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  1. Report Designer layout
  2. using stored procedure in report designer
  3. how to use sdk to export multiple sheets excel report
  4. need to modify prpt file during runtime
  5. Set the report page width during runtime
  6. Report Designer how to Add sum of time ?
  7. How to display table header on every new page in Pentaho Report Designer.
  8. How to create a second group in Pentaho Report Designer, without losing the first.
  9. How to exclude a category in a chart.
  10. Report run from web browser
  11. how to add maximum length for GROUP_CONCAT in pentaho report designer
  12. Truncated X-Axis Labels. Need them to show
  13. BSH Expression in PRD 3.6.1 How to add
  14. is there a rule for referencing Detail-Rows elements in a formula?
  15. Multiple PRPT files and One JDBC connection????
  16. message-field always exported as a string in excel - PRD
  17. Trouble connecting to Firebird DB for Reporting
  18. PRD report with many columns
  19. Multiple Detail Lines on the Report Designer
  20. How do you insert an existing report as a subreport
  21. Analyzer Report and Fusion Charts in Pentaho 4.8
  22. Filter rows from metadata outer joins
  23. Combine 2 reports when exporting from PRD?
  24. How to : Number of columns changes for the report query
  25. How could I build the Pentaho Report Designer 3.6 in Eclipse by SVN?
  26. Javascript with scriptable data source
  27. Localization
  28. Report Designer Localization
  29. Working with fact tables at different levels
  30. Change excel report cell width
  31. Nest a relational group in a crosstab group
  32. Report Charting x-axis label overlap issue
  33. Pentaho Reporting 4.0 sources moved to GitHub
  34. Is there any global are to define query
  35. Sending a dataset to prpt
  36. Post-processing script for limiting item labels on line chart
  37. strange behavior in subreports
  38. password protected Pentaho HTML Reports & error in print for HTML reports
  39. In pentaho report: Format summary in group footer
  40. Excel downloaded is empty when number of rows exceed 65536 rows
  41. PRD 3.9.1 JNDI Error but working in PRD 3.6.1
  42. Updating Parameter in on-click java error in PRD
  43. PRD Chart - changing parameter values with on-click
  44. ${report.date} field format in message
  45. fetch data according logged username in query
  46. Embedded Fonts with PRD 3.8.3 and Kettle's Pentaho Reporting Output
  47. Chaging datarow background color based on actions
  48. how to set link for bar char in prd
  49. Conditional Group count
  50. Unable to locate the value column in the data set
  51. Report Designer is unuseable in primary monitor
  52. Reporting Output Question
  53. Producing a report with chart
  54. Page break problem at group level in report designer 3.9
  55. Setup Pentaho Online
  56. Setting Pentaho Online
  57. Aggregation functions in crosstabs,which version can support?
  58. Report Designer 4.0 crosstabs how to run on BI server
  59. Base 64 encoding for images (and charts) in HTML reports
  60. Set different formatting within a text field
  61. Table of content with table datasource for a group
  62. TOC only for relational group ?
  63. Pie Chart Question on 3.9.1 GA
  64. Time Series Collector
  65. Reporting capability
  66. Page Header and Page Footer display-on-lastpage problem
  67. Start Date should be less than End date validation in parameters
  68. Can anybody please help me solve this error in scheduled report ?
  69. report with dropdown parameter - issues after publishing to console
  70. Dynamic Datasource
