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  1. Pentaho Reporting converting date incorrectly from Data Integration Step
  2. Adhoc report white space
  3. XML Datasource - change field type
  4. Passing table name as parameter to Report Designer
  5. Error while publishing to bi server
  6. A report using two different Schemas?
  7. Padding
  8. How to create Multi Value Chart
  9. Formatting PRD function output
  10. Reports Viewable in Report Designer, Blank on BI Server
  11. None of the data-factories was able to handle the query...
  12. hello
  13. Can you embed reports into an existing web page without BI server?
  14. Pre-formatted text (like an HTML fragment or RTF data) issue in Pentaho using xmls.
  15. Parameter layout / parameter page
  16. The same Y axis ticks repeated if the values are too small.
  17. Creation sub report with report wizard + display detail header on each page
  18. No PDF or Excel report generated
  19. Member Formatter on Schema Workbench - Issue on Data Access
  20. format string from multivalue list parameter in message-field
  21. PNG Images and Embedding
  22. Creating a dynamic number of charts
  23. Showing Parameterpane by default
  24. How to enable Secondary DataSource in Charts PRD 3.9.1
  25. How to insert Excel Header and Footer in my report with pentaho report Designer.
  26. Reporting Issues when using OpenERP v7 as the datasource!
  27. Using a PRD parameter in a MySQL function
  28. Excel export rows.
  29. How to create a Filter when use chart
  30. I have one doubt about function MultiValueQuery
  31. Report designer 3.9.1.: Embedded call to engine produces charts in pdf not html
  32. Maximum Number of Columns in Adhoc Report
  33. What I should use for reporting, design studio or report designer?
  34. Reusing sub-reports in multiple reports
  35. Lock excel cells
  36. Export options restriction.
  37. Hola a todos
  38. Using parameters in MDX queries
  39. inline sub-report data not loaded
  40. New in report designer
  41. Cant publish a report from Pentaho Report Designer
  42. Linking directly to Adhoc Report Builder and specific data source
  43. Is it possible to create dynamic prpt ?
  44. Resource-field definition
  45. Mondrian OLAP and formula in PRD reports
  46. Sharing reports developed with Pentaho EE
  47. Report takes too much time redering in excel
  48. This prompt value is of an invalid value
  49. How to have ranking in my report
  50. How to set up non mandatory parameters?
  51. PRD Open formula Substitute more than one character
  52. Parameter Doesnt Works [ Urgent ]
  53. Dynamic connection (PRD-3657 and PRD-2854)
  54. Data doesnt show up in my Chart
  55. Radar Chart chart doesnt fill up the grid
  56. CrossTab reporting using Report Designer or other tool in Pentaho
  57. How to use functions(sum,avg etc,.) in bar charts?
  58. Pour data form Application Java(Swing ) into Report of Petaho
  59. passing a multi value parameter within a stored procedure
  60. Not displaying Integer field value in number field
  61. Conditional SUM in Pentaho Reports 3.9
  62. How to reduce space between bars in bar chart?
  63. Integration of Pentaho Reports with Eclipse
  64. Test if a parameter matches a database value using ILIKE
  65. subreport executing multiple times based on parameter values
  66. pagination or scrolling inside inline subreport
  67. call subreport from a report
  68. customize parameter list box
  69. Use java.sql.Connection object from Java application
  70. Querrying multiple databases with Pentaho Report Designer
  71. max number of datasource connexions
  72. Adjust height of parameter area in the Swing PreviewDialog
  73. Multiple reports in one
  74. Custome Settings/Parameters in a report
  75. Report with external image (URL from DB)
  76. layout.xml file modification using WinZip
  77. Formats of automated reports
  78. Page break after group, except for the last group
  79. java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException: Failed to write config
  80. Subreport parameter not available in main report
  81. embedding pentaho reports in liferay portlet
  82. Displaying the pentaho generated reports to the user
  83. What to do in PRD when using a Java TableModel
  84. Cannot get JNDI datasources working in report designer
  85. Chart Post-Processing Script for Adding Dataset
  86. passing group by parameter from master report to subreport
  87. Combine cells report to excel.
  88. Y-axis range in bar chart
  89. Dashboard Auto Refresh - blank screen lag time
  90. is it possible to run Classic Reporting Engine on IIS?
