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  1. Dashboard table formatting resets after prompt change
  2. Report BSF expression help
  3. Problem trying to run Spoon.bat, "Unable to access jarfile" on VDI
  4. BSH Expression used in Report Parameter
  5. BA Analysis report using more than one fact
  6. LibFormulaErrorValue only in Server, working OK in PRD
  7. Dynamic set cell background color for totals
  8. Analyzer Visualization Colors via API
  9. Simple table of content
  10. Scheduling a report with dynamic date ranges
  11. Index in PRD Problem
  12. How to change output file delimiter dynamically in Pentaho BI Server?
  13. Edit crosstab
  14. singleValueQuery and multiValueQuery misworking in the server
  15. conditional aggregation in group
  16. how to pass parameters in subreport
  17. Display selected Parameters on Report
  18. Background color misworking when exporting to excel in server
  19. How to embed pentaho report designer to my web application
  20. How to include all staff in Operations group report
  21. Installing PRD - Windows
  22. JNDI connection configuration
  23. Calling a procedure from Pentaho Report Designer
  24. Installing Report
  25. Strange label behaviour
  26. Watermark Transparency
  27. JNDI Oracle Datasource
  28. Use Parameters in SQL Query
  29. Report Footer page breaks
  30. How to make line chart with multiple lines from the same database
  31. Missing plugins found while loading a Kettle transformation to pentaho report designe
  32. Crosstab Report with Static Rows
  33. Strikethrough is not working in Pentaho Report Designer 6.0.
  34. Java Application embed chart pentaho Report
  35. Open report with Firefox 46.0.1
  36. New Postal Code Pentaho reporting
  37. Config Detail Header on new report
  38. IOError while creating content Connection timed out
  39. Multi-column report
  40. Rename MDX columns
  41. How to make Sub -Reports Relation
  42. Embeded Pentaho Reports with parament on java application
  43. XML Datasource bug?
  44. how to show drop down items on the same horizontal row
  45. Pentaho Reporting Output Type
  46. Gauge Component Query result Function
  47. how to put name in the output file automatically
  48. Problem with using Multi Value List parameter
  49. PRD can't find my Mongo DB 's collections, when i am going to connect it.
  50. Remove Grouping of Data from Excel Output
  51. MDX parameter not working
  52. Data source
  53. Running Count with condition
  54. where is the reporting menu in pentaho BI
  55. response time optimization
  56. Generete PDF in UTF-8 encoding
  57. SQL Having Clause in Metadata Based Query
  58. change the color of table row using javascript in pentaho report
  59. Setting up an "All" Parameter
  60. use of hyperlink in pentaho report designer 6.1
  61. NullPointerException
  62. Editing the Style of the Parameters
  63. Page-changing panel doesn't show wher prpt component embedded in dashboard
  64. Insert image to pentaho report
  65. Passing XML Data source Programmatically
  66. Chinese Characters in PDF Export
  67. Filtering in dashboard
  68. Sorting on certain column?
  69. Use Mondrian OLAP, SAIKU Community Into PRD
  70. Is PDI contain report designer
  71. Where to find Saiku Reporting standalone version?
  72. Saiku analytics 2.3
  73. Add multiple openerp databases to a single report
  74. Data Sets columns and fields missing
  75. Use justify_interval query from PostgreSQL into Pentaho report designer
  76. Sort by ASC/DESC
  77. How do I use multiple sql commands including DML inside my report's query ?
  78. getting the connection data from SQLReportDataFactory
  79. Applying XSL to the XML in report designer
  80. Is it possible to resize elements with long ID's to prevent overlap?
  81. Changing Chart title based on field
  82. How to get the MDX Query?
  83. Error 404 516 on Publish Report
  84. Date Picker Component bug?
  85. Expand and compress in pentaho report designer
  86. One report against multiple databases
  87. Error when connecting Hive with Pentaho report designer
  88. Pentaho Report Designer - MongoDB SSL/TLS
  89. java sdk - getting report definition outside of class path
  90. Table of contents with subreports
  91. Report Footer at bottom of last page
  92. How to display blob image in pentaho reporting tool from Oracle DB
  93. Display report in CST (Community Startup Tabs)
  94. append/bring percentage (%) symbol next to numerical value
  95. Getting Exception when connect Pentaho report designer with Hive data source
  96. REST services
  97. replacing String value by other String value
  98. Unable to connect Redshift to Pentaho Report Designer
  99. Export EXCEL- Reporting
  100. parameter in connection database
  101. Dataset throws exception and no columns are seen in the tree
  102. Analysis Report. Create Date Range Filters
  103. How to setup a Google BigQuery connection in Pentaho report designer
  104. Connection refused deploying a Report
  105. Measures. Numeric Filter
  106. overlapping labels in Line chart
  107. Image to image-field from a file
  108. Pentaho Report Designer Order by parameter
  109. last refresh date
  110. Change filename
  111. Empty Report after publish from report designer 6.1
  112. Excel 2003 - Fetching ROWS > 65K
  113. Unable to publish a report
  114. Multiple columns in Detail section (newspaper article style)
  115. Database connection problemo
  116. Pentaho Reporting Desktop, testing session variables on client, not server
  117. how to print pentaho report to printer dot matrix?
  118. whats kind size 's type is this?
  119. Supporting html-code for table and image output on report
  120. how to set image-field from url?
  121. Store Procedure Pentaho Report Designer
  122. why in my pentaho report designer not have data-cache options?
  123. how to set vertical line to 100% in detaiils section?
