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  1. Newb question about using column name in a parameter
  2. Graphics are not displayed when using Pentaho Reporting Engine 5.2
  3. Problem with report with parameter
  4. using suzy can‘t see report but admin can in pentaho bi5.2
  5. Cassandra data in BI Server Report Designer
  6. PBA and excel output issues
  7. I have a problem with first report , i can not select the fields
  8. How to merge two parameters
  9. Problem with 'WHERE' clause in MDX parameter
  10. How to modify the width of report
  11. not able pass the parameter dynamically in penaho
  12. Message box
  13. Link from sub reports elements to a report element
  14. Sending repots within the email
  15. Re:Scheduling Reports
  16. Parameters year and month, listing days.
  17. Show date parameters in report design
  18. Adding calculation function in a report
  19. Update button in pentaho report
  20. Create folders to organize Attributes/Measures in Analyzer?
  21. Table Component with Fixed table Headers
  22. All Timestamp filds are converted to user PC timezone
  23. Field Blank After Publishing Report In Though Data displays in Preview Mode
  24. Formula to change parameter
  25. How to avoid truncate excel cells in PRD
  26. Pentaho Report Designer MDX Parameter - ALL
  27. dynamic report
  28. Report Designer's Data Set usage problem
  29. Cannot get scheduled reports for yesterday to work
  30. Red Arrow Comments in Report (Exported in Excel Format)
  31. Formatting message-field in Group Header
  32. Jython & Dynamic Number of Columns
  33. Error parsing parameter information. In BA server.
  34. How to Use Accepted-Page param in the PRPT Report expression
  35. Can we get the Output parameter value from the Stored Procedure to the report
  36. Assessing Result set is failed
  37. Odoo active_id
  38. Get the Output parameter value from the Stored Procedure
  39. Error "NullPointerException" with clause "parameter()"
  40. How to create user prompt to hide/show subreports
  41. Dynamic horizontal page spanning
  42. Conditional Formating Issue with report output in Excel
  43. PRD 5.1 Crosstab
  44. Hyper link appears in value field when opening in MS Excel
  45. Different layout between PRD and Server
  46. Missing labels in generated report
  47. Problem frame report (little white frame on IE without compatibility view)
  48. Cannot save a report
  49. problem with crosstab when order or rowbanding, pls hep ,thanks
  50. Migrate report from 4.8 to 5.3
  51. fractional fontsize in PRD?
