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  1. Post-Processing Formula and Hidden Parameters
  2. Detect output format of reports
  3. adhoc reporting: paper sizes
  4. PRD and Mondrian datasource
  5. One Chart isnt visible.. instead two dots
  6. Row Banding Width - Report Designer 3.8.0-GA
  7. Master report to subreport
  8. report
  9. Pentaho 4.1.0 GA - Reporting: DropDown Parameter displaced
  10. How to use SQLSERVER storage process?
  11. Whole Reports data got null values
  12. hide subreport if no rows returned
  13. Problem with tool-tip in bar-line chart
  14. How to go back from PRD 3.8.3 to 3.8.0?
  15. Modify prpt report parameter, then submit
  16. PNG report not working
  17. copy table data source between reports
  18. difficult report layout
  19. Conditional Parameter in Datasource
  20. Set colours for survey scale?
  21. horizontal to vertical label rotation for domain label in vertical Openflash Barchart
  22. Hide components of a report
  23. Reset parameter to default value
  24. Chart, plot by date, with all days
  25. Message or popup when trying to edit label name in designer.
  26. Multi-value lists in drilldown reports
  27. JDBC connection error in pentaho designer 3.8.3
  28. Got error when deploy report to pentaho server
  29. Pentaho Reports Distribution
  30. Aditional blank page using pagebreak-after
  31. renderMode and output-target for xanalyzer?
  32. how report-design integrates into pentaho biserver
  33. focus always lost in report-designer 3.8.3
  34. how can text wrap in report-designer 3.8.3
  35. modifyng report for automatic nightly runs
  36. Crosstab table: duplicated date - Report Designer 3.8.0-GA
  37. Reset Button/Option in filter
  38. dropdown parameter selection from multiple columns in query
  39. SubReport
  40. Parameterize limit
  41. How to set Hyperlink in the crosstab design of PRD 3.8.2
  42. Nullpointer exception when using IE?
  43. Refresh dependent Parameter with new values
  44. Report Engine as command line tool ?
  45. how to build the dynamic reports from Pentaho Reporting Design
  46. Image into custom old template
  47. Choose parameter to deploy query on different servers
  48. Insert into Database
  49. Can see multiple charts on report page/ HTML view/PDF
  50. Where to place images that are referenced from HTML?
  51. Bar Chart "Bar Alignment"
  52. Pre processor and ReportDesigner
  53. SQL Statement as a data source
  54. Manually creating .prpt file from a directory
  55. Error save as a template
  56. Problems with bars chart
  57. XML and Report Designer Problem
  58. Drill down report & cross tab report
  59. Problem calling a report from within a report
  60. Format datetime
  61. How to make Pentaho faster?
  62. set date picker default value as a month ago
  63. How to make this report
  64. No-Data band in Pentaho Cross tab report
  65. excel output - each report row takes up 2 rows of cells
  66. Reports Failing in PRD 3.9.0 GA
  67. ALL values option in Group Header
  68. YESTERDAY() giving me a date in the future
  69. Embedding reports to tomcat-based Web Application
  70. SQLite and JDBC
  71. how to convert english number to marathi number in pentaho report
  72. Generate PDF statements for too long
  73. Using a wildcard in a dropdown parameter
  74. Newbie Q: Access a column in an SQL row via a parameter
  75. How to use Scriptable Database set along with parameter
  76. Vertical text alignment in reports made using Metadata as a datasource
  77. how to set encoding as UTF8 in Pentaho report designer
  78. dynamic y axis tick intervals in charts
  79. Iterate resultset as columns instead of rows
  80. Pentaho biserver performance degrades after running 200+ scheduled reports
  81. correct ligature for devnaagari how to indic-jasper in pentaho ???
