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  1. BA Server
  2. convert numbers into words
  3. Parametrized query needed help
  4. how to do google geo maps in pentaho dashboard or reports?
  5. Download chart data as csv format
  6. How to improve Pentaho Report Performance or how can i make my report faster
  7. How to hide column without leaving blank space
  8. row numbers into report
  9. Vomiting/Discarding NULL values and Zero's in Report Chart
  10. Dependent parameters multi value list
  11. Yesterday's date in report date
  12. How can I download graph data as CSV format
  13. Problem in report generated in pdf format.
  14. limit number of jobs in the graph to 5 jobs
  15. Displaying custom text when no data for a sub report
  16. gripping color values from database to plot a chart post-processing script
  17. sending ZIP file through email by using xaction.
  18. Dynamic Columns in pentaho prpt file
  19. Adding a parameter to the report using metadata file (XMI) as source.
  20. Calling db2 stored procedure
  21. Cascade parameter not working within OpenERP
  22. Accessing Previous Rows value
  23. Is there a way to add dataset field as a hyperlink to a text-field ?
  24. Pentaho session variable
  25. Grouping in Report Designer with source as Metadata XMI file
  26. prd reports "report did not generate any data"
  27. Publishing reports on linux environment BA server without design tools
  28. How to remove parameter of Output Type dropdown list of prpt report???
  29. How I can dependent parameters
  30. what to do to provide ad hoc report
  31. Legend and x-axis names
  32. Drilldown Reporting
  33. Details Header is missing
  34. CollectD data and trying to use Pentaho reports
  35. How to filter datas regarding the connected user?
  36. Error when posting long parameters to a report
  37. Pentaho Report Designer Freezes on Addition of New Parameter
  38. Charts don't show up when subreport is included in group header in pentaho reporting
  39. Expand the Limit of 200 values in Filter
  40. URL for pentaho report in aspx page
  41. Cannot Publish Report
  42. Invoking Pentaho Report Designer CSV report from Java application
  43. problem related to the parameter of the report
  44. Error in scriptable query using java
  45. Newbie aggregate question
  46. PRD generated pdf file shows "An error exists on this page"
  47. Issue with hiding sub band in page footer of PRD 1.7.0
  48. content scattered over a few pages
  49. Mix styles in one field
  50. Parameter when using PDI Data Source (KTR)
  51. Report Designer Function Referencing another Function
  52. [Report Designer] Add border / layout to all pages
  53. Anylzer: Use two times the same hierarchy level in Rows but with different filters?
  54. report designer and password changes to datasource
  55. Using URL Formula In A Pie Chart
  56. XML Data Source with type CDATA
  57. Pentaho 5.0 - report publishing
  58. How to sum repetitive values in my report
  59. Error on publishing reports in pentaho 5.0
  60. Cross tab Total-pentaho 5.0
  61. [Pentaho General] Is Report Designer the right choice?
  62. group and merge cell detail report
  63. Calculating a moving average in a report
  64. Cascading Prompts Error
  65. Same report several times on one page
  66. Int to String formula expression
  67. Remove loading on every field for Report Viewer
  68. Data Source Organization Question
  69. Pentaho Report Designer: Disable parameters at runtime
  70. Hide column in CSV report
  71. pentaho 5
  72. How to display details verticaly
  73. Toggle/Expand collapse option in pentaho report designer
  74. Printing the report on A4 size.
  75. Pentaho does display chart in an web application
  76. Gradient Color in Bar Chart
  77. [PRD] Image on background is ok when run as PDF but not when run as Excel
  78. [PRD] subreport: how to dynamic height?
