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  1. How to fetch data from database without using Drag and Drop in Pentaho Reporting?
  2. Html Report not showing the pie chart
  3. How Groups will work in Pentaho Repoting?
  4. Some times preview as PDF is not working in Pentaho Reporting Why?
  5. Pentaho SDK issue!!!
  6. Number of Rows in Row Banding properties will work for Groups in a Report (or) Not ?
  7. Empty details on first page (PDF)
  8. empty first page pdf
  9. How to create 2 tables in one page using Pentaho Reporting?
  10. PRD Crosstab vs. Excel PivotTable
  11. Report Wizard fields metadata
  12. Adding error bars to charts
  13. Integrate reporting to my web application
  14. Passing a parameter from URL to Report Designer
  15. Single Report Combining Multiple CSV Data Sources
  16. How can add multiple group headers in Pentaho Reporting?
  17. Difference between 6.0 version and 7.0 version of Pentaho Repoting?
  18. Pentaho Report Designer crosstab is not grouping columns properly
  19. Pentaho 5.4 problems with html formatting
  20. Sub report is not working in detail band using Pentaho Repoting
  21. In Sample Reports How can we import and export the parameters?
  22. Font color on Excel Export
  23. How to do a sort on a column that is not part of the SQL query
  24. Fix a measure on a range in aggregation and have it as a new measure
  25. invalid warnings when working with crosstabs
  26. How can we debug in a Report?
  27. how to create report on the web
  28. Pentaho web console long run report
  29. Reference to list of all internal styles
  30. How to view SQL Statements and Results
  31. JDBC(Custom) Data Source
  32. Give Row Percentage from SUM of Column?
  33. JDBC Customer Data Source script query equivalent
  34. Reset on Group with Open Formula
  35. Connection Neo4j database error
  36. Supply Date in Title
  37. Pentaho CDE Radar Chart
  38. Can we embed external javascript visualization objects in Pentaho reports?
  39. Two different columns
  40. Itext version upgrade?
  41. How to order bars in a stacked bar chart?
  42. Show the evolution of reading records in pentaho RD preview
  43. Passing a date from the Dashboard to an Analyzer report
  44. Images from repository into Report (prpt)
  45. Error message when using pentaho data integration as data source
  46. GS1 DataMatrix in Report
  47. How to remove a line break from a table
  48. pentaho report designer sum multiple column for each row
  49. html events two times
  50. Please how can I make use of prpt component its not working for me
  51. Warning: CaseWhen-Formula
  52. parameter values from another parameter
  53. Wrap or cut long labels in Pentaho CE Bar Chart Control
  54. I can´t open file report made in report designer version 6
  55. Dynamic schema on querys using parameters
  56. Publish failed. Server responded with status-code 404
  57. Formula editor, Percentages and Limiting the returned 'Scale'
  58. How to Export the Sample Data in to our MYSQL?
  59. How to repeat Report Header on each page
  60. crosstab total pentaho reporting 5.4 or higher
  61. Pentaho Report Designer - Display Currency Symbol and Format Number locale wise
  62. Extra Comma in the last column in CSV exporting
  63. Parameters, TSQL and Formula Operators
  64. Problems accessing the „TypedTableModel“ in Scriptable-Datasource
  65. Edit Properties within a Chart
  66. How to filter inherited data set
  67. In PRD 7.1 Bar Line Chart will work or not?
  68. PRD 6.0.1, I only want to populate a cell ONCE in a report
  69. Error calculate data from group
  70. need help: error when calculate data by group
  71. Newbie question - blank rows in Excel output
  72. Item Labels on Bar Chart Unreadable - PRD 6.0.1
  73. PRD 6.0.1 Beanshell Chart Post-Processing Script - Dynamic Y-axis by Partition
  74. Unable to access Pentaho BA server
  75. Deployed Tag cloud fail in Pentaho 30days free trail
  76. Storing reports on server filesystem instead of DB
  77. Bar Line Chart Y1 and Y2 axis base not aligned
  78. Excel export
  79. Excel Export Loses Cell Colour
  80. Invoking REST API from Report Designer
  81. How to embed PRD report with PHP code?
  82. I can't use Pentaho Report Designer & shema workbench
  83. Image prewievs in standard rows
  84. Access Pentaho report from Version 7.1 community
  85. Pentaho Horizontal Printing Report
  86. Single Value Query - gone?
  87. Output Type Single Page not work
  88. execute report with pentaho output report
  89. Pentaho Reporting .txt output returns a Arrow symbol at the end of file.
  90. Pdr 6.1 very slow - how to speed up?
  91. PRD Parameters
  92. Kettle file works fine in PDI but columns don't show up in PRD
  93. Report with user provided spreadsheet
  94. Help! Dynamic Height in Tables with lines and colors (pdf, HTML)
  95. Pentaho Report Designer 7.1 + CDA
  96. Runnig trasformation via report with an error
  97. username on interactive report - User Console
  98. Pentaho program to generate report from prpt
  99. Calculator Input String Error
  100. Report Bar Chart tooltip format
  101. Connection to MS SQL Express
  102. Hibernate and Reports
  103. Could not connect to HTTP server on ''local host''
  104. Display values on Bar chart for small piece
  105. table Component / Column Types Different in Rows
  106. Help with Hyperlink/Custom Text field
  107. Maps on reports
  108. Can not download excel file in 2nd time
  109. Combine multiple prpts into a single pdf using Pentaho Report Designer
  110. Horizontal and Vertical Scroll bar for Line Chart when there are more data points
  111. Help newby. Group columns and group rows.
  112. Page Refreshing in Report Viewer
  113. From Pentaho Report having issue in joining multiple tables from multiple servers
  114. unexpected row merging in excel output report
  115. Relative interval formula "yesterday", not working properly
  116. Pentaho report designer- cassadra connection issue
  117. Integration with Spring MVC project
  118. Struggling with group and details section
  119. error validate value for parameter
  120. Not getting fields for jdbc datasource
  121. multiple values for select where in not working
  122. Cannot load image from url using image-field
  123. Pentaho 7.1 PDF wrong diacritc
  124. pentaho report designer - how to pass parameter inside another parameter in mysql ?
