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  1. compare and match data
  2. Read browser locale in prpt / mondrian
  3. How to call .prpt (pentaho designer report) in asp .net code
  4. how to format time greater than 24h
  5. excel show different value
  6. How to use invisible width
  7. Open crosstab editor after you are finished?
  8. Portrait and landscape in the same report
  9. Pentaho Biserver calling external lib
  10. Need a post processing script to hide certain x axis labels
  11. PentaHo Report Designer - Connection to Mondrain file.
  12. Pentaho Report Designer 3.9.1:changing font color on a chart?
  13. Trouble adding a parameter with MongoDB datasource
  14. Value in the center of the bar.
  15. Multi Value list displays id when value is selected
  16. Help on Crosstab group Title Header visible property
  17. Deploy report on BI 5.0 ce
  18. send a report with pictures to gmail
  19. Cross tab - reference a cell to calculate
  20. Pentaho Report Designer - Firing same queries multiple times to display chart
  21. Displaying Chart and Table with one query execution
  22. dynamic fields and open formula
  23. Hyperlink to a PDF / Excel file.
  24. How to use array paramenter
  25. Drilldown link on Number column in PRPT
  26. Cross Tab in Pentaho Report Designer 5.0.1
  27. How to edit DB tables
  28. CCC v2
  29. Remove field when blank
  30. What If analysis How to
  31. XY Area Chart - time-period-type: Day (gridlines)
  32. Pentaho BA 5.0.1 ce cannot run report developed by designer 3.9.1
  33. Characters are bullared in Charts exported by PRD.
  34. Tablix and Text-fields with dynamic width
  35. where to download latest versions of PRD
  36. Statistical Analysis for Scientific data Reporting
  37. Report based on two queries
  38. Oracle JDBC Connection In Pentaho Business Analytics
  39. matrix calculations
  40. lookup component
  41. Hiding Page Number field iin Master report when using subreports
  42. Server-URL-field does not override Server-URL when using a CDA datasource in PRD 5.1
  43. sql problem
  44. Call Stored Procedure to insert data into a table
  45. Problem with "Row layout"
  46. Problem with encoding in parameters
  47. Simple parameter
  48. Renaming a .csv File
  49. Problem with CE PRD 5.0.1-stable and PDI 5.0.1-stable
  50. Chart imagemap not being used
  51. Java method invocation from report designer
  52. SQL fields not visible in the Data pane though works at runtime
  53. Executing python script from Pentaho Kettle
  54. Reporting with Metadata Source
  55. TimeSeries Collector: Plotting with more than one column
  56. Java method invocation
  57. Report designer and hyperlink variable with space
  58. Multi Parameter Values in Pentaho Report Designer
  59. TypedTableModel object with ECMAScript
  60. Subreports and pagination
  61. Custom formatted text in report header (RTF, HTML or other)
  62. parameters with PDI (Kettle) as a datasource
  63. WAQR on Pentaho 5.1
  64. parameters - search null values
  65. Pentaho Report Designer Error
  66. Hyperlinks are not disabled in PDF version
  67. Error exporting to PDF!
  68. Date calculation
  69. [Analyzer report - Calculated measure] How to handle evolution rates
  70. Stackoverflow error with large number of selecitons in filters
  71. Pentaho graphical reports and dashboards
  72. [Dashboard editor] Can I insert images, raw text... in a dashboard ?