  124. Creating a Pentaho report with data Coming from PDI...
  125. PRD & Crosstab
  126. Dynamic reports generation from pie chart
  127. PageBreak on Detail's Section
  128. Null value in formula
  129. How to give symbol to the orthoAxis?
  130. Problem defining DataFactory from Java Application
  131. Reports created with Evaluation Version to be used in CE
  132. Does anyone usr a surface pro 4 and report designer ?
  133. Create a Gantt Chart using post-processing script?
  134. Table on multiple columns
  135. How to separate data when I hit a new value?
  136. Bypass the authentication via iFrame
  137. Pentaho freezes when adding more than 8 prompts to an interactive report
  138. Cannot drag into canvas
  139. Embedding a Pentaho Report in Play Framework
  140. Unexpected error at uploading new report in Pentaho
  141. Error at connecting with a remote server database MySQL. It used to connect.
  142. To sort data using column headers
  143. parameter passing with onclick event
  144. Metadata query and inability to parameterize report
  145. Pentaho Report logback configuration
  146. Pentaho Reporting get previous Field
  147. how to display the parameters list in report desinger
  148. How to generate dynamic reports based on user's column specific access permission?
  149. Failed at query: SELECT
  150. Launching a report from a standalone java application
  151. Images not displayed when embeded in java application
  152. BI server 6.1 remote access view report as pdf issue
  153. Report viewer
  154. Dynamic Column Specification for MDX Query
  155. Can we use Pentaho in commercial applications?
  156. Conditional Subreports - How to stop execution of subreport query
  157. Matrix dashboard (analysis crossed)
  158. PDI Json Input for a Report on BI 6.1?
  159. classic-extensions raises null pointer exception on windows
  160. Parse Mysql column
  161. Reuse query for multiple reports
  162. CDE Dashboard and javascript errors
  163. Horizentale display data
  164. pentaho report designer use cassandra db
  165. UNABLE TO ACCESS http://repo.pentaho.org/artifactory/repo/
  166. Using several (thousands) identical images in a single Report
  167. Why is Pentaho making multiple requests when I add an image URL to an image object?
  168. Report Designer query data from HTTP Post rather than database
  169. Date Picker parameter
  170. pdf encoding
  171. Query designer hangs to certain databases
  172. Another how do I connect to MS SQL from Report Designer 7.0.0-25
  173. Not able to connect Pentaho report designer with SSAS using OLAP4J
  174. how to make a table with columns generated by SQL input
  175. Repeated values in drop down type parameter
  176. PDI as Datasource for In pentaho Report Designer and Execute Via Custom java Interfac
  177. how to get sum from Sub Sub Report to Sub report Pentaho Report Designer
  178. Pentaho Reporting - exported xlsx not supported format
  179. Unable to create a JDBC Datasource - menu options disabled
  180. How to integrate Pentaho reports in MVC application?
  181. Setting Pentaho Report Page Size
  182. Report: Export as xls not working in Chrome Vesion 54.0, Biserver 6.0 CE
  183. Support for page breaks on RTF output format
  184. Change color of tremap in Analysis Report
  185. export report to PDF with low resolution