  79. Custom Color Scale
  80. Join multiple Report Designer Queries
  81. Use Pentaho Reporting + Dashboards to publish data throw the web
  82. Crosstab SUM - How to apply Reporting 3.9.1
  83. PageofPagesFunction by groups problem
  84. timestamp data - display
  85. UTF-8 not working in PDF version
  86. Date Parameter not working
  87. Linking elements of report
  88. How to set up background color based on the field's value
  89. What is the correct Date Format for mongodb when using date parameters?
  90. Newbie Question:
  91. Packt's new book: Pentaho Reporting by Example
  92. Crazy stuff with reporting after publishing
  93. Report not working in puc
  94. Report Designer - Grouping pattern
  95. PDF rendering issues - Migrating to Pentaho 5
  96. Report Designer Olap Question
  97. Displaying Zero values in PIE chart
  98. Sub-report alignment issue
  99. Working with 3.9.1 prpt files in 5.0.1
  100. unable to publish new reports to BI platform after upgrade report designer to v5.0
  101. put sub-report data in the same chart
  102. Line chart-pentaho report
  103. Installing Pentaho business analytics
  104. OpenFormula (Advanced) in Add Functions Example?
  105. [OpenFormula] Multiple Conditions in Report Designer
  106. Connection string in external file (MongoDB)
  107. Publishing from PRD v5 is Error
  108. pentaho 4.8.2
  109. publishing reports to biserver-5.0.1
  110. How to use parameters values
  111. Unable to create key: No loader was able to handle the given key data:
  112. Missing Plugin Error (MongoDB) in Report Designer
  113. Ivy: itext-2.1.7.jar not downloading - depending on core -> libfonts -> itext
  114. Publishing report using metadata datasource gives error
  115. Pentaho thick client access in Linux version : Pentaho 4.8.2
  116. CGG Graphics won't preview in report
  117. Oracle Stored Procedure - Report Designer 5.0
  118. Master Report - Group Nesting & Sub-Report Issues
  119. Unable to include all series values in a pie chart
  120. How to disable hyperlink
  121. parameterized report name in pentaho bi server-5 ce
  122. How to retreive data using text component
  123. getting xml node from xml saved in database field
  124. Saving a Master report through Java API
  125. Pentaho CE 5 : PDF margin shifted at viewer.
  126. [Report Designer] Show parameter prompt only "IF ... ELSE ..."
