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  1. Number Formatting
  2. Migrating crosstab report from 4.1 to 5.0.2 version
  3. Report not working in puc timeutil.js,formatting.js
  4. tmp folder under system folder
  5. pie chart problem
  6. Crosstab
  7. Single Header Field in pentaho report is not visible
  8. Dynamic y-tick-interval
  9. hide X and Y axis values in line chart
  10. Reporting 5.0.1 - Remove Cache
  11. User Accees Issue in Pentaho Reporting
  12. ReportValidationFailed on BI server
  13. Pentaho Reporting
  14. Page Breaks, Widows and Orphans
  15. Horizontally scaled reporting
  16. Reporting version 5.0.1 Formula Editor disappered
  17. Is it possible to color code markers(data points) in Line Chart based on Threshold.
  18. PRD fails to load image
  19. Passing the sum from sub report to main report
  20. PRD: Can we use Excel Array Formula in the Excel generated by PRPT
  21. Reporting 5.0.1 dynamic column in the Custom Query
  22. sql querry WITH RECURSIVE in input table component
  23. Calling Java Class in Pentaho Report Designer
  24. Error Starting Pentaho Report designer: Assertion Failed!
  25. Integrating pentaho report designer using C# asp.Net
  26. edit coss tab
  27. unable to upload prpt file through command prompt to pentaho Repository
  28. label underline not showing when output to pdf
  29. Passing Multi-value List Parameter to Stored Procedure
  30. Pentaho Reporting
  31. Question: how to order DESC/ASC through the parameter
  32. Pentaho reports basic questions
  33. pdf-events
  34. Displaying error message while adding parameters to the table component
  35. errror in attribite summry position
  36. how can i programmatically publish a report on bi server with java?
  37. Text output in Pentaho Report Designer 3.9.1-GA.16112
  38. Passing parameter value to MDX query and assigning the value to another parameter
  39. What Formula do I use to calculate a future date when using a date field?
  40. Subreports with graphs not displaying
  41. Table layout in Pentaho Reporting 5
  42. pentaho report designer - Sum time field
  43. Integrating Pentaho reporting witn a Java EE application
  44. Use created cube in MSSQL
  45. Pentaho Javabean as DataSource
  46. Mail if at all Scheduled report mailing fails
  47. Not able to connect to Hive with Pentaho Report Designer 5.0.1
  48. multiple row for row axis in crosstab report
  49. Auto generate width value
  50. Format Euro currency but keep en-US locale
  51. Cross Tabbing
  52. Widows, Orphans and Page Breaks
  53. Conditional Text Field
  54. Pentaho Report Designer V 3.9.1 : Crosstab
  55. Browser detection
  56. RTF Output
  57. DB Pooling + Not-Closed DB sessions
  58. Unreadable values on bar chart
  59. Passing values to query from HTML controls in report designer
  60. How to display image from database
  61. 414 Request-URI Too Large : when calling report using report URL in iFrame
  62. New to pentaho - help
  63. pentaho BA DB support
  64. Error exporting report to excel!!!!
  65. How do I subtract an hour from the NOW() function?
  66. Minnesota Pentaho User Group
  67. org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.resourceloader.ResourceCreationException