  82. groovy datasource, SINGLEVALUEQUERY and the "Default Value Formula" of my parameter
  83. Add new chart plugins
  84. Date values not being passed to MDX query correctly.
  85. Dynamic chart type in Pentaho Report Designer
  86. Reporting 3.9.0 Stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  87. Different colors for each bar in a Barchart (non-stacked single measure)
  88. Possible BUG 3.9 PRD CDA DataSource (No lawsuits)
  89. Open Formula - issues with null values
  90. Reading parameter value in Chart Post-Processing Script
  91. Jfreechart Combined chart in Report Designer
  92. When will we get support for external stylesheets?
  93. Hooking php script out from prd?
  94. Write a field value in details band ONLY IF is different from previous
  95. Simple MDX Query against MS SASS 12 fails with SOAP-Fault
  96. Problem postal code Geomap
  97. labels not displayed in excel format
  98. sort order of bar chart or Group details data
  99. Specified query not executable here - pentaho reporting - BI Server
  100. How to create drill down and crosstab reports in pentaho reporting
  101. Internationalization/Localization issue in Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.3
  102. Can a second parameter depend on the first one?
  103. OLAP4J Datasource (XMLA) against Mondrian fails
  104. Problem with Cross tab report in PRD 3.8
  105. Publish a report with a user other than joe
  106. drill down in prpt charts
  107. DashBoards with Pentaho Report Designer
  108. Control order of elements in a stakced bar chart
  109. new users questions
  110. Tooltip for lines in BAR-LINE CHART??
  111. OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  112. How can I delimit that a From-Date parameter not to be smaller than 6 month ago?
  113. Pentaho Charts - Limiting records in X axis
  114. Can I show a message when a report results without data?
  115. Instructions on Parameters
  116. crosstab column headers being misaligned
  117. Connecting to remote postgres database
  118. Group chart filtering
  119. Pentaho schedule saiku reports.
  120. Drop down parameter that selects 'ALL' from a table ?
  121. What are the files to be moved when moving existing report from one server to another
  122. Arranging sub-reports
  123. I need to use in the master-report a value calculated in a sub-report
  124. How to call Stored Procedure Oracle in PRD 3.8
  125. Grouping n columns based on one main column
  126. Changing field types
  127. issue in Crosstab report items are not fit in one page
  128. Error with
  129. Dynamic XML data string in pentaho report for Fusion Charts using PDI
  130. PRD Kettle data source: relative file reference on bi-server
  131. Chart Post-Processing Script
  133. control the size of the Pie / Ring Chart radius / diameter?
  134. Internationalization of report title
  135. How to set the minor interval on X-Axis in a Line Chart?
  136. Pentaho Functions
  137. Change item label color in bar chart
  138. Parameter Validation takes lot of time
  139. Test a "Multi Value List" parameter for a specific value selection
  140. Viewing Reports from within a web page
  141. Default value formula for Date parameter based on previous parameter selection
  142. Group's visibility affecting summary counts
  143. Backing up Report definition files (prpt)
  144. layer text over image
  145. How to handle varying number of column in crosstab
  146. Report designer unresponsive or a lot of delay
  147. How to programmatically retrieve list of prompts for each report?
  148. Defining global variables for a set of reports
  149. Parameters in ECMAScript
  150. Problems with chart's label
  151. Bar Width on XY Chart (and disappearing bars too!)
  152. Scheduling Report in user console
  153. Subreport.
  154. Are values of time supported by PRD charts?
  155. Sub-report will not budge
  156. Pie Chart label lines not distinct
  157. Subreport in Details Footer ?
  158. datetime type of parameter cannot be compared by "<" or "<="?