  91. Column freeze in pentaho html reports
  92. Pentaho Hive2 Connection through Report Designer
  93. Need to pass a value from Report Designer to MySQL query. Is that possible?
  94. Parameter Datatype for multiple Values in PRD
  95. Help with formula for variable length rectangle
  96. Need quick help to calculate percentage in Report Analyzer
  97. Query scripting in report designer
  98. Dynamic Height with Report Designer
  99. Parameters With PDi Data Source
  100. Suppress Header and Footer in CSV Output
  101. PRD 3.9.1 Freezes with blank splash screen on OSX 10.6.8
  102. case insensitive searches
  103. Create dynamic link
  104. Concatenate rows in a group for single field
  105. Report Chart issue
  106. Reporing Engine exception handling problem
  107. WebBased report creation, Report spec is not valid with field data type "URL"
  108. "Dependency level" in function not working?
  109. Report Designer html-anchor based on group field value
  110. Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.3 or 3.9.1 Freezes on Snow Leopard after OSX update
  111. Bringing data up from a Sub-report into the Main Report
  112. Generating New Report error. "Error Generating XUL, invalidcharactererror code 5"
  113. Parameters in SingleValueQuery function
  114. How to set Message field value using formula expression
  115. Subreport link problem in Firefox
  116. CGG Image not showing up in PRD
  117. How to add serial no.
  118. Report and Meta. Problem with roles
  119. how to define a custom PRD parameter-layout?
  120. PRD configuration
  121. Barcode Settings
  122. DataSets settings in different file
  123. Pentaho Report Same column Side by Side(Urget,Please help)
  124. cross tab report with multiple excel sheet having problems
  125. How to display selected rows in pentaho report designer
  126. how to get the value of a cell used in the crosstab report?