  125. Pentaho Report designer- different timezones?
  126. PDI Datasource: MySQL and date parameter passthrough issues
  127. db2 query preview error
  128. Loading Pentaho datasource properties at run time
  129. MongoDB datasource - parameterizable connection details
  130. csv export type
  131. Set X Tick Interval Dynamic
  132. Change default zoom of PDF output report
  133. Alflytics datasource issue
  134. How to make a Report from Metadata file - Error
  135. Sankey Diagram Visualisation
  136. Setting Database Connection JDBC - error connecting to database
  137. number format ok in PRD but not in User Console (PDF)
  138. Steps don't show up in PDI datasource
  139. Bug in Values Visible label CDE
  140. Report sheduling with dynamical change parameters.
  141. Calculate score based on fields in a table
  142. Advance Reports(PRPT) giving error while running CE 7.1
  143. Generating a report is server goes much slower than in PRD
  144. PRD Wizard Report Document?
  145. Set up Oracle datasource when Oracle is in a Docker container
  146. Report based on transformation with JSON input
  147. Reports localization into not supported languages
  148. 6.0.1 Browser Compatibility
  149. Unable to parse datasource declaration.
  150. Error with data source PDI
  151. pentaho data source not showing fields
  152. How to load image from database sql server
  153. pass yyyy-MM-dd formatted date to PID
  154. How to pivot the data contain dates change over week
  155. Use csv file on pentaho user console
  156. Changing size in pentaho report in a row
  157. How to display a param in a txt component
  158. Integrate Pentaho report in python webserver Django
  159. how to back at line with a Boostrap componant (chart) when resize
  160. IMPORTANT - we have a new forum
  161. Table of contents
  162. Publish report on Remote PC or PC outside network using public IP.
  163. how to show Value in Radar Chart?
  164. Unable to publish report
  165. Download a PDF directly without open window
  166. Migrate from Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.3 to Pentaho Report Designer5.0.1
  167. How to use parameters from an toher Dashboard
  168. Pentaho 8.0 xaction: Could not create component JavascriptRule
  169. Pentaho 8 CE: Market Place not acessible
  170. Why I cannot move any element in report section?
  171. Insert one or two pages at the begining of report with charts
  172. Invisible-consumes-space - simple example not working
  173. Pentaho Report Designer 8, plugin missing
  174. rounded corners, background and html
  175. Interactive report's progress stalls at 98% in Pentaho
  176. How to change application font for readible one?
  177. publish report online for selected users
  178. Report runs in designer but fails on server
  179. Creating a report with multiple sheets in excel
  180. Multiple spreadsheet pages in single report
  181. PRD Scheme,Resource bundle error in BI server
  182. Reading headers in prd rest api as a data source (using groovy)
  183. Vertical Alignment of Label in PRD 6.1
  184. Run report from Python
  185. Problem with Report using .ktr transformation as data source Version 7.0
  186. How can create the pentaho CE dashboard using the Using Angular
  187. Worng/mixed parameter values on PRD 6.0
  188. Passing parameters from one subreport to another subreport
  189. Dashboard Designer - link chart to data table
  190. Using .prpt files in Java application
  191. Pentaho 1.7 xaction files working slow in pentaho BI server 3.6
  192. Can someone help me how can we fetch BLOB data into Pentaho report designer?
  193. Beanshell Chart Post-Proccesing Script
  194. Overlapping not working
  195. Blank page coming in pdf output
  196. Change format of the html output in pentaho report designer
  197. How to Show the bar chart horizontal value
  198. excluding items from excel export
  199. pentaho ce 5.4 to pentaho ce 8.0
  200. Fileds to Column Names in PRD
  201. Running total in mdx
  202. Require JS
  203. Mongo DB Connection Issue
  204. Log user access to reports
  205. Mongo DB with parameters
  206. Copy Files Step in Pentaho
  207. Get value from pdi transformation
  208. Get sum as a single value
  209. SingleValueQuery Expression not working in pentaho report designer 8.0
  210. bar chart display label vertically space between bar and label
  211. Access CategorySet Data Collector
  212. Dynamic SQL query in Pentaho Reporting 5.4
  213. Change Number Format
  214. Report Designer Image Render problem when publish to BI server
  215. Pentaho Reporting Output and error
  216. How to manage PRD file version?
  217. Importing external reports
  218. Problem with Date Piker parameter?
  219. Possible to change date formats without changing the Schema?
  220. PRD : space between word missing on excel 2007 output
  221. parameters element '::group-0' references invalid field
  222. How to add/delete/update a column in PRD dynamically
  223. how to create drill down report in pentaho report designer
  224. PRD Dynamic Environment Variables
  225. Directory name variable in Reporting Designer
  226. Directory variable in PRD?
  227. LDAP Code: 49. Error authenticating user 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C09042F
  228. Pentaho Report Designer 5.0.1 and MySQL 8.0 is not working
  229. Report Designer 8.2: Query preview of Sub Report don't work
  230. Change column value if output-format is excel