with Parameters?
  241. Parameter function does not work for mdx query
  242. Aggregate Formula into group footer
  243. Simple Issue - But it driving me nutts
  244. How to create a cumulative chart?
  245. Report Designer: Japanese characters shown in HTML but not in PDF
  246. OpenFlashChartComponent question
  247. PRPT bundles and the BI Server
  248. Can the BI Server be used to create PRPT files?
  249. Mondrian OLAP Cube as Datasource. How to define parameter in Report?
  250. MDX with parameters. Urgent help needed