  68. Help in Group Lines like Excel Group
  69. HTML Tables
  70. Creating a simple hyperlink
  71. Nested Expressions Issue.
  72. Report doesn't show subreport in html view!!!!
  73. Connect Pentaho User Console Enterprise Edition to SQL SERVER 2000
  74. Is there a Bug in Pentaho Report Designer 3.9.1?
  75. Connect Pentaho to SQL SERVER 2000
  76. Where is the crosstab icon in PRD 5.0.1??
  77. How to create crosstab?
  78. How to show value from SQL Server in Pentaho Report Designer that use nvarchar
  79. Drill-down link with "local-url" profile does not work
  80. Calendar Layout Design using Report Designer
  81. Passing Data From Sub Report to Main Report
  82. Using data source with R script step
  83. Pentaho Report Designer nested parameters
  84. Report Viewer and IE10
  85. erro java when print on eclipse
  86. Stacked Bar Line Combo Chart : Show line data points on hover
  87. Connect to openLDAP 2.4 from Pentaho EE 5.0.2
  88. Pentaho+Exo Intefration
  89. Error executing Pentaho Report in Kettle 5.0.1-stable (full trace attached)
  90. Drill Link Report in pentaho BI server not working
  91. Using "ALL" in pentaho metadata Report
  92. Cannot add parameters after downloading report from sharepoint
  93. Toggle between chart and data displayed as report
  94. How to use the image function
  95. Newbie questions: different band layout and avoiding page footer
  96. Newbie questions: how to use an aggregate in a footer formula?
  97. Percent Difference (Change) over time
  98. Drill Through without reports being published on server
  99. Pentaho 'org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.ReportDataFactoryException: Failed
  100. Virtual Machine - Problem
  101. Empty rows in report
  102. Logging metadata reporting and performance
  103. How can I print white spaces into fields when export a report in csv format
  104. Alert Message during On-click of image
  105. how to solve the following exception
  106. Disabling cache for Pentaho
  107. Display paramter value as per user login
  108. How to print page sub-totals in a group?
  109. How to create a "bar menu" in chart when rigth click event?
  110. Uncoherent values in maxheight of a group causes Assert Shift is not as expected
  111. Bar Charts
  112. Line Chart Font & Size
  113. Number abbreviations
  114. Cascading parameter bug?
  115. ImageMap functionality?
  116. Bar Sizing & Proportions
  117. Is there any way to embedd GEO Maps in Pentaho Report Designer
  118. Anyway Pentaho Report Designer support GEO maps ?
  119. Incrementing a Date on Canvas of a report designer
  120. Is there any environment variable in PUC ?
  121. What version of LGPL covers Report Designer 3.9?
  122. Adding K for thousand and M for million on y-axis in a bar chart
  123. How to track user that running report with parameters
  124. Want the Report Name and version for logging purposes
  125. Show Data On Pie Chart
  126. Parameter caching help needed
  127. clients logo in invoice
  128. reset the parameters
  129. Pentaho Datamodel Desing
  130. create report from PDI with openerp object input
  131. Assert: Shift is not as expected
  132. Assert: Shift is not as expected
  133. Unable to publish report using CDA datasource
  134. Adding Date Range (From Date to Through Date) prompt using date picker In Interactive
  135. How to copy Dashboard files to local drive
  136. Line Chart - show distinct values
  137. How to create folder structure independent linking in prd 5?
  138. Using Large Clobs in Reports
  139. how to call procedure stored with datetime parameter in reporting design
  140. how to display table from database which in HTML code in PRD 5.0
  141. Reporting Engine Upgrade - Slave Server
  142. Rotating/ creating a horizontal sparkline chart
  143. Open Flash Chart
  144. Enable and disable sub-report request in details section
  145. indent second row of data in an inline layout scheme
  146. Java Error when using the SQL Query Designer
  147. Google fonts in report
  148. Drill linking using relative path in report designer
  149. [Tutorial] The Making of a Pretty Web Stats Report with Pentaho Report Designer
