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  1. SubReport question
  2. How to conditionally change text color
  3. Is there operator like IN to assign multi-value parameter in MDX?
  4. Formatting not working for MDX query results?
  5. iText licensing
  6. How to create stack Bar chart on Basis of two series by field
  7. Hide Subreports if data is not available
  8. Pentaho Reports Using CSS
  9. Unselect all values from Multi Selection/Multi Value Parameter crashes Report
  10. problem while adding JNDI connection
  11. Formatting RTF Report
  12. Grouping of the report parameters
  13. Working with Pentaho Analysis Data Source
  14. Reporting classic : borders around the report for each page
  15. Report Designer - same char on more that 50 pages
  16. Character Data not appear in designer or previewed report
  17. Can I pass a date from xaction to prpt?
  18. Format the numeric number
  19. Number field format change from US to EU ? ( #,###.00 to #.###,00 )
  20. Wrong wrong wrong!!!
  21. Assisgning Mutliple roles to the report
  22. Rounding problem
  23. Creating hyperlink to a bar in a barchart
  24. Is it possibtle to use parameters in single value query?
  25. Need help with inline sub-report parameters
  26. How to separate negative and positive values of a single column.
  27. Is it possible to format a string using passed in parameter or locale
  28. pass subreport parameters to parent report
  29. Cannot publish .prpt to path containing Special Characters like 'ê é è ô'
  30. Unable to view published reports
  31. Managing the row Limit in pentaho reporting
  32. Accentuated characters in report names does not display correclty in PUC
  33. Pentaho 1.7 xactions not working with Pentaho BI Server 3.6
  34. DataSet does not contain column with name...?
  35. Report Parameter issues
  36. persian alphabet can not display in pdf output in pentaho report designer....
  37. properties file cannot be in UNCODE?
  38. What projects will I need for reporting-plugin Building ...?
  39. Creating restricted keyfigures
  40. embed javascript in report designer 3.6.0
  41. Rendering reports in new window with IE
  42. Datasource error
  43. problem with pie char
  44. Report showing in webpage?
  45. Flash charts in PRD 3.6.1
  46. env::username
  47. PageofPages Function Doesn't Work Well in a Report with Sub-reports
  48. ERROR_0012 - ActionDefinition for JFreeReportComponent did not execute successfully
  49. sub-report chooser
  50. Help on Pentaho Analysis Security settings
  51. PRD: pagebreak in subreports with crosstabs
  52. how to remove Action Successful while executing the xaction?
  53. How to reference MDX elements in Open Formula in PRD 3.5
  54. Unable To View Data For Oracle Datasource
  55. Open Formula: Naming convention for data elements
  56. Query Designer does not generate the schemaname
  57. Parameter layouting
  58. MDX Reports from PRD 3.6 failing when run inside BIserver
  59. depended ( linked ) parameters
  60. Date Range Filter for Report
  61. Problems passing parameters to subreport
  62. Date diff between two dates in year,month ,day form
  63. 'Report validation failed.'