  52. Filtering report by the number of occurrences of a column
  53. Require help on pre-requisites for the execution of PRPT in UNIX
  54. Pentaho Report CE 5.3 Product Sales Line Pie Chart Hyperlink is broken
  55. need help opening report
  56. Issue at row level total drill down in pentaho report designer crosstab component
  57. Parameter screen show some data in hex code, some not
  58. Execute SQL on parameter select?
  59. browser info as parameter
  60. How to extract the chart as Image from a prpt using SDK
  61. date picker auto changes
  62. Pentaho Report Designer Proble
  63. Requesting tutorial / guides for reporting params
  64. Change a Value for an Image or Text
  65. pdf view does not print arabic characters
  66. Resulting value is not a tablemodel
  67. Report Creation with Java very slow
  68. Format Label Text in Bubble chart in Pentaho Report Designer
  69. tooltip problem - PRD 5.3 & BI server 5.3
  70. elipse disapear in HTML (single page) report - PRD 5.3 & BI Server 5.3
  71. spoon core dumped
  72. Using Maps in Pentaho Report Designer
  73. how to save a report with the extension of filename and current dateand time
  74. Pentaho Reporting is automatically resizing labels
  75. Multiple Templates in Same Report file (all on separate pages)
  76. ECMA Script on Pentaho Report Designer
  77. Create Multiple Bar Chart with single data source
  78. Error occurred while trying to connect to the database
  79. Groovy/ECMA script for update on PRD
  80. How do I perform count on a dimension?
  81. Excel export
  82. Formula error in Report Designer file in BI server
  83. Scheduled reports locale
  84. Reporting Engine JSON output ?
  85. CGG chart "Failed to transcode image" error with svg format, in PRD
  86. Report launched is blank
  87. Page Breaks for Rich Text Format not working
  88. How to create custom parameter control in pentaho report
  89. CSVReportUtil.createCSV cyrillic problem
  90. OrientDB NoSQL graph database support for reporting in Pentaho
  91. CSVReportUtil.createCSV encoding problem
  92. Problem with report on Server
  93. Setup Pentaho under IIS?
  94. Scripting in Pentaho Report Designer
  95. PENTAHO ERROR pasing mdx query '...' Null!
  96. Creating excel report from Pentaho
  97. Keeping Group Header records together
  98. Creating a dynamic report
  99. Write back in pentaho reporting
  100. Parametrized query with dial chart.
  101. Vertical Text / Escapement
  102. Problem truncate HTML entities
  103. Publishing Reports
  104. Problem with the v-align
  105. How to insert image ..link from url + table field
  106. Overwrite generated report at BI Server
  107. Pentaho Report - Truncating zeros parameter
  108. Can Pentaho report designer connect to CLoud SQL?
  109. Report descriptions not showing on mouseover?
  110. Fields cleaned at select the parameter
  111. Report rendering issue when invoked for first time
  112. HTML code in Pentaho report PDF
  113. Multiple chart with one check Box parameter
  114. Report with lots of columns does not render properly in CSV
  115. Impala with RD - Method Not Supported Exception
  116. Missing Items when viewing on Browser but appeared in PDF
  117. Mdx group by measures values rang
  118. Default "All" for a multivalue list parameter
  119. Is it possible to place bar chart legend to ’top right’ instead of only ’top center’?
  120. help on specific calculation in group footer
  121. Pentaho report execution creates a never ending session in oracle
  122. Undo Drill-Down Action on Standard Dashboards
  123. Pie Chart to be displayed for each row in detail band
  124. Transformation as datasource in report
  125. Issue In pentaho 1.7.1 version
  126. Name of the report above the list of parameters
  127. Pentaho Reporting - Global Variables
  128. Create Data Audit Report from Flat Files
  129. data in downloaded pdf file didnt appear
  130. Text Colour formula not working when report is exported to Excel
  131. Display time in Eastern Time
  132. multiselect result as a parameter for a PDI datasource
  133. Edit schedule in Pentaho Report Designer
  134. Pass User Role (env::roles) from Report to OLAP4J XMLA
  135. Errorm This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it
  136. Pentaho Report Designer -Fill remaning space of page
  137. Check a checkbox by default in Pentaho report designer ?
  138. unable to change grid width in pentaho report designer
  139. Creating common style template for PDF-exported reports
  140. Actualizar reportes en tiempo real
  141. BI for a web hosting company
  142. Unable to view a report in Pentaho User Console
  143. set the width for the parameter lists
  144. bg-color formula creates empty rows when exporting to Excel / Excel 2007
  145. How to translate some messages?
  146. A tedious work: Headers on row layout
  147. Nested Conditional Statements in Hyperlink formula
  148. Using Different Queries from same Transformation