  71. Report with JSP page
  72. DateTime formatting on tooltip
  73. Parameter errors in MSSQL date field
  74. Group-by in Pie chart
  75. Pentaho Report Designer: Use parameter in select clause
  76. Charts appear many times without changing
  77. How to display report description
  78. How does one reference function values in chart beanshell scripts
  79. How does one represent one row in an SQL table twice in a chart
  80. Pentaho Reporting with Quartz
  81. Please mention the basic steps to develop a demo report with pie chart.
  82. Formula. Dynamically set WITDH Element in PERCENTAGE
  83. Area Chart Problem at representing
  84. Browser caching issue
  85. QR Code
  86. Define color for Data elements
  87. Prompt with Metadata Data Source problem
  88. How does one control the order of data in a stacked bar chart
  89. How to remove default "Output Type" parameter with view report button
  90. Having troubles with JNDI connections
  91. Best approach to embed Reporting in Java Web Application
  92. Displaying NA value in chart which has numeric values
  93. SQLeonardo Query Builder Error
  94. Disable the tab in group details with Pentaho report Designer ??
  95. Fixed Height for Details section
  96. Pentaho Report Designer - use AVG in chart value column
  97. Odata
  98. hidden parameter
  99. Cross -Tab functionality or similar..
  100. Need your feedback how to migrate from PRD 1.7.0 to PRD 3.6 or 4.0 version ?
  101. Failed to get data from Google Analytics kettle transformation
  102. Questions regarding Reporting Data Cache in BI-Server
  103. Keep Group Header together
  104. Can one use a PDI job as as data source for report
  105. Crosstab Row Wrapping
  106. how to change query in PRD 3.6 by parameter
  107. Charting with Day on x-axis and Time on y-axis
  108. DrillDown in Report Designer
  109. how to highlight row wise min value cell by color in crosstab which having min value
  110. resize all columns dynamically even if 1 column changes
  111. Possible to print detail fields Horizontally across a form?
  112. Grouping in the Pentaho Report designer
  113. How to dynamically set output file name in csv or excel output types
  114. auto-reference
  115. How to pass auxillary parameter in query (compared iReport/Jasper Report background)
  116. Reference js file from within Report.
  117. Export to Excel different reports to Same Excel sheet
  118. PRD Multi-Page Table in Report with Double borders on Second Page
  119. How to create cross tab reports
  120. Combining image on jfreerport
  121. combining jfreereport and jfreechart
  122. Inline Queries in Pentaho Report Designer
  123. Large and complex report approch
  124. SQL Group By
  125. error creating datasource for report: double quotes on select
  126. Multiple Queries in Report Designer.
  127. Passing Parameter in Report Designer to Data Integration to Cassandra cql
  128. Integrating PRPT file in Dashboard.
  129. Calling Scripts
  130. SQL Scripts
  131. Report does not appear in server
  132. How to confgure multiple organisational units for ldap configuration
  133. Floating Bar Chart in Pentaho Report Designer
  134. Details header fields multiply when i get more pages
  135. Error with "Pentaho Analysis" data source and schema with roles (custom)
  136. exported pdf defective if it contains images
  137. Views Creation
  138. Scrpting Language
  139. hi iam vijaya ,how write multiple parameters in pentaho reporting designer
  140. Slow generation of subreport
  141. Slow generation of subreport
  142. changing the structure of report dynamically based on selected parameter value
