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  1. Published sub-report queries acting strangely
  2. What's the best way to create custom boilerplate labels in pentaho reports?
  3. Parameter problem
  4. Removing Pagination from Excel reports
  5. Multiple CSV files into a Datasource
  6. Access the results of an SQL query from javascript
  7. Crosstab reports
  8. Fault & Exception Handling
  9. Problems with new wizard-templates (PIR)
  10. Using field 2 query for conparison
  11. Api Question: Setting attributes
  12. Free Tutorial: Metadata Driven ETL and Reporting
  13. Using external report as subreport...
  14. Can you get data from multiple steps when using PDI Input?
  15. Drill down in pentaho
  16. Problem loading tables from Oracle db into Report Designer
  17. Pentaho Report Designer 3.0 - A design with 150 columns and 9000 rows - Performance
  18. Limit Results per Column
  19. Using API master report data getting appended to sub report.
  20. Fitting the columns
  21. Setting logged in user into query in Pentaho Report Designer 3.8
  22. Parameter alignment in reports
  23. Adding Logout button in main tool bar
  24. Accessing particular rows in the resultset
  25. Stacked points in chart
  26. Visibility based on NULL Condition
  27. Exporting to Excel - does 64K record limit still apply?
  28. Report Parameters not showing up after publish
  29. Pentaho Report Designer issue
  30. Reports without flash
  31. env::username value in xaction
  32. Best way to implement shared pentaho reports in a multitenant environment?
  33. How to dynamic display the bar chart series value?
  34. Report Designer vs Reporting Engine Classic - Stupid question?!
  35. Span Label over Detail rows
  36. 100% Width report in HTML
  37. Parameters causing 'not all variables bound' error in Oracle
  38. How to create a bar chart in report designer of pentaho tools!!
  39. Information on the Sub-report will come up in case of PDF file format but HTML
  40. PRE 3.7.0: How to add a Chart by using API?
  41. How to convert excel to pentaho report (sub query)
  42. Hiding the Header. So frustrating
  43. Report Designer 3.8.0
  44. Parameter in Report Designer 3.8.0
  45. Date Parameter in Report
  46. Removing Page Header from Sub Report? How?
  47. Crosstab in pentaho report designer 3.8.0
  48. Problem with the layout of exported files
  49. parameterization not working in pentaho report designer
  50. Crosstab problem in report designer 3.8.0
  51. PRD basics don't work
  52. Date Picker Parameter in Report Designer 3.8.0
  53. Month format problem in report designer 3.8.0
  54. Can a Formula reference itself? (the title sucks, open so i can explain)
  55. Parameter in Report designer 3.8.0
  56. Accessing custom session variables in a report
  57. Sparklines - Reset for each group
  58. how to find parameters , queries after parse .prpt file from report engine
  59. Crosstab format in report designer 3.8.0
  60. Pentaho 3.6 and problems with Ñ character
  61. calling new MasterReport() crashed WebSphere
  62. Problem in crosstab
  63. ODT File Format Support in reports
  64. Error with Pentaho Reporting Engine 3.7.0 with Mondrian and Closures
  65. Summary Average in Group Header
  66. 3D Barcode Support in Reports
  67. Am I using CONTAINS() wrong?
  68. conditional pagebreak
  69. Sparklines in Report designer 3.8.0-stable
  70. Rendring the reports from custome template
  71. Internationalisation in Pentaho Reports
  72. Error Handling
  73. Displaying dynamic date/ Previous Calendar Month name on report title
  74. expose sparkline values?
