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  1. Adding Measures in Cube
  2. Calendar-like widget for Date dimensions?
  3. Aggregation :: I can not open my XML file
  4. Hetrogeneous sets on columns using MDX
  5. Calculated Members (Divide by zero)
  6. Pentaho :: Missing Aggdes.Properties file
  7. help fo sortform.xml file
  8. Problem w/ rollupPolicy="Partial" for a hierarchy that has parent-child relationship
  9. Display user defined value in Cube
  10. Role - policy=Partial and ALL element
  11. bug - if I'm correct
  12. Spring Bean as Datasource ?
  13. aggregated measure in dimension-table
  14. Connection to mysql
  15. Flat hierarchy
  16. Calculated member from a property
  17. List of filtered members in user defined function
  18. Fact table name
  19. Schema Workbench Log
  20. restrictions for cubecreation
  21. Mondrian Docs gone?
  22. upgrade commons-math.jar?
  23. Scanning all columns for data
  24. Basic Analyzer, see how many sales in a Branch
  25. Grouping results
  26. Hierarchies
  27. How to set user permision to acces a dimension value
  28. TPC-H speaks MDX Mondrian
  29. Loop on a query-result from an MDX request on an Xaction
  30. MySQL Bit column datatype in Mondrian
  31. New Analysis View and Pentaho Roles
  32. Log files
  33. Learn Interaction Design Do's & Dont's at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010
  34. Cube Data Not Updated
  35. Two tables in Analyzer
  36. is it possible to switch between Catalogs using Olap4j?
  37. How to connect BIRT with the Mondrian Cubes
  38. Multiple hierarchies in date dimension
  39. Roll Up Formula/ Aggregator Formula
  40. Howto find the dimensions present in an axis inside a calculated member?
  41. Problem Mondrian with Excel 2007
  42. Level based aggregation
  43. why use mondrian cube?
  44. Problem with Mondrian + Excel + Simba
  45. Trend Analysis or What-If Analysis
  46. Use Analysis View to connect to a cube stored on a Community Edition computer
  47. Mondrian Cubes and Multi-Tenancy?
  48. Multi Valued Dimension
  49. Error of Session already invalidated, after updating pentahoObjects.spring.xml
  50. Dimensionattributes with short and long descriptions???
  51. Aggregation Designer: Are the names generated usable
  52. Mondrian XMLA - HTTP Status 405 - HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL
  53. Problem using Shared Dimensions with Virtual Cube
  54. SimbaO2X provider & Excel
  55. Save state of report
  56. The error occurs by publish.
  57. How to Connect Schema workbench to Hive layer
  58. Problem with using View
  59. What if hierarchy requires more than two tables
  60. Show graph (Group by dimension)
  61. Where clause
  62. MDX for displaying top25 customer and the rest aggregate by sales across the markets
  63. YEAR('DATE') show #null in key expression
  64. FoodMartLoader utility problem
  65. Create e publish a schema through application
  66. Setup for Access through XMLA
  67. Confused about custom query/view
  68. Can't map agg table to hierarchy level
  69. Aggregating Calculated Members
  70. Duplicate member name - Only first reference is taken into account
  71. Upgrading from ver 2.0 of Platform to ver. 3.6.0 stable broke Mondrian Aggregates
  72. create facts and dimension ...for cube
  73. Performance question regarding unnecessary join performed
  74. SQL for Measures in Schema
  75. MDX compatibility - SELECT CLAUSE in FROM
  76. Generated SQL
  77. How to truncate a table in pentaho
  78. Schema Workbench - MySQL schemas not available.
  79. Problem with date_trunc() in TimeDimension
  80. Print via PDF (encoding problem)
  81. Publish Cube from Metadata Editor
  82. Analytic View / Analytic Report
  83. java.sql.SQLException: invalid schema name
  84. error while trying to publish a schema
  85. problem with JPivot drill through on an XMLA cube under IBM Websphere WAS 6.1
  86. Sum of all selected elements
  87. Need Help with MDX
  88. Cubes and Roles
  89. Schema Workbench : format a date
  90. Capturing Mondrian Performance Metrics
  91. The requested resource (/pentaho/NewAnalysisView) is not available
  92. Modrian cube poor performance root cause
  93. constraints on measure?
