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  1. Configuring Checx Box on User Console
  2. Chart Not Following Aggregation from Report Query
  3. Remove blank spaces from the report designer report
  4. Report with many columns
  5. Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers/chapter 3/create hssqldb tables
  6. COuld not fetch parameters:ERROR
  7. Pentaho Data Integration as datasource
  8. Using Oracle 11G
  9. IE8 Word Wrap Problem
  10. MySQL datetime data type not working correctly with filter
  11. Conditionally Include Sub-reports
  12. How to calculate percentage?
  13. Variable JNDI parameter in Pentaho 3.6
  14. Dynamic Datasource Connection In reporting
  15. Glitchy behavior in Cascading Parameters
  16. Multivalues parameters with checkbox
  17. group header displaying first row only via pentaho report designer 3.6.1 (CE)
  18. Sub Report with imported parameter from main report query
  19. Pentaho 3.7 issue with Reporting
  20. Report data Cached
  21. switch between test/productin DB?
  22. Calculate percentage por column in Report Designer
  23. String concatenation of a column using group by
  24. Two or more queries in Pentaho Report Designer
  25. Cannot change font size or colour or alignment in Group Heading? Can't resize box?
  26. Repeated Group Footer right below last Details item of the page
  27. Tips For Report Enhancement
  28. print icon
  29. Password protected PDF.
  30. Max value lookup in report summary
  31. Optional Date parameter in Report Designer 3.6.0
  32. Reporting using charts
  33. Padding Issue
  34. Hide lebels does not work
  35. How to show Localised Server Time as per server Timezone, not UTC
  36. Mondrian in PRD 3.6.0GA Doesn't like Latin Characters - Stack Trace Provided
  37. Customize ad-hoc reports
  38. Formatting Header in Report
  39. How to display the display name of the paramater instead of value
  40. A simple XY graph
  41. font size for parameter
  42. Row Limit on per page in pentaho 3.6 designer
  43. Books for Pentaho Reports
  44. How to create a report with static date based criteria
  45. using a new template css for prpt
  46. How to use Java Method Invocation
  47. Content is not allowed in prolog
  48. Formatting Negative Numbers in Report
  49. Pentaho Reporting Queries with temporary tables MYSQL
  50. Dynamic path to image in Repot prpt file
  51. Column Names in Dynamic Report
  52. Two Datasources in a chart
  53. Cannot derive fields of from the data section
  54. Embed pdf file into a report
  55. "This parameter value is of an invalid value" in parameter query
  56. message for mandatory parameter
  57. Unknown Host Specified error after publishing report to server
  58. Proper i18n in Pentaho (.prpt) reports
  59. special characters in password?
  60. Query Previews Correctly But Report Doesn't
  61. Sub Report in Java Code
  62. Error when copying SubReports having an OLAP Datasource
  63. Select Columns in Report designer
  64. Data gaps in chart
  65. How can I cache the results of a query for multipage reports?
  66. Details footer
  67. Getting Table-of-Content and Page Number to work in Pentaho
  68. How to hide subreport
  69. Problem viewing report in Pentah user Console (1st time user)
  70. Continue row banding across groups
  71. Using hyperlink in a report
  72. How to publish reports from Reporting tool to BI Server
  73. Performece of Pentaho Reporting Engine
  74. How to add $ sign in front of all the values in a column in a report
  75. Printing a report direct to a printer...please help!
  76. Problem with queries in PRD
  77. Can't delete a Group
  78. How to calculate sub total and total in the groups?
  79. Calculate the total sum of a column
  80. dynamic image issue
  81. How to color a single column in a bar chart
  82. sub reports in new window?
  83. Pentaho Reporting 3.7 Values for decimal values
  84. Report Design - Issue with Link server
  85. Connecting to XMLA Source
  86. Olap4j
  87. Data Grid
  88. Orientation of Report Parameter Prompts
  89. Can Report Handdle Multiple Datasets in one Report
  90. Kettle Reporting Pluin Issue
  91. Timestamp parameters local->utc (timezone)?
  92. How to create custom environment variable in Report designer
  93. output format type for xlsx?