  75. Crosstab problem
  76. Dynamic Parameter in PRD 3.8.0
  77. Permissions
  78. XML file name as parameter?
  79. MDX or MQL?
  80. Pentaho 3.8 Caching
  81. PageBreak in Pentaho 3.8
  82. Dynamic attachment name for scheduled report sent by email? (Version 3.8)
  83. Report with xml datasource {Data-Set does not contain a column warning}
  84. First time parameterized report, ‘Unable to initialize report’ in print preview, par
  85. Data Returning Byte type instead of String
  86. Reports Off HBase
  87. Parametarized order by returns exception in sql query
  88. Performance concerns with Pentaho reporting
  89. How to translate the text format while generate report through BI-SERVER.
  90. Table Sorting functionality in HTML output
  91. Cannot add new fields after using Report Design Wizard
  92. What is the linebreak character in PRD?
  93. Editable fields in PDF export
  94. BI Server can't see fields in datasource from report
  95. Problems with sub-reports and sheet names
  96. Can I set schema search path at report run-time (e.g., postgresql's set search_path)?
  97. Report is not showing text of all the fields
  98. Group results by range of numbers
  99. Substract two rows
  100. Subreport with border?
  101. Comparing Report Designer Parameters in MDX query
  102. How to implement single value checkbox parameter in Pentaho reporting 3.7
  103. Open report in new tab on change of Parameter value
  104. Sloooooow Paramateriezed Report from PRD 3.8.1
  105. Error data connection with access JNDI
  106. YESTERDAY() in PRD
  107. Jndi
  108. Calling parameter for single value query function
  109. Help Editing Configuration - Where
  110. Subreports in Report Header: Paginated HTML validation failed
  111. HTML Stream Message
  112. Manually hide columns while viewing report
  113. TWO Value Columns
  114. can anybody help me to solve this performance issue?