  159. Execute A query for each row
  160. Remove shadows in charts in Pentaho Reporting 3.9
  161. pass parameter from subreport to master report
  162. How to properly use Group By in Report designer?
  163. Report Email Schedule Parameter
  164. Import multi value list parameter in subreport using Scriptable data set
  165. OR logic in Adhoc Reports
  166. Simple question regarding parameters and default values
  167. How to format axis labels within a chart using PRD
  168. Multiple page layout
  169. Parameter parsing issue in mysql query
  170. Character values not retrieved/displayed in Report Designer
  171. How to translate the remaining labels on the ReportViewer
  172. Average aggregation
  173. Condition in MQL query with Report Designer
  174. How to pick up the basics of graphing in reports?
  175. Conditional DRILLDOWN on "report1" or "report2"
  176. java.lang.NullPointerException exception in Report Designer when previewing a query
  177. Can anyone suggest a good book?
  178. Modify web adhoc query and reporting working
  179. Wrong data source when publishing to server
  180. Print dialog different on IE and Chrome
  181. Looking for SQL writer contract work
  182. Jfreechart Combined chart in Report Designer
  183. Error ODBC connection for sql server 2008
  184. Pentaho Designer does not load reports from repository (BI server)
  185. Function output
  186. CrossTab Report Problem - Show-Changes Attribute
  187. Unable to publish report from Deisgner to BI server
  188. Chart - Dynamic Y-Axis Settings
  189. How to add Group By and Order By clauses in the query designer
  190. Unable to display images with subreports
  191. PRD 3.9 overwrites JNDI default.properties?
  192. Report Designer 3.9.0 -- cannot save Japanese character in resources Properties file
  193. Indexed report: How to get the total number of columns?
  194. Reports do not render completely using the "Pentaho Reporting Output" step
  195. Cannot open .prpt file after restarting Pentaho Report Maker
  196. Report Designer is not displaying output of working Data Integration transformation
  197. Embed Images setting will not hold
  198. Help report
  199. no connections when i tried to preview my reports
  200. Multiple Pages in Pentaho Reporting
  201. Report Header Sort/Filter Capacity
  202. How should a non admin user view a report scheduled by an admin user in Pentaho?
  203. Pentaho Report bursting
  204. Multiple fact tables in Schema
  205. Click Event for sub report
  206. Progress Bar in PUC after opening a report
  207. Multiple datasets in report body
  208. Hebrew character is not shown
  209. pentaho report jdbc call store process problem
  210. Results from spoon different in report designer
  211. Help with Pentaho reporting
  212. Report Designer: hide labels
  213. how to change the thinkness of line in bar-line chart ????
  214. Using href how to open another dashboard in new tab?
  215. Formatting problems when exporting into excel
  216. Merging two prpt files to get a two page pdf document
  217. Regarding open flash chart row count less than 1 errorr
  218. not able to query - hive-0.8.0 from Report designer
  219. Formula Editor Only Using First Value in Field
  220. Getting just the month (or day or year) from a DATEVALUE expression
  221. [Pentaho Report Designer] Ugly column names
  222. How to filter on group
  223. Passing Parameters to expressions
  224. Mutiple Columns and Tables Appear when generating report to excel
  225. LIKE clause in a Select, what is the correct syntax?
  226. Pentaho Solutions Example Chart Report
  227. Validate Text Box Parameter in Database
  228. Display No. of column based on multiselect parameter
  229. Formatting Chart Axis
  230. Formatting a Date
  231. What is my domain-id?
  232. postgresql bytea
  233. [Help] Create dotted lines
  234. Arial Unicode MS in pentaho
  235. Exporting Analyzer report to excel - hiding Report Information
  236. Stacked bar chart labels
  237. Problem with JNDI connection
  238. Report designer, image field scripting
  239. entitlement of templates in Interactive report in user console
  240. Specify DataSource in API with query in report designer
  241. Please: Pentaho and Geo Map : need help: START POINT (please help me)
  242. Dynamic database connection
  243. IP address is not taking in connecting to database
  244. multiple values for single parameter
  245. finding "jar file name" by package name
  246. How to use Metadata Styling when using Pentaho Reporting with Java.
  247. how to merge columns if they are same value like groups
  248. multiple reports different tabs
  249. can we pass a parameter value at Group by ..?
  250. Bar chart: avoid red color as series-color