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  1. Report Design Client & Server Data Sources
  2. get hostname to create url to image
  3. Adhoc reporting rendering speed
  4. Adding a new parameter throws an error in the report designer
  5. css issue
  6. Minimum Libraries for Pentaho
  7. How to upload the analysis into baserver with command line.
  8. Scheduler for the Saiku Reports
  9. Increase width of page
  10. Grabbing data from months other than parameter dates for comparison
  11. Getting error while establishing the generic database ( Yolus datasource ) connection
  12. List of integers as parameter, how to use in query?
  13. Blocks of multiple data sources to be placed in different pages
  14. Date Parameter in Report Designer not working
  15. report variable question?
  16. How to delete a 'Group'
  17. Report Designer - MS SQL Server Native connection failuer with JDBC
  18. Problem with the parameter selectors in published report
  19. Report Designer - parameter in Message Field
  20. Getting error while passing a parameter to report
  21. How to install Saiku Reporting plug-in in biserver
  22. Adding dynamic images to a PDF report
  23. Pentho Reporting
  24. Dynamic/parameterized XML source file name for report
  25. Where can i keep the Pre-Processor Code
  26. sqleonardo does not open
  27. The (servername) failed to respond error message when running a report.
  28. PRD 5 Problem with mdx query columns names!! Can't format it!!
  29. Parameters not showing on publishing pentaho report
  30. Supplement for deprecated setProperty(String, Object) method of MasterReport
  31. Bad performance when requesting reports from the BA server
  32. Pentaho Pie Chart
  33. Unable to break page at the end of each iteration inside "Details"
  34. Text missing in PDF but fine in preview nad html
  35. PRD One Query from More than 50 Datasource Connections
  36. crosstab loses formating when in details band subreport
  37. Converting timezone of date parameter
  38. Parameters inside DB Function Calls
  39. Problem with IIF, parameter and default value in MDX
  40. Bar chart not showing up in excel
  41. Dashboard reports not refreshing when tied to a Mondrian Schema
  42. Report Designer - Parameter in the name of the report
  43. On Demand subreport??
  44. Reporting API: rendering svg string programmatically
  45. Newbie with PRD - Chart Showing No Data?
  46. How to call a Pentaho cde dashboard with parameters list hidden using post request?
  47. Scheduled jobs for prpt files; email isssue; filetype issue
  48. Scheduler for reports - distribution lists
  49. Show parameter value selected by user
  50. Centos issue starting report designer
  51. Report invoked from Pentaho Reporting Output step with parameterized DB connection
  52. Automatically save a prpt file in a folder
  53. Duplicate query when populating dropdown list
  54. list of dates on report layout
  55. Values missing in the charts
  56. JNDI and integrating engine
  57. Query designer error
  58. Pentaho Report Designer not Publishing.
  59. Data Labels on Y2 Axis in Bar Line Chart (PRD)
  60. Manually sort bars in bar chart
  61. Copying reports between servers
  62. Install report across multiple servers
  63. Openerp Data Access and performance problem-Same query executed multiple times
  64. How to fill data into a table in a prpt file using java
  65. SQL Paramters not picked up
  66. A list of value as parameter
  67. Hyperlink to JIRA case
  68. URL parameter value list
  69. How to access elements in the report in java code
  70. Help with creating Multiselect reports
  71. Line chart using from two different quarries
  72. how to parameterize both structure and values in the SQL?