  94. Report creation via in house front end
  95. How to filter a mdx query by a range of dates selected by datepickers(parameters)
  96. How to use rols working with Report Designer
  97. Dynamic Column Adding In ItemBand Using Java : Issue in .pdf export
  98. How to generate reports from published reports(Pentaho Server) from java
  99. reports from a model created with the metadata editor
  100. PRPT publish to remote BI Server using JNDI failed
  101. Error while publishing report to server
  102. String to Decimal
  103. Can i change the report after publishing it
  104. Multi Value List parameter in MDX
  105. Any examples for Java Method Invocation
  106. Performance issues with banded sub reports
  107. Field value not saved?
  108. Resource-field usage (PRD 3.7)
  109. Restriciting Users Viewing Report
  110. Paginating Not working in Report Designer
  111. MDX, PRD-3.7-GA, Sparkline charts.
  112. What prevents PRD (published to BI Server) to connect to an Oracle DB
  113. Migrate reports from report designer 3.0 to 3.7
  114. Wizard-designed subreport?
  115. Mondrian Schema file found on server when it shouldn't have been - hidden feature?
  116. How to manage the profiles to access reports?
  117. migrate to latest stable release
  118. Report with OLAP Datasource works in designer and not when published
  119. How to deploy a report with subreports across multiple environments
  120. JNDI connection in Pentaho Report Designer
  121. Problem with localized report
  122. Erro in hiperlink of NumberField
  123. How to get OLAP Datasource/MDX Number Formats to persist in PRD?
  124. Differences between Report Designer and Browser viewing of reports
  125. How to set Excel function in excel report
  126. Problem with parameter text input fields
  127. Color BarChart with a parameter
  128. Banded subreport hidden
  129. very long text
  130. Issue while trying to publish the sample report of "Introducing BI Community Edition"
  131. Color-Code
  132. Page Numbers in Report
  133. Sparkline do not show up on the bi-server
  134. integrate pentaho report into web application
  135. OutOfMemory when running a report to export type HTML
  136. Hiding Sub Report in Main Report
  137. Database connection
  138. How to pass a dataset from a xaction to a prpt report
  139. Import data from MySql DB without any function
  140. Pentaho Reporting 3.7: Error Open Report
  141. prpt to access system action's session parameter values
  142. Where can PRD 3.8 be downloaded?
  143. Problem with font style when graphic added
  144. Problem char specials export do PDF
  145. Kettle step and PRD
  146. Parameters: How do you "select all" by default in a multi value list?
  147. Grid color in Report designer
  148. Aggregation functions
  149. The legend in a stacked bar chart
  150. subreport having problem in report designer tool (prd-ce-3.6.1-stable)
  151. How do I paginate a report?
  152. Report Designer 3.7 (Bar)Chart Wizard Question
  153. "Show labels" on a stacked bar chart
  154. Xml format output report
  155. How can Enable pentaho adhoc report
  156. Printing 'details' in a row
  157. Linking in a new tab or window
  158. SINGLEVALUEQUERY function
  159. Open formula evaluates as string
  160. top.mantle_openTab
  161. Hide some of output type in PRPT
  162. Unable to open the file as valid report definition
  163. Dynamic Table Name. How to create from various tables?
  164. crosstab reporting
  165. How to read Query definition for report from MasterReport
  166. Hide Y2-AXIS on Bar Line Chart
  167. Report based on parameter
  168. Can' render ò à... on pdf report
  169. Start a group in a new page??
  170. Grouping?
  171. CountDistinct Function problem
  172. Hide drillable reports on PUC Browser tree
  173. Publication of reports with Report Designer in different types
  174. WATERMARK and PDF files
  175. Display chart in the Report using API
  176. Dragging objects by dragging guidelines
  177. Is there a better, quick and easy way...?
  178. default output type
  179. Not Showing Varchar/character Values in preview and report
  180. The same report based on different roles
  181. Cross Tab Group Header uncomplete displayed
  182. Adding 1 day to date picker when passed to SQL
  183. Conditional Suppressing Subreports
  184. If_then_else function
  185. Problem with loading MasterReport from byte[] in pentaho 3.7
  186. Chart Labels Font Size
  187. Bar Chart - Show Values on Hover
  188. PRD Memory problems java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  189. Boolean Parameter in Report Designer
  190. Load multiple report templates(.prpt) files using API
  191. Template file read permissions
  192. Create groups with functions
  193. Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.0 What is new?
  194. All fields not available in report
  195. Xaction File Problem
  196. How to call functions or procedures in report designer
  197. Stable builds of Pentaho Reporting 3.8.0 CE have been posted to SourceForge.net
  198. Problem with sql command
  199. com.mysql.jdbc.driver
  200. Crosstab heads column missed?
  201. Column Grouping in PRD
  202. Multiple non-related tables as part of single report
  203. Dynamic Chart properties
  204. Conditional Running Sum possible?
  205. Passing Values to Subreports
  206. Problem with javascript and accented words
  207. Is it possible to control the order subreports are processed?
  208. Parameter Issue
  209. PRD performance
  210. Field's Tree
  211. Passing parameters into a sql query
  212. Compatibility Report designer 3.7 and Pentaho BI 3.5 server
  213. Exporting to pdf through url
  214. How to do something like DateAdd
  215. Avoid duplicate names
  216. Parameter if 'NULL'
  217. Administration console
  218. calculating the totals in cross tab
  219. Charts are not displayed in pentaho bi-server
  220. Running a report on a MySQL table with a dynamic date stamped table name
  221. Dynamic size of columns
  222. Pentaho extension points for custom application
  223. Connect Oracle 11g R2
  224. Passing a date parameter into a MySQL query
  225. Export a report into Excel with multiple spreadsheets
  226. Adding subreprots Dynamically
  227. Facing issue using a Measure within an Open Formula
  228. Multi selection Parameter in Preview mode on Pentaho Report Design (3.8.0 GA)
  229. Let me know how control the style of parameter.
  230. Construct a Parenthetical AND OR Statement Using Metadata Datasource in PRD 3.8
  231. ORA-1861 in Report Designer
  232. Add rupees symbol replace of Rupees Text
  233. Weird behaviour when retrieving parametrized MDX query
  234. [BarChart]Set a color to a category according to the value
  235. Problems with parameter passing
  236. Dynamic width of the column in crosstabs
  237. Parameter in a select clause
  238. PRD 3.6 - sql query "in list" problem
  239. Wide report in PDF format
  240. Burst Sales Report error after migrating data to PostgreSQL
  241. Why do report calculations start before clicking the "View Report" button?
  242. OutOfMemoryError
  243. Wrapping the text in report
  244. Publish Report: ERROR
  245. THe report Header is coming twice .
  246. How to change date format in PRD
  247. Multiple queries in master report
  248. How To Use External Datasoure In PRPT File
  249. Chart with report designer
  250. Line Chart Properties : set Y-min with dynamically ?