  127. Binary zip code is added at the end of html report
  128. Can you use a formula for the query name in a subreport?
  129. Hire Pentaho Consultant / Hire Pentaho Developer
  130. Pentaho scriptable groovy
  131. get report location at runtime
  132. Bug in date picker using MongoDB
  133. Get list of existing reports
  134. Custom Java API to run Pentaho reports
  135. Blank columns values in report
  136. Testing and upgrading Pentaho Reporting
  137. Question Interface between Pentaho and Excel's?
  138. Connecting Report Designer to Hadoop Hive (on AWS)
  139. Error Connecting to database
  140. PDI Transformation Returns Data, PRD Report Using It As A Source Does Not
  141. auto-reference fields
  142. Oracle Upgrade requires new drivers for PRD 3.5.0?
  143. Using paramters in XQuery Editor - Pentaho Reporting
  144. Library files to use between Report Designer and SDK
  145. Excel output very slow in PRD
  146. Problem while embedding Pentaho reporting engine
  147. How to use MDX in Interactive Reports, Analyzer Reports and Dashboards?
  148. Simple Formula Help
  149. Requirments for developing a custom JDBC driver
  150. jndiConnectionProvider.setConnectionPath() fails
  151. How to create Charts using XML?
  152. Parameters or complex condition in Saiku or Web Ad Hoc reporting
  153. How to run 'pentaho-reporting-master/engine/demo' project?
  154. Show report data in two columns
  155. Brand New - Getting Started
  156. Bad performance in Swing PreviewDialog
  157. Problem when deploying reports in Prod
  158. Display type of an item in Pentaho Report Designer
  159. Changing sub-report type (inline or banded)
  160. Create a report with a dynamic number of columns and lines
  161. Function string split in pentaho report
  162. Running number in double grouping [PRD 3.6.1-GA. 11923]
  163. Reprot cannot be parsed
  164. Line Chart: Category label
  165. Unable to initialize the modules
  166. Run reporting with XQuery
  167. TotalGroupSumFunction and ORDER BY
  168. Embedding Pentaho Report in iFrame. It includes Links which break out of the Iframe
  169. accented character are discarded from the charts only in pdf view
  170. question regarding chart post-processing script
  171. Looking for some guidance
  172. Large date range overlaps on X-axis
  173. Using web service with input parameter(s) as report data source
  174. report flickers when opened in 4.5
  175. PDFA support?
  176. Publish report error
  177. Freeze columns PRD
  178. Need help
  179. Query Preview error (Report Designer)
  180. Group in details band
  181. Is it possible to design a tree chart using pentaho report designer
  182. MongoDB replica set Locking and slowness
  183. how to use image-field using report template
  184. Unable to clear dates, once entered and the report is run on Pentaho Reports
  185. Pentaho reporting plugin for drupal
  186. Pentaho SSO solution on LINUX box
  187. Regarding the OFFICIAL GUIDE for version 3.9.1
  188. Publish the report to the bi server is error
  189. Crosstab report feature in PRD 3.9.1
  190. Support for static Extension-B characters
  191. Startup hangs
  192. Calling a webservice through PDI Data Source in Pentaho Reporting
  193. Need to selectively bold text - are there any markups available?
  194. Group with dynamic hint takes space on generated report
  195. Max number of detail rows for page
  196. Data Ranges and Conditional formatting
  197. Display selected prompt values on a report - PRD or PIR
  198. How do you count rows in report that match a certain criteria
  199. Have Group header visible
  200. Pentaho supports JBoss AS 7.
  201. How to have chart showing data for "current group"
  202. Faded/graduated bars?
  203. Java Methode call doesn't work with string parameters
  204. Problem with opening Interactive Report (.prpti) in PUC
  205. On publish after Login dialog nothing happens
  206. Executing a transformation from pentaho report
  207. Setting up a "Scripting" formula in a Kettle transformation
  208. Query Error in Pentaho report designer while using HIVE database
  209. pdi datasource with salesforce input as step not working (?)
  210. Report Viewer not showing html
  211. Dynamic height problem in excel
  212. filling an element with a bar chart (percentage)
  213. OpenERP Data Source
  214. Connection to Hypersonic file-based db failing
  215. publish pentaho reports through a batch file
  216. Problem showing pentaho reports with chinese characters
  217. Select ALL parameter
  218. Installing Pentaho Report Designer on MAC OX
  219. Unable to generate report in Pdf Format
  220. Dynamically set x-position of rectangle
  221. log messages about
  222. Error while trying to access prpt
  223. Sortable columns upon click
  224. Cannot Display chart and picture in HTML output
  225. The list of published reports in Pentaho Server from Pentaho Report Designer
  226. Not able to generate the output from report designer
  227. change parameters for a number-field
  228. Editing components in Report Header goes slooooooowwwwww
  229. Problem to show empty row
  230. Pentaho BI suite online trainer
  231. PRD won't apply styles to components.
  232. Pentaho Report Designer - Problem to Export
  233. does the TABLE type of DATA SET refresh the results automatically?
  234. PRD 3.9 - Refresh Excel 2010 Data Source
  235. Report
  236. Connecting to JDBC (MySQL) Datasource via Report Designer
  237. Cross tab Report in Pentaho Report Designer
  238. Page numbers are not appearing on every page of the PDF except the last page.
  239. Report Designer - Ouput with Custom Report Name
  240. Passing mutilple Parameters to display on report
  241. [Saiku] Difference between Saiku Reportings and Saiku Analytics
  242. EmptyReportException
  243. How to format a date value in string data type to Date datatype
  244. how to configure jndi
  245. newbie to report designer - struggling to port report between cube
  246. On hover on PRD charts and creating Inline css for HTML reports | How to implement ?
  247. Pentaho Reporting 5.0 Java SDK
  248. Use expression to pick between queries?
  249. Date picker in Puc sets to default 1 jan 1970
  250. creating dynamic cross tab using pentaho report designer