  143. Cross tab Aggregations and Grouping
  144. Stacked bar chart - Legend showing dimension & measure name
  145. get prpt files parameters list
  146. Need help for Drill down with multiple parameters
  147. Pentaho Hive cdh4 connectivity-- not able to retrieve data
  148. Report PDF output type
  149. Subreports appearing in different Excel tabs
  150. Selective visibility of Parameter
  151. Report "Output Type" selected
  152. problem with Cross Tab
  153. Bar chart X axis ticks misalignment
  154. Hyperlink in pdf document
  155. Calling and populating values in a template.
  156. PRD MS Access ODBC Error "Fix" with PDI
  157. Excel output inserts a large cell in the last worksheet
  158. XY TimeSeries Chart only one serie shown problem
  159. Cant export report with jpgs
  160. Conditional Number Formating
  161. Prevent Details Header from repeating on each new group
  162. Inserting a new line or Border
  163. Background Color when field value in NULL
  164. default font in report designer
  165. Group Footer not displaying after a subreport in Item Band
  166. sort date a graph
  167. sort date a graph
  168. Calling Sub Reports
  169. DB2 Stored Proc
  170. Excel Export from PRD - issue with underlined labels
  171. dynamic sql
  172. Java heap space errors in Version 3.8.0
  173. Group Borders/Formating
  174. Group Formating
  175. XML Version of .prpt file
  176. Designer not displaying svg Images
  177. Temp Tables used in Complex queries in PentA ho Reporting
  178. Temp Table Usage in Penta Ho Reporting
  179. Output to several pdf files
  180. Repeat a column on each page
  181. Unable to Sort my Month Name in Line Chart in Category
  182. Pass variable from Kettle job file to Pentaho report?
  183. Page Breaks in Sub reports.
  184. Bar line chart question
  185. Creacion de ejecutable
  186. Multiple parameter arrangement
  187. Arabic Character support for PDF encoding in Pentaho PRD 3.9.1
  188. plain text report
  189. Report Designer Transalation
  190. PRD - excel 2007 export - image doesnt display
  191. Pre-Processor in PRD,fields are overlapping, missing text after applying PP property.
  192. Linking Analyzer on Dashboard to a report
  193. Cross tab limiations
  194. PRD-Hw 2 wrk vt wizard PreProcessor,BSF-PreProcessor & Relation Report Auto Generated
  195. date format settings
  196. How to build or change source code of PRD
  197. Split the Return in each Sheet - PRD 3.9.1
  198. Reporting Ad hoc. Question:Buttons Add Edit and Delete dont' appera
  199. locale and date formats
  200. Out of memory error while generating large xlsx reports
  201. Crosstab using XML input
  202. Reporting PDF accessibility (and HTML for the future)
  203. pdf creation problem
  204. Dynamic XML file in PRD
  205. Auto- expandable text boxes
  206. Erro to connect SQL Database in PRD 3.9.1
  207. Pentaho Reporting - JNDI Connection
  208. hiiiiiiiiiiii iam vijaya
  209. Checking parameter type
  210. How to hide parameters bar in dashboards - Show just PRPT content in PDF
  211. Adhoc (WAQR) Summary Report
  212. Report layout problems (design vs runtime, html vs pdf format, ...)
  213. Dynamic Reporting - Live Reporting issues
  214. Charts in Excel 2007
  215. Publishing the report from report designer
  216. date arithmetic in PRD
  217. Suppressing multiple null values in a message field
  218. help needed in cross tab report generation
  219. Default Output type issue
  220. Report Life cycle Performance
  221. PentahoReports:XML Data source to fetch dril down data for multiple parent child node
  222. Question about WizardProcessor
  223. Performance Monitoring
  224. Change calender display while editing a scheduled report
  225. How to switch templates depending on return type to build appropriate report?
  226. How to build crosstabs
  227. Data Visualization Plugins
  228. prpt file in design studio
  229. Driver Connection Provider
  230. How to get Strips in Bar chart
  231. Integrate Pentaho reports into an existing Java web application
  232. Optional parameters in PRD
  233. prpt report using variable number of colums
  234. Can't see changes to report
  235. Embed the Published report to JAVA
  236. how to show report which has entered data in rich text editor.
  237. Use EJB's as Datasources
  238. Charts not showing up
  239. Error connecting to Instances of SQL SERVER 2008 R2
  240. Generate a report first and then serve it in different formats
  241. Designing a report with a large number of columns
  242. suppress null columns
  243. Pentaho Report formula
  244. Query from PRD to MS SSAS 2012 via Olap4j is not working
  245. Pentaho Report Designer - Preview for Java Method Invocation Data Source
  246. Column width 255 error
  247. Pentaho-Report-Designer-LibFormula
  248. BI Server 4.5.0 CE taking too long to export in Excel .xls format
  249. How to post-process aggregate values
  250. Dynamic XML dataset filename