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  1. MDX query is null --> Why ?
  2. Doubt about MeasureExpression
  3. duplicate keys in foodmart fact tables
  4. Different Versions of Data
  5. Parent Child with Pentaho 3.0
  6. Specifying hierarchy name
  7. This page cannot be accessed directly. It must be linked to from other pages
  8. hierarchies in workbench
  9. Prior Year To Date member for Fiscal Calendar
  10. problem with time-dimension
  11. "None" Aggregation
  12. XMLA connection / Datasource: null
  13. Confusion about aggregate tables and schema workbench.
  14. XML/A Samples don't work?
  15. using a parent/child hierarchy
  16. Partition in cube??
  17. Modrian Debian packages
  18. How to add caption for a Level
  19. Issues working with BI-Server version 3.5RC2 and Schema Workbench 3.1.1
  20. Mondrian Internal Error
  21. measures visible property
  22. Unable to follow first simple example
  23. JPivot Error caused by ClassCastException BigDecimal
  24. children of a shared dimension is not showing
  25. About the i18n (using DynamicSchemaProcessor)
  26. Control Drill Through Table
  27. joining two different tables to form one fact table
  28. i have this error in schemaworkbech
  29. joining two different dimensions
  30. Pentaho & Mondrian users&roles Problem
  31. Connection String error
  32. Problems with formatting the CurrentDateMember()
  33. Working with large dimensions
  34. Publish without Workbench
  35. Weird Behavior with Shared Dimension
  36. Concurrent connection count
  37. Problem with sorting pivot
  38. Order by property
  39. Problem with Aggregation Designer
  40. How to Cache Whole Mdx Query Result
  41. Show parent Members with MDX
  42. Master-data Reporting
  43. XMLA from demo/derby embedded setup
  44. Change the workbench.java because of permissions
  45. Caching cube once and avoiding DBMS
  46. Slowly changing dimension type 2
  47. Tracing the contents of the cache
  48. large schema, many roles
  49. setting up an aggregate table
  50. When to use Mondrian
  51. FactCount Columns
  52. Calculating sum of values based on a condition
  53. NamedSet not show in Cube Navigator
  54. Taking inner join of two tables
  55. MemberToStr - Member To String Function
  56. Building up fact tables
  57. how to show MDX properties
  58. Mondrian generated Excel Pivots and field settings
  59. caching dimensions but not measures
  60. XMLA User credentials and session management
  61. WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD Dynamic Dimensions
  62. selecting a row from jpivot
  64. drill-through parent-child hierarchy
  65. Degenerate Dimensions with multiple levels??
  66. Multiply two fields from two different tables
  67. Strange behaviour of Mondrian
  68. how to use properties to fliter member?
  69. injecting the catalog schema at runtime
  70. problem with xml and relatives result
  71. Inadequate consultation
  72. Multiple Drill Paths to a level?
  73. Colored Measures / CalculatetMemberProperty don't work
  74. AggFactCount - fact_count columns - what are they used for?
  75. JPivot drill-through table fields
  76. Mondrian Error:MDX object not found in cube
  77. How to display 0 in plave of 'NaN'
  78. XML/A Connection vs Mondrian connection?
  79. How to create cube in New Analysis View
  80. mapping values in a cube definition
  81. XMLA Testing
  82. Eclipse development environment setup
  83. Problem for retrieving data for a column of type varchar in database
  84. Measures outside the fact table
  85. Aggregation in parent/child hierarchy
  86. Mondrian error with PostgreSQL
  87. Querying Mondrian from Applications (PHP)
  88. Don't get combined closure and aggregate tables working
  89. New Server, now errors connecting
  90. join schema worckbench
  91. How to format numbers using custom format?
  92. Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error while creating SQL dialect
  93. An error has occurred on Analysis-view saving.
  94. Stuck With LookUpCube
  95. SQL dialect="postgres" .... works in BIserver3.0 not in 3.5
  96. Filter function disappears after drill down
  97. How can i use a Slowly Changing Dimension type 2 with Mondrian?
  98. fact count (aggregate tables)
  99. Key Performance Indicators & Mondrian
  100. Virtual Cube: Common Dimension
  101. recommended server configuration
  102. ClassNotFoundException in Schema workbench
  103. Limiting drill down results
  104. Encoding Problem in Mdx Query Editor
  105. Ordinal Column not being repsected
  106. Error in Mondrian:DrillThrough Table
  107. Probable Bug in Mondrian
  108. JPivot Error
  109. A <Join> between Fact Table and Dimension Table
  110. Can i change some settings in JPivotView?
  111. Caption Column not being repsected
  112. Can Mondorian meet my company requirement?
  113. xmla unit testing
  114. Aggregation Designer - Erro loading schema
  115. JPivot Error :- Error Occurred While getting Resultset
  116. Measure as variation across time
  117. Parent/Child & Average Calculation
  118. A way to measure query response time in Schema Workbench
  119. is there any implementation for the concept partitioned fact tables yet?