  150. Graph with selected data points
  151. Pass a modified text-field to a parameter
  152. pentaho 5 - parameter value to intereactive report in view only
  153. Optional date picker and year parameters
  154. Spring Framework on Maven/Tomcat and jndi based pentaho report in webapp
  155. extracting data from ldap
  156. Report parameters (prompt values ) are not getting passed to the source query
  157. How can I show current SQL Query and override it in a DataSource by Java Code
  158. line up data in a line vs. a column
  159. Group By bands Data with parameters is not working
  160. report.date parameter internationalization
  161. JFreeReport Conversion Problem
  162. problems with parameters
  163. Problem with Report, LDAP an parameters
  164. Duplicate joins detected
  165. Pentaho Chart - Tooltip issue
  166. [Inline Subreport]Bug on opening a saved report
  167. Hyperlink on a sub-report to pass a parameter to report
  168. Pentaho Query
  169. Platforms Supported by Pentaho??
  170. Applying java processing to particular collumn fromsql query in pentaho report
  171. Html Export is not including chart image tag
  172. Text printed outside his cell
  173. XY Area chart - Line issue
  174. How to Rename Excel Sheet name in Pentaho Report Designer?
  175. Localisation of charts
  176. Report Validation failed after publishing report into the server
  177. Pentaho XY Area Line Chat cannot display line on area
  178. Dividing Aggregate Totals by Group
  179. Having problems with WITH
  180. XY Area Line Chart Example
  181. Export report with dynamic filename
  182. Decimalformatting for MultiPie chart in PRD
  183. Issues with PDF export
  184. Report Designer Template
  185. Saiku: conditional formatting, how to do it?
  186. Set default value for a date parameter using a query
  187. How can we cache the result set for PRPT reports
  188. Bug? Inline subreport in inline element
  189. Modeller Error - Error loading model from server
  190. Pentaho Report Designer 5.0.1 - Location of Public Directory
  191. Table of Contents deepness
  192. capture parameter chosen by user
  193. Stacked layout in a Sub report
  194. Report Designer and Crosstab layout
  195. Hide band globally ??
  196. Passing DB connection parameters
  197. Custom dashboards
  198. Use same dataset in sub reports or can we add multiple charts/tables in main report
  199. EMCA Script for multi value list parameter
  200. Specify DataSource in API with query in report designer
  201. overwriting scheduled report
  202. Text field exports with Ellipses
  203. scheduled report date parameter prompt error
  204. Exported PDF failing cause image
  205. Report error while text overflow
  206. Exported PDF reports "An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display..."
  207. scheduled report parameter not loading
  208. Report Will NOT Open in Report Designer
  209. How to arrange filter parameters in pentaho report designer tool
  210. how to refresh the parameters
  211. How we arrange the data by date
  212. Not able to remove the space consumed by hidden element
  213. Customized Reports using SDK? Is that possible?
  214. how to display the results with dates by using date filters in PRD Tool
  215. Getting #null in excel cell, while creating HYPERLINK in same cell
  216. Change Parameter Attributes
  217. Is it possible to use the WITH SQL command inside a query?
  218. How to call stored procedure in pentaho report designer Query's.
  219. Error parsing parameter information
  220. "Embedding" Pentaho Reports in web pages without surrounding console page
  221. Chart not displaying in HTML report with jsp
  222. Error: "Unable to parse the document"
  223. Creating element hyperlink to report
  224. Pentaho report parameters
  225. Report in Dashboards
  226. STrange behaviour of JIRA and Jenkins
  227. Cascading Parameter : Problem in setting default value for the second parameter
  228. setting a dynamic Y-min and Y-max axis
  229. Download Pentaho Report Designer 5.0.1- stable & SDK 5.0.1-stable source
  230. Customer details and transaction details in the same report.
  231. Cannot underline elements
  232. Launching Report designer
  233. Publishing Reports to the BI Server Community Edition
  234. How to Access a checkbox parameter via Open Formula?
  235. Perform INSERT into the database from Report
  236. Designing Excel Reports with multiple style sheets.
  237. Can't See Watermark in designer
  238. Report Function IF Formula Trouble
  239. Bind Grid & Charts with XML data
  240. How to Embed an HTML Report(.prpt) in the Body of an E-mail Message using PRD
  241. I found GC overhead limit exceeded in pentaho reporting
  242. export button to excel, csv
  243. parameters not working
  244. Exported CSV file has all commas last line.
  245. How do I make a chart respond to a dynamic sql query?
  246. How can i edit the Dashboard Template?
  247. How to pass the parameters to the report based on user role
  248. Date Picker not showing up when published to server
  249. Multiple queries with inline subreports
  250. data missing from export in PRD 5.1.0