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  1. Pentaho report designer 1.1 - Vietnamese characters has not been supported in Excel
  2. metadata and oracle
  3. Pentaho Reporting Output Step - How to generate HTML with embedded chart images?
  4. Adding JNDI on Database Connection (MySQL)
  5. Retain formatting, alignments and background images in HTML export of the report
  6. Date picker returns previous day
  7. Currency formatting of number-field types, internationalization (i18n)
  8. Timestamp parameter display
  9. Where are the properties to internationalize fields in my sub-report? (i18n)
  10. JDNI and Report publishing problems
  11. dynamic queries parameter passing
  12. Publish 3.8 to BI Server 4.5?
  13. No puedo ver reportes en BI Server
  14. Report based on logon Data
  15. Report in Excel 2007 format (file not found) when loading alot of data
  16. Regarding the check box issue in pentaho report Designer
  17. AD HOC Report - Datasource doesn't work
  18. java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String everywhere
  19. Dynamic spanning of pages
  20. Scaling x-axis with date value
  21. Bar chart Shadow Cannot Be Removed
  22. Act as Server and Client access ?
  23. Displaying Parameter Label in Report
  24. Few table columns not getting added to the Query Workspace
  25. difference of two (fields or column)
  26. CSV overflow text
  27. Translate Prompt Info
  28. Pentaho report with HBase data
  29. Passing parameters between dashboards
  30. Plotting time values
  31. Parameter without SQL query in report designer
  32. Excel
  33. Passing Parameters PRD -> PDI to be used in IN-clause
  34. Setting open filters...
  35. Adding prpt Component to dash board.
  36. Error using message format to create dinamic query
  37. Changing datatype in pentaho report designer
  38. display the date in Year, in Month
  39. How to make Date parameters optional
  40. Aply JavaScript function to column values
  41. Embedding PRD charts in Word documents
  42. Page break for tables in Pdf report export
  43. Report Designer Freezes switching monitors
  44. Collapse columns that have null data
  45. Initialize parameters with values from URL Pentaho 4.5
  46. Selecting Export Type at RunTime
  47. Hierarchies and Drill Down in Pentaho report designer
  48. Hierarchies and Drill Down in Pentaho report designer
  49. MySQL Sessions
  50. Drill Down on Charts
  51. SimpleReportingComponent error with number-field component of PRD 3.9
  52. DrillDown
  53. Set a filter for category column in bar charts
  54. Parameter error in report designer
  55. Setting up an "All" Parameter in pentaho Report PRD (prpt)
  56. JavaFX 2.x Support
  57. iText Licensing
  58. Export report to excel - autofit rows height
  59. Multiple Series Groups in one Chart
  60. Setting hidden parameters w- visible parameter OR ref. parameters in post processing
  61. Queried .prpt pdf not coming in browser
  62. Ways to increase the pixel size of charts in iphones/ipads
  63. Error Using PDI as datasource in PRD
  64. Pentaho reporting + metadata editor. HOWTO?
  65. intergrating pentaho designer with pentaho bi
  66. How to change field date format dynamically while showing data in the report ?
  67. What's the best way to add "th", "rd" or "nd" to the "dd" value of a Date?
  68. Using additional fonts in reports
  69. Regarding Usage of Table query in pentaho
  70. Pentaho report Designer in Other langauges
  71. Problem with a chart
  72. Reporting
  73. working with cross tab
  74. null value rows are omitted in report designer
  75. Interactive reporting
  76. GeoReport in free version
  77. Report designer don't do the SUM function
  78. gui query set up instead of sql only select stmt....from a n00b....
  79. Setting Image Size
  80. formula on style-attribute
  81. How to show Radar Values
  82. Excel last sheet bug
  83. Render report without a server
  84. Publishing to BIServer
  85. Text output format loses data
  86. problem to set pentaho report
  87. To Convert ISODate
  88. Supressed Values
  89. Import from repository and publish fail
  90. Chart vanishes when report is exported to excel
  91. Report values not fetching from DB2 Database
  92. Need help with a complex report
  93. Can Parent of Group be Displayed Distinctly
  94. Data Sorces
  95. Row Grouping in Report Designer
  96. Custom Step Plugin
  97. Query Scripting in Report parameter
  98. Is there a way to use session variables in scriptable data source (groovy)?
  99. Generating reports using php
  100. Import to Pentaho Community edition
  101. Module with ReportPreProcessor
  102. Ask for user role in if condition
  103. Regarding Row Banding
  104. how to access parameters from "chart post-processing script"
  105. Error in using a Kettle transformation file
  106. Display a report internationalized in a servlet
  107. Method to get multiple report lines into single Excel row.
  108. CDA Connection parameterized
  109. Stacked barchart y-axis
  110. Concatenate Two String Fields
  111. Migration from Open source to Enterprise edition
  112. Report Publishing error in Pentaho Report Designer 3.9
  113. "Display Name" instead of "Value" when showing parameter.