  94. Improve my MDX Query
  95. MDX Execution tool
  96. approxRowCount attribute works wrong
  97. Weighted Average
  98. Contribution: InfiniDB bulk load package for foodmart.
  99. Mondrian ignores my agg table
  100. Just one measure visible
  101. Bug in Mondian Schema Caching?
  102. Need some help with a small MDX formula in Schema Workbench
  103. Caption in MDX Statement
  104. Looking for Freelance OLAP consultant
  105. Default filter?
  106. Who Generate the (BigNumbers).analysisview.xaction in pentaho-solutions/system/tmp ?
  107. How to use two aggregation tables for one hierarchy?
  108. How do Mondrian cache works in BI-Server?
  109. Access Control - Configure Roles Dynamically in Mondrian
  110. Flush Mondrian Cache
  111. Strange behavior with aggregate tables
  112. Mondrian Cache Size
  113. How do I go about filtering on attributes?
  114. two schemas with mondrian workbench
  115. tutorial for mondrian workbench
  116. Is it possible to have cube dimensions with compund keys?
  117. Wrong characters to quote identifiers for MySQL mondrianParsing
  118. Problem with defining a snowflake dimension
  119. MDX: Help with amount of last sale by product by day
  120. How to disable Mondrian's cache
  121. Editing Mondrian schema XML file without the need to restart Tomcat?
  122. Level description
  123. Issue in Mondrian Role
  124. Mondrian Role - Is it really security?
  125. Best practice for analyzing performance
  126. Unable to connect to hive from pentaho BI server
  127. Issue in Connecting to ODBC datasource in Schema Workbench
  128. snowflake - error
  129. Unable to browse published cubes (Analysis Schema)
  130. mdx query - snowflake model
  131. mdx query - Hierarchy and levels
  132. Jpivot table with checkboxes
  133. Pentaho expert for hire
  134. Virtual Cube Help
  135. UTF-8 corrupted in pivot (even though Infobright contains correct UTF-8 characters)
  136. Modeling Dimension Levels along seperate axes
  137. querying a cube in pentaho bi server with olap4j
  138. Need Named set for Previous Period Calculation
  139. How to set up mondrain with oracle
  140. multi currency cube
  141. Difference between Mondrian and Schema Workbench?
  142. JPivot with Data on Cyrillic
  143. Conditional Value
  144. values are returning #Null
  145. Problem executing xaction
  146. How to Browse Pentaho Cubes Published into BI-Server?
  147. How to avoid this error in connection?
  148. cell values
  149. drill replace and security
  150. MDX Query returning Result Overflow Error
  151. fact counted in several dimension-members but only aggregated once?
  152. MDX: left function on members
  153. Hide dimension
  154. Ajax application
  155. mdx query
  156. Roles in Schema workbench
  157. Jpivot Performance
  158. Problems building Mondrian 3.2
  159. Internationalization
  160. ajax application
  161. mdx with date filter
  162. Have ETL, Have Cube Schema, now what?
  163. Connection Pooling
  164. unable to design the cube and query
  165. help with design of cube
  166. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space on foodmart
  167. Valid Measures in VirtualCubes
  168. How can I create a quick demonstration?
  169. Which are the first steps for debug this error?
  170. Setting jpivot printing option "reportTitle" from xaction? How to change layout?
  171. Missing rows in drill-through table
  172. Hiding Dimensions
  173. Probably Bug in Mondrian 2.3.2
  174. Pentaho Analysis Internationalization
  175. Virtual cubes - Filtering on one side
  176. :confused: Bug in schemaReader.getMemberByUniqueName() in Mondrian
  177. I don't see a new schema/cube.
  178. OlapException: Table XYZ doesn't exist
  179. Skiping a level in a hierarchy
  180. LookupCube() function
  181. order function
  182. Problems with multiple hierarchies and aggregate tables
  183. question about mdx query generated by cube navigator
  184. Aggregation Designer hangs after Export for large cube
  185. Mondrian Error:Tuple contains more than one member of hierarchy
  186. Modeling Demographic Information Help
  187. Mini dimension
  188. Postgresql Timestamp giving error in schema workbench
  189. Parent-Child and many to many relation question ?
  190. Nonemptycrossjoin not working correctly together with role restrictions
  191. Time dimension relative Variance calculation
  192. Login to Pentaho from Jboss portal
  193. Does subquery a valid syntax in mondrian
  194. Help in mdx query
  195. Help with Oracle and java.sql.SQLException: Listener refused the connection
  196. How add two cubes in itself schema?
  197. JPivot error
  198. Drill Through issue For Analyzer Report in BI version 3.7
  199. Best Open Source database for Mondrian
  200. Aggregate tables design
  201. Hover Over Descriptions in Cube when using Analyzer Report
  202. Unable to run Mondrian with PostgreSQL
  203. Can Mondrian/Pentaho Analysis handle large data sets?
  204. Key Expression vs ETL database
  205. Issue with MDX results in mondrian
  206. Union role doesn't work correctly
  207. Retrieve last month's data
  208. FORMAT_STRING to format a Text / String
  209. Aggregation Designer DML error: Table storage engine doesn't have this option
  210. Howto: Using the Aggregate Designer with Infobright
  211. URGENT!! JPivot Failure
  212. Multiple hierarchy error
  213. FORMAT_STRING does not persists in the PDF or Excel
  214. Configuring Mondrian with MS SQL file not found error
  215. Single table cube
  216. Scheme workbench doesn't see my database
  217. Mondrian Over Netezza
  218. Moving the mondrian schema to Production From Dev
  219. Hardware Planning for Mondrian
  220. Hard time on getting mondrian to recognize roles
  221. Aggregation Designer table names don't conform to mondrian rules
  222. Star Schema Mondrian
  223. mondrian.rolap.RolapMemberBase cannot be cast to mondrian.rolap.RolapCubeMember
  224. Workbench cannot connect to database schema
  225. How to get the log file
  226. How to run the project?
  227. Automatically update of Mondrian Schema
  228. Degenerate Dimension Help
  229. Is workbench a standalone app?
  230. How to enable Mondrian log files, including MDX and SQL
  231. Dynamically generated members names and hierarchy
  232. Mondrian throws Numeric Overflow error when tied to explicitly defined aggregate tble
  233. Mondrian 3.2.1, Schema Workbench and Agg Designer stable available on SourceForge
  234. Connection between Mondrian and own Client
  235. How I set the log file ...
  236. Ad Hoc Query Grouping by Sublevel
  237. CalculatedMember GROUPBY and COUNT
  238. Table xyz does not exist in database
  239. CalculatedMember using itself for more calculation
  240. Null Pointer Exception While Publishing Cube
  241. Mondrian + parent-child hierarchies ?
  242. How To Parameterize Filters for Analyzer Reports?
  243. code for mdx query parseing and conversion of mdx to sql..............
  244. Access a specific measure within a Mondrian cube
  245. Analysis_view_template.xaction
  246. How to keep only one level member?
  247. datasources.xml question
  248. Total for selected levels
  249. Measure visible = 'false' does not hide the member
  250. count in a periods date from a date format to another date format