  73. Change style of a HTML Rich Text field in the Reporting Tool ?
  74. Add new data set using PDI KTR as Data source
  75. Pentaho Report Designer - i18n
  76. Labels not in English
  77. pentaho 5.1 row-banding not working in html stream
  78. Can't use stored procedure instead of sql in the Report Designer
  79. Bar Chart only showing Thin Bars
  80. Pentaho Report Designer 5.0.1 and windows server 2008 64 bits
  81. What html to display unordered/ordered lists in rich-text-type = text/html ?
  82. Need Headers same in multiple pages
  83. Watermark from database aproach
  84. Crosstab Report -penatho 5.0.7version
  85. PRD:Add Multiple worksheet in excel
  86. Start line on linear chart on 0 value
  87. Hyperlinks working in OpenOffice but not in Excel after export.
  88. Translation to Chinese
  89. Changing elements for ad hoc reporting
  90. How to treat number-looking parameter returns as characters to retain leading zeros
  91. Hive database with parameterized query not working
  92. Reading locale from user session as a variable
  93. Pentaho Drilldown in Bar Chart (Version 5.1)
  94. Exporting report to excel are very slow for large of fields
  95. Exporting analyzer reports to EXCEL can I configure to Not show Metadata information?
  96. pentaho CE
  97. subreport page header fields not showing up in report or designer
  98. How to define TOC to list subreports?
  99. Show url website in Pentaho Dashboard
  100. Issue with Bi server reporting
  101. Discrepancy - Report exported using Designer X BA server
  102. border missing when print to rtf
  103. Please help me about this error
  104. Parameter values not displaying
  105. Error while creating report using Pentaho's Report Designer
  106. CDE - Professional Graphic
  107. How to change position of banded subreport in Report Designer?
  108. Year-Month Line Chart ?
  109. chart - series by field issue
  110. Pentaho PRPT file output to MS Powerpoint
  111. Unable to see schema workbench model in BA reporting
  112. How to display .prpt File Name on report in PRD 5.1.2
  113. Descriptive Statistics in Report
  114. Open Forumale in Bar Chart
  115. Job - Sending Email
  116. Moving Average with Bar Line Chart
  117. Avoid pagebreak on last page
  118. Parameters in JDBC-connection
  119. Send Conditional Email using Pentaho User Console
  120. Multivalue parameter
  121. Display AM/PM from TIMESTAMP field In Excel Worksheet
  122. Pentaho reports - Image hyperlink not provided in downloaded Excel file
  123. Weird behaviour with datasources
  124. Database Connection Pooling
  125. Drop down in Analysis / Interactive report in pentaho
  126. Pentaho Report Designer: Query can not see a parameter value
  127. WSOD on publishing report to the BI server
  128. PRD variable number of string searches
  129. How to change timezone for report?
  130. Problem With Parameter when Default and NUL value in list
  131. Exporting in Excel: Time field appears not in format time
  132. Pentaho Designer Crash - Mac OS X Mavericks
  133. Problems with Drilldown formula on Charts and Fields (5.1)
  134. Slow response of parameters
  135. Digital signature for PDF
  136. PRD 5.2 build problem
  137. Drill-Donw Report taking time to fetching the data.
  138. Weird MDX result set - Total showing instead of values
  139. XML datasource file as a parameter?
  140. How to remove access of report when upload in PUC
  141. Solution for to have label in vertical
  142. Customization In Date Picker
  143. Invocation Target Exception
  144. Bar-sparkline chart scale problem
  145. sum of values
  146. autocomplete in textbox
  147. Lable does not show correct data format
  148. Lables inherit design attribute in pentaho report
  149. Price of Pentaho Enterprice
  150. Pentaho download
  151. Digital Signature In Pentaho Reporting
  152. Re:Pentaho Report Designer
  153. Publish PRD report to User Console
  154. Utlizar Pentaho para hacer reportes de SSAS
  155. Pentaho to build SSAS Reports
  156. Report Designer Parameter
  157. Report designer - XML DataSource String to Number conversion for Chart
  158. Link to a report with parameters
  159. Cascading parameters
  160. Report Designer Crashes on Launch, Mac OS X Version 10.10 "Yosemite"
  161. Autocomplete is not working in google chrome
  162. Reporting SDK + PDM datasource
  163. Different Drilldown URL from Charts and Fields (5.2)
  164. Can I local table to main query in PRD?
  165. Integrating Pentaho Reporting in Asp.Net Application
