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  1. how correct the writing of the WHERE clause for the query
  2. Mondrian issue VS Netezza
  3. Planning en Budgeting solution and MOLAP
  4. JPivot install requires WCF?
  5. It says that Table name does not exist
  6. Not able to download 'Aggregation Designer User Guide'
  7. XML/A Still Problematic Under Windows
  8. Multiple Roles
  9. Wrong behaviour using NOT EMPTY clause in MDX queries with compound slicers
  10. Publish to Schema Workbench
  11. Variable Measures names and Drill Trough in ParallelPeriod
  12. Problem with scd2
  13. Where can I find "Aggregation Designer " source ?
  14. I dont know how to calculate...
  15. How to pass parameter to mdx query by jpivot ?
  16. Removing the ability to filter a dimension
  17. how to change #null value?
  18. Calculated Member
  19. captionExpression usage, issues, etc
  20. Link a dimension table with a fact table with a primary key of 2 fields
  21. Median of Fact Table Rows
  22. Mondrian 3.1.6 and Schema Workbench 3.1.6 available on SourceForge
  23. Palo Web Client and Mondrian
  24. Diferents results for the same MDX Query
  25. Unrecognize dialect="postgres" ?
  26. Excel write back
  27. General guidelines for optimizing/indexing in MySQL
  28. cache enable
  29. Restrict Dimension
  30. General rules for DW and Mondrian
  31. Probleme with table select withing jdbc odbc bridge
  32. HighCardSqlTupleReader.readTuples ignores aggregates
  33. Customize JPivot table look & feel
  34. Passing Parameters to cube
  35. connection of sql server analysis service with pentaho
  36. Displaying All records
  37. Ignore Invalid Members
  38. Aggregation Designer strange behavior
  39. Issue with IBM specific Jre..
  40. Aggregation problem: Column Index out of range
  41. Mondrian & Jpivot (change JPivot)
  42. NON EMPTY and CalculatedMember issue
  43. New Analysis View wizard and Mondrian roles
  44. too many SQL queries generated?
