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  1. Are Multi-Star Schemas possible in Mondrian?
  2. How to display NULL as "unknown" in a dimension?
  3. OLAP navigator hierarchies display
  4. Level Filter
  5. Persist measures to a database at the end of the month
  6. Distinct count
  7. MDX - problem querying with unique name
  8. What is the difference between "distinct count" and "distinct-count"?
  9. Dimension Usage: How to have unique dimension name?
  10. Error getThreadOrDefaultLocale()Ljava/util/Local
  11. compiling error in eclipse
  12. CurrentDateMember: Error Occurred While getting Resultset.
  13. visualisation published schemas on workbench
  14. [Workbench mysql windows xp] Database connection could not be done
  15. Aggregation Functions, Last and Inventory in time
  16. Multiple Member selection in Hierarchy Error
  17. pentaho mondrian analysis report
  18. Hide Members
  19. Accessing property via MDX
  20. [MDX] renaiming headers
  21. Help with MDX
  22. Mondrian Error:Failed to parse query
  23. Subtotals
  24. Question on Nested Hierarchies and Multiple Joins in a Dimension
  25. Creating Measure Group
  26. Access a published schema from another webapp on same application server (JNDI?)
  27. Role and NewAnalysis doesnt work together
  28. mdx help
  29. mdx grand total help
  30. Aggregation Designer: How to handle Schema with more than one Cube?
  31. Internationalization of Foodmart Schema
  32. Foodmart demo in derby
  33. Unit test failed :testPooledConnectionWithProperties(mondrian.rolap .RolapConnectio
  34. WITH MEMBER error
  35. Export to Excel very slow
  36. Has somebody set up ADOMD.NET for Mondrian? How does it work?
  37. Is this a bug : java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name m
  38. How can I seed up the Mondrian query performance?
  39. My first Mondrian Usage :)
  40. forest from the trees
  41. Save analysis error : An error occurred while rendering Pivot.jsp. Please see the log
  42. Dynamic cumulative sum
  43. BI analysis
  44. How to use drill down functionality
  45. What is the best Open Source MDX Editor?
  46. Mondrian Cube Performance
  47. JPivot Dimension filtering
  48. JPivot: Chart Location
  49. Disabling <Drill-Position> in Jpivot
  50. Measure and compare Please Help
  51. Retrieving table on Schema Workbench
  52. Drill through table: how can I add a link?
  53. drill down error
  54. Dimension Cache
  55. "Document contains no data" and JPivot is busy - on steelwheels cube
  56. getMemberChildren takes a long time
  57. YTD by Weeks fails using Foodmart (v.3.0 and v.3.1)
  58. Aggregate table weird behavior
  59. how to handle JPivot drilldowns from getting too large
  60. Why is there no OLAP/Pivot Report Designer?
  61. Showing details in Drill Through Table
  62. dynamic subtotal
  63. How to prepare MDX for use in Report Designer
  64. Design Usage
  65. The open source geospatial BI components GeoMondrian and Spatialytics are available!
  66. mondrian dimension with 38 million distinct value?