  64. Repeating Group Header on first page
  65. Show sub-report on a new page, at the end of the master report
  66. hide empty columns
  67. counting different elements of column and displaying as matrix
  68. Help with link to/embed images in reports
  69. Pentaho report and PHP app
  70. how to generate my own database's report
  71. Date manipulations for Pentaho reports
  72. Problem with a Dynamics NAV DB on a SQL Server 2005
  73. Is possible to open a report making click on other report?
  74. Using Pies in Report
  75. Unable to make column headers repeat for every page using Cross tab
  76. Daily schedule report
  77. Report allowing a user parameter: Parameter not asked for
  78. How to set style expression based on condition in pentaho?
  79. Problems a published HTML reports CSS
  80. How can I have consistant colors for series in my chart?
  81. Is Adhoc Reporting dead?
  82. Too many data cause pagination error, need help, thanks!
  83. Mixing different line styles in chart
  84. Using CSS
  85. How to divide the (numerical) result of two queries?
  86. Questions about Available Javascript Objects and Any Examples of Expressions
  87. MDX date parametrization does not work
  88. Email report query from Large DB timing out and receive error, run in background?
  89. Access to report viewer through URL
  90. Details header in Sub-report with multiple pages
  91. Excel output merged cells problem...
  92. Report Designer 3.6.1-stable usable for Business Intelligence Server 3.6.0-stable?
  93. Large chart image size
  94. Reporting 3.7.0 RC1 has been posted to SourceForge.net
  95. stock Software Quality reports for JIRA?
  96. Charting - Possible to set dynamic min-max values for x and y axis ranges?
  97. most efficient way to display datetime from metadata as just mm/dd/yyyy
  98. page setting of the excel which export by the report designer
  99. Problems on creating a formula fields, please help!
  100. Format a Formula in MessageField
  101. Report Designer Properties Pane
  102. Last day of month from a certain date?
  103. Aggregates in Reporting
  104. Problems with parameters and dates.
  105. Resultset Value as Parameter (drilldown)
  106. wizard layout with group/grand totals?
