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  1. fixed range on XY Line Chart
  2. Unable tu set a report output type when publishing.
  3. Not enough material to understand and paginate HTML reports
  4. Using a field from a lookup table as a URL in DRILLDOWN()
  5. Formatting date in bar chart as a category
  6. Report cache - where to start?
  7. Dynamic SQL generation
  8. Publishing report in BI server, parameter section is not displayed correctly
  9. multiple dimensions in charts using mdx , crosstab
  10. HOW-TO parametrize the JNDI name the report rely on ?
  11. Embedding a Report(Please Help a Newbie)
  12. Bar Chart - Need Help Charting A Function / OpenFormula Result
  13. Excel report merging columns
  14. Help in using drilldown-profile
  15. generating reports in Apache tomcat server.
  16. Report Designed locks BBDD account when Open or Executing reports (sometimes)
  17. Problem with fonts in reports
  18. Format a field
  19. Dynamic refresh issue
  20. How to hide group headers the first time it is printed
  21. Dynamic sort based on checkbox-style selection
  22. Bar Chart report not displayed in Excel 2007
  23. Missing Date field indicator in parameter in Pentaho Console
  24. logging parameter selection
  25. Drilldown to another report and apply the dynamic filter based on the click
  26. Passing Comma List Through Textbox Parameter
  27. How to run reports from a cron?
  28. Change Y_AXIS at runtime
  29. Basics HELP
  30. 2 Subreport in the same excel file
  31. Problem with Custom Metadata parameters
  32. This parameter value is an invalid value
  33. Function "sum"
  34. Publishing from report-designer to web
  35. Displaying foreign characters on a Report
  36. How to save Pentaho Reports in HTML format.
  37. Interactive Reporting
  38. Multiple list selection
  39. Charts not displayed in Spring MVC web application
  40. I am only getting data for sub-report but the data for main report has not extracted
  41. Bar chart creation in Pentaho Report Designer 1.1
  42. Dual-Axis chart
  43. Hooking js file into pentaho reporting file
  44. prpt-packaging/-zipping VS Version-Control
  45. dynamic-height also expands other rows in report
  46. Making textbox parameter field larger
  47. Totalitemcountfunction giving value in date format for excel type output
  48. same report, different datasource based on user group
  49. Related Subreports - Same number of rows.
  50. Pentaho Adhoc (WAQR) exporting to Excel blank
  51. PRD Page breaking
  52. Passing the logged in user to the report
  53. Report Designer taking too long to open
  54. Not all parameters are displayed
  55. Place a label at the bottom of a page of a sub-report
  56. Chart - How to calculate and display growth over previous month
  57. Display Image from Cache Database LongVarBinary field
  58. Java Method Invocation parameter problem
  59. Passing Date parameter from PRD to Kettle
  60. change separator
  61. after page
  62. Reportmodel: negative columnsize, what's goin on?
  63. How to pass multiple paraameters in parameter function for MDX Query
  64. sort by IP address
  65. Specify relationships between tables t o use/
  66. Dynamic cell height excel issues
  67. same column name in different tables
  68. Embedding Pentaho reports in existing web application
  69. Pagenation in HTML output
  70. crosstab (calculate total column amount)
  71. Report Bursting Implementation
  72. Bar chart doesn't display data
  73. SQL Server Views in Pentaho Reporting Datasource
  74. Compare 2 paremeters and validate
  75. Query regarding mandatory parameters
  76. Run a .prpt file without BI-server
  77. Using array to populate drop down parameter
  78. how to change " ,00 " to "0,00" in one field ?
  79. Putting report parameter into sql function
  80. Change DB connection string dynamically
  81. New Chart for each change in data
  82. For CSV format, page value is getting displayed as 1-Jan(Date) in Pentaho reports.
  83. Internationalization forX-axis and Y-axis titles in Pentaho Report Bar Graphs
  84. Is it possible to repeat a subreport twice or more times?
  85. Repeat "Report Header" when a value in a field change
  86. Report parameter without quotes
  87. Pentaho report Designer in French
  88. SDK to create Xml reports and Intrim Data model
  89. Internationalization for value of 'no-data-message' field in Pentaho Report Bar Graph
  90. Using env::roles-array in PRD
  91. report parameters window collapsed
  92. calling oracle procedure / function from pentaho report designer
  93. Extend lines to bottom in detail section
  94. Defaulting the Parameters so that window is collapsed(Please help!)
  95. manipulating parameter
  96. Parameters from property files in Sub reports
  97. Scheduled report not overwritten with new parameter modification on report
  98. Report Designer 3.8.3 charts being duplicated when exported or previewed.
  99. Use external properties-files to localize report
  100. Passing multiple value from PDI to Report Designer
  101. PRD formula
  102. Report Designer Preview error: Layouted Height is less than zero
  103. How to Access the properties of an OLAP element?
  104. Concatenating Parameters
  105. Embedding reports in application
  106. dynamic hidden the parameter
  107. need help with a simple graph (which isn't simple for me;-)
  108. cache in pentaho reporting with web based application
  109. report failed after updating the xml schema
  110. Why my pentaho report when export to excel, some data is missing
  111. Pentaho Report Sub report the group header and detail header can not repeating
  112. Problems with the X-AXIS in a Line CHART
  113. Pivot Table Display using the Report Designer
  114. Open a hyperlink in a new tab in Pentaho User Console
  115. where are the reports saved?
  116. Difference between OLAP4J and Pentaho Analysis
  117. Export CDE Dashboards in PRD using CGG and report parameters
  118. possible to have more than one series group in xy plot?