  115. Issue with Ingres JDBC driver and published reports
  116. How to deploy the same report on four environment
  117. Operand should contain 1 column(s)
  118. Relative linking
  119. Query not showing string
  120. Connection Reset Error - Pentaho 3.5.1-GA.39705
  121. hi
  122. Cross table
  123. Is there a way to reset the report parameters??
  124. What's the build number for the published 3.8.0 Report Designer
  125. Problem with overlapping elements on HTML reports
  126. How to use a Mondrian Connection in an embedded Report via JNDI?
  127. Pentaho BI suite 4.0 throws error while adding with Hive 0.7.1
  128. Designer not loading DB drivers
  129. Need Help To Export Chart Data To Excel Output
  130. How to take a CSV input?
  131. previous row
  132. Preview option for Jobs
  133. Reporting 3.8.2 Stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  134. Convert the number to words
  135. X action to .prpt conversion
  136. running report from java based website: page size
  137. Removing White Spaces from PRPTs
  138. Getting the error Unable to parse the document
  139. Vertical Orientation of Text in PRD 3.5
  140. after upgrade to 3.8.2, reports displays without data
  141. Pentaho Reporing Engine Structure
  142. 2d barcode support
  143. Ivy - Pentaho missing all transitive dependencies
  144. Mondrian OLAP Measures are assigned incorrect datatype
  145. clearing mondrian cache in report designer
  146. Text Field in Sentence
  147. Passing function values from sub-report to main report
  148. ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified
  149. How to deal with a long list of figures in one text field? Thanks!
  150. How to change display orientation in the details section ?
  151. PRD + Mondrian, not getting the same values as in jpivot
  152. Income Statement Example
  153. Error opening the PRPT report after making changes
  154. Can't Create Distinct Groups - Help
  155. Change datasource of many reports
  156. Time Format in PRD 3.8
  157. Connecting to multiple MS SQL Server database in the same report
  158. Can't find default properties file in Windows 7
  159. Error "Failed in Build Parameter Panel" when opening report in BI Suite 4.0 GA
  160. PdfReportUtil.createPDF() does not retrieve the full report
  161. Java-Pentaho Reporting
  162. Unable to publish report from Report Designer
  163. Unable to parse the document error
  164. Multiple Excel Sheets
  165. Issues cutting and pasting subreports in Report Designer
  166. Pentaho Report Designer Cell Merging Problem with Excel Sheet for the last report
  167. Adhoc reporting capability
  168. Using Oracle JDBC query in Timeseries collector
  169. Weird behaviour when publishing a report
  170. File > Resources - for what can I use it?
  171. problem with break page
  172. How to upgrade the report engine in bi-server 3.8.0 to 3.8.2
  173. How to hide the Report Parameters header with the OutputType select list ?
  174. Drill down
  175. Referencing Element Name Instead of Data Field
  176. Is pagebreak functionality working well ?
  177. A single report taking multiple db connections
  178. Include a report already done as a sub-report of a other one
  179. Scripting datasource: Can I use js ?
  180. split function in PRD
  181. How to use variable CSV/Excel files as input for report?
  182. Report Parameters
  183. Required some input to control & display all pointers in x-axis
  184. DataFactory api in TRUNK
  185. How to ask the report user to specify a file path?
  186. Read Data from HIve
  187. iterateSection im WizardProcessor
  188. Ad Hoc reports and analysis legacy (is there a replacement)
  189. Parameters in Select Statement
  190. Publishing to the server fails ...
  191. Gauge Chat available with PRD?
  192. unable to open report with an area chart
  193. how to create a table-of-contents using pentaho report designer-3.8.2
  194. how to layout report based on sales by customer name horizontally
  195. how to get default all rows data in report with empty parameter?????
  196. Show parameters-ui collapsed by default
  197. Need Help Calculating and Formatting A Percentage
  198. how to implement parameters between main report and multiple subreports???
  199. Changing a parameter value for every row in the Details band
  200. reports taking more time than it should
  201. Error when building report using mondrian
  202. Error when using Parameter as a Table name - It gets Quoted
  203. I can't open my Report for first time.
  204. Top N of group
  205. date axis
  206. Problem with Classic Engine output to HTML - works perfectly for PDF
  207. Customize WAHQ template
  208. Using different number formats in the same detail column.
  209. Disable Auto-Submit on Preview :: PRD 3.8.0
  210. Label of Top-Value in bar-chart always truncated
  211. Dynamic Height
  212. Can I Dymically change the report page size or autofit the page
  213. Exporting to Excel - "extra" blank row under every row of data
  214. Reporting 3.8.3 Stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  215. How to add a image to a report header in a prpt file
  216. intuitive text box in input paramter
  217. Pentaho Report Designer 3.0 - Pentaho BI Server CE 3.0 stable - Performance Issue
  218. Out-of Memory Error
  219. multiple objects/charts in a row
  220. New User looking for Pentaho tutorials or documantaion
  221. Paginated HTML report vs. Selecting rows for one page in a query. Comp. Performance.
  222. Open report for public access
  223. chinese font help~~~
  224. Functions with paremeters
  225. append output location of report and report name in url
  226. Ho to paginate a report without the report-viewer?
  227. sum of return values from multiple subreports
  228. Opening a report in a new window using PUC
  229. Two queries in the main report
  230. Visible or not with parameter.
  231. style-values usable in a formulas?
  232. Excel - page-header and page-footer
  233. Which driver is best JTDS or JDBC for MS SQL
  234. Pentaho 3.6, bad display in html view
  235. Interactive Reporting
  236. Fontfaces, encoding and accented characters
  237. save report at a location without displaying
  238. Localizing a Mondrian Schema in Reports I18n
  239. Word wraping problem
  240. Merging cells
  241. JNDI setting when publishing a report to Pentaho BI Server
  242. Error when viewing a published report which uses pentaho analysis datasource
  243. Parametros de Parametro Ayuda!!!!!
  244. Print blank report when query returns no data
  245. Publishing report to BI server, aot all report columnns are displayed
  246. Stacked Bar Chart - Changing series colors between categories
  247. ElementVisibilitySwitchFunction not working as expected on Pentaho reports.
  248. "Report validation failed" message when viewing a report for OLAP Pentaho Analysis DS
  249. PRD "freezing" while developing reports
  250. Report Cache - Pagination