  114. connecting to a cursor
  115. Unable to get VFS File Object for Filename error
  116. Bar chart with Average
  117. URLs for Reports
  118. Logging interactive reports
  119. CHARTS: using dynamic fields as CATEGORY and/or SERIES column?!
  120. Searching for Report-Viewer
  121. Customize Output Format's Pull-down-list
  122. Failed to get data from Google Analytics kettle transformation
  123. Vertical or rotate text, labels etc.
  124. Second Series does not appear on XY Chart with TimeSeriesCollector
  125. Getting Java Error: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: No longer there" - HELP!
  126. Pentaho report in html
  127. Problems in sending email through Xaction
  128. How to generate a table left to right
  129. CUSTOM VARIABLES - create them based on a parameter
  130. Scripting query for JDBC Datasource not working
  131. Element borders in excel output
  132. column values and static text auto-alignment
  133. Incorrect behaviour in a report filters (Pentaho Reporting)
  134. Incorrect behaviour in a report filters (Pentaho Reporting)
  135. new line charecter in message filed
  136. Internationalization : set Locale other than device locale in .prpt
  137. settings not saving to prpt
  138. Use Locale other than the device Locale in .prpt
  139. prompts and parameters disable
  140. Disappearing left cell border in excel output
  141. Pentaho Report the left cell border disappears in excel output
  142. pdf page set to continuous
  143. Huge gap occurs at the end after all the subreport data is displayed in excel output
  144. Best way to burst PDF reports
  145. Report Designer, Report Wizard - template
  146. Data Masking in Ad-hoc report
  147. SAP ERP as data source
  148. text displayed backward in charts
  149. Problem loading transformation Report designer using Mongo
  150. Show data values on XY line Chart
  151. Using data from LDAP (Active Directory) in a report
  152. Query timeout using SQL Server
  153. Rowbanding changing when group field changes.
  154. How to "rowband" with the same color all consecutives rows of a group?
  155. One row/user per page
  156. Report Designer 3.9 refcursor
  157. Excel output
  158. How to increase default PDF zoom level
  159. PRD Trunk 4.0 - Column/Cell Alignment Crosstab
  160. Report with from_date and to_date dropdowns/calendar button
  161. Passing parameter via api when loading a .prpt in a servlet
  162. Dynamic colouring for pie charts using post Processing script within Pentaho RD 3.9
  163. Dynamic colouring for pie charts using post Processing script within Pentaho RD 3.9
  164. Bar chart customizing the X axis labels
  165. Line chart on denormalised data
  166. How to display gaps in dates with 0 sales/value
  167. Getting Updated Reports after Warehouse update
  168. Report Designer - Dynamic Parameters in Combinationtion Chart
  169. TotalSum function in report designer
  170. Report Designer - Metadata Output Parameterization
  171. Question about multiple datasources in a report
  172. Correlation Coefficient : Problam
  173. Correlation Coefficient : Issue
  174. Data Source Error
  175. Refresh Report Cache With Java Code
  176. Group on year then month in date field that is date and time string
  177. Html/Title on Master Report
  178. DATA SOURCE FOR Salesforce CRM
  179. Drill down not wroking after publishing the reports in BI server
  180. components get attached to the left margin, unable to detach
  181. Create Stylesheets with PRD: Read my tutorial
  182. Not able to even preview (metadata datasource)
  183. Group header not seen in the working area
  184. Crostabs in PRD-3.9.0: HTML Alignment Problem
  185. output the pdf file with chinese characters
  186. Charts using Pentaho report designer
  187. Changing 'Show changes' when output stiyle is excel
  188. Report Location / Source
  189. Redirection problem
  190. Feature Request: Non-prefixed parameters for CDA Datasources.
  191. Captialize Data Value in Report Designer?
  192. Empty Pages after the Subreports
  193. Creating reports with Pentaho
  194. Add a final page
  195. Print prpt Report as PDF
  196. Create reports/charts from SOAP based webservices
  197. Dynamic values for label objects
  198. add column's value
  199. multiple schemas in one query
  200. Inline emails in Outlook 2007/2010
  201. How to use jndi instead of DriverConnectionProvider in Pentaho Report Designer 3.9
  202. Multi bar chart ?
  203. Failed to load reportspec file from repository: test+report.waqr.xreportspec
  204. How I can do a calculation by date?
  205. Call same subreport more times
  206. Problem reading data from Cassandra
  207. Problem reading data from Cassandra
  208. ReportDesigner 3.9 - PDI DataSource not able to preview or fetch data
  209. Pentaho subreport - Maximum Open Cursors exceeded
  210. Startup problem (Locale)
  211. Report Performance is bad even when moving between report pages
  212. denorm in Report Designer
  213. Consultation response time
  214. Consultation on response times
  215. How to use parameters so that it will be form part of the table in the query?
  216. Dynamic column name in SQL query
  217. Configuring JNDI for reports
  218. Problem with parameter panel visibility.
  219. Reporting 3.9.1 Stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  220. Dashboard : export to excel
  221. Changing output file name
  222. ReportGenerationUtility used to work
  223. Error printing report on Apple Mac
  224. time collumn as a value-column
  225. SQL SERVER. How to change dynamically schema
  226. export excell file problems
  227. exporting excell file problems
  228. Trend arrow in Pentaho Report Designer
  229. Using BI Repository
  230. Unable to parse report definition file
  231. how to create batch wise reporting in pentaho
  232. Report is not displaying complete data
  233. how to created multiple xls file as output in pentaho report
  234. How to implement a control pages (page breaks)
  235. Crosstab in pentaho report designer 3.8.3
  236. Collapsing Groups with img button
  237. In a PROD machine is necessary a pentaho/PRD component to display a report in JSP?
  238. Dynamic ReportSpec and extra columns
  239. Problems Getting Cascading Parameters to Work
  240. report
  241. Drill down passing multiple parameters
  242. Is it possible to display an HTML text field and have it rendered as HTML
  243. PRD 3.6 hangs when adding query or save prpt or open prpt file
  244. report designer: not able to export to server:
  245. report designer: not able to export to server:
  246. Calling a procedure into Pentaho Report Designer
  247. Integrate Parameter from Report Designer to MDX
  248. Sending parameters to PRPT from Xaction.
  249. Parameters From Report Designer to MDX Query
  250. Filtered Metrics on PRD