  127. [Pentaho Report Designer] Popup when Prompt Parameter selected
  128. Pentaho Reporting issues in Linux - error displaying information
  129. The chart issue: the mess at axis-X
  130. How to toggle subreports?
  131. Disable parameters but keep paging
  132. Pdf or html reports by Pentaho
  133. Creating a Pentaho report using the hierarchical data
  134. unable to publish report (5.1 designer) to 4.8 bi-server-ce
  135. ISSUE: PRPT CDA Datasource issue from within PUC
  136. How to add sub report to group footer of pentaho designer.
  137. PRD: Repository Update
  138. hourly aggregation calculation on report designer
  139. How to use a defined Group-Attribute as Parameter in another SQL-Query?
  140. JDBC (Custom) Datasource Missing
  141. Creating BandedMDXDataFactory using Java API
  142. Adding Pie Chart to MasterReport Java API
  143. Shrink text to fit
  144. Determine column names in query
  145. set variables in SQL in report designer query
  146. Date Weekday Name Format in Bar Graph
  147. Ad Hoc Report Can't Access OLAP Schema
  148. HTML css in pentaho report
  149. use JavaScript in report
  150. Metadate Field Type
  151. Message-field formatting
  152. How to Set the default value for a date field to one year ago.
  153. Dynamic Field Types and Formats
  154. Hide repeating column values
  155. Candlestick Charts in PRD
  156. Pentaho 5 - How to Drill-Down to Report from CCC2
  157. multiple value list error failed
  158. Encoding report url
  159. using 2 different SQL select in 1 report
  160. need help with formula syntax
  161. Style are not interpreted when text/html is used as rich-text-format attribute
  162. hiding y2 axis line in bar line chart
  163. BSH Example
  164. Summary-OpenFormula-Summary incorrect in 3.9.1
  165. Letter Format Report
  166. hiding x-axis lable in chart with condition
  167. Unable to get charts at jsp at runtime but get in pdf and xls
  168. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: bsh/Interpreter
  169. Time series collector issue
  170. PRD save fails due to root level band
  171. Using MultiSelect parameters in BSH functions
  172. Version Control mechanism of Pentaho reports
  173. 5.0 PRD trouble getting PDF to display text, worked in 3.91 GA16112
  174. miltiselect parameter is displayed wrong in javascript
  175. Can you add charts to Report Designer that are not Displayed in Edit Chart?
  176. Fixed Position not functional in PRD 5.0 Stable
  177. Get Percentage Per Row Using Total In Footer
  178. End Page Break (misc formatting)
  179. Export to PDF missing information from all other views driving me crazy
  180. comma in numeric values in report output(excel)
  181. Formulas’ modification
  182. two parameters from one query?
  183. Trouble connecting to mongo
  184. url-tooltip is not visible at BI Server
  185. auto-size a band to match the width of visible columns?
  186. How to change username and password of prpt connection without open it at production
  187. report of picture adress insert in database
  188. Report Designer - Bar Chart - Legend shows only series 1 and series 2 instead of name
  189. Refresh the reporting data cache
  190. The different behavior between html and pdf output format.
  191. Report Designer Data Set Issues
  192. Pentaho Can't View Of Sql Server Database View
  193. change number format
  194. Default Value Formula (Current Year/Month)
  195. Multi Value List uses AND between the values. How can I set it up to use "OR" instead
  196. Report Desginer and Cassandra CQL3 table
  197. error connecting to sql server 2008 r2 usiung DSN ODBC Data Source
  198. Date Range parameter in Pentaho Dashboard
  199. How to modify report's layout dynamically?
  200. CROSS TAB in Pentaho Report Designer 5.01 Stable
  201. Open link in new Windows or in new Tab by default
  202. Problem with Page Header and Details
  203. Parameter for OLAP datasource -- This prompt value is of an invalid value
  204. .prpt publish error in Biserver 5.0 using prd 5 stable version
  205. Formatting Zeroes
  206. moving elements in inline layout
  207. Default X-axis (XY Line Chart)
  208. Trigger a job from the report without using the xaction in Pentaho 5
  209. Parameter Alignment in Pentaho Report Designer
  210. hot to add a static value to PRD prompts
  211. Stopping the report mid way if it's taking long time?
  212. .prpt output with present date | Information required
  213. Pentaho Report Performance
  214. unreadable buttons on platform
  215. PRD data display error?
  216. CSVTEXT function: what does the true/false parameter do?
  217. CSS in to sub report
  218. group footer fixed-position
  219. Report's Locale from Datasource
  220. parameterized report: show paramater panel by default
  221. Multi-value list parameter causes error when generating xlsx output format
  222. Multi-value list parameter, difficult to select more than one value
  223. Reporting from MDX data source -- still can't make it work!
  224. How het xml as datasource with http authorization?
  225. Excel Attributes-pentaho reports
  226. How can I save report parameters in audit table in database (track report usage)?
  227. Reporting Designer and Mondrian Cubes
  228. CDA datasource with more parameters
  229. Map not plotting places in Pentaho CDE
  230. Report Designer - Table datasource
  231. Bar chart to show diff. color for each Category with only "Category-Column" n measure
  232. Cascading Mutli-Value List with Heirarchy
  233. Validation/notifications
  234. Hypelink inside a text field in a PDF report
  235. Mac, PC and Linux exchange files Issues (compatible issues)
  236. Edges are cut when printing from Swing Preview!?
  237. Displaced fonts at PDF export from Swing preview
  238. Page number on subreport
  239. How do I disable auto-submit for BiServer / PRD 5.0?
  240. Toggling Group Header on/off
  241. MongoDB input fails on documents with subdocuments
  242. If-Null usage
  243. Cross tab report alternate color
  244. PDF Discrepancy from ver.3.8.3-GA to prd-ce-5.0.1-stable
  245. Pentaho Report Designer : image-field created instead of number-field
  246. Multi parameters date to and from, triggering problem
  247. Show report in web
  248. Looping Sub Reports
  249. Hide Excel Gridlines
  250. PRD 3.9.3 always adding DB schema