  149. Java embed report cannot parse kettle document
  150. GBP currency symbol issue when exported to PDF
  151. different content depending on the output type
  152. Error whilst publishing the report created in Pentaho CE.
  153. Suma anterior en informe
  154. Calcular saldo anterior
  155. How can I include an image from database?
  156. Question about creating a generic formula
  157. change int value to string
  158. Pass parameters to KettleTransFromFileProducer
  159. Register for the FREE Pentaho Community Meeting in London
  160. Burn down chart in pentaho report designer
  161. Calculated column pentaho cde
  162. Publishing Error:while trying to publishing the reports in the User console.
  163. Stacked Graph
  164. Report preview in Excel geeting Error
  165. grouped bar spacing width for composite axis
  166. Change the axis of a series on a line chart
  167. Hide a sub report containing a chart pentaho
  168. WARNING: Element '' with expression on style 'bg-color' has no value for mandatory...
  169. export div in cde dashboard
  170. cde dashboard export div
  171. Read a property in PRPT files
  172. Custom Title, Text output file
  173. Pentaho Authentication with angualrJS
  174. Creating logging when a CI is stored
  175. Need a community substitute for Pentaho BI's "Interactive Reporting"
  176. Bug in Pentaho Report Designer 5.3 ???
  177. SubReport Adding Space -Pentaho Report Designer
  178. can I use pentaho reporting to send mails to users including the business charts?
  179. Pentaho reporting designer version conflict
  180. Group headers as orphans
  181. Error during a call stored procedure or stored function
  182. Current state of table-layout
  183. Prevent repeating detail header when using groups
  184. Hide chart if not data
  185. Monitoring and Improving Performance in Pentaho Report Designer
  186. date parameter and data-cache
  187. Languages supported by pentaho
  188. Is it possible to pass a parameter to a report via URL?
  189. Incomplete MongoDB Datasource Form
  190. Sum of Column
  191. Creating drill down report using pentaho report designer..
  192. Using xml as a datasource
  193. PreProcessor
  194. CSS on Pentaho Reporting
  195. PRD Parameter Page Hangs
  196. Pentaho PRD 5.3 Crosstab Row and Column Summary with Grand Total
  197. Scatter Plot Chart
  198. Page break after each details iteration
  199. Setting Auto Submit Parameter as anything breaks the feature?
  200. Pentaho with OBIEE Integration
  201. How to remove excel format from the output-report-designer
  202. Error while upload a report
  203. Sending Mail alerts through pentaho Job
  204. Creating tabs using Pentaho Reporting
  205. Can't fix bar width in a bar chart with pentaho report designer
  206. Can't reach repository from PRD
  207. Pie Chart in pentaho report designer
  208. How to make my report column name dynamic?
  209. Looking for pentaho report designer 4.0
  210. Report file compatibility between Designer versions
  211. Export Parameters from Subreport
  212. user can view the data between any given seven days only while generating report.
  213. Pentaho Report width or span
  214. Create report in JSON
  215. problem regarding making table
  216. Custom JDBC Connection Deprecated?
  217. Migration from pentaho 4.1 to 5.4
  218. Control 'Row Banding' settings through style sheet
  219. Error opneing a saved report via Saiku
  220. Input Parameters in Preview
  221. How do I get Report Output to Filesystem
  222. Horizontal elasticity of Label or textbox
  223. How to write xquery(FLWOR expression) in query section on pentaho report designer?
  224. Print file folder
  225. How to add a new group
  226. Convert string field CSV to number
  227. Report validation failed after publishing into BI Server - BeanException
  228. report into BI CE
  229. Make report from multiple databases
  230. Japanese character cannot display in PDF download
  231. PentahoDatasourceConnectionProvider.ERROR_0002-reason javax.naming.NameNotFoundExceti
  232. Print a .prpt directly to printer available to pentaho server
  233. Report Header
  234. How to get the transactional data from mondrian for the mdx query in C#
  235. Save Report with Parameters
  236. redefinable DataSource spoon->bi server
  237. Crosstab Summary Column Formatting
  238. Embedded Report App unable to render bar chart
  239. How to set time-period-type setting dynamically??
  240. How to export to Excel
  241. Reporting tools in Pentaho Community Edition
  242. Ways to Self Service Reporting in Pentaho CE
  243. Location of Scheduled reports output files
  244. Change Marker size and color depending on query in NewMapComponent
  245. Cross tab report performance
  246. How to Handle Lexical errror thrown with Carriage return and line feeds in MDX query
  247. using custom parameter
  248. How to get "dynamic" page width???
  249. Number value formatting in parameter input
  250. Embed PDF or DOC inside a report