  67. Mondiran Schema and Analysis Database, confusion
  68. Virtual Cube pain points in Mondrian 3.0
  69. Schema with Sublevel
  70. User defined function -- finding current filters
  71. getCardinality on Agg Table
  72. UDF "does not implement the required interface 'mondrian.spi.UserDefinedFunction'"
  73. closure script working with mysql
  74. XMLA Problems
  75. Virtual Cube NON EMPTY Bug?
  76. aggregate timedimension
  77. Blank Schema workbench
  78. colors in JPivot
  79. Select Statement in Key or Name Expression
  80. Doubt Using Time Dimension
  81. XACTION file for foodmart sample
  82. with set
  83. XMLA MDX parse failed Mondrian Error:MDX object '[Promotion Media].[Media Type].[No M
  84. Flush Schema Cache
  85. Unable to open foodmart sample using pentaho schema workbench 3.0.4
  86. Pentaho user console - new analysis - schema list
  87. Time dimension mondrian
  88. API to get the mdx query
  89. Navigator not honoring custom Role implementation
  90. looking for MDX help with Calculated Member
  91. I want to use only MDX module for my app
  92. Mondrian MDX installation
  93. Mondrian thro Pentaho BI server
  94. What I hope is a quick question
  95. Does this model is correct?
  96. Problem Dimension Mondrian with Postgre
  97. How to set up Mondrian as XMLA Provider on BI Server 3?
  98. Virtual Cube in 3.0 Hosted Demo?
  99. Debugging Mondrian
  100. Is Mondrian Using Olap4j
  101. Web Based Introduction to Pentaho Analytics Class
  102. How to configure Mondrian to use Aggregated Tables?
  103. Olap Query Result in XMLA format using olap4j in Mondrian
  104. Aggregation Designer: Weird Column Names (Key) - What to do?
  105. Share of a Total two different dimensions MDX
  106. Mondrian is not using my aggregated tables - Help please!
  107. UTF8 encoding problem
  108. Help with bank account balance semi-additive measure
  109. How to handle interval-data
  110. Inforbright Driver
  111. MDX: How to sum up depend on a another value
  112. Modrian flex Integration
  113. customized charts in mondrian
  114. Mondrian as datasource for dashboards
  115. "Translate" MDX in SQL
  116. Beginner's question about Mondrian Cache
  117. olap4j mondrian
  118. Help for Separate Dimensions of Year,Month,Week & Day
  119. "XML for Analysis tester" "JPivot pivot table by XMLA" not working
  120. Mondrian Olap 4j problem
  121. Problem with the Program
  122. Is this a BUG?
  123. Excepiton while executing the Mondrian program
  124. Can't create new analysis
  125. MDX query not displaying data for a specific record
  126. Mondrian and Oracle 10g
  127. Generating an MDX Query
  128. Mondrian on OS X - org.eigenbase.xom.DOMElementParser error
  129. Measures dimension
  130. Can't analyse my own data - SQL Problem
  131. Sum distinct question
  132. Exception while trying to view a cube
  133. trying to insall mondrian
  134. Measures from two different tables
  135. XACTION Files for designing cubes
  136. Aggregation Problem: Two levels share the same name
  137. Data model election
  138. WSDL for Xmla Service
  139. Schema Workbench slow after connection
  140. Foreground color property in MDX
  141. Roles & cubes in pentaho
  142. Converting SQL 2005 Analysis Service Calculatd Member to Mondrian Schema XML
  143. Measures From Different Tables
  144. Colors in calculatedmemberproperty
  145. Mondrian doesn't recognize one of my aggregated columns, why?
  146. Parallel/Multi-Threaded Query Execution?
  147. mondrian configuration
  148. Performance Problem with hasAll="false"
  149. How do I create aggregated table for snowflake schema?
  150. MDX and Non empty rows/cols
  151. How do I map a dimension to a dimension table?
  152. Error while adding measure to a cube using schema workbench
  153. RolapSchema need HELP
  154. Tutorial on how to create aggregated tables available ...
  155. Problem with view in cube
  156. Position and member concept
  157. Mondrian Date Aggregation on Yr-Mth
  158. How Jpivot is Capable
  159. Problem with calculated measures based on time measure
  160. XMLA not working properly against SQL Database
  161. Mondrian and Count
  162. XMLA Response Streaming
  163. Publishing Pentaho Cubes
  164. Compare Januar 2008 with Januar 2009 with ParallelPeriod
  165. using KeyExpression - error while building member cache
  166. Mondrian 3.1 Problem with NON EMPTY IN MDX
  167. Sort in Jpivot
  168. Non Additive Measures
  169. Help for Converting SQL Calculated Member
  170. Error - ActionDefinition
  171. The Great Cryptic Errors and Exceptions In Mondrian Thread
  172. Filter Issues
  173. Problem to Publish my cube into Pentaho Server
  174. rollupPolicy Tag missing in Schema Workbench
  175. Using column instead of nameColumn in MDX expression
  176. ./workbench.sh: line 81: exec: java: not found
  177. Simple Date Query
  178. Mondrian Schema
  179. To axis in Graph? it's possible?
  180. How to save an modified analisys?
  181. user defined Funtion in aggregator for a measure? It's possible?
  182. How can I limit data in OLAP Schema?
  183. Measures not displaying
  184. Calculating percentage
  185. Convert a Set to a Member - MDX
  186. Probably a bug from Mondrian
  187. Date Range Query
  188. select count(*) on aggregates
  189. Join 2 1:N tables in Schema Workbench
  190. workbench 3.1.1 error
  191. Current fiscal year for use in queries
  192. xmla crushes
  193. DateDiff Problem
  194. aggregator distinct-count problems
  195. Virtual Hierarchy
  196. Database Design questions for OLAP
  197. mondrian date filter
  198. Mulitple Join Keys
  199. Aggregate Table Not Being Used
  200. Drill down in pivot table causes error (3.0 Stable)
  201. Cube Published with Mondrian not visible except to admins
  202. Dimension with multiple hierarchies
  203. Performance of Inline Member vs CaculatedMember in Cube
  204. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 after an OLAP query procces
  205. How to cancel a MDX query ?
  206. Drilldown problem
  207. MDX Query Help
  208. Loading FoodMart DB into MySQL on Mac
  209. Virtual Cube Not Joining
  210. Easy User Guide to start Mondrian
  211. Mondrian Role Problem
  212. Measure showing infinity value
  213. How to best design the time dimension?
  214. Disappearing data bug
  215. Small HowTo - Creating a Star Schema for Mondrian
  216. How do I log MDX expressions (e.g. ResolvedFunCall)?
  217. Error when connecting to PostgreSQL
  218. export in excel
  219. Has anyone deployed Mondrian to Ubuntu 8.10 or 9.04 with Tomcat 6?
  220. Defining Datasources - looking for clarification
  221. MDX Error
  222. Installation Has Me Pulling Hair
  223. Mondrian compatible reporting tools
  224. Schema and Multiple Joins
  225. Dimension takes very long time to load
  226. Time Dimension
  227. time formatting
  228. How to get data from Mondrian and display them?
  229. Mondrian DrillThrough doesn't filter data according to Role definition
  230. Deny one member in Measures or Hiercharchy with one level ...
  231. any easy Example to connect java with Mondrian
  232. Help: How can I assign a cube to a pentaho user
  233. Info about analysis
  234. Mondrian Upgrade from sourceforge or Hudson?
  235. Error in YTD-calculation ?
  236. Disappearing data when "NON EMPTY" is added
  237. Problems with Mondrian roles
  238. Can't start workbench
  239. About Datagrid and Secondary Axis for the Chart.
  240. Schema Workbench : can't Add Key Expression
  241. Problem w non-measure CalculatedMember in schema
  242. Can Dimension support two foreignKeys?
  243. Default Mondrian Interface
  244. Sets in Where clause
  245. Pending registers count using MDX QUERY
  246. Error while trying to edit an Analysis View
  247. Schema Workbench freezes
  248. Schema Workbench and multi joins on multi tables
  249. Combinations in Mondrian
  250. Passing parameter from url to a mdx query