  119. How to use reporting to monitor users activities
  120. Language Setup Excel
  121. Report Designer Column Count
  122. Chart-Post-Processing can't apply a JFreeChart CategoryPlot.addDomainMarker method
  123. Parameters layout & position
  124. disable printing of PDFs via beanshell
  125. Pentaho Report Designer : Split a chart over 2 pages or more
  126. Any way to parameterize a field name?
  127. Data sort order
  128. Having trouble with Report Designer - Java Method Invocation Data Source
  129. column names for stored procedure datasource?
  130. Enable Excel Sheets????
  131. Case insensitive parameter comparisons?
  132. Reports in excel with multiple sheets
  133. For fun: MDX structure
  134. Pentaho Report Designer - simulate simple table?
  135. get empty fields to print in Report Designer?
  136. Label containing parameter value is not shown when previewing report in bi server
  137. Sometimes my reports a cached
  138. Set CSV output via configuration
  139. Comma as decimal separator, localization?
  140. Change color of report layout
  141. Using Resource Bundles for Parameter Queries
  142. Insert in a Report via Pentaho Report Designer
  143. Dimension of report
  144. Filter
  145. Problem using parameter in query
  146. Javascript in the Report Designer
  147. Using the print format RTF some report print-outs were displayed incorrectly.
  148. Pentaho - 6 Month Contract - London
  149. Problems accessing the „ReportEnvironment“ in Scriptable-Datasource
  150. How to resolve OUT OF MEMORY error?
  151. UI for Xml Report
  152. How to call oracle procedure in report design?
  153. Does Pentaho Report Engine have any API?
  154. Getting Started
  155. using reportparameter as IN CLAUSE
  156. Fix Header when scroll page
  157. Change dinamically y-min values of a bar chart
  158. View Report Button Visibility
  159. Is there a way to set a dynamic page size
  160. Dynamic column labels in PRD
  161. Facing Issues while publishing report from HADOOP HIVE Database ........HELP ME !!!!!
  162. Do I able to dynamically display data in report by different login user?
  163. Displaying the same date once in a column
  164. Query to find parameters for PRPT Report
  165. Disable excel export from master report
  166. sum of count value in sub report
  167. Report Parameter - need a hint
  168. Choosing with cascading report to display
  169. how to convert report design in Vesion 1.2 to Version 3.8.3
  170. Calling PRD through Java Source Code
  171. Date picker element not showing in PUC
  172. How export to XLS without merging columns?
  173. using data from a table with query data
  174. Is it possible to use a dataset as a table so it can be joined against ?
  175. Repeating the report Header
  176. "Invalid value" for simple string parameter
  177. How to refer to a parameter, and print it to the result set?
  178. onfirstpage on pageheader
  179. show value over bar chart
  180. CE vs EE
  181. Link of Table of Content doesn't work
  182. Getting username in PRD 3.0
  183. Report in PRD 3.8.3 - how to add another one details coumnl?
  184. connect to repository with SSL from PRD
  185. Pagination and Result Set
  186. Migrate Report V3.0 to V3.8
  187. Pentaho 4.1 GA - issues in reporting
  188. Paramter
  189. Version number in reports?
  190. How to use what-if analysis in report designer 3.8
  191. how to filter the row values by using formula expression
  192. Problem with report structure
  193. Adding oracle datasource with a service name as opposed to a sid giving error
  194. ISEXPORTTYPE function is not working in pentaho 3.8.3?
  195. Aggregation over column under certain circumstances
  196. Driver issue for connection to Ms SQL
  197. Problems with value NULL
  198. Empty Report (with Kettle)
  199. Chart-Post-Processing on Bar Line Chart set lines range maximum with 'setUpperBound'
  200. Display a vertical line
  201. Parameter Values - Non SQL Query Selection
  202. Page Break on the Report
  203. Report with mongodb
  204. Date validation problems
  205. Possible to sum-distinct?
  206. Problem with parameter value
  207. This parameter value is of an invalid value
  208. pentaho html reporting particular agent data missing problem
  209. Publishing report problems
  210. Pentaho report designer- display sum of fields
  211. pentaho html reporting particular agent data missing problem
  212. problem with timestamp (milliseconds ignored)?
  213. Blank report in Report designer
  214. How to design Gantt Chart and the value is form one date to another date
  215. Reports data got 0.0 values
  216. After sometime reports becane blank
  217. WARNING: Expression with name 'xxx' uses an deprecated type: 'Use a Formula/Style
  218. access report via api example
  219. Add a summarized column to the category-column in a stacked bar chart
  220. Printing Paginated HTML output in User Console
  221. Penatho not releasing releasing connections
  222. Counts
  223. An unexpected error has occurred: Failed to parse query
  224. Getting null values when use a function
  225. Summary and Detail Report off of same query
  226. Trailing blank pages with Address Labels
  227. Parameters
  228. data source xml
  229. PRD CE 3.8.3 install does not show documentation from help menu
  230. chart post processing script events
  231. JSP how to display pentaho report
  232. merging identical rows in a report
  233. parameters from Textbox using in a query SELECT * FROM tab WHERE a IN (${param})
  234. using image-field in report designer to show images based on data
  235. Create Text Output without Pagebreaks
  236. comma separated parameter list
  237. Automatic layout CSV truncating values.
  238. computing difference between times
  239. Accessing Element information from BSH/BSF
  240. PRD 4.1 issue with Parameters
  241. Queries list sorting in Pentaho Reporting
  242. Problem printing HTML plusminus character
  243. How to remove hyperlink frome data when we download into excel
  244. PRD Chart Drilldown not Passing Parameter
  245. Accessing report parameters in functions or scripts
  246. Existing Report as Sub-Report not longer possible?
  247. PRD behind a proxy (and dns through proxy)
  248. How to enable experimental datasource?
  249. Pentaho 4.5, PRD 3.9 (?) CDA datasource(??)
  250. Dynamic labels