  45. Aggregation Designer usage
  46. Mondrian Roles Problem with "All" member of dimension
  47. How do I use a propery whose name is derived dynamicaly in MDX?
  48. Where can I download a cude designer for pentaho
  49. Defining a role which can access more than one siblings
  50. Wrong Data with the defined Role
  51. Multiple levels from the same hierarchy
  52. How do I read the data from the Result?
  53. Multiple Hierarchies on mondrian
  54. Problem on linux
  55. A new Analysis View ERROR
  56. Date functions in MDX do not work
  57. A new Analysis View
  58. chart position in analysis view
  59. Mondrian Cache
  60. Tracing SQL
  61. Multiple Hierarchies on a dimension
  62. Save OLAP Query Results to Database
  63. UDF which folder
  64. Restrict Catalog Access
  65. more joins in the same hierarchy
  66. Dimension in the colums
  67. Internationalization using _en/_fr columns
  68. MDX Except function in where clause
  69. Internationalization - JIRA Mondrian 553
  70. Pentaho cube design
  71. Row Level Security in Mondrian XML
  72. How to calculate subtotals
  73. Automatic Export Microsoft SSAS 2005 to Mondrian
  74. OpenForecast
  75. HELP more analysis reports connect by filter
  76. Calculated members help
  77. Elements selection doesn't get preserve
  78. So anyone know where to setup Connection Role?
  79. Invalid password
  80. Mondrian
  81. Anyone using LucidDB 0.9.2 and Schema Workbenc/Aggregation Designer?
  82. Error on graph for analysis
  83. Unable to Connect to db2 database
  84. Unable to Connect to db2 database
  85. Unable to Connect to db2 database
  86. Analyzer Report - Refreshing time is too long
  87. Problem with DB2
  88. Conditional Statement for Calculated Member
  89. Mondrian + data schema
  90. Any way to make schema used, aware of current user?
  91. I don't want to see any misures in analysis view!!! is possible???
  92. Change default aggregate function?
  93. No drill-down with too many dimension
  94. Advice needed for 'Rolling Calculations'
  95. Aggregating to a certain level?
  96. optimizing hierarchy population
  97. <SQL> Element Issue
  98. UDF - return a list
  99. analysis_view_template.xaction and encoding
  100. Accesing Cache content
  101. "<" and ">" not working
  102. Using Pentaho Analyzer on an Excel/CSv input
  103. asymmetric granularity in dimension
  104. Input for Schema Workbench
  105. mondrian installation
  106. Need help about mondrian filtering
  107. Rounding up the CalculatedMember values
  108. Partitionned Cube
  109. formatString in Lacs
  110. Multiple conditions in IIF
  111. "Get data from OLAP" xaction
  112. Flushing cache: need help understanding how cell regions interact with cache segments
  113. IS NULL function not found
  114. Mondrian questions
  115. Publish Anaklysis 3.5+SQL SERVER 2000
  116. Workbench good explanation
  117. How to get a "limited" dimension/hierarchy?
  118. order in mdx query
  119. Dimensions in 'SELECT' clause
  120. two keys in dimension
  121. Cache="false" but data still being cached
  122. Excessive data causing out of memory error
  123. Schema Workbench: Aggregator sum is not valid for the data type of the column xxxx
  124. How to Refresh the Query
  125. Table not found problem
  126. Mondrian and Sybase databases
  127. MDX Help
  128. Connect Palo Pivot to Mondrian
  129. How to install Mondrian with JBoss?
  130. Drill through table count mismatch with parent child hierarchy
  131. How to hide drill through link if parent does not have any member?
  132. JPivot and vector data
  133. Mondrian need to use description attribute in jpivot title
  134. Error (bug) in getMemberChildren
  135. Analysis row level security
  136. Adding new aggregators
  137. Realistic test data
  138. Basis for Aggregation.optimizePredicates
  139. MDX, plz tell me what's wrong with this
  140. Calculating Seasonally-Adjusted Values in MDX
  141. Mondrian SQL Request
  142. Schema Workbench Publishing Mechanism
  143. Calculated Member query
  144. Mondrian 3.2 stable, Schema Workbench and Agg Designer RCs available on SourceForge
  145. Rollup in Calculated meassure
  146. Connections
  147. Export XLS is failing for more than 7000 rows
  148. Access Dimension member properties
  149. Mondrian run queries in XML documents
  150. Pentaho Vs Mondrian Time Responses
  151. Error using hasAll="false" in Mondrian 3.2
  152. Aggregates and distinct count
  153. File/Publish does not exists in schema Workbench
  154. Error loading Schema
  155. Recommended versions for Mondrian
  156. Adventure Works Mondrian
  157. XSD Validator
  158. Role and rollupPolicy
  159. JPivot MS excel format
  160. jp:mondrianQuery,datasource and UseContentChecksum
  161. Percentage CalculatedMember
  162. Access my cubes from JSP (JPivot, OLAP4J, Mondrian???)
  163. How to hide multiple headers from an Analysis View?
  164. Can anyone explain the weird behavior of MDX query?
  165. Mondrian Vs Pentaho Time Response Question
  166. Aggregation Table Matcher matching wrong aggregation table
  167. key expression is not enable in schema.
  168. visibility of measures.
  169. Could not find an aggregator in the current evaluation context
  170. MondrianFoodMArtLoader - mysql driver
  171. mondrain workbench window is not working after my data base connection
  172. Aggregation Issue on 2nd hierarchy
  173. Zero size Aggregation table
  174. Schema Workbench cannot find FoodMart Schema in Microsoft Access
  175. Mondrian drill through
  176. Mondrian and SCD
  177. mondrian and jpivot 1.8.0
  178. Analysis refresh
  179. Sort results by fact when two levels of dimensions
  180. Dimension foreignKey also in my aggregate tables and level
  181. cube size and sparsity
  182. enable tracing
  183. "Fact Table has no primary key"
  184. Mondrian Structure question
  185. Problems with virtual cubes
  186. Store Days
  187. Schema workbench multiple databases & tutorial
  188. MDXConnection.ERROR_0002 - Invalid connection properties
  189. Mondrian doesn't respect the role grants defined in cubes
  190. Join through multiple columns
  191. MDX object not found in cube
  192. Measure inside an Dimension through hierarchies
  193. Incorrect grand totals for dimension with less values than the fact table
  194. Publishing cube to the Pentaho Server from the command line
  195. Security/Virtual Cubes
  196. Is the "Combined closure and aggregate tables" documentation correct?
  197. Wrapping text in JPivot
  198. Many to Many relations
  199. RolapSchema.getRolapSchemas() extract one schema
  200. excluding query output results based on a condition
  201. Can't run PAT on Windows32
  202. How to force Mondrian table rows to process mouse over and/or click events?
  203. memory leak in mondrian 3.0.4 due to RolapSchema?
  204. Schema Workbench 3.0 Publish problem
  205. publishing schemas and datasources.xml
  206. Mondrian Vs MSAS
  207. Mondrian 3.2 GA, Schema Workbench and Agg Designer stable available on SourceForge
  208. Jaspersoft ODBO connector
  209. Adding hints to column names
  210. using DATETIME column for time dimension
  211. Option to expand all members?
  212. Parent Cild dimension ; some questions !
  213. Virtual Cube composed by other virtual cubes.
  214. Can't add new hsqldb connection in PAT
  215. OLAP Query
  216. Repeat Column Headers
  217. JRubik's Discoverer Refresh / Schema Reload?
  218. FoodMart install error
  219. PAT Unable to establish the dimension
  220. My Time period does not Work as expected.
  221. Problems with Parent-Child Dimension with Closure Table on Virtual Cube
  222. time dimension with month name
  223. Problem with XMLA test
  224. commons.math conflict
  225. how to find Descendants that satisfy a condition
  226. Funky fonts
  227. MDX IRR function
  228. Analysis Report - Table not found in statement [select "QUADRANT_ACTUALS"...
  229. Cast Errors with Key Expressions
  230. pgpool and mondrian
  231. Consuming Reports
  232. Mdx
  233. Multi Grained Results
  234. Aggegration designer Load schema error
  235. Mondrian Access-control with Member containing Special Characters
  236. Calculater members in dimensions
  237. This page cannot be accessed directly. It must be linked to from other pages
  238. Absolute begginer's Mondrian tutorial
  239. Unable to find catalog - Please let me know if anyone knows how to solve this error.
  240. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/olap4j/impl/Olap4jUtiljava.lang.ClassNotFoundExce
  241. Calculated Measure and ahead
  242. How to add more details to drilldown?
  243. java.lang cast-error when dealing with time dimension
  244. I am getting Java Run time Error: Please shed some light
  245. PROBLEMS Visualizing Mondrian Cubes with JPivot
  246. Drill Through Table with empty measure values
  247. Pentaho Aggregation Designer :: Connection Error
  248. Role Problems..
  249. Multiple data source and cache
  250. Problem on configure security role