  186. is it possible to print prpt file in web application
  187. how to display / integrated pentaho (prpt) on netbeans app
  188. Pentaho Reporting without Datasource
  189. Displaying pentaho report with PDI as datasource [HELP]
  190. Datasources - Dynamic name of the XML file
  191. Dynamic locale format in report
  192. Use BSH script in parameters
  193. How to increase toolbar font size in PRD
  194. how to hide parameter dock on preview Dialog
  195. Errors starting Report Designer 7 on Ubuntu
  196. Time Out Issue : org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: An I/O error occurred while sendi
  197. Multi language Support in Pentaho Report
  198. Line Height Bug??
  199. Pentaho 7.0 and CSV Exports from Viewer
  200. Error parsing parameter information on open prpt report with chart
  201. report-designer.sh
  202. Matrix dashboard
  203. Compatibility Report designer from 3.8 to 6.1
  204. array of dates on x axis
  205. Sending the value of a filter/prompt via URL to PUC
  206. Get a file with FTP when file name contains white space
  207. Date formatting
  208. Join multiple databases with subreports
  209. Row level security in reports possible?
  210. data picker params in report
  211. Pentaho Interactive Reporting Date time usage
  212. Table Output Step in PDI resulting in java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  213. unable to create CrossTab report
  214. How to add dynamic value in tooltip-formula?
  215. How to include the Pentaho user in a query
  216. Apply Logic in Parameters
  217. How to run the report from outside of the designer ?
  218. How to execute a query from within "Query Scripting" initQuery function
  219. Pentaho reporting performance issue
  220. Report fail to export result in CSV
  221. Pentaho Reporting Crosstab Formatting
  222. Problem with variable length fields in detail section
  223. pass both upper or lower case in parameter
  224. Reference blank/unselected/defaulted parameters in Open Formula?
  225. Pentaho report designer 5.4 inline layout inside subreports details area
  226. Names of the all fields defined in the query are printed in the group header...
  227. Pentaho Report Drilldown : Parameters not fetched
  228. Using MySQL datasource in a timestamp parameter
  229. How to stop the user to re-run the pentaho report via user console ?
  230. Pentaho Designer label for new page
  231. how to connect oracle db from metadata Edtitor
  232. Ad hoc (web interface) and formula field
  233. Assign Template to subreport.
  234. Issue connecting to MSSQL with Integrated Authentication
  235. Banded, non-dynamic, static height subreports with overlapping rows.
  236. Content exceeding bounds of static size subreport
  237. PRD. Combine groups and crosstabs
  238. Support Request.
  239. Report Designer 5.2.0 - 3D Pie Chart border always in gray
  240. Sum total of Timestamp field
  241. display query
  242. Rectangle with rounded edge
  243. Is there a way to rename columns contents in DB?
  244. Error on WAQR save report
  245. wizard template
  246. How to use concat in parameter
  247. Page footer issue
  248. Pie Chart: Wrong Label Value and not rest of the amount
  249. Report Configuration
  250. How to give page number it will start from second page as to take first page?