  107. Adhoc in Pentaho 3.7
  108. Count Distinct (Running) function Bug?
  109. Print form from label of checked boxes
  110. dynamic field width
  111. If the Sub-report don't show information don't appear
  112. Derive a value and then set it as a Parameter within Report Designer?
  113. Report Designer - function uses deprecated type
  114. Calendar with minimum date
  115. Reference an Imported Parameter as part of MQL in a sub-report
  116. bar chart
  117. Need a quick help for scriptable datasource editor
  118. Chart Post-Processing Script Problem
  119. Question about Reporting's Templates spec
  120. Serial Number in reports
  121. Mondrian in PRD 3.6.0 GA does not like Latin Characters..Please Help
  122. Parameter
  123. Connecting two different databases in the same report
  124. Font type problem when generating the report in PDF
  125. How to add images in Ad Hoc templates ?
  126. Fairly large query in Report Designer breaks report with parameters in sub-subquery
  127. Hyperlink highlighting
  128. Linking values in reports
  129. How to get the column name
  130. Display a report in one page
  131. Retrieve interface for reports parameters from BI Server
  132. Failed to preview query report designer when using MS Access data source
  133. Announcing: Pentaho Reporting Output step for PDI
  134. Problem with Javascript Expression in Detail band
  135. To include Mondrian analyser reports in report designer
  136. Change pagination limit in reports created by Report Designer
  137. Log Pentaho Report Design 3.6 (/resources/log4j.xml)
  138. Really need help - Crosstab report with range of date
  139. Report Designer CSV output ignores number-field "format" attribute
  140. Report Designer Group Sum (not Running Sum)
  141. PRD-3.7.0-RC1 Why is Arabic and Hindi still not Supported...?
  142. sharing logic and style amongst many reports
  143. Column and row summary in cross-tab
  144. Error Message Question
  145. Problem with column headers
  146. Adhoc error
  147. Report parameter: ReportDataFactoryException
  148. Need help passing parameter to simplereportingcomponent
  149. activity indicator
  150. "select all" parameter option using metadata
  151. parameter passing using HTTP GET
  152. stylesheet not found in web report
  153. Deploying report in production server
  154. Bulk publish reports/analysises
  155. some questions regarding reporting
  156. Help for insert line wrap
  157. Problem using the if-null (common) attribute
  158. Premature End of File when Processing Metadata.xmi on first load from PME
  159. Troubleshooting excel layout issue
  160. how to use the resetGroup property
  161. handling of null values by BarChartExpression
  162. auto-submit UNCHECKED
  163. To add external webcontent into reports
  164. Using the new charting magic to do a secondary axis on a timeseries chart?
  165. Applying Security in pentaho report designer
  166. it possible to fetch xml data from a link as data source in PRD 3.6.1
  167. MDX queries with Pentaho Report Designer! Blank Data insteadOf NumericValues!
  168. Passing parameters in xquery
  169. Query Internal Table
  170. 3.7RC1: Mandatory Datepicker in Platform-Plugin
  171. printing a chart at the beginning of every group
  172. Datepicker not showing up - 3.7 RC1
  173. Field Values not showing in pdf preview
  174. Security in pentaho report designer
  175. Passing parameter in the xquery editor
  176. first experience with scriptable datasource
  177. Group by a condition
  178. Supress Subreport Band if no data - plus with two subreports?
  179. dynamically setting the attribute values of elements
  180. embeded Image is not rendered when published to BI Server
  181. Query different databases
  182. Cannot move items in Details itemband in wizard-created report
  183. Exception 'org.pentaho.plugin.jfreereport.reportcharts.Categ orySetCollectorFunction'
  184. Filter without checkbox inputs
  185. Bar Line Graph with a value column constant
  186. report with many pages
  187. Pentaho Dataintegration as the datasource
  188. Using Date Parameter in Report
  189. How to use Kettle Repository in PRD 3.6.1
  190. Dynamically Changing a Business Model's Database Connection Within a Published Report
  191. Making report ptrinter
  192. Pass reports resultSet into XAction
  193. Date Picker with MDX
  194. how to pass static parameters
  195. Pentaho Reporting : query executing multiple times.
  196. image-field issue (several requests to Pentaho Server)
  197. Retrieve preferred-output-type and lock-preferred-out
  198. Behavior change hidden mandatory parameters
  199. some confusing questions????
  200. Using pentaho data integration as the data source in PRD 3.6.1
  201. Producing reports where no rows are returned back (Eg empty sales report)
  202. Producing CSV files in Pentaho reports
  203. issue with checkboxes
  204. Best way to display confidence intervals
  205. Color problem in Excel output
  206. Pentaho ad-hoc reporting tool
  207. env::pentahoBaseURL broken in 3.7RC1 ?
  208. changing the join condition in query based on different parameters selected
  209. Call reports: hide url?
  210. CAGR calculation
  211. data point value labels not printing on embeded charts
  212. prpt to xml
  213. Returning data from sub report back to main report
  214. Strange warning message: None of the data-factories was able to handle this query
  215. Line spacing setting in the Pentaho Report
  216. How to disable scrollable cursor?
  217. Preview does not work for metadata datasource
  218. Interactive Report
  219. Logs out the Pentaho session on page refresh
  220. How to create lines with name-value pairs in report header with automatic height
  221. Getting DISTINCT parents of child hierarchy
  222. Excel Format Issue
  223. Report UI for a web application and parameters dependence
  224. new user: advice for getting started (report accessing Oracle 10g tables)
  225. Pentaho Java report with MetaData (PME)
  226. Column Sorting in report by parameter
  227. Do not retrieve ultimate level of Children, why ?
  228. How do I have Pentaho automatically select a single result query based parameter val?
  229. Report permission and pentaho deployment
  230. java.lang.NullPointerException Error While Selecting - 'Master Report Parameter'
  231. Old report
  232. Report Formatting ?
  233. Reporting engine not working with a report based on xml data source
  234. percent format in 3.7
  235. PRD Memory Limit indicator
  236. Reporting 3.7.0 stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  237. Add tables
  238. logarithmig scale in charts
  239. How to pass Environmental Variable as a parameter in Mysql query
  240. Don't display zeros in columns
  241. PRD 3.6.1 GA - cannot get ItemHideFunction to work properly
  242. MULTIVALUEQUERY and SINGLEVALUEQUERY functions not working
  243. Quick report: SQL -> Excel?
  244. report - parameterized query
  245. JNDI Broken in report designer 3.7GA?
  246. User autorization for report
  247. Issues with PDF / HTML layout
  248. Scheduling Reports
  249. Dynamic Field Position
  250. automated report testing