  73. How to use Parametrised field as the Report Title or the Sheetname in Excel
  74. Date format in embedded reporting in java application
  75. Customize report columns in embedded reports in java applications
  76. Report Designer CE (license question)
  77. Integration with Spring MVC
  78. Problem with creating a custom analyzer plugin
  79. Check parameter validity
  80. Error connecting to Oracle DB
  81. German Umlaute äöüß
  82. Create a table in existing report template using java
  83. PRPT PDF output save to filesystem
  84. Automated Mailing
  85. String comparison in expression
  86. From 4.8 to 6.0: drilldown link
  87. Bar Chart with different colors within a series
  88. Analyzer Report Running Total - Stop for Future Dates in Current Year
  89. Crosstab feature in pentaho 6
  90. Pentaho On Paas
  91. Connect Report Designer with BI CE Server
  92. How to edit an existing bar chart in prpt file using java
  93. Oracle and Date picker
  94. How to link an image to PRD
  95. Publicando el Reporte en la Consola de Usuario Pentaho
  96. Spoon Sqoop import from postgres
  97. Hide values
  98. Hide report in Pentaho 6.0
  99. Pentaho Connection reset
  100. How to pass parameters in the URL of a report in version 6
  101. Charts in email without logging in?
  102. Reports on Tabs
  103. Pentaho adds empty columns while export to CSV
  104. Join between two databases
  105. Very slow analysis report
  106. PDF not showing unicode characters
  107. While executing report on BI server getting following error Caught Kettle Exception
  108. Connect Report Designer to BAP Data Source
  109. Report in body of email?
  110. How do I implement this report?
  111. dynamically datasource
  112. Interactive Reports
  113. Schedule Reports
  114. Report created in Report designer for Different enviornment like dev , prod etc
  115. Number format is wrong in chrome
  116. Cascading parameter refresh issue
  117. How to get started with Pentaho 6.0 Community Edition
  118. PRD CE 6 CSV File Input error
  119. Automatic reports
  120. using .xaction to generate reports
  121. Reports REST access with parameters
  122. parameters from subreport to master report
  123. Dashboard link
  124. On using https link for Hyperlink in PRD it gives SSLHandshakeException
  125. Dynamic height and text wrap problems
  126. Create multiple subreports dynamically
  127. Dynamically change bar chart colour based on parameter
  128. Crosstab column ordering
  129. showing selected parameter to dipslay
  130. How to show pentaho report on PHP webpage sending parameters?
  131. Can we run query on the Spark cluster from Report designer
  132. Column Formats
  133. Two charts on same row !
  134. JNDI - Error connecting to database: (using class org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver)
  135. How to Show Yesterday's Business date while opening Analyzer Report
  136. How to append date to the file generated in pentaho report designer?
  137. Multiple database table joins
  138. Hyperlink reports in PDF format
  139. integration of pentaho reports in to .net web application
  140. number of lines in a String
  141. Report Designer and Pentaho Server DB connections
  142. Help on creating summary on group header
  143. Variables in Pentaho Reporting
  144. Add a (constant) line in a chart inside a report
  145. Password for biserver-ce-
  146. Cassandra Step Help
  147. iterate over subreports in Reporting SDK
  148. Drop Down Parameter
  149. exception when using xml as datasource in java sdk
  150. Reports with differents layout on windows and Linux
  151. java heap overflow
  152. Change the default folder directory to save a report
  153. PRD 3.9.1 : Excel preview, problem with column size
  154. Error code 28 while generating report
  155. How to open a report from PRD 6.0 on PRD 5.4? Or posublish from PRD 6.0 to BI server?
  156. Pentaho Reporting Features
  157. sub-report-active attribute, page breaks and unnecessary blank pages
  158. Dashboard report - set report name at run time via URL?
  159. Creating a PDF file with the "Pentaho Reporting Output" step...
  160. Column Label name and position changes based on parameter passed
  161. Non mandatory parameter in pentaho report designer
  162. wrap text
  163. Chart with Image not displaying in PDF output format
  164. Timeout
  165. Post Processing script to show the labels of y2-axis
  166. Report designer, subreport does not appear in pdf report
  167. database and table mapping
  168. Fixed columns size in dynamic report
  169. creating multiple tabs within a report
  170. Field Type for different Data types
  171. Does PRD support MySQL aes_decrypt?
  172. Calling web API from report
  173. Unable to create the report from HDFS
  174. Error parsing parameters
  175. prpt component
  176. Pentaho Report with Grails 3.0.0 ~ 3.1.1
  177. instaling report designer not connecting to mysql
  178. Is it possible to avoid groups from being sorted alphabetically?
  179. Excel/CSV output type
  180. cell height doesn't scale to largest object in row in crosstab report
  181. set maximum row or records in page
  182. Widows and orphans misworking
  183. Report parameter: show/hide
  184. Delete Report from Repository Root
  185. Chart {Item Labels}
  186. Awful slowness to create a MS SQL SERVER JDBC DataSource
  187. creating a report using parameters
  188. How to format into French currency?
  189. Pentaho questions
  190. Need help with this example in Pentaho Report Designer 5.0
  191. Creating Fixed Length Reports with no pagination
  192. URGENT! Failed to load PDF document (HELP ME!)
  193. avoid-page-break not working in an inner group when widows or orphans are set
  194. I can not use ODBC Connections
  195. I can' t use JDBC connection with SQL Server SQLJDBC driver
  196. Multiple flat files with same template
  197. Beanshell BarLine Chart Label Rotation 90 degree
  198. Input field in Pentaho reporting
  199. Error processing component CDE paramater
  200. Aligning cells in crosstab report
  201. PRD - joined query?
  202. Report designer sub reports display in design view
  203. Dynamically Creating Report Definition Files
  204. How to avoid page breaks
  205. Pentaho Community Dashboard Editor -
  206. Changing Colours in Scatter Chart
  207. PRD help with date parameters
  208. Cannot edit crosstab
  209. Create new measures from Dimension Tables
  210. PRD query scripting
  211. Using resource bundles with variable names
  212. Groovy script in Pentaho Report
  213. How can Kettle/PDI run a report/PRPT on another server?
  214. Need a certain field's count as an addable field itself in Interactive Reports
  215. Populating text field with a Query
  216. Changing position of chart value
  217. Report output as "text file"
  218. PRD freezes when I open new tab.
  219. Bar Chart label cut in pentaho report
  220. Showing radio buttons on report in pentaho
  221. Reporting Questions
  222. Embed Pentaho Reports on my PHP app
  223. Pentaho Reports from .ktr
  224. Empty SQL result
  225. referencing undefined (dynamic) fields due to query scripting
  226. open reports in pdf by default
  227. Cross tab show duplicate record
  228. Hiding the dates in date picker
  229. Pentaho - Sub-Report
  230. very slow subreport
  231. Executing a Oracle Stored Procedure in Pentaho Report Developer
  232. How to set cell height in crosstab report?
  233. Dynamic Height
  234. Unable to include drop down parameter in html page
  235. Group Calculation
  236. Set value for the cell of a crosstab
  237. Unknown piece of code
  238. Help with date calculation issue
  239. Unable to get reports in PDF format
  240. Need help with Pentaho Report Designer
  241. CDE: Change the CCC onclick?
  242. Fields not available in report when data integration source uses a JSON Input task
  243. Use a variable for Database Name
  244. Rtl
  245. PIR setting for query-limit being ignored in edit mode
  246. Transform SQL views into graphs
  247. Reports much slower in Bi Server than in PRD
  248. PRD 5.1.1 ruler guides in bands start disappearing as I add fields to form
  249. Cannot edit Query after adding Global Scripting on the ECMAScript
  250. Report PDF export problem (all letters collapse in one char for each word)