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  1. Problem to open report in XLS Format
  2. Parameter of a report
  3. Insufficient data for an image
  4. Imperial / Metric Localization?
  5. AdHoc tooltips
  6. CHAR function for carriage return-equivalent in 3.6?
  7. Piechart-label
  8. Function to convert seconds to HH:MM:SS?
  9. Chart with report designer
  10. Parameters Validation
  11. Problem to open the report in HTML Format
  12. Adhoc Internalization Content
  13. Report Designer and Java Web Start ?
  14. How to limit the output-types in pentaho 3.6 ?
  15. hiding parameters
  16. Functions, Parameters and more
  17. Report designer installation question
  18. Upgrade Reporting engine 3.7.1 to 3.8.0 on 3.7 platform
  19. Building dynamic reports
  20. Publishing the report in another server
  21. Cant publish report
  22. Calling a Stored Procedure from Report Designer
  23. auto refresh report data (build in report designer) in dashboard (user console)
  24. clear text passwords in simple-jndi file
  25. Date Picker for MySQL where clause
  26. Datepicker - set minimum date
  27. Running reports outside of Report Designer
  28. Publishing report
  29. View html or pdf ? not align
  30. Not getting data from the datasource
  31. Line Charts - Two lines in the chart
  32. Problems with changing a schema and then publishing it
  33. How to concatenate and format strings in formula
  34. documetation for pdr
  35. Getting display name if parameter drop down value in report
  36. Parameter error message and outuput type localization (translation) and customization
  37. Report Designer - publish does not exist?
  38. Deployment in Different Environments
  39. Basic Drill-Linking question
  40. UNION query issue
  41. ERROR: JNDI CONNECTION with mysql server
  42. Connections between Oracle 9i EE <-> Pentaho Report Designer 3.8
  43. make a column value fixed
  44. column header
  45. Repeat header issue in crosstabs
  46. How to use more then one query for report generation
  47. Issue on the parameter that is defined by another parameter
  48. Link Report Designer Report To a Dasboard
  49. Reference column by position
  50. Datatype TIME
  51. Bar chrt
  52. conditional parameters/prompts on parameters/prompts
  53. Remove values from Output Type
  54. PRD and XLS and CSV Export Character String Truncation Problem
  55. Resizing column width
  56. Advanced SQL parametrization and RD Charts
  57. Change Layout in Pentaho
  58. Passing parameters from JSP page
  59. PRD Charts - Give name to series
  60. Problems with Pentaho Data Integration data sets in reports
  61. .prpt resource bundle inheritance?
  62. Excel 2007 Output: Chart doesn't show up (PRD 3.8)
  63. Location of .properties file for Parameter selection bar?
  64. Hyper-linking URL
  65. decreasing interval of y axis in bar graph
  66. How to connect with external Mysql databse to generate reports in Pentaho.
  67. How to display a report on a JSP web page?
  68. Is there a way to make the Excel output charts less blurred?
  69. Issue with Date rage filter / parameters using JDBC custom data source
  70. Convert zero values to null
  71. Layout Problems with Subreports again
  72. merge multiple prpt file using java
  73. Can we serialize PreviewDialog Object or MasterReport Object?
  74. Keeping headers aligned with data if using row layout?
  75. Borders not properly displayed in PDF output
  76. Bug in 3.8 or changed behaviour?
  77. parameterizing the connection strings?