  166. Cde
  167. timeline in report
  168. Petanho Report apastrophe issue while dealing with postgres database
  169. slow execution and strange behaviour of report with data source Olap Pentaho Analysis
  170. problem with chart prd 3.9.1
  171. Pentaho Reporting Tool Support For Variable Substitution in Static Excel Template
  172. Text output giving extra row after each line record
  173. Running report designer from within BI server
  174. render troubles
  175. servlet+hyperlink not rendered - kind of urgent - i need to choose a report tool
  176. Reports and Dashboard Ideas for Collection Process
  177. how to extract csv excel file to pentaho report designer
  178. PRD :Zoom in and Zoom out in excel output
  179. finding a way to translate PRD
  180. Changing cell color in prd
  181. Stacked bar chart with multiple similar queries to the table
  182. I can't insert a image in my report. The "Embed in Report" option doesn't work in PRD
  183. Parameter dinamically fill in report
  184. union not working
  185. Large gray space in report designer error box
  186. Error with PRD opening data sets from OpenERP
  187. Border lines doesn't touch the bottom row.
  188. CDE Dynamic Columns - Value Formatter and Table Customization
  189. Calculating median and percentiles for a report in pentaho reporting 5.0.1
  190. Add sheets in excel output for 2 different queries
  191. Not able to schedule and view prpt files
  192. Publishing From Report Designer Report Validation Failed
  193. More than one open formula
  194. Pentaho Report Designer filter functions/ Drill down
  195. How to select Top 5 data using metadata ???
  196. Pentaho Dimension Modeling
  197. creation of filter seach option in chart
  198. lightining fast exports
  199. PUC reports show old data even when data is updated?
  200. auto increment in pentaho report designer
  201. Locale specific currency
  202. Designing sub reports using Java Method Invocation Datasource
  203. To hide a empty space in the report
  204. Images as external resources in HTML OUTPUT - Pentaho Classic Engine
  205. Brand new to AS/400 and Pentaho, can someone point me in the right direction?
  206. Unable to Query Hive db
  207. Reports strange behavior on Ubuntu
  208. Dynamic filtering of reports using parameters and prompts
  209. Report Designer - Filter report with Chart Item click
  210. PRD Chart label-font-color and title-font-color set
  211. Pentaho hyperlinking no actions on click
  212. java.lang.NullPointerException on click of chart
  213. Second subreport displaying same data as first one
  214. Export data are too slow
  215. XML Datasource - Passing parameters to subreport
  216. Unable to Publish the Report on Pentaho BI Server
  217. Prevent orphan of detail header and at least 1 or 2 lines of details.
  218. Prevent orphan of detail header or a group header at bottom of the page.
  219. Are there any API to access Pentaho reports?
  220. How to localize labels dynamically before print (NOT based on locale)?
  221. PDF Format Last Row Not Displaying Content
  222. Embed the pdf final result in a webpage + getting parameters from the url
  223. Report designer height controls
  224. Date value on parameter
  225. How to define a Sum If
  226. Cannot use fields on formulas
  227. Dynamic XML Soruce with Pentaho SDK
  228. Count conditional hidden Rows in Report - Designer
  229. How to format a value inside a formula?
  230. Grouping
  231. Text-field of parameters (MDX)
  232. Problems exporting to Excel
  233. How to take data source Excel file along Report?
  234. Maven repo unavailable
  235. Thread: Multi Value List parameter in MDX
  236. Pentaho 4.8 + Saiku adhoc 1.0, wrong SQL query generated
  237. Data type Date is not shown in the Excel output report
  238. Difference between Interactive reports, Analysis reports and Static Reports
  239. Dividing two columns from different Sub reports
  240. automatically assign parameter value on run "error processing component (prompt72892)
  241. Pentaho never launches and gives a xul exception.
  242. Order of the series in the charts
  243. Edited report can't show
  244. Report Designer excel output - outline by group
  245. publishing reports question
  246. how to publish report?
  247. how to start Pentaho BI Server?
  248. Report Viewer - Output type - filename extension missing
  249. Viewing 'Single Page (HTML)' skews format
  250. Shell scripting in area chart