  120. Limit fact table result by date range
  121. Pentaho to BO by SImbaO2x
  122. Sorting date dimension by desc order
  123. Combine Mondrian Roles with MSAD
  124. Re-using a date dimension
  125. Where Clause for Named Set
  126. Cell-level security
  127. YTD-Question
  128. Issu in Aggregation for Dimension's level having Key Expression
  129. Errors faced trying to get Mondrian working with Lucid DB(0.92) using FOODMART schmea
  130. Table Columns do not appear when using JDBC Explorer in Mondrian Schema Workbench
  131. ${query01.result.overflowOccured} on sort
  132. Mondrian role not working
  133. Question about Property
  134. mondrian and mysql problem
  135. hidden measure (visible="false") in mondrian cube
  136. Publish schema and security-acegi
  137. mondrian VS pentaho server
  138. Error executing query in Mondrian 2.2.2 with DB2
  139. TimeDimension
  140. Calculated Memeber /w condition
  141. Explaining how to set up Mondrian with a reusable J2EE DataSource
  142. Problems with aggregation hints
  143. Spreadsheet Services
  144. XMLA Connection from SimbaO2X Provider
  145. Select all records where 1 of the children match
  146. JPivot Online Demo
  147. measures having the same name in virtual cube
  148. How to start with Mondrain?
  149. Can't get Mondrian Role stored in session var
  150. Exception in AJAX handler
  151. Parent / Child Relation Problem
  152. VirtualCube again
  153. How to test for date level regardless of hierarchy?
  154. Sorting by two measures possible?
  155. Pentaho Analysis
  156. [PATCH] Define a filter made using a set of members that belogs to the same dimension
  157. Is it possible to integrate images in analysis view while export into PDF or Excel ?
  158. Calculated Member Format String
  159. TopCount function BUG?
  160. Need Help Defining Dimensions
  161. Crossing values are not calculated
  162. Manual level
  163. Cast exception while date drildown
  164. dril-through number format
  165. Following XMLA Installation Instructions and Getting Nowhere
  166. Why dont use maven manage the mondrian dependencies?
  167. Encoding problem when saving MDX
  168. Trouble with SSL?
  169. Query with more than two axes in BI server
  170. filter on date
  171. Aggregate tables & Hierarchical Dimension
  172. MDX query gives blank space as a result
  173. Mondrian Download - How To Install?
  174. Mondrain - Data Filter
  175. Schema workbench error: table not found
  176. Dimension names in named sets
  177. dimension member formatString
  178. Level properties
  179. filtering and hiding dimension
  180. Jpivot find actual opened or closed table node
  181. Dump the Pivot View as a Report.
  182. Resultset overflow occured
  183. Analyzer - chart and table displayed together
  184. fact table being queried with apparently unnecessary query
  185. Roles management and cube access
  186. Access stored procedure fields as dimentions and facts into cube
  187. The Cdate valid formats
  188. converting currentmember.Name to integer
  189. Accesing Stored Procedure in schema work bench
  190. folder structure for measures
  191. usage measure from dimension table
  192. password visible in database connection Schema Workbench
  193. Calculating avg time and change over time in MDX
  194. Background Execution of OLAP View
  195. XMLA and Member Properties
  196. Now() returns Null
  197. Closure table with snowflake schema
  198. Blank Screen while working with cube
  199. SQL Ordered Analytical Functions & MDX
  200. Row level security in Schema-WorkBench
  201. Mdx, Xml and cube, how to get simple 2 dimension?
  202. Native-SQL
  203. Topcount-Bug?
  204. Connection between tables and Analyzer Report
  205. Statistical Disclosure Control
  206. Best way to do filters, non empty and date ranges in same query
  207. Analysis across two fact tables
  208. problem in distinct-count
  209. Understanding Mondrian Cache
  210. Schema Workbench - publish via http proxy
  211. foodmart error on demo
  212. jpivot jp:clickable tag not working
  213. How to get the latest minute in a time dimension via XMLA?
  214. Can't Create a Database Connection
  215. Mondrian Performance Benchmark
  216. [JPivot] Why not multiple filters?
  217. A few comments on 'writing schema' doc section
  218. MondrianFoodMartLoader--Oracle10g--log4j:WARN No appenders
  219. Problem - Multiple Hierarchies with the same table
  220. Custom cell formatter using member information
  221. Errors while running the test suite
  222. Analyzer - chart properties
  223. CellFormatter mondrian.olap
  224. Mondrian Roles' impact on Aggregate tables
  225. MondrianFoodMartLoader+Oracle10.2 (any idea)
  226. Need Help : Newbie
  227. Fixing now() for testing
  228. Creating Schema
  229. Representing dimension with multiple primary key
  230. Error while trying to open MDX query editor from Schema Workbench
  231. What is AXIS and What is cells
  232. JDBC MY SQL Mondrian
  233. Can you do max of a date measure?
  234. Cube access-control according to Basic Authentication
  235. Complex Join
  236. Where to enter "description" for Analyzer hover over descriptions
  237. HELP: Integer Measure not large enough for sum value
  238. how to change the display of the result of the MDX query
  239. result empty by MDX query !!!
  240. Aggregator sum is not valid
  241. VirtualCube not working after upgrading to new version
  242. create a model Query with giving SelectNode
  243. Exception converting mutable list to array
  244. Pentaho Analysis Tool vs Sql Server
  245. MDX XML/A "Group by" trouble
  246. Need help on Schema Workbench
  247. DataSourceResolver not used by MondrianModelFactory
  248. extending LocalizingDynamicSchemaProcessor
  249. Mondrian Roles
  250. get dates from beginning of the year till specified date