  78. Question about published reports and datasources
  79. ReportViewer
  80. Chart Label Customisation
  81. How to create a page break after a specific report element
  82. Reporting and publishing newbie
  83. publishing reports via https
  84. Removing security
  85. Strategies for integrating reporting into ana pplication ( integrated BI )
  86. java.lang.NullPointerException
  87. Caching on PRD 3.8 broke some reports
  88. Publishing reports - Please help a newbie!!
  89. On mouse over
  90. How can I generate dynamic reports of PDF tables with changing columns?
  91. Pentaho details
  92. Increasing the width of Report .
  93. Customizing the PreviewDialog Properties
  94. Conditional Reporting (?)
  95. Parametric report
  96. USING HTML for Dropdown
  97. Creation of Datasource with multiple tables like given in SampleData example
  98. table name as a parameter
  99. Using parameters to build others to pass to query
  100. Operator parameter
  101. Post-processing formula (designer vs. web viewer)
  102. Modifying existing functions in PRD 3.7.0
  103. Reports with Charts using pentaho reporting plugin
  104. PDF generation : Null font = Arial
  105. Data driven colors in a chart?
  106. Localization questions
  107. Mysql Group_Concat and Sparklines
  108. How to format the second Y axis in a bar line chart?
  109. Excel output problems
  110. How can I set a report's page printing margins programmatically?
  111. Dynamic Table
  112. Drill-Down Using URL Hyperlink with 2 parameters
  113. Functions
  114. Avoid empty page when subreport has pagebreak
  115. Monthly results
  116. Can a separate servlet be used just to start the ClassicEngineBoot?
  117. How do I only show the first occurrence of a value?
  118. Condition Hyperlink
  119. Page Header - some time visible, some times not
  120. By Using Subreports content is going to the next page?..................
  121. Is it possible to summarize data in Pentaho Report Designer?
  122. Newbie: Parameters--How to not limit to one selection?
  123. Publish Report- "An error occurred : Publish failed.."
  124. Font behavior - Arial not always present?
  125. Totally lost NEWBIE - Dashboard reporting - how to get started
  126. Table
  127. Open connections to DB (too many)
  128. How to define OLAP schema and DB source dynamically?
  129. Is it Possible to put Group Totals in the Group Header?
  130. Comments on report output
  131. Multiple Datasources in report Causes Data Fields to disappear?
  132. OLAP4J XMLA Datasource
  133. PRD number-field: "Self" or "This" equivalent within a formula?
  134. Is it possible to Use a Column Value or even a Parameter for Axis Title?
  135. Report Designer-Publishing report doesn't work if locked
  136. Sum diferent values in sub-reports
  137. Problems with parameters
  138. integrat dinamic report in web application
  139. Data Source Pentaho Data Integration: Problem with defining more than 1 query
  140. Pentaho reporting
  141. How can page footer/header text align to far right when paper width is LANDSCAPE?
  142. Trouble with SINGLEVALUEQUERY formula
  143. datafactory
  144. Same query gives results in JPivot but none in report
  145. Is it possible to get the reports as web services ?
  146. preloader
  147. Hyper-link not working in Internet Explorer
  148. Report Parameter
  149. Daily Data with Monthly Totals
  150. Sum function from sub report
  151. No Data Error Message in Chart
  152. Pentaho Dynamic Report
  153. Is it possible to do a "Group if....."
  154. Export to Excel Number Format issues
  155. All fields underlined in excel output
  156. Help with pentaho reporting
  157. Date format
  158. Wrong Domain ID / BI-Server Solution Name
  159. Pagebreak issue
  160. Pentaho Reporting Graph - Add filter
  161. Issue with redirection of URL to pentaho
  162. Is it possible to make the style.css as absolute ?
  163. xml data source
  164. Scatter charts : String labels
  165. Statistical Analysis in Pentaho Reporting
  166. Why are Excel numeric fields not displaying data?
  167. Adding contents to report dynamically
  168. Explode variables in PRD expressions
  169. Are parameters working with Hive queries?
  170. Hive Query: How to call UDFs and set variables?
  171. Help required for dynamic report generation
  172. Report published through report designer not running
  173. How to set y-axis consistent colors
  174. Relative path in a hyperlink instead of full Server URL
  175. PRD 3.8 Crosstab on empty or missing column
  176. custom PRD defaults
  177. Parameter UI Controls -- Can they be positioned?
  178. Export to Excel
  179. How can I get the status of an in-progress report generation?
  180. Improper Report Excel output format
  181. Problems with PRD Community Adding Data source - all data sources greyed out!
  182. Report long text is cut of
  183. How to get the Report Designer parameter panel?
  184. DRILLDOWN Link
  185. Spaces in a format mask?
  186. data from Data source Doesnt persist in PRD
  187. Is it possible to generate/print the same label multiple time
  188. Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.0 Parameter visible true / false runtime
  189. Kettle Datasource
  190. How to get a count of rows on each page?
  191. Hyperlink to a Report-internal Subreport or Textfield
  192. I miss the pentaho design studio wizard for reporting
  193. Reporting SDK: Does resource manager cache MasterReports?
  194. Connecting Sample Database with Pentaho Report Designer
  195. help regarding export into excel
  196. How to widen the page in Report Designer?
  197. Pentaho 4.0 RC1
  198. Slowness in report generation
  199. Queries in Report Designer
  200. Parameter display horizontal in pentaho report designer 3.8.0
  201. Pentaho Contractor Needed - Sacramento, California Area
  202. How can a report be cancelled?
  203. Report display in full screen in Pentaho report designer 3.8.0
  204. Regarding SCREEN display issue
  205. Regarding parameter(In Search Panel) display issue
  206. Regarding Default parameter selection issue
  207. Regarding clickable chart issue
  208. Query in pentaho is not processing
  209. Custom Java code to pre-preprocess a report deployed on BI Server
  210. Display report when not select any parameter
  211. Linking formulas between subreports
  212. Multiple selection of parameter value is not work
  213. getImage in html reports
  214. Top List of Customers
  215. Engine 3.8: disable data-caching?
  216. select by default first value of Drop Down Parameter type
  217. Parameter cache problem
  218. web service method name/query name from code
  219. Pdf font export problem
  220. Can a sub-report store values given by master?
  221. Creating cross tab report dynamically.
  222. Stacked Bar chart label problem
  223. number-format on report
  224. Adding loggers to monitor the performance of running reports.
  225. Changing Template Color
  226. Reporting 3.8.1 RC1 has been posted to SourceForge.net
  227. want to get rid of warning messages
  228. report validation failed
  229. Multi - Lingual Support
  230. Clickable chart
  231. Exporting a report as CSV Failed
  232. Problem launching Report Designer version 3.7 and 3.8 on Windows 7
  233. MQL question
  234. MQL Parameter passing
  235. Output format for particular PRPT file
  236. PRD date picker (visible) default value
  237. Data Set Query Column Headers Go Missing
  238. Hiding X-axis labels in charts
  239. After published chart report not worked
  240. Using one Null Field will get Null report completely?
  241. Export to PDF
  242. WAQR and Luciddb?
  243. Report Generation Failure in PRD 3.8.0 version
  244. Drop Downs-2 diff browses show same information.
  245. help needing error too many connection
  246. RSA authentication integrated with Pentaho, but having issue with Report Publishing
  247. Why does the .. overflow-text appear randomly??
  248. Cannot display images, charts or css for html attachment reports
  249. SDK: There are no root-handlers registered
  